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  1. Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY Sorry peeps, it's my problem...(´Д`) My poor little head has been hurting for not having Shout Box on top of the page like we used to in our last home... I'm living with pain 24/7 as A permanent condition and a bit short of time to go through all threads titles and separate the stuff I want to share. And I have to come clean.... I'm LAZY. Also I take bloody long time to write up a post properly... Time to time, when I come across to something intriguing and want to share with everyone, I've been too sick and couldn't share the info I received....that's been happening and got too frustrating for me. LOL In those times, I really don't want to hold onto those "MAYBE-interesting" themes only to let go of other peeps to go hunting on about them IN TIME/asap when the news come out. I'd rather dump everything out here before I could take time to write properly at later time. So I need to set up this thread.....I hope you people don't mind my disability-support of a sort and starting this thread... I'm starting it but if you feel adding the short heads ups like what Aco wanted us to do in the Shout Box before and continue on, all welcome! (If long posts are to be made, then we all can look harder to find suitable threads.) Shout away, peeps!(・ω・)ノ
  2. Normalization of Reptilians Living Around Us, Humans... (c)rightful owner 2018-screenshot from the video linked below. OMG please check this out while you can watch it, as IDK for how long it'd be left uploaded on Youtube. I just found this English subbed version of recently aired episode from the popular Japanese anime called "Overload". This is the 2nd season's 2nd episode. I had never seen such NORMALIZATION of REPTILIANS consciously focused, and written so the Humans would get used to Reptilians just like Humans. I can't think of any other way to describe it for now... It shows the variation among the reptilians, how they fight and unite, what they feel towards each other when someone fall in love in one sight...lol Anyway, I was amazed. This must be a part of agenda to get us familiarised with Reptilian presence. ....Which reptilians?? is probably the question loads of us ask.....
  3. Forest Produces Bizarre Sounds That Can Be Used In Horror Movies Shelleymarie0928Published: December 21, 2017 https://rumble.com/v44uov-unusual-sound-in-witset-moricetown.html?mref=6i76&mc=8jxox This one sounded more like some live unknown "animal" screaming....UMA...? One of the alien sources I got talking to was pointing out those "noises in the sky" are often interdimensional noises. We often don't really see the sound source of the noise, they come through. Ok. So rather than visible frequencies, it's easier to communicate with other dimensions by using sound frequency. Anyway, IDK about other peeps, hearing that sorta backing stories from other worldly peeps, I believe we DO have Dragons as we recognise as Dragons from old time out there. And they must have existed normally, so much so that the sightings have been reported world wide from ancient time........ The world of Fays are ever so close and overlapping with our realm. They are noticing we are becoming more aware about them naturally, I take. I wonder what the babies around the world are seeing these days........
  4. Peter Madsen charged with murder of Kim Wall on submarine Danish prosecutor says inventor cut Swedish journalist’s throat or strangled her on board vessel https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/16/peter-madsen-charged-with-submarine-of-kim-wall Urgh it just went over board and trotted down to the psychopath's world.....(´Д`)
  5. Great dot connections, Mulva! And I just caught a tail of the news. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-42677604?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central Right at the end of the article, it says...: "Didn't something similar happen in Japan this month? A false earthquake warning was sent to millions of Japanese people's phoneson 5 January, causing a brief panic and disrupting Tokyo's transport network. It turned out to be a false alarm triggered by an error in the earthquake warning system."
  6. Japan Had The SAME MISTAKE Run of Missile Warning System as Hawaii Did http://www.sankei.com/life/news/180116/lif1801160035-n1.html The ANTI-Japan national broadcasting station (yeah we are friggin sick of them being so anti-Japan!! Being the national broadcasting station, you'd think they follow what the gov tells them to air....but that's not the case in Japan.......) aired a total mislead warning stating that Nth K missiles were dispatched "now", on their main homepage news section at 6:55pm TODAY, then retracted it at 7pm. The time where gathering loads of people getting ready to watch the biggest batch of news run of the day from 7pm, knowing that background, I can only think that they INTENTIONALLY DISPATCHED MISLEADING BROADCAST to see how people react, just like Hawaii did. Now, Japan doing this does not necessary mean it was the bad guys done the same in Hawaii. Japan's got hell a lot of enemies lurking inside Japan, so they might had watched what Hawaii went through, thought "we should do it to see the reaction and suss out how long they take to get shite together", trying to find any windows of opportunity to slip in more destructive crap in future, maximising the effect of devastation. I've been monitoring loads of odd incidents related around the trains, subways, ferries, and in big buildings in Japan. Some places got exposed electrical lines along side of the trains, and if a terrorist know the location, they can easily go and cut the wire off and stop trains. So STUPID that any preparation towards terrorism/war not getting done to fight against the shite crap that might happen SOON.
