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  1. Japan just had this LIVE net streaming show with an ex JSDF high ranking officer speaking that he was adamant about the existence of "UFOs" and went on stating that loads of his crew saw them but just couldn't write such incident down because that's not a part of their job. The viewer #s for the show is usually like 50,000+/each.

    The comment section went crazy cheering the old guy. LOL Loved it.

    He's published a book from a very famous huge publisher on "UFOs", " from the point of view as an ex "Airforce" officer, accompanied by lots of accounts from JSDF crews. I gotta fish it out. LOL

    Time has changed, I do feel. 

    1. PANX


      Thank you for informing us, unity!

      I feel the times ahead of us will be critical for humanity. It's win or lose and the adversary is very strong!!