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  1. There's an Absolutely Massive Lava Dome Lurking Underneath Japan An ancient underwater volcano responsible for one of the largest known super-eruptions in history looks to be busy making silent, fiery preparations for its inevitable return. The Kikai Caldera, located to the south of Japan's main islands, devastated a large swathe of the Japanese archipelago when it spewed upwards of 500 cubic kilometres (120 cubic miles) of magma during the Akahoya eruption some 7,000 years ago – and scientists have just confirmed evidence of new volcanic activity under the crater. Researchers at Kobe University have detected a giant lava dome that exists below the Kikai Caldera, holding a volume of more than 32 cubic kilometres (almost 8 cubic miles) of trapped magma – a buildup that could reveal clues as to when Kikai's next super-eruption may be unleashed.
  2. Barack and Michelle Obama portraits unveiled at National Portrait Gallery The National Portrait Gallery has two new additions to its collection of presidential portraits: Former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama. The portraits, unveiled Monday, are now part of the only complete collection of portraits of presidents outside the White House. They are the first presidential portraits created by black artists. The portrait of Obama, by artist Kehinde Wiley, featured him sitting in a chair, arms folded, with a lush, green background. The greenery was meant to represent his past.
  3. Wife of Donald Trump Jr. taken to hospital after opening envelope containing white powder The wife of Donald Trump Jr. was taken to a New York City hospital Monday after she opened an envelope containing an unknown white powder. The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to the couple’s apartment on East 54th Street in Manhattan. The letter was addressed to Donald Trump Jr. and sent to the couple's apartment on East 54th Street in Manhattan.
  4. I started taking carbon 60 on Dec. 29th and have had some very good results so far. Rather amazing actually. It seems to really be great for inflammation and arthritis. I have one knee that needs replacing that at times i could barely get around on.. If i sat for any length of time i had trouble getting up and moving. If i stood or walked too much the knee would swell. I still work full time and was starting to worry about making it through the next tourist season at this rate. I am now popping up off the couch or computer chair and moving right out. I am walking farther and standing all day with little or no pain. I had stopped taking pain pills or nsaids last year as i found myself allergic to most of them. I really did not expect to feel this good again without surgery. My energy levels are way up there also. A huge thank you to Phil for his information and help.
  5. TRUMP DIVIDES AMERICANS AND UN-AMERICANS There are two stories of America. One is the American story and the other the un-American story. On one side there are pilgrims settling a new land and on the other colonists ethnically cleansing the native population. One side sees war heroes and the other sees killers. One sees brave police officers and the other genocidal bigots in uniform. One sees America. And the other hates it. At the State of the Union, we saw those two halves divide up the House Chamber. We saw American elected officials stand for the flag, for the anthem, for veterans, for Jerusalem and for In God We Trust. And we saw the un-American officials selected by corrupt urban machine politics stay seated. The leaders of America and un-America were there in one room while America’s story was told. We saw heroes rise in the House Chamber and we saw the Congressional Black Caucus members in kente cloth scowling through the good news about African-American unemployment. Rep. Pelosi grimaced and Senator Schumer glared through President Trump’s appeal for bipartisanship. Senator Booker stared hatefully and Elizabeth Warren ranted hysterically on Twitter. The Democrats and the media called the speech divisive. And it was. But not in the way they meant. There was little in the way of partisanship in President Trump’s remarks. They were meant to unite the men and women in the House Chamber “not as Republicans or Democrats, but as representatives of the people.” Even his tough talk on immigration came with offers of a negotiated compromise.
  6. Scandalous CDC director RESIGNS after caught buying shares of vaccine maker Merck while heading the CDC As yet more proof that the CDC functions as little more than an extension of the corrupt vaccine industry, CDC director Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald was forced to resign yesterday following a scandalous Politico report that exposed her ownership of shares of Big Tobacco companies as well as Merck, a prominent vaccine manufacturer whose products are promoted by the CDC. The gross conflict of interest didn’t stop there, either: Fitzgerald also purchased shares of junk food companies and a tobacco corporation, according to media reports, all while she was serving as director of the CDC. “Documents revealed Fitzgerald had holdings in Reynolds American, British American Tobacco, Imperial Brands, Philip Morris International, and Altria Group,” reports CNBC. “Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald had also invested money in food and pharmaceutical companies just one month after taking over the job,” reports the UK Daily Mail.
  7. leakers

    BREAKING: Congress Investigating Mueller ‘Pitbull’ Andrew Weissmann For Media Leaks Dirty cop Robert Mueller’s right hand man and “pitbull” Andrew Weissmann is being investigated by Congress for media leaks. Paul Sperry of the New York Post reported, BREAKING: Congress investigating Mueller “pit bull” investigator Andrew Weissmann for media leaks. Weissmann held April 11 private presser w major media–week before CNN, WaPo,NYT reported FISA on Page bolstered by dossier” Weissmann attended Hillary’s election night party in NYC”
  8. FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, frequent target of Trump's ire, steps down FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, a frequent target of public attacks from President Donald Trump, is stepping down effective Monday, NBC News reported. McCabe, who served a brief stint as acting director of the bureau, was already expected to leave. He will stay on leave and the FBI payroll until he is eligible to retire with full benefits in March, according to NBC.
