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  1. OK now lets allow Cliff to calm the AI mania down somewhat.. lol
  2. Notice the Borg rind in BLOCK chains
  3. The 93 society Algorithm The God Pattern How to use it
  4. Element 93 This will spin Breezy out ... fair warning Breezy
  5. Listen to the next 20 min and it all makes sense ... AI is now a citizen and has block chain as its way to earning income with which to expand within the economy of man
  6. A 22 page PDF “BLUEPRINT FOR A CERTAIN FUTURE: 1965-2015” The Reinforcement of our Key Strategy (OKEYS) Read it and tell me how many things HAVE NOT COME TRUE..........THIS WILL SPIN YOU OUT... blueprint-for-a-certain-future-1965-2015.pdf
  7. 8 Year Olds Write Best Paper Ever On Grandparents. This Is Priceless.
  8. Watch this craft pass Saturn then in a flash go interdenominational or Hyperspace jump Please note other versions of this original have been put up only to be taken off by you tube... Was it a regular aircraft? I'm still unsure (lol). 9:41am, Friday Oct 27, 2017, NE Ohio, 51°F - SE Sky ~Jayling (Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone) -Nikon P900 with 83x optical zoom & 166x dynamic fine digital zoom super telephoto Nikkor lens: -Homemade Solar Filter using Thousand Oaks Optical Solar Filter Film (inexpensive from Amazon), some cardboard and tape.
  9. also his latest this week
  10. Here is Max's Covert wars Vid that You Tube have blocked, he placed it on Bitchute for all to watch
  11. Mmm seems to be more than one drone and where would ISIS get a drone that can carry ordinance that weight and have such high res camera quality gyroscopic-ally stabilized. Seems anyone can get hold of this form of tech these days. Or was it another mistaken ID by the coalition drone forces . Easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission....
  12. Yes Breezy he is starting to cut to there bone and they don't like it
  13. Here is his latest upload of Max Igan Presenting at the Free Your Mind 5 Conference in Philadelphia. April 7th, 2017