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  1. Missing the shout box folks !! missing my little family too , i feel like a newbie lol i posted but didnt see a preview window i guess i will find my way around eventually .. Random thoughts ;- Have you ever watched how bubbles in a bath or a sink act with each other and how they are all connected yet strategically placed but not alone , you are your own positive energy bubble , our thoughts create , now think bigger on a planetary scale , create a positive thought grid with you standing on the earth looking up but also looking down ( from space ) on all those bubbles . Think bigger than that if you want to ...
  2. Relative to this topic , September 26 2012 our old friend Bulla had this to say ... the carbon crystal gravity generator, we have been working on that generation system for several years, and have shelved it until we can see some light at the end of the magnetic decline, the generator takes the wet hydro and its runaway factor and crystallizes the wet factor and turns it dry that then is conducive to containment from runaway, there by you dont need the Hydro factor, meaning you no longer need water to make gravity, as you use the same dis-tortion factors from the hydro, that's now in the crystals and as long as you have sunlight then you have contained Neutrino or pranic power Perfectly round sphere ( water - mist ) -- Sunlight -- distorted sphere -- crystallizes the water , now its dry , and is a Crystal ( Neutrino / Pranic Energy ) Faceted Sapphires were being used by Bulla to create the Super Pranic Energy aka Generated Gravity Wave
  3. Hey K , congratulations , you may have caught out the AI ( sort of Mandela effect ) style . Sadly you omitted to take a screenshot , Lesson to learn is , Everything is Connected , just be aware and wary . xxxx Cheers
  4. I can tell you , if i were to kiss you passionately ( highly unlikely to happen sorry ) ( & man v woman only ) then it wouldnt work because at our age we have already been " taken " ie already had other partners throughout our lives . BUT , if it had been with a " Fresh Girl "( virgin ) then the girl would take with her the DNA of the male kisser with her throughout her natural life , and it would be passed on down to the children . Words of wisdom from Ed Leedskalnin - Coral Castle Cheers
  5. Judge Dredd style ! Law , Law , I am the Law !
  6. Dont forget to tell em about the honey mommy !
  7. I Lost 2 hrs work of editing , so i will just post the video for you . Hola
  8. Hi K , i hope you are well . ------------- The Rainbow , generally forms North to South, ( generally speaking ) i have observed a variable of approx 16 degrees either left or right of that North / South line . The Red Rainbow as we call it is often observed when the Sun ( A ) is at approx 42 degrees above the horizon , either at sunrise ( think Giza pyramids - the 3 baby pyramids set at slightly different heights ) or before sunset this will give us a full " Bow " or even a partial " Bow " broken by the clouds . The clouds are the direct cause of the Red Rainbow , Why ? because the Red Rainbow is infused by the Sun's Photonics ( Photons ) and an electrical / magnetic " Discharge " is taking place . Now , i am going to tell you about the " White " Rainbow , which is a direct cause of the Red Rainbow & the clouds . The " White " Rainbow , only occurs when there are NO clouds in the sky - think beautiful sunny day clear blue sky . This is a natural event and the reason we are alive on this Earth . This " White " Rainbow fires itself out through our atmosphere and into " space " . and there can be as many as 50 at any one time - think magnetics ! The Sun's Photonics ( photons - rays ) Push against the White Rainbow thus turning the Earth , ( for magnetics to travel they have to interact with each other ie shaking hands ) and producing Earths magnetic shields , & the reason we are not all fried to a cinder is because the Earth's White Rainbow is magnetically 7 times stronger than the Sun's Photonics ( photons - rays ) . Now , when and if the White Rainbow is interupted by clouds ie storm clouds or whatever clouds then the White Rainbow is broken , for a time , or until the rain event starts . ! Only when the rain event is over and the Sun happens to be at a good angle and the clouds remain above will you see the Red Rainbow . -------------------- Cheers
  9. Also on the above mentioned site link is The Book Of The Foreshadowing of the Feather , a work in progress , PDF to follow , Cheers Warning ; - Lisbon - Portugal & Berlin - Germany , 3-4 weeks , stay away from crowds
  10. Hello Unity , my friend . You may have seen once upon a time a shout that Phillip made regarding the work of https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqLPTe6eEeBP10Zhu5p-0cQ?nohtml5=False This very fine Russian lady who investigates the real human history we have been so sadly misdirected away from . Sylvie is her name , Newearth is her Youtube channel , Megaliths .org is her web site , i have been following her work from the beginning along with Brien Forester see ancients finds thread . Anatoly Fomenko's work is who Sylvie has " touched on " , she has recently " appeared " on a radio show , explaining how the " penguins in suits " have f*cked it all up for us for the price of a bag of gold and silver . That and much much more , this lady is like a dog with a bone and will just not give up her quest for truth - Real Truth - Follow her you must , Cheers
  11. DAMN .. So sorry .. Happy Belated Birthday Kande I hope you had a really nice day . Thank you for being you Big hugs n kisses XXXX
  12. Michael - Dhor Kyristyl ( humans know him as Jesus Christ ) - Alive Gabriael - Petro - Deceased Daniael - Putin - Alive Azazael - Dante Santori - Alive https://plus.google.com/111264655183555122117/posts/9bReGaTyGxx Not all the immigrants are immigrants , some are hybrids , ( leaders & followers ) there to cause chaos , even the real refugee immigrants know , some in the ranks are not real refugee immigrants . PFUDOR ( Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing On Rainbows ) YES T Look out for the ones whos eyes shine in the dark
  13. word in the "street" is: imminent attack (next 48 to 72 hours) being planned on civilian targets in Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt and/or Dusseldorf) and Russia (Moscow). It is now saturday, jan, 23, 2016- 1:30pm, Saint Petersburg local time´╗┐ . DS