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  1. And Australia... They have even tried that in Viet Nam, but the people are kicking up, and stopping a lot of the buying now. In some resorts in Viet Nam, it is Chinese only - no locals or 'others'. For example, there are several casinos, and only Chinese can go there.
  2. Ouch, I know very little about Q Fever, except that abattoir workers (in OZ at least) have to have the vaccination for it. Another 'bug', actually a larval-type parasite humans can get from cattle is Leptospirosis, which is a blood-born parasite and it is norlammy caught from cattle urine - accidentally ingested or splashed into the eyes. And of course, the worst one - Johne's Disease, which has been proven (Ridge, et al, Bendigo) to be the same as Chrone's disease in humans - M.Paratuberculosis.
  3. From memory, Brucellosis (also known as 'contagious Abortion') has several variants, but it used to be 'fairly' common in cattle. Then, a vaccine was developed for it, and various countries ran eradication programs. Australia had one - Brucellosis and TB. Anything testing positive was destroyed. So far as I know, it has been highly successful. The one 'down side' of it was, if the human tester happened to get a jab of the reagent - goodbye - it was basically a death-sentence.
  4. Many thanks Unity - I suspected as such, based on the little I do know.... And it is a fact of breeding - that some 'X-breeds' do, shall I say "have problems", as any animal breeder will testify. And others, even to the point of full brothers and sisters, are exceptionally good... All the cross-breeding really does is open up a lot more possibilities..
  5. Unity, a question... Where you say "that Chinese people are hybrids of really nasty alien faction ", I can fully believe that... Can you enlarge on that (if possible) please - as what we call the "Chinese" are at least 4 different races/groups, admittedly a lot have inter-mixed and bred, but you do have the basic different groups. (Same with Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. [let alone western cultures]).
  6. Since it appears that the 'events' didn't happen, I feel we can surmise on a couple of things: We may have jumped 'time-lines', thus bypassing a lot of it, That 'other' things happened, to change the structures, That 'someone' intervened (from a higher level), and negated the happenings, That the 'events' were as a 'prophecy', and as such - "a failed prophecy is a success" (ie, you've heeded the lesson). That the 'Rising' of the 'Cosmic Energies' has meant that certain 'tools' (specially bio-tools) no longer work here. Ah, 'tis interesting...
  7. As I posted elsewhere.. I remember to some of the things that Stan Deyo used to talk about - he was conscripted into the US Airforce after university, and put into 'Project Blue Book', where he told me he was case-manager on several contactee and abduction cases. Then 'Project Blue Book' was taken over by the CIA. A long story, where Stan was sent to OZ, and later I got to know him in Perrth.
  8. I remember to some of the things that Stan Deyo used to talk about - he was conscripted into the US Airforce after university, and put into 'Project Blue Book', where he told me he was case-manager on several contactee and abduction cases. Then 'Project Blue Book' was taken over by the CIA. A long story, where Stan was sent to OZ, and later I got to know him in Perrth.
  9. The intel I read was the SS agent who died was 'tasting' Trump's food, and went down almost immediately he tried something. Maybe the so-called 'nerve agent' attacks Schripal and the new one, were trial-runs on using an untraceable poison that goes into food?
  10. narnug, you mention Babylonian clay tablets - brings back memories.... Many years ago, I read a book, written by a chap who was designing antennas for Hughs Aeronautics. He had come across a tablet from Nineva, which was referenced by several other tablets as being very important. All this tablet had on it was a number, which translated into a 16-digit number. After much thinking and research, the author got to feel that this number could be the mean rotation time for our Solar System - in SECONDS He managed to get access to all the computing power at Hughs on a long weekend to try to prove this. They managed to get out to just beyond Saturn before they had to stop, but as far as they were able to go, this theory appeared to be correct.
  11. narnug, I remember reading once, that the 'old' Imperial (feet, inches, pounds, ozs, etc.) goes back a 'long, long way'. To start with, a cubic inch of Gold weighs 1 pound. And the top, top capstone of the Great Pyramid was exactly 1 cubic inch in volume. Then, for surveying, apparently, if you know your yards, roods, perches, chains, etc., to calculate areas, it is a simple matter of addition - and change the 'scale factor' - even working with complex shapes and triangles. So much for 'progress'....
