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  1. "Corey, You Are A Lier." So Dark Journalist says in the vid below. And he's warranted to say so with the proof in his hands, by the look of it. Corey has been busy trying to extinguish the fire on his butt. But he did it bad way, and Dark Journalist caught that. When does he learn...... (c) DarkJournalist 2018 Streamed on 9th Nov 2018 In the vid, Cliff High was mentioning that after trademarking whole lot of terms, IF Corey and the associates don't chase up every single person or company whom uses the term in violation to sue, they won't get the rights over suing no one, because the court would say "Well, you didn't do anything about such and such who used the term for so long and now trying to sue this person who had just started to use it? Nah, we don't consider you are serious to protect your trademarks." and lose the lot. Corey has been trying to trademark other terms, but that action could backfire in mega nasty way against him. Also Cliff stated that now, after all of departing from ★aia, David Wilcock sounds pushing Corey away from him.....I guess that's to save his own butts and leave Corey to be burned in totality, but neither of them look good now....oh dear. Below is about yet another burning bridge business done by Corey against Marvel Comics. Marvel Comics Oppose Trademark From Alien Conspiracy Theorists Posted by Rich Johnston October 30, 2018 https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/10/30/marvel-comics-oppose-trademark-from-alien-conspiracy-theorists/ Err...I think I can smell a chicken cooking away.....(´Д`)
  2. Corey G. "Gang/Marketing Cult" Demising Full On by Copyrighting the term about Space Black Ops It's out now. Corey Gxxxx who was with Gxxx corp, which was also giving a very hard time to Patty Greer and her films, basically is now demising full on. The big named researchers received threatening letters from the lawer of Corey G. re:the use of term we are so used to hear by now since around 2014---apparently to be copyrighted by Corey, whom Dark Journalist is calling as "Blue chicken" based "cult" running guy. Dark Journalist took up on their silly move up around copyrighting XXP(changed spelling to avoid beubg chased by the m...lol) term. Well, for a long time, some of us knew how much the story came out of Corey didn't add up---it was The Ruiner debunked Corey as a pretender. Dark Journalist wants his vid to be spread around as much as possible in order to stop Corey's "Marketing Cult" now. With DJ's full on investigating power, if Corey think he could get away.....well, there's no hope in the hell for the guy. Here we are, the vids from 2 major big cats in our field stating what they thought on what's going on.... (c) DarkJournalist 2018 Streamed live on Oct 19, 2018 (c) Richard Dolan 2018 Published on 24/10/2018
  3. This is How One of Us Gets "Done".... A serious docco gathering loads of info about T.I.s, starting from the Mass Shooters "Hearing Voices in Head" to have done what they have done. (BTW Dana is a Christian. You might not like that particular taste/point. But to me, what she had come to think after gathering the info, it was like the understanding didn't require religion to be there...we know what is wrong in our core.) I have seen and heard other accounts parallel to what are gathered to be shown here, such as an account of a mother of a blood liner who lost her daughter from "said" suicide, behaving just the same manner of disastrous daily life who were under many Harassments, and in the end, to save herself....she committed suicide. The life of a T.I. is NOT EASY at all. I cry for our sisters and brothers who are under such a torture. The technologies developed are so cruel and twisted, they do not belong to human-way, IMHO. And please notice that how many of us are hit by "pain" daily? I'm talking about physical pains like Fibromyalgia (the disease Dady Gaga also copped), already noticed by the allied health. These are PANDEMIC where mobile towers are present, and we are now facing to 5G roll outs around the world....we all are under target from military level of attacks, whenever "they" want to us to become submissive to "them". 24/7 we are facing to the threat silently, yet we are pushed to pay money to chip in to hurt ourselves, like by paying smart phone contract. WTH.... OK, you might call it "your own choice". What about the children at schools facing to really strong WiFi? ...No way such ALIEN crap should be pressed on against us. We are here to be who we are naturally, not to be shaped the way "they" want us to be. It's time for us to FULLY recall our true power....to regain our peace and freedom. (c) Dana Ashlie 2018 Published on 2018/03/30