  9. Huge waves pound coast; man swept out to sea The forecast of dramatic seas and unusually high waves drew many people to the shore, and a 44-year-old man was swept out to sea near Depoe Bay around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, ­according to ­the ­Depoe Bay Fire District. The search for him was called off late Thursday, the Coast Guard reported. Authorities were withholding the man’s identity pending notification of his family in Mexico. Popular seafront Lincoln City establishments such as the Sea Gypsy Inn at 145 N.W. Inlet Ave. and the Sandcastle Beachfront Motel at 3417 S.W. Anchor Ave. were heavily damaged by the surging waters, with windows torn out and their interiors inundated. North Lincoln Fire & Rescue posted photos of damage to Kyllo’s Seafood and Grill, 1110 N.W. First Court, where waves tore through windows and stripped off siding before swirling through the parking lot, leaving large rocks in their wake. Massive waves pummel Oregon coast; man swept to sea in Depoe Bay presumed dead Monstrous waves, some twice the size of a two-story home, are battering the coast of the Pacific Northwest. The display of oceanic power, fueled by a storm system off the coast, has made for some fantastic storm watching, but has created dangerous conditions for beach-goers and some oceanside businesses. The U.S. Coast Guard announced that it is no longer searching for a man in his mid-40s who was swept away by a wave in Depoe Bay after what the agency reported as "negative results." The man had reportedly ventured over a sea wall to look at the ocean during the storm earlier in the day. He is presumed dead, Oregon State Police said.
  10. FEDS: CNBC News Crew Arrested After Trying to Smuggle “Improvised Explosive Device” Through Newark Liberty Airport Seven members of a cable television crew have been arrested after they tried to sneak a fake explosive device through a security checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration said Thursday. A law enforcement source with knowledge of the investigation said that the team was filming for cable network CNBC, which is based in Englewood Cliffs. The TSA did not release the names of the people they said were arrested, and the Port Authority only said that it was investigating the incident.
  11. Why globalists freaked out at Trump’s comment on ‘Sh** hole countries’ One thing I have learned after years of observing the globalists and their cadre of bought-and-paid-for politicians is that the issue being hammered in the media is never the real issue or goal of any given program or policy. Let me explain. President Trump got in hot water after it was leaked to the media that he allegedly used some crude language to describe the Third World countries like Haiti, El Salvador and Somalia that send us tens of thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees every year. In typical Trumpian fashion, he reportedly asked “Why do we have to take so many people from shithole countries?”
  12. Swift Mission Spies a Comet Slowdown Observations by NASA's Swift spacecraft, now renamed the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory after the mission’s late principal investigator, have captured an unprecedented change in the rotation of a comet. Images taken in May 2017 reveal that comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák — 41P for short — was spinning three times slower than it was in March, when it was observed by the Discovery Channel Telescope at Lowell Observatory in Arizona. The abrupt slowdown is the most dramatic change in a comet's rotation ever seen. "The previous record for a comet spindown went to 103P/Hartley 2, which slowed its rotation from 17 to 19 hours over 90 days," said Dennis Bodewits, an associate research scientist at the University of Maryland (UMD) in College Park who presented the findings Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in Washington. "By contrast, 41P spun down by more than 10 times as much in just 60 days, so both the extent and the rate of this change is something we've never seen before."
  13. leakers

    Julian Assange Granted Ecuadorian Passport – Posts Photo in Nation’s Jersey On Wednesday, Julian Assange tweeted a photo of himself wearing an Ecuadorian soccer jersey amid reports that he was granted a passport from the nation on December 21. The WikiLeaks founder is listed with Ecuador’s Internal Revenue Service under the number 1729926483 as Julian Paul Assange — which would mean that he has been granted citizenship by the nation that has been providing his political asylum. The news comes one day after it was announced that Ecuador was seeking mediation to figure out a way to get Assange out of the embassy. The sentiment was echoed in another statement issued by the government on Wednesday.
  14. Standing Ovation as Trump Touts End of Death Tax: ‘Keep Your Farms in the Family’ Attendees of the American Farm Bureau Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, rose to their feet with boisterous praise on Monday when President Donald Trump heralded the end of the death tax in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. During his speech at the convention, Trump pointed out that not one Democrat voted for the Republican congressional leadership’s tax cut plan. The president focused on the effect on farmers of reduction of regulatory burdens and change in the estate tax under the new tax law: All American businesses, including American farmers, will be able to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment in the year you make the investment. That is something that I think is going to be the sleeper of the bill, you deduct it all in one year as opposed to over many years, that’s a tremendous thing. And from now on, most family farms and small business owners will be spared, and you’re gonna be spared and it really is the word punishment, of the deeply unfair estate tax known as the death tax — so you can keep your farms in the family.
  15. Oprah caught in devastating California mudslide: Sixteen dead as talkshow legend's $50m estate is overwhelmed by knee-deep mud and Jimmy Connors is evacuated from his mansion by helicopter Up to 16 people died in southern California after downpours caused mudslides northwest of Los Angeles Most deaths were believed to have occurred in Montecito, a wealthy neighborhood of about 9,000 people The enclave is home to such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Rob Lowe, Ellen DeGeneres and Jimmy Connors Winfrey's home survived the storms, but she shared videos of knee-deep mud in her yard and rescue missions Former tennis star Connors told his Twitter followers that he had to be evacuated from his home by helicopter Rescue crews used helicopters to pluck more than 50 people who were trapped in homes and on rooftops The Critical coastal highway US 101 was shut down for 30-mile stretch from Ventura to Santa Barbara Celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and tennis legend Jimmy Connors are among the thousands who have been affected by flash flooding and mudslides in southern California that have already left 16 people dead. Multiple bodies were found during the rescue operations on Tuesday in Montecito, 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, after downpours sent mud and boulders roaring down hills that were stripped of vegetation by a gigantic wildfire that raged in the state in December. Most deaths were believed to have occurred in Montecito, a wealthy enclave of about 9,000 people northwest of Los Angeles that is home to such celebrities as Winfrey, Rob Lowe and Ellen DeGeneres. One person was also killed in a weather-related fatality in Los Angeles County.