  12. For people who are interested in how Crypto-currencies work, we had a talk by Herman Schoenfeld on "PascalCoin" - an open-source project... Even in the short time available to him, Herman gave a fantastic talk, and explained a lot, about Bitcoin and Etherium and their problems, and how he and others have come up with a lot of the answers... As from Herman's email later.... Hi Kim & All, The material can be downloaded here: Presentation @ Melbourne: https://mega.nz/#!AJQjxJqB!Rvlse3C4LxRvdOd2Pu7c6CLSHqrJC_O4mgbnaHFYEAw <https://mega.nz/#!AJQjxJqB!Rvlse3C4LxRvdOd2Pu7c6CLSHqrJC_O4mgbnaHFYEAw> PIP-0009: RandomHash: GPU & ASIC Resistant Hash Algorithm https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0009.md <https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0009.md> PIP-0011: 20% Developer Reward https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0011.md <https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0011.md> PIP-0015: Fast Block Propagation https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0015.md <https://github.com/PascalCoin/PascalCoin/blob/master/PIP/PIP-0015.md> Sphere 10’s Pascal Library I walked through in presentation (VisualGrid, etc) https://github.com/Sphere10/PascalFramework/tree/master/src/Sphere10 <https://github.com/Sphere10/PascalFramework/tree/master/src/Sphere10> Also we are working hard to establish the PascalCoin Foundation for a July debut. At this point, we will have substantial funding to support a sustained and focused development effort in PascalCoin as well as the broader FOSS Pascal-work (via NewPascal and Lazarus bounties). Thanks again for the privilege of speaking at your conference. There is even the source code for the project - in Lazarus (Free Pascal) and Delphi.
  13. The ONLY way to defeat the 'LOW' types is with Love - it is the only thing that they can not fight... The old saying 'Turn the other cheek..' is correct - they gain strength when you fight back or get angry - it gives them energy (and hope). When you just laugh and smile, they are beaten - they can't fight thin air, so they're beaten by their own actions..
  14. As posted by NexEd on FB..... Aboriginal prophecy - The End of Days It has begun... the signs are in place In late 2017 Aboriginal Elders started speaking of 'The End of Days' a prophecy that spans epochs, and which is now about to unfold... “The End of Days ... is a prophecy that has been long awaited by the Origine' people ... it is the end of the darkness and a 'return' of the spirit of the Dreaming ... It used to be global but the northern cultures wiped out their knowledge holders in successive wars. We were an isolated island ... the lore survived ... The prophecy is that 'the one' will come to restore the lore ... when the world needs it most … that the Origine' peoples with the old knowledge have to be ready ... to be 'Burram Yanbuhyn' ... to be teachers, and not project fear in the coming changes ... but to hold it straight ... just as it was in the Alcheringa - the beginning …” – Stella Wheildon (speaker) Thousands of Australians have had the "tidal wave" dream, where a massive tsunami hits our east coast. It is always higher than the highest buildings, and leaves a completely new coastline. Such waves have hit our coast repeatedly according to Indigenous Australians' oral history. And yet, such tsunamis were not seen as the "end of days” by the original peoples. During the last 100,000 years, the Australian Aboriginal people have endured—while an ice-age, the Toba super-volcano and massive sea-level changes ravaged the planet—and still, none of those events was considered "the end of days". So, what is the End of Days? How much of the change is physical and how much is metaphysical? Is there even a difference anymore? In my 40 years of research and conversations, I have never heard the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people speak of the End of Days, or the end times—until about nine months ago. Depending on who you talk to, we have less than two years before everything changes. Already, growing numbers of Indigenous Australians are returning to country, in order to prepare their spirit and to connect to the land. Others are being encouraged to share the knowledge with those who would listen. So far it is only word of mouth, and mostly within the Indigenous community. I’ve had my own share of mystical experiences with Indigenous Australians, and I personally take what they say very seriously. The Secret History of Australia Conference is therefore honoured to have a respected elder who will be sharing more information on The End of Days. This is definitely going to be one of the most important talks you will want to hear. More Info at: SecretHistoryConference.com
