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  1. IKR?? I was thinking the very same thing. There seem to be a lot of glitches lately -- like something is trying to communicate. I'm glad you brought that up.
  2. Yes @unity. That article does seem quite code-like.
  3. Have we jumped time lines? 😏 They say this quake happened in 1925. And this was a computer glitch. 🤔 http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40366816
  4. 20 JUNE 2017 Nuugaatsiaq tsunami: details emerge of the landslide Posted by Dave Petley Nuugaatsiaq tsunami: details emerge of the landslide In the last 24 hours details have started to emerge about the very large landslide that triggered the Nuugaatsiaq tsunami in Greenland on Saturday, which is now known to have killed four people, with a further nine people injured, two of them seriously. The landslide occurred on Karrat Fjord, which according to Google Earth is the area shown below (although the location is far from clear at present). Nuugaatsiaq is in the north of this image, on the plateau with the aeroplane symbol. The location of the landslide that triggered the Nuugaatsiaq tsunami, via Google Earth. The landslide was reportedly 1,000 metres in length and 300 metres in width. A helicopter video has emerged of the site of the landslide: Snip http://blogs.agu.org/landslideblog/2017/06/20/nuugaatsiaq-tsunami/
  5. Apparently, the tsunami was caused by a landslide. I wonder which came first. The landslide or the earthquake? This article is in Norwegian. There's a great video taken from helicopter showing the amazing Greenland landscape and the enormous landslides. http://m.sermitsiaq.ag/node/197686
  6. I feel like an idiot. I didn't even know there were villages like that in Greenland. Nobody ever talks about going to Greenland. And suddenly they make it close to everything on this map, when it's usually pushed out of the way -- to my recollection anyway.
  7. Only a small point, but is there anything to be taken from the fact that Hulu is no longer free? And I'll just say that with this and everything that goes on around us, it's important to remember "Know Thyself." I think that will get each of us far, no matter what happens. For me, when I come back to this, I always gain clarity and a sense of peace because I know what I am and what my source is.
  8. The fireflies have been out in force lately here in Maryland, right outside of DC. They are still a marvel to me. Also, makes me miss our Fly!
  9. 😳 Julia wasn't playing around with Jacques in the kitchen! Hahaha. Watch the beginning of this video to see the context. I used to love watching Julia and Jacques.
  10. Look at the damage to the destroyer (ironic name now). And the cargo ship just had a dent, no damage other than that (no pics tho). Understandably, the cargo ship is 4 times larger, but it would seem a warship wouldn't find itself in this situation with a commercial ship. From reading some online comments, I understand that the cargo ship had the right of way. Makes you wonder why the warship wasn't being navigated correctly in commercial shipping lanes.
  11. Same.
  12. I don't get this. If you left your country because you lost your home and you fear persecution (maybe the Syrians don't fear persecution??), then why would you go back temporarily, even if for a religious reason? a video starts up immediately when you open this article (ABC sucks that way) http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/turkey-opens-syrian-border-crossings-ramadan-visits-48027709
  13. Thank you, DAR!!! I appreciate the sage advice. And will look into your recommendations.
  14. @DAR Do you know if there is a good "for dummies" guide/primer on getting into cryptocurrencies?