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  1. @EagleWings Yes I'm aware of that. But at least Telegram, Signal and VPN-ing are giving headaches for "them". (The next step they may take would be to install laws to stop anyone making up software that can self-destruct our communications, I guess.) The point of all this is to us to "Gain the Time Lag" between the communications and reactions from "their" side to our communications. That increases the possibility for us to avoid being killed on the spot. (If they know where we go, they can prepare their plot against us. So the location of where we are and where we WILL be are very important info to them.) The intel bodies to the nasty bunches got funds, number of workers, and time to spread across wide positioning to monitor us, so no way we can totally avoid being found anyway. But by giving them needs and time to chase us up can literally help us survive, I found. That's why VPN is a help, and that's why the nasty bunches on the ground want to crack into that masking all the time. (And marking anyone using VPN to cop targeting now, like the poor UK guy in few posts back landed on Oz discovered an Octopus appearing, never-seen software waged into his phone and lappy, after he got them back from the border security guys just recently.) And that's why we need to keep on creating platforms like Bitchute (the one that got flattened down recently). One down for sure, but by us keep on creating more new platforms that they got to chase to shut down, we give them some hard time, because they have to spend their effort and time, and on top of that, they dunno where we choose to go the next. LOL A true cat and mouse chase! While we can't generate $s like from Youtube with big traffic, we need to be skipping around different new platforms, before they stop us using there, we can spread critical info in time. (And VPN-ing gives us time for them to chase us up on our locations. That can literally save some life.) That's what counts, because spreading and receiving critical info educate us about the stuff "they" don't want us to know....so we defeat them that way. I found Alex Jones started to use Brave now, so Brave would be targeted soon.... BTW I found Telegram may be no good for now, for they forcefully collect location data from us time to time when we don't even use it, and we dunno when they will do that. While Signal doesn't specify that. (It doesn't mean that they wouldn't do it, though...) Mind you, I commend Telegram coming forward about it, and being honest about the location data collection! Good on them!
  2. 2015 version of the story revealed: They were Killed by Yeti The local Tribe people were said to be taken by KGB to get their story on the incident. They were tortured to get the story out, because they were well known to be very seclusive and known to be hostile against strangers (possible past killing happened to anthropologist but the tv show didn't give out the conclusion on it). But today's tribes' man was saying no they didn't kill Dyatlov group. There was an old woman who was still alive to tell her own story to the researcher that she saw them on the last day the group was still alive----a 5 yo then woman was the final witness of them when the Dyatlov group came near by to the tribes' land. The story about the day was passed down in the Tribe that they said that actually they gave warning to the Dyatlov group to NOT TO GO to where they went. Then the 5 yo girl said to them so, because she heard the screeching whistling noise in the mountain that day, and there were good few deer bodies scattering about being eaten up on the mountain. (How the hell we can trust her that she saw the dead bodies...? Maybe she recalled adults were talking about it, or it just can be a story being made up....never know.) According to the Russian cryptozoologist specialises about Yeti case AND Dyatlov Pass incident agreed to the point that Yeti makes the high pitch whistling noise for communication. (Appears in the below vid.) The tribe witness said that the MENK (Yeti) makes that noise, and whenever you hear that, you got to be very alert because the Menk may attack you. According to this witness of the group, Menk loves eating guts and tongues, soft bits off deer body. The point is....remember one of the female member's tongue was ripped out from her face.....? Ummmmmmmm. I'd personally go for the ufo/alien incident line, however, Yeti/Mountain Men actually associates WITH UFO incidents, too. We can't just take out that possibility that maybe BOTH factors were there at the same time, too. The info I picked from the Japanese tv show story was from 2015. According to the researcher on Dyatlov Pass incident in the US went to Siberia to study the case, and came across to the 50+ years old unseen (then) materials piled up from the incident.....and in one of the note written by a member of the group stated "The Snow Man exists." That phrase itself may not be standing firm at all. But though I cannot be totally be sure if this is absolutely true, among the photos in the camera left by a member of the group had many pics of the woods right towards the end, and in one of that, the figure of the MENK/Yeti was on it...... So there are some researchers in Russia saying that the incident happened due to Yeti(s). But we need to note that in very recent time, the Yeti business was toned down hell a lot after the international group of scientists beaten out the conclusion that from multiple DNA analysis done of the remnants of what was said as Yeti/Big Foot remains, turned out to be of something else. .....Saying that, maybe Yeti does not exist. BUT would you just settle down by that? The international scientist group might be planted the conclusion by someone whom didn't want the Humanity to think Yetis and big foots really exist, so to avoid the disclosure, someone might had corrupted the data and made the scientists to think that way. (For they were actually wanted to believe that Big Foot/Yeti did exist....) We are seeing hell a lot of wood structures remaining in the deep woods world wide, and still images of Yeti type creatures are coming out for us to study. I feel that we can't really close the tub on Yeti as calling it as something imaginary. Below is the screenshot from the vid of what was said as THE Menk standing in the snow in one of the final photos taken by a member. All images are from below vid: "ディアトロフ峠事件 まる見え 2015.12.14" (c) ドキュメンタリーchannel 2018 Published on Jun 5, 2018