  7. UBUNTU Movement: No More Political Movement, Instead of it, One Small Town Can Change Movement Has Began Good move IMHO...it'd be too much to be treated as an opposition against AFRICOM etc that you know they got hell of a power there...... Practically applying alternative ideas have been so hard. But I am so encouraged by Michael that he is still there (and alive), still leading the great movement! The society WITHOUT MONEY. Why not.(・ω<)☆It's leading our way to a society where we can DECLARE that We Are NOT SLAVES, finally. (c) Michael Tellinger 2018
  8. Mezzanine floor collapses at Indonesia Stock Exchange building, dozens injured "At least 75 people were injured Monday after a mezzanine floor at Indonesia's stock exchange building collapsed into the lobby, police said, as victims were carried out of the debris-filled building on stretchers." https://www.sbs.com.au/news/mezzanine-floor-collapses-at-indonesia-stock-exchange-building-dozens-injured Indonesia---The Central Daeish gathering place for now Missing "Gold" Tanker flop World Bank planned The fall looked horrible!!!!!!!!! Praying for the people who got affected in that horror....you can see the CCTV footages in the vid embedded into the linked page above.
  9. Daily Surface Intel News In memory of Acolyte. I just realised that I have been tossing in all the latest surface intel news released around the world in the Shouts thread, forgetting about this appropriate section already existed to use for such news..... So trying to pile up the very suspect news articles of the day, I set up this thread away from the Shouts. Please post them here when you see these "surface" intels among the news as you come across. I think it's also important for the newbees to learn how to read "behind" and "in-between the lines" of article news. We need to continue to polish up our skills to break through these secretive nudges made by the intel people so we can mobilise ourselves to protect ourselves in time of "planned" and non-planned situations. Let's unite as the force of Humanity, for the Humanity.
  10. Thanks for posting about it, breezy! You beat me to it. (≧ω≦) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5266357/Hawaii-receives-ballistic-missile-threat-warning.html It was a real drill, if the guy was on our side. So they can check on the nation how fast people can really react if such situation occurs. And it being Hawaii means a lot. They didn't use any other places to do this drill. Because the threat at Hawaii position is far higher than other US geography....against the real missile and OTHER physical attacks such as from Nth K. Hawaii is the US front line of defense. It's a very important thing to do so the people can get some idea honestly how to behave when such situation happens, NEXT TIME. It's exactly the same situation in Japan; there has been NO drills what so ever done in Tokyo. I'm sure everyone here can see how dodgy that is.... No drilling, no hope of coordinated fast response coming from the people's side, for no one is getting prepped and left on their own accord, though there are information out and about for help etc available, but no physical learning involved in acquiring the info. Bad move. So drilling should be done to save lives, seriously. But the guy who pushed the button could be paid by the oppositions against the Humanity. They are all watching what happened after the warning got dispatched. Even if the guy was not controlled by the opponents, still, they received the real data to see how people on Hawaii reacted by the dispatch of the official warning.
  11. Linda Moulton Howe & The Pentyrch Incident on Coast to Coast "They" are still trying to hide any "UFO" cases. "They" just can't realise WE have moved on. Still doing the same cover, which we already know they are covers. So no one would take such "cover stories" serious anymore. They can't fool us anymore. Besides....they can't stop the incoming VISITORS arriving. They are ABOVE "them" in technology anyway. Some of them were the Seeders on Earth. "They" are SUBORDINANT to the visitors. (c)Swansea UFO Network BTW, Thank you, Gary! Awesome research works you do. Appreciating heaps.