  4. Let Us Guarded Not To Be Divided So Easily.... Maybe not all of us agree with Dana. But I want to stress her initial point stated that let's not get divided among our community....I feel it is pretty important regardless of the details we may not agree with what's been said in other bits in the vid. (c) Dana Ashlie 2018 Published on Mar 30, 2018
  5. Sweden, Gothenburg Weird Object in Mid Air Sighting (c)Amirreza Milad 2018 Published on Nov 6, 2018
  6. COULD SOLAR RADIATION PRESSURE EXPLAIN ‘OUMUAMUA’S PECULIAR ACCELERATION? SHMUEL BIALY⋆ AND ABRAHAM LOEB Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, 60 Garden st., Cambridge, MA, 02138 Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters https://arxiv.org/pdf/1810.11490.pdf Mysterious interstellar object could be 'lightsail' sent from another civilization By Chris Ciaccia | Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/science/mysterious-interstellar-object-could-be-lightsail-sent-from-another-civilization
  7. The Adam and Eve Story: The End Day Analysis of Earth A Declassified paper. This is a sanitised version. Planetary changes mentioned. Use a VPN way to approach, if you want to be cautious. It's a direct link to a place where I presume you don't want leave your footprint. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf S0 giving out his review about this paper. (c) Suspicious0bservers 2918 Published on Dec 16, 2018
  8. A minotaur and giant spider parade through Toulouse streets The location locally and the country, date, motifs used....(´Д`) (c)AFP news agency 2018 Published on Nov 2, 2018 La Machine in France a Giant Spider and a Minotaur Roam, Toulouse streets. (c) Mostafa Elkordy 2018 Published on Nov 4, 2018 La Machine s’installe à Toulouse (c)Toulouse Métropole 2018 Published on Jun 7, 2018
  9. Great to see you are back, Mungamine Boy! And thank you for your post and sharing your pics with us...wooooow, very obvious difference is there.....
  10. Simon Parks explains What He Knows about Mark Richards Kevin Moore is a known investigator in our field. And Richard Dolan is very well known by lots people. So as Kerry Cassidy. They are having huge split between them about Mark Richards. Mark Richards has been in jail, he said to Kerry that he was framed as a murderer, and she has been getting hell a lot of very interesting info out of Mark. (I haven't checked about what Richard is saying so won't include the bit here. Please go check it yourself. But anyway, Kerry is REALLY upset.....) Mark's wife has been known doing the talks in various conferences for some years. And Simon got his name pulled up in the feud between Kerry and Kevin, and wanted to explain what he knows to establish where he stands, but clearly stating on today's CC show that he doesn't want to be pulled into the fight between the 2 people. Well, according to Simon, Mark's name surely appeared in very high ranking gov level stuff. In separate situation, twice. Basically from what Simon said in this vid, Kevin gotta shut his mouth up, by the sound of it....but that's if you believe in what Simon stated. His info came from various people connecting to the gov info sources. So here's the vid you can watch and decide it yourself. Statement regarding Kerry Cassidy - Kevin Moore and Mark Richards (c)Simon Parkes 2018 Published on Oct 29, 2018 Here's the latest of CC show he mentions about the feud right at the beginning. (c)Simon Parkes 2018 Published on Nov 4, 2018 And from here onwards are THE vids Kerry and Kevin having the exchange.... PART THREE MY REPLY TO THE KEVIN MOORE VIDEO AND THREATS (c)Project Camelot 2018 Published on Nov 1, 2018 To be on the top of the fence to see both sides, here's the docco made by Kevin Moore. You can check his style of investigation and questions he had thought. (c) The Moore Show 2018 Published on Oct 26, 2018 Well....I will chip in my small insight. The stuff happened to Mark, what he claimed like working with the gov in mid teen age, those stories I feel they are true stories, as I had come across to others whom I bumped into and learned their life stories of, I learned that I cannot deny their "outlandish" stories, because they had proven to me their "build" in certain ways that I couldn't negate in totality by being a total skeptic. So I can't totally deny the info came out of Mark as well from my own experiences in the past. But the "proofs" I have are just my private proofs which I can't even able to share with the public to prove what I'm saying is true, either. So please find your own place in this silly split. The second point I want to make about this is.....DIVIDE AND CONQUER IS HAPPENING TO US AGAIN. I don't want to believe in ill info/disinfo or pure BS. That's for sure. But do we need to have such divide and conquer that someone obviously laughing to see it happening, by having this trouble over our force now? I just feel it is pretty stupid to let it