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  1. One for dog and car lovers
  3. I suggest everyone actually listens to the discussion about digital currencies Blockchain update Last November, journalist Morgen Peck showed up at her friend Molly Webster's apartment in Brooklyn, told her to take her battery out of her phone, and began to tell her about The Ceremony, a moment last fall when a group of, well, let's just call them wizards, came together in an undisclosed location to launch a new currency. It's an undertaking that involves some of the most elaborate security and cryptography ever done (so we've been told). And math. Lots of math. It was all going great until, in the middle of it, something started to behave a little...strangely. Reported by Molly Webster. Produced by Matt Kielty and Molly Webster. Denver Ceremony station recordings were created by media maker Nathaniel Kramer, with help from Daniel Cooper.
  4. Max latest...
  5. I do like Corbet he shows the fake methodology for what it is; SHOCK UN WARNING: Only 3 YEARS Left to SAVE THE PLANET!!!
  6. Time to enjoy coming up to speed on some agenda's the 3rd vid commentary is well worth the effort Stunning 1967 Dissertation Warns Infiltration of Rothschild Luciferians in US Government
  7. A follow up if your inclined , it all makes so much sense
  8. INSPIRING and deeply moving The Animal Communicator * Anna Breytenbach * To Reconnect * Especially the last part with the Black Panther "Spirit"
  9. Lot of people are rating this recent interview with Cliff... have not had time to listen.. Clif High: Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs.The Bluebirds
  10. Here is a link to JohnLenardWalson You Tube channel interesting stuff... as a substitute to MSM tv