  15. Indian Scientist Finds Way to See Wormholes in Space-Time 16:05 19.04.2018 Sputnik News A wormhole is a theoretical passage that cuts through space-time, which could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe. Indian physicist Rajibul Shaikh from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research has determined that a certain class of rotating wormholes, which may be used for space-time travel, cast a specific “shadow.” The shadow is a dark area, which surrounds the wormhole and could be accessible to direct observation, Dr. Shaikh wrote in an article whose pre-print has been published in the arXiv repository. © Photo: Youtube/Dmitry Skvorcov Russian System of Robotic Telescopes Successfully Detects Distortions in Space-Time Continuum Wormholes distort space-time, creating a tunnel which could allow future starships to zip across the galaxy faster than the speed of light. Such tunnels are called “impassable,” as they are fraught with sudden collapses, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter. The colossal gravitational pull of wormholes, black holes and other super-massive objects also creates the effect of gravitational lensing, where the trajectory of light rays passing through them is changed. The background area visible to the eye must feature a dark spot where the gravitational effect is so strong that that nothing — not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light — can escape from inside it. Hypothetically, this dark area can be observed with ground- and space-based telescopes. Rajibul Shaikh believes that the existence of rotating wormholes can be proven by spotting a shadow with characteristics all its own. Calculating the shadow’s precise shape, the scientist determined if the outside source of light is located at one side of the wormhole, the light is partly dispersed and party enters the tunnel. READ MORE: Astronomers Discover Dark-Matter Deficient Galaxy for 1st Time — NASA As a result, an observer on a planet close to the wormhole sees light and dark spots laid out in a specific pattern in the sky. If the wormhole is rotating relatively slowly, its shadow will resemble that of a Kerr black hole. With increasing rates of the spin, the shapes of the wormhole shadows start to deviate considerably from that of the a black hole.
  16. As stated, "White Muscle Disease" is caused by a lack of Selenium. At it's highest, Selenium appears in soils at 1-2 ppt - that's right, parts per Trillion!. Selenium can be bound up in the soil by a pH imbalance or other minerals being out of balance (see Mulder's Chart), specifically Arsenic, Mercury and Sulfur.
  17. Things are never what they seem - try to find the book, "Shibumi" by "Trevannian". And then take 'good' note about 'The Mother Company' and Fat Boy.
  18. paranormal

    Years ago, I was told of a similar aircraft - but it was military... The person telling me had been working on the runway of a military airfield one night, when they got the message to clear the runway as there was an incoming. The plane landed - totally silent, apart from tyre noises, it was a C-130 Hercules painted totally black. A couple of hours, they again had to clear the runway as the plane was taking off - it was totally silent, again apart from the tyre noise. Where they were waiting on the side of the runway was only meters from where this plane went past.
  19. One 'Replacement' for FB is a site called VK - at vk.com It may pay to have an alternate site just in case...
  20. Trump Ousts Tillerson as Secretary of State, Will Replace Him With Pompeo. US President Donald Trump has thanked Rex Tillerson for his service and confirmed that CIA Director Mike Pompeo will become the new secretary of state. President Trump tweeted that he was confident that Pompeo would do a "fantastic job" in his new post. Trump nominated intelligence officer Gina Haspel to replace Pompeo at the CIA. Trump appointed Haspel, a counterterrorism specialist, as the CIA's deputy director in February 2017. She will be the first female director in the agency's history. https://sputniknews.com/us/201803131062480629-trump-tillerson-pompeo/
  21. I agree, I was told many years ago that Nukes do have MAJOR problems (apart from Bruce Cathie's calculations), in that they give off ionising radiation, which destroys the casings in a very short time, along with the other bits of mechanisms and detonating explosives, and the electronics have to be specially shielded to last even minutes, let alone hours. And they don't need nukes - they have conventional explosives now with more explosive power weight per weight, and costing a LOT less, and without the problems. Then, finally, even the older ICBM's had an accuracy of some 60' (20 meters), and the newest warheads measure accuracy in centimeters. Why blow up a whole city, just take out the communications in a couple of key places - most likely a manhole into the fibre-optic jungle - cut the fibre-optics, and EVERYTHING stops, even water and electricity, as their controls are networked.