happen. I appreciate Kevin trying to fish out his side of the "true" info, but we all are CT heads, and the bad side of being CT heads is to continue to roll into thinking that nothing matters whatever being stated and everything is lie and made up BS, because we all like to debunk the BS. (We are sensitive bunch of peeps, cuz we got hurt and lied about so many times before...lol) But you can't debunk the TRUTHS when they ARE Truths.... And trying to do so only cause us the major loss of time to find THE Truths we need to learn. This is pretty stupid I feel. But that's because I have my own standing position to believe the points made by Mark and Kerry. The rest is up to you. But I can only say....I feel this split must be planted against all of us...... The factions are HURTING. Because we have made a huge dent into their lies. No wonder they try to retaliate, yeah....? And they are known to use VERY cunning and sadistic manners.....smirking in the dark as they are watching what's happening to the community.
  11. I thought I was Time Travelling To The Past For a Moment.... I was watching KMRIA's latest suggested vid on his (Off The Coast Of NZ) thread directly on YT. I saw the Nautilus Live being indicated next to it, so I decided to go check it out as well. This is what I encountered!!!
  12. Jan. 29, 1934, LA Times: Lizard Peolpe’s Catacomb City Hunted Jan. 29, 1934: Liz­ard Peolpe’s Cata­comb City Hunted: En­gin­eer Sinks Shaft Un­der Fort Moore Hill to Find Maze of Tun­nels and Price­less Treas­ures of Le­gendary In­hab­it­ants — Jean Bosquet http://documents.latimes.com/jan-29-1934-lizard-people/ http://latimespast.tumblr.com/post/74283915119/lizard-people Throwback Thursday: Did Lizard People live under L.A. 5,000 years ago? By BY MATT BALLINGER JAN 23, 2014 | 12:43 PM http://www.latimes.com/la-sh-lizard-people-throwback-thursday-20140123-story.html
  13. I was stunned mullet faced when I found this link, written out on 31st Oct. I came across to this anime on Netflix a short while ago. "INGRESS: the animation" It starts with this phrase. "The world is at threat. Please Log In." Short intro of 1:09: https://youtu.be/6mFmXiHkiuk Official site: http://ingressanime.com/en/#index ↑Unfortunately the site doesn't offer much of goody bits on here. Here's a review/news site: https://myanimelist.net/anime/37438/Ingress_The_Animation This anime was created by NIANTIC, where created Pokemon Go, and "+ Ultra". Remember W. Disney, Einstein etc formed the group called Plus Ultra, currently having the room #33 in the DLs around the world for some reason? The original group gathered under Eiffel Tower to have a meeting. Pretty C oriented group it was. It's 1st episode release date 18th Oct 2018 had something significant started. I think someone has done massively directive mar<..// gee. ck on the day. It was like starting a fresh cycle of something. I got intrigued at the beginning of the 1st episode. The reason being the content of the key lines to pull people in the series. It goes like this: In 2013, via CERN, a mysterious particle was found. It affects human consciousness/mind. It is called "Exotic Matter". ("XM") The one who controls the substance will grip the Humanity's consciousness thus takes control of Earth, and "Illuminated" and "Resistance" are fighting over it. Got your attention? Well certainly did to me. It's based on a game, which came out in 2015, but the anime is just started to be released. I highly suspect that rolling out this anime series was in the producer's head from the beginning, before they started creating the game.... Here's the address of the 1st episode in Japanese. May not stay there for long, and sorry, no subs. http:// b9good.com/new/170792.html The 2nd Episode had just come out. Probably the paid customers of Netflix would have the subbed version available there. I feel this series WAS made for a faction, paid by a faction to produce. But in the complex world of faction fighting, things might look somewhat different to how we want to take, so let's see; for now, the heroin who is seeing the world very differently to anyone else, is running away from the faction which has a guy with vertical iris, and looking like Chinese origin. And the hero chooses to play on the C's side as "the game" asks him which side he wants to play on. In order to get out of the rats, quickly he chooses the C's side. (I think it was on the 2nd episode.) The animation style and character design followed what was L Z...//ag/\ ami side's creation "KADO: the Right Answer", teaching people about Gnostic views. But you never know till the end.... In THIS timing of October, CERN releases the news about a new ghost particle "being found"? I smell something pretty fishy here. Besides the release of CERN Tarot Hexen 2.0? The word "PLANNED" is ringing in my head....
