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  1. Maybe this guy needs a bit of Unity's Ball Steaming!!
  2. I' m back at long last ,no phone ,internet or power for a couple of days,still no power.Finaly got service for phone and internet a couple of hours ago.Cyclone Debbie certainly lived up to exspectation,lots of damage to the local rainforest.Lots of trees destroyed,avalanches on the range up to where I live.500 mm's of rain and wind that roared like a jet on full noise.Now to catch up on what I missed!
  3. This is happening in my little part of the world at the moment ! Her name is Debbie and she is one nasty bitch !
  4. Happy Birthday to all who were missed !!
  5. Happy Birthday Breezy ,hope You had a wonderful day and the new year brings you much joy!!