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  1. Happy new year, y'all. 

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    2. deekin


      Let's make it so.

    3. breezy


      Happy New Year All!

    4. KMRIA


      yes happy new year all!

  2. "Die Menschen" (the people or the humans) sounds like "dimension" ?

  3. Well, I  got to see 11:11 11/11 today. So, my day is complete. ?

    1. triton


      Spooky-eh-----shit like this happens a lot with me-

  4. Observing these people who say they are literally still crying over an election result, it's the first time I believe that our world could not accept true disclosure. Not mentally or emotionally developed enough. ? I had more faith in humanity's strength. Now, not so much. 

  5. Ok. Going to give you all an election break while I watch the last episode of The Crown. ?

    1. breezy


      go for it, enjoy 

  6. Dow futures down more than 400 points on election jitters.

    Looks like some people are losing their faith in their sure bet.

    1. breezy


      A nail biter

  7. “You exist in time, but you belong to eternity - You are a penetration of eternity into the world of time - You are deathless, living in a body of death - Your consciousness knows no death, no birth - It is only your body that is born and dies - But you are not aware of your consciousness - You are not conscious of your consciousness. And that is the whole art of meditation; Becoming conscious of consciousness itself.” -Osho

    1. unity


      Thanks for the quote, kandy :D

      I've forgotten about him for ages!

      ...Ever since we got this new shouting box, with the expansion of writable space, more diverse posts are appearing than before. Awesome!;D

  8. August in South Carolina. Three days ago it was 99F, today the high was 65F. Strange times.

    1. unity


      yeah strange...such warm Winter in Aus but locally temp goes 12 deg C then becomes 19deg C the next day.(0_0;)