  14. Out of CERN, Here Comes a TAROT Deck..."HEXEN 2.0" I see very much of similarities to that of the deck made by A. Crowley, and leads to A. Huxley alright. Remember NazSa just released the new 21 Gamma Ray Star Constellations with hellish direction of the Cs? Now with this....more mar...//\jieeque was cast over us. OK, it's nasty to exist, but we got MORE KEYS to bust them further. More and More they do this, they squeeze their own throat. What they belched out, we can reverse and throw back at them. Don't treat the Humanity as sheer dumb idiots. We learned from them how to fight back. Arts at CERN Gives Collide Award to Creator of Tarot Cards ‘Hexen 2.0’, Suzanne Treister https://christianjournal.net/turning-point/arts-at-cern-gives-collide-award-to-creator-of-tarot-cards-hexen-2-0/
  15. "Skeleton Out of Closet"... COLD CASE TWIST Human remains found near Vatican’s embassy could solve mystery of missing girl, 15, whose disappearance in 1983 has been linked to Pope assassination plot Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican Bank employee, was last seen leaving her music lesson in Rome on a summer's day 35 years ago By Guy Birchall for The Sun Online and Tamar Lapin for the New York Post 31st October 2018, 8:16 am Updated: 31st October 2018, 10:33 am https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/7624387/human-remains-vatican-embasy-italy-missing-girl-1983/
  16. I thought Breezy posted one just like this one---here's something someone posted in a closed forum just recently and I thought may as well post it, in case it's "the latest version" as such. In order to see the close ups with zoom in facility, you need to use the link. (I had to chop its head up to stop it being included as image on CHANI as a shrunken version. So please re-assemble the head of the URL before you jump there.) h ttps://steemitimages.com/DQmSnjURBx2cgRS4JqkDencKJ7rQ3gJ1rkQVGzrGJkw1Bfe/3gbtruk.jpg?fbclid=IwAR1aN40EG_nLmhDyKYRK_04IGh5hAhvTBAASp6pwYRCN14v0URYtBA7FADY Massive dot connecting work by just looking at what are listed here, even without considering where the dots connect to. More jaw dropping as the dots are connected. Far out...
  17. Yes and there ware way too many nasty incidents accumulating in Indonesia in such a short time lately. I think IMF gathering happening when EQ hitting there and all are connected, and sort of a huge battle of mer/./jeek happening. Satanic stuff vs something else is what my nose is smelling. This is utterly nothing but an intuition but I also smell gold related issue somewhere in this madness. (The thing about EQ is also noticeable that the pattern is spreading away from the Ring of Fire.... I'm sure that's also connecting to the expansion of Earth but I also smell rats taking advantage of the natural disasters. Still hell of 10km EQs are registered all over the world, not funny.) Indonesia is now a hub for IS, the terrorist group, whether we like it or not. They got nasty eggs being left there to hatch when "the time comes". Being a strong Muslim country in SE Asia, they hold some wild card, methinks. All these are just my "feeling of suspicion" and nothing is confirmed. I'd rather want to dismiss my feeling and think that there will be nothing to worry...but.....ummmmmmmm....
