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  1. US government accidentally sends a strange conspiracy theory file describing 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking' The find was made by a reporter investigating far-left and right militant groups Washington State Fusion Center included the files in its response to his inquiry A compressed file detailed research into bizarre 'psycho-electronic' weaponry They claim to use electromagnetic forces to induce a number of strange effects That includes inducing intense feelings of pain as well as 'remote brain mapping'
  2. 35:11 Flat Earth - The Genius of Steve Hughes Antonio Subirats Strikes Back 163K views 12:24 "You can't CENSOR stupidity" Smart Comedian EDUCATE Joy Behar on Political correctness 50 Stars 770K views 14:51 Steve Hughes: Feminism & Transgenderism AMP3083 80K views 18:30 Remote Mind Control Docs Released via FOIA Request, WA Fusion Center Leak Project Recommended for you New 12:06 Steve Hughes Live at the Apollo London (FULL) gan9e 1.6M views 1:43:23 Precursors, Structure & Components of Gang Stalking & Mind Control w/Dr Eric Karlstrom The Kev Baker Show Recommended for you New 1:30:14 Steve Hughes - Conspiracy Realist with Lisa M Harrison lisamharrison 24K views 7:53 Echoes Of Old Earth (They Never Were Egyptian) Jayson Recommended for you 45:54 Your Own War Footing | Solo Show Gordon White Recommended for you New 15:03 The Toxicity & Psychopathy Of Modern Feminism - (Steve Hughes) Sir Growalott 4.4K views 6:29 Steve Hughes on Gay Guys and Homophobia Neil Robinson 517K views 24:55 Diamonds Falling from the Sky, Fragments of Massive Planet - White Paper Leak Project Recommended for you New 11:12 One of the funniest person alive | RAW | Swesub XHCommunity 416K views 20:03 DTI News 4.18 - Criminal Referral for Comey, Clinton, McCabe/Germany Human Trafficking Arrests Destroying the Illusion Recommended for you New 11:12 AntiFa and the LEFT are the REAL modern NAZIS! Bull Brand 6.6K views SHOW MORE Steve Hughes - The Liberal Mentality - ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!!!
  3. well worth a listen... a REAL scientist Black Sun : Absolute Must Watch Interview with Astro Physicist Giuliana Conforto
  4. Transpicuous News April 11 2018: The World War that Won't
  5. Great vid
  6. Published on Apr 6, 2018 Today on everyone's favorite podcast for conspiracy, the paranormal, & the all around fringe: Alright Higherside Chatters, as we deal with the whirlwind of digital distractions and do our best to navigate the choppy waters of the conspira-sea – one thing we do know is that the reality we have before us today, was crafted from the top down,a long time ago: From the international money magic spell and the “life essence suck” that is that all important J.O.B. To the way we think about mater, consciousness, technology and the upper limits of what might be possible in this human energy farm we call Home. Meanwhile we hear about breakaway civilizations that might be far further ahead than the “technological hamster wheels” we peons get by on, we know secret societies have held back their own sacred knowledge for decades, and we've seen a long history of scientists who stumble off the pre-approved path-suppressed and marginalized. But what if things like the sacred knowledge of these secret orders, the all seeing eye of the dollar bill, & the mysterious and elusiveness 33rd degree of freemasonry – all mean something far stranger than we had ever thought- possibly unlocking hidden doorways and portals to spaces between the worlds where the elite can not only indulge in every luxury and extravagance- but are also able to rule from a place that is truly untouchable. Well these are the ideas pouring out of today's guest's latest work- and I can't wait to get more into it.
  7. The 'Fake' White Sun IS the VIRGIN MARY! TLDW of Twyman Trip 5
  8. possible quite easy to associate the world wide Vitamin D deficiency amongst city dwelling cohorts
  9. Ooops I have been found... was keeping mum on this lol the other thing to pay attention to it was recorded on April Fools day so that is my get out of jail clause... lol Have attached the Can and Can not eat list from the Book The Plant Paradox for anyone interested Plant-Paradox-Shopping-LIst.pdf
  10. OK here you go ... sorry about the dramatic music ... drives you nuts and reminds me of But there is More TV marketing lol However Convex here we come
  11. Cheers Unity, and yes it is definitely a different point of view and to be honest as valid as any other hypothesis we have been fed over the past few centuries. Now I keep wanting to look so much more closely to the moon than ever before can the Great wall of China be viewed from Earth one wonders.... the myths are endless
  12. is the moon a reflection of a gigantic earth ? ( part two) - black sun , polaris Published on Sep 17, 2017 part three : final proof I think the moon is a reflection of a gigantic earth , polaris is the reflection of earth .The stars are the map of earth ! We live on a gigantic ball
  13. The moon is a reflection of a gigantic earth , final proof !!! Published on Mar 2, 2018 A final vision of a new planetary system ! Earth is enclosed in a plasmaball , the moon is a reflection and not a ball .We live on a gigantic planet
  14. Birds know something is up...
  15. Facebook is stealing your data, warping your news feed to only show you content that they want you to see, selling your (social media) soul to the highest bidder, and filling your wall with troll posts by political players who've been allowed to infiltrate and spin-doctor the on going social rhetoric across Facebook...... So what else is new?Folks, this isn't "News". This has been a well established fact for YEARS..... so..... why NOW? ... Published on Mar 26, 2018 Last night the UnFuckers and I got together to do something new: Watch a Movie! The Movie we watched was "Solar Revolution" by Biophysicist Dieter Broers. This movie is an amazing scientific discussion about Consciousness, the mind, our brains and the pineal gland, DMT, our bodies electrical and magnetic fields, the Earth's geomagnetic fields, Cosmic energy, and local and galactic solar particles/energy. I cannot recommend this movie enough- it truly is a MUST WATCH video!! Continue reading on RTS Earth: