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  1. Dani is launching her own C60 products here is her info vid
  2. The Evidence of the flood in 19th century. By the way giants were real
  3. Well worth thinking and watching this guys work, when you really consider what is History and what did the European Mud Flood actually cover up
  4. This is a good vid by a guy that has brought together much of the research papers on C60 covering it all quite well. Yes he has a commercial interest but he saves a lot of time.
  5. Take it in your stride T move through it and keep your sense of humour. I expect to hear from you on here over the next few years if you aren't totally pissed of with the mortal world. With you all the way mate.
  6. Such a wonderful result Red am so pleased it has had such a profound effect.. Interestingly I understand the lack of desire for fast food and for me Bananas I just walk past them where as I would have at least 2 daily... Pets often respond far more obviously than we humans by the way.
  7. This is what C60 does IMO
  8. coral mass death has a direct connection to land run off and coincidentally in summer "human sun screens " Not saying it is the sole culprit but it is a significant contributing factor... water analysis Mas spec tells the truths even if the statistics are made to reflect the observers point of view. The idea of using fruit to filter water is sound especially as fruits skins and seeds are abundant in antioxidants and its the antioxidants that will detox the environment around them but its a messy business lol
  9. No you could not produce enough C60 at current manufacturing rates..., However there may be other ways of incorporating the carbon in to say a polymer of D-limonene and sulfur to make blocks that may attract radiated particles , not my field of expertise but these could be used in the water tanks before leakage ... all hypothetical have a read of the PDF that explains how they can remove mercury ... why not add the carbon to perform with it? so to speak Orange Peel Waste Can Help Remove Mercury Pollution From Oceans.pdf
  10. Well if you are no longer putting toxic materials into the body then logically yes the C60 is not needed except the anti aging factor and the airborne radiation soup we are all being subjected to. I believe that if say someone has flattened out they would only need to top up every 2 - 3 days with micro-dosing. I have looked into encapsulating the C60 oils but the costs are just inhibitive without significant investment and marketing let alone the fact that is is EXPERIMENTAL Still they ie Gov have allowed it to leak into the public in a measured way, even I am monitored by the way and to be honest once the pharm groups get interested the price will actually go up contrary to popular belief and the patented version will reach only a certain detox level to meat the bare minimum Efficacy which will only work effectively on a percentage of the overall cohort. Still time will tell.The radiation factor is what interests me immensely especially for populations such as those in Japan ...
  11. LOL great to hear you are doing so well Unity, and yes you reached what we call the saturation level. Now bearing in mind C60 will stay in your body once saturation has been reached for aprox 72 to 96 hours taking the 1 teaspoon per day will maintain it well for you. Now once you understand its connection to cell replication you can understand how important it is to keep taking it for at least 2 full years BECAUSE the human body takes just on 2 years to replace every cell in the human body. Now if you want to correct any errors in the cells this will take at least one cell replacement cycle. Elite athletes take C60 in HIGH doses just before competition and for a week post competition because when they exert themselves at such high levels they literally destroy themselves at a cellular level and the body starts replicating cells at extreme speed in repair mode, so by taking C60 the replication is a perfect UN-corrupted copy because the oxidative damage to the telomeres is non existent or has been acted on by the C60. Something you may notice is if you used to eat banana's before taking C60 you may well have no desire to eat them now. This is the radiation factor kicking in. Every banana has trace amounts of radiated particles and it is believed that the radiation defensive nature of C60 prevents subtle damage, detoxes and the body recognizes radiated foods and rejects it. All very interesting observations. So glad you are saving the money on medications plus your body will be most grateful , now it will be able to repair itself gently over its normal cycles. For anyone interested in a good background to C60 I have attached a very informative PDF Enjoy by;phill Buckyballs and the other Fullerenes keep rolling on.pdf