  18. Reposting from the Shouts thread. The latest one...sigh...
  19. Bayer Stock Crashes After Monsanto Cancer Verdict Upheld By Judge; Analyst Estimates $800 Billion In Future Liability Posted on: Tuesday, October 23rd 2018 at 7:15 am Written By: Sayer Ji, Founder This article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2018 http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/bayer-stock-crashes-after-monsanto-cancer-verdict-upheld-judge-analysts-estimates?fbclid=IwAR3YmG0smRZYIhSArBr7EZ0SukIh-ku-lChhSJPw4-BehR4T38JGX0AVX-k
  20. Though the content is not connected to the group, to avoid creating more threads on similar direction, as well as to resurrect the thread, I post this link here. I have nothing to do with the Pleiadian movements btw. The inventor is adamant that his stuff work. So for those who are into testing and checking deeper....here you go. (Loved the crunched up paper diagram!! ROFL) The Tom van Keulen Coil bob boyce coil From "Free Energy Revolution" page https://www.free-energy-revolution.nl/?fbclid=IwAR36Dw_7Ak7qFzAS-g8Uva3Xu0OYpXyZh08uG4v-SOtdZpF_kTjiweCXoZ4
  21. Thank you for the thread title, breezy! I shall repost it there. Bob Lazar : Area 51 & Flying Saucers (Film Teaser #1) (c) Jeremy Corbell 2018 Published on Oct 24, 2018
  22. Another Lake Mysteriously Vanishes, Venice Under Water Due to not knowing the appropriate thread for this news, I'm dropping this one here... (I'm sure we had one which we were posting on such issue...sorry can't recall which one it was.) (c) DAHBOO77 2018 Published on Oct 29, 2018
  23. Japan just had this LIVE net streaming show with an ex JSDF high ranking officer speaking that he was adamant about the existence of "UFOs" and went on stating that loads of his crew saw them but just couldn't write such incident down because that's not a part of their job. The viewer #s for the show is usually like 50,000+/each.

    The comment section went crazy cheering the old guy. LOL Loved it.

    He's published a book from a very famous huge publisher on "UFOs", " from the point of view as an ex "Airforce" officer, accompanied by lots of accounts from JSDF crews. I gotta fish it out. LOL

    Time has changed, I do feel. 

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      Thank you for informing us, unity!

      I feel the times ahead of us will be critical for humanity. It's win or lose and the adversary is very strong!!

  24. Thank you always for your deep look at the incidents, breezy! Source: .youtube.com/watch?v=cgkbdr1iT94 After hearing from a female journo who went to Saudi and surrounding countries loads of times, as well as she successfully meeting with the elder bro of MBS when he arrived to Japan, stated that probably from the side of Saudi, people must be thinking "what's so bad about it???", we the researchers face to even more difficult wall to get through........such treatment to someone in question is a "norm" for hundreds of years, culturally....:;(∩´﹏`∩);: This kinda attitude probably make it difficult to figure out who had done it, and suddenly Turkey became a country sun shining from their ass in the international community. So was this planned to have that effect? Or the Turks riding on the end of the effect? Crykey....we can read into this incident so deeeeeeep.... And I go along with your opinion about the tweet response to what R. Paul had spat out.
  25. We Won...They Are Dropping The Attempt Of Coryrighting the Term of "SSP" Well it was a sheer stupid move, and we won, and I hope Corey and his group learn such move just would not be welcomed among the researchers. What's important for the Humanity is to seek the truths, and it's adamant that some group to not try to selfishly guard and demand the rights/trademarking of any important terms we need to use in order to get to truths. (c) DarkJournalist 2018 Streamed live on Oct 26, 2018