  12. I need people's opinion on this one. Has Express.co.uk been using RT vids that have not got any translated captions often before?? I just don't read it enough to come across to other cases that they used RT vids with no translation on it. (Wouldn't you think it's stupid to put it up on their own article if it doesn't have English translation? I do. I don't expect general public of UK people to understand Russian.) We already know the footage appearing in the article below is out of a show on Netflix. https://www.express.co.uk/news/science/903069/Psychasec-Altered-Carbon-when-out-release-date-Netflix-CES Some peeps in other forum suspected if this was a soft disclosure of a sort. It can be. I just wondered the slight chance that actually someone from our allies managed to infiltrate the oppositions who are on the nasty media front, starting to meddle with their crappy articles, and actually changing them to their advantage for their own disclosures. Now, that's a slim chance thingy, as far as I consider. But it could also indicate the article writer indicating wanting to "swap sides". Who knows, but just there are so many possibilities. But to me, having that article on the Express and introducing a Russian language vid talking about the IMMORTALITY.....wtf. The exopolitics and politics are so complicated...........(´Д`)
  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh Bryan!! Your indoor Vegie garden looks awesome!!!! I agree for the intermittent way we can manage ourselves, too. If we all can participate, possibly we can do the swaps with others who grow different veges, and we can chip in to create harmonious communities, too, methinks!(・∀・) Thanks for your great pic!
  14. Our Brave Aussie Fiona Barnet Gone Missing, Feared Dead I could cry for this sad sad news...(´; ω ;`) I was wondering where she has gone for sometime, myself... This is Fiona's Blog: https://pedophilesdownunder.com/ You see her posts stopped on 3rd Sept 2017? Here's the follow up on that........ http://www.neonnettle.com/news/3539-victim-who-exposed-satanic-elite-pedophile-ring-missing-feared-dead First of all, I gotta warn you that Neon Nettle is considered as a "Fake News" spreader even in CT communities to do with Satanic and Child Abuse fields. BUT at the same time, intel info to something just cannot get out otherwise seem to get posted time to time, so we can't just throw the lot into the bin, either..........(´Д`) This is just my own gut feeling but THIS particular news sounds credible IMHO. Because I was fearing for her life like others, when she stopped her action, stating she was so tired of all, for she was copping from OTHERS like her to rock up and depended on her to take over all the responsibilities for the court cases etc, she just had enough of looking after other victims while she herself really needed time to LIVE life. When someone like this isolates herself, the level of danger rises, I feel. If bundled together, then there's some power in the number, and able to give her some protection, I feel. Where are you, Fiona, our brave Aussie lady.......I hope you are all fine, I sincerely hope you just needed your space and time and you got it, and resting up ok......
  15. Satanic Rings---the Sacrificial Rituals Against the Humanity <<Trigger Warning>> This thread is all for global cases of Satanic Ritual issues. WARNING-Reader Discretion It's SICK. It is really....REALLY...SICK. Please visit the thread European Royals and Child Hunting thread: http://chani.invisionzone.com/topic/7241-european-royals-and-child-hunting/page-5 The above thread started the info gathering about Satanic Rituals. Just because the thread title is focused onto EU region, after a consideration, I decided to start the thread peeps can post of any cases from around the world. I start with this mess.... Australian Satanic Ring http://www.news.com.au/national/crime/survivor-of-alleged-elite-paedophile-ring-including-former-prime-minister-speaks-out/news-story/219c1d581d9453b6baf45a0935af214a This is a possibly dodgy site for info sake for no obvious traceable person listed to argue on the page content....but anyhow, it's the most recent write up about it: http://humansarefree.com/2016/02/satanic-pedophilia-network-exposed-in.html This is the Anon page KMRIA found out about the case: http://www.anonews.co/pedophilia-network-exposed-in-australia/ Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan is an anti-paedophile crusader.Source:News Corp Australia
  16. Just to add to Bryan's testimony, I have NOT HAD A FLU for 3 years, since I started to reject the flu shots by giving up my health industry career (=mandatory vaccine shots every single year). Before that, as soon as I was injected with flu vaccs, got sick badly, and the last flu I had straight after being injected was "deathly" that I really felt I wasn't even sure if I could make it through. That did it for me. I stopped listening to anyone wanting me to get injected since then. We got enough shite falling from the sky via chemtrails and commercial airliners like deekin mentioned above. There's NO ORGANIC FOOD here. Cuz everything is dusted with these chemtrail/conventional dusts. (Maybe we can call indoor mushrooms still safe, hey...) I hate to see Israeli tech buildings appearing all over the world to run the complete indoor set up for growing veges....mind you, I thought it was the Venus Project came up with that idea................. Anyway, we need to source some safe food. Unless we morph ourselves quickly to be able to survive such oppression. ...........But saying that, I still believe that once we, as the Humanity, regains our memory of how to CHANGE everything, we conquer such shite and we will transform the planet instantly to be safe and happy environment for all of us. We have that amazing power within us. Just we can't recall it properly yet, that's all. And the time for THE TOTAL RECALL is coming closer, methinks......
