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  1. What is even more to the point is the Fact that mainstream media is not putting it all together and reporting on these events. These strange events are happening all over the world.!
  2. Please post any UFO vids you feel are current and worth investigating... Please make sure they are current not more than a year old sort of things... So here is one from this week sighted over Korea..
  3. Something to ponder when you see strange things
  4. This one made me chuckle especially from an Australian The Spider Who Couldn't Hide
  5. Part 2
  6. Too Good of a Job? Incredible Holistic Doctor's Story, Part 1
  7. Just thought because there is continued interest in C60 it would be a good place to put new vids as they come online. Published on Dec 2, 2017 Ken "the Scientist" along with Patty Greer joins the program to discuss Greer's brush in with energy weapons, the amazing benefits of C60, and how C60 is the source of life. Ken is the mind behind which brings us one the highest quality C60 oil available today. Ken also explains how he formulated new mathematical formulas for gravity that are 3 orders of magnitude more precise than Newton's. This is enabling governments worldwide to have accurate anti ballistic missile technology. It also enables space organizations to accurately land and maneuver craft. Lastly, Ken explains his Moxy Fusion Reactor that creates energy at a fraction of the price of oil, nuclear, coal, wind, or solar. He is clearly one of the most brilliant scientists alive and business game changers brings you another episode that educates listeners on the amazing potential of our future. See more about
  8. interesting Dollard says the Schuman freq is more voodoo than reality the charts we are being fed... he is sus about all the Schuman stuff .... he smells the RAT also apart from the IT entity that is separating us from our carbon based organic earth
  9. The battle for earth is on even Dollard spells it out for us... START AT THE 35 MIN MARK
  10. Q - The Plan To Save The World Very Ra Ra Mmmm we shall see... relax slaves just sit back and enjoy the ride..............WE WILL DO THE WORK FOR YOU.......... Really?
  11. Ok first understand Trumps latest "Make it So" is all part of the end game twaddle and fake invasions meme ‘Make it so’? Trump orders creation of US Space Force as military branch Now see what is really up there ... enjoy
  12. Dani is launching her own C60 products here is her info vid
  13. The Evidence of the flood in 19th century. By the way giants were real
  14. Well worth thinking and watching this guys work, when you really consider what is History and what did the European Mud Flood actually cover up
  15. This thread is meant to be a continuous feed on events surrounding crypto ... a GENERAL everything crypto thread if that makes sense I will start the thread with an amusing look at just how much misunderstanding regulators actually have and how they don't even realise they are advising to buy US Senate, SEC, and CFTC don't understand Crypto = buy signal.
  16. I have been watching these for some time, Dani is very good news blood hound and has some great opinionated comments that make a lot of sense... I will try to put her vids up every week for anyone interested... Her blog spot is well worth keeping an eye on as well ;
  17. This is a good vid by a guy that has brought together much of the research papers on C60 covering it all quite well. Yes he has a commercial interest but he saves a lot of time.
  18. Take it in your stride T move through it and keep your sense of humour. I expect to hear from you on here over the next few years if you aren't totally pissed of with the mortal world. With you all the way mate.
  19. Such a wonderful result Red am so pleased it has had such a profound effect.. Interestingly I understand the lack of desire for fast food and for me Bananas I just walk past them where as I would have at least 2 daily... Pets often respond far more obviously than we humans by the way.