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  1. Sounds like Carbon Monoxide poisoning Unity,human bodies turn pink when this happens.
  2. No worries Breezy,I always scroll down and read the comments on Disclose TV Vidoes as 90% of them are clickbait.It used to be a really cool site.Sorry to spoil the party!
  3. If you click on the link in EW"s post and read the comments below it explains it as an advertising sphere that came from the 2017 Russian Expo !
  4. "Train Spotting" was very much alike and was English made Deeks
  5. Maybe this guy needs a bit of Unity's Ball Steaming!!
  6. I' m back at long last ,no phone ,internet or power for a couple of days,still no power.Finaly got service for phone and internet a couple of hours ago.Cyclone Debbie certainly lived up to exspectation,lots of damage to the local rainforest.Lots of trees destroyed,avalanches on the range up to where I live.500 mm's of rain and wind that roared like a jet on full noise.Now to catch up on what I missed!
  7. This is happening in my little part of the world at the moment ! Her name is Debbie and she is one nasty bitch !
  8. Happy Birthday to all who were missed !!