  17. Yeeeees I agree with you, Bryan! Her shows were hypnotic....there are such strong elements of audiences totally responding to her like puppets, I felt. While I do believe there must be some people got helped by what Oprah was doing, and she certainly brought out the range of health and mental supportive tv shows such as Dr. Phil. (Dr. Phil had shown an episode of a Mind Control subject bravely, and the show got stopped since then, I take....so not all were bad, I want to think.) All the shopping list stuff and spreeing the audience with hell a lot of presents and how the audience was going frenzy over it, madly cheering her.....it was scary to watch, yet it was somehow so hypnotic. She is a very skilled magician, methinks......
  18. This is old info but just in case we didn't cover back in 2016 then...and to see where the moths are at after the bugs got released. A GMO Bacterial Weapon Will Soon Be Sprayed Over Seattle Brett Tingley April 26, 2016 http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/04/a-gmo-bacterial-weapon-will-soon-be-sprayed-over-seattle/ Controversial gypsy moth pesticide program hits Pierce County http://komonews.com/news/local/controversial-gypsy-moth-pesticide-program-hits-pierce-county
  19. Ben Rich: "Alien UFOs Are Real And U.S. Military Travel To Stars" This is a secondary information but it's a decent summary of Ben Rich's disclosures. (c)nemesis maturiy
  20. <<Important Documents>> Research Use I set up the thread to dump all the ULTRA IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS here. I realised I've been posting some materials which probably many people would like to go back to check out when they visit CHANI, and it'd be useful to have one place to come to look for, instead of going through many threads. So please note that my early posts are cross posted to other threads, too. If you got some important documents that are probably very much welcomed by other researchers to keep on coming back, please post here. There are other threads for "Interesting" doccos and videos, where generously covers wide range of interesting doccos, but this thread is for the IMPORTANT doccos that people need to keep on coming back to look at.
  21. According to RHW, "they" are after HYDROGEN....
  22. Crush of Trump vs Oprah in 2020? Just came across to this Japanese article talking about Pres.Trump declared that he would flatten Oprah Winfrey if she decided to stand up for the Presidency. It's almost like we are gonna see Godzilla vs King Gidra class battle in my eyes.....whoa.... https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20180110-00000525-san-n_ame
  23. Megaliths: Did the Rocks Baked/Chemically Treated To EXPAND To Fit To One Another? There was a person in another forum talking about this possibility and I got blown away.... IT DOES MAKE SENSE for SOME places, if that could be achieved. Like adding the pull apart bread in a big round tin, and seeing how smaller rolls expand and sticks to the sides of other smaller rolls while getting cooked, and by the time the cooking has finished, all smaller components of doughs filled up opened space, and walla....you have a nice big chunky bread that everyone can pull apart easily. We grow crystals. Why not rocks?
  24. Happy Birthday Breezy!!!!! Thank you for everything you do for all of us at CHANI...! Wishing you another round of fantastic year to enjoy through.... Image: (c)rightful owner 2018