  3. Dyatlov Pass Incident: Mysterious Death of 9 Skiers---Ural Mountains <WARNING: 18 yrs and above Adult Only image I think... I dunno how to disable the thumbnail for the second video...but I guess that's what Azasiel wanted to be there...for some strong reason..and there are lots of dead body images.> I thought there was a thread about this but as I searched, apparently not. So here I post you a short video guide about the mystery, and the full on docco made by Azaziel on this mystery. If you are intrigued by the first short one, I recommend diving into the other docco. You will be more intrigued IMHO. Article with its background history etc here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2401175/Dyatlov-Pass-Indicent-slaughtered-hikers-Siberias-Death-Mountain-1959.html "So began the story of what became known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident, one that has baffled the world for more than half a century since whatever horrific tragedy overtook the nine in February 1959. They had been missing for almost a month after trekking out into the bleak wildness of the Ural mountains — seven men and two women, all of them fit, hardy and experienced hikers on what was supposed to be a short and invigorating break from their graduate studies." More at the Source... Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyatlov_Pass_incident Mysterious Planet: The Dyatlov Pass Incident http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlddD1Bx1BY DYATLOV PASS INCIDENT: Private Archives & Gagarin's book http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=5VtYQzMvSio
  4. (・ω・)ノThank you for answering my Q, EagleWings! Yes Google developed Chrome so there's no way that is safe to use. (But I use it as a "surface" browser and use other VPN web browsers to use them for secure browsing. ) I thought it'd be no use of using the extension on Chrome because Chrome itself is dodgy, we already know that. But that must apply to iPhones and Androids, too, I imagined. That's the bit I want to learn so I could determine whether to use the apps on my phones or not. If no point of using them, then no point of downloading the apps into my phone to begin with. LOL I got iPhone and it's already known that the alphabet groups cracked in (they can look inside of your phone) and encoding was not safe either.(´Д`) So I was wondering if there are ANY ways we can protect messaging by using those 2 so called "secure" apps by using them on my iPhone.... (By all means, I think web-messagings we can do with those apps on continuous VPN-ing browsers would be far safer.)
  5. How Secure the Telegram and Signal Apps Are...?? Are Telegram and Signal really safe to use?? Yes I understand that they are actually being used by the bunch of people lurking in the deep webs to organised crime syndicates because the messages are apparently really gone once they are deleted. Snowden liked Telegram, and Signal is used by the politicians in the US. But realising these are used as a Chrome extension and used as apps for Android/iPhone....I'm really wondering if there'd be some back doors waged in by the alphabet groups already, just because they are used on the well-known-manipulated platforms. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could chip in some idea about how secure they are. https://www.signal.org/ https://telegram.org/ http://telegram-web.info/index.html
  6. Fiona Barnett on SGT Report Thank you Fiona, for being so brave and up front about all involved in "IT". Now on with SGT, I'm sure her name will be firmly known around the world of Truthers, too. Everything is connected somewhere, and that's how deeply we were ran under the slavery system. Time to really wake up and get out of this bad reality, change the world for our future generation to live on Earth. (c) SGTreport 2018 Published on Aug 20, 2018
  7. Ouch! I was thinking of start using the Bitchuting site.... You know what....what we can all do is to keep on springing up with brand new platforms that "they" have to keep on chasing. If we learn to be swiftly moving on, it'd be better rather than trying to establish ourselves longer on a larger platform like Youtube, where we all become sitting ducks---the most easy targets. So though it means no big funding to be established, that action would ensure the SUFFERING of them. If we all make "them" to work hard all the time, "they" will break at some point. It's up to us if we seriously try to reach for our natural rights to live on Earth. They are like Cancer Cells, but we, the ones believe in the Alternative scenes, are like NK, Killer, White, and Macrophages cells inside the Earth-body. If we give up being active to deal with "them", we end up letting them to grow over sized, and they invade through the cell walls to continue their invasion to other parts of Earthean rights, and in the end, Earth dies from everything being raped and ransacked. In order to protect Earth and ourselves, I think we gotta be active to adjust accordingly wherever, whenever, until "they" start to break down for our strong will. And we are winning, I feel...! Where's the next cryptocurrency-based site? LOL I'm looking forward for another "us" creating it freshly. Never give up!
  8. Pentyrch Incident: A very hard core info on the Incident Both Caz and Gari did thorough investigations for the incident as the experiensers. No bogus, no fibbing, getting into the proof of what really had happened on the night is gathered, and very interesting footage they had shown in this presentation. From the Poster's Note: "On Tuesday 14th August 2018 Caz Clarke (Primary Witness) & Gari Jones (SUFON Investigator) presented to an audience at Swansea UFO Network a full and detailed presentation into a fascinating UFO case called the Pentyrch Incident. It happened on Friday February 26th 2016 in the small area of Pentyrch two witnesses saw a massive triangular pyramid shaped craft appear in the field behind them. The Military and NATO had been present for a couple of days in the skies and in the early hours a large force awaited the arrival of this craft which in turn had multiple smaller craft emerge from within itself. What followed is like a scene from a SCI-FI movie or something seen in the X-Files but unlike science fiction this actually happened. Witnesses were scanned by smaller craft, the military gave chase to another later followed by sounds of explosions so powerful they shook nearby homes and a hospital. It was officially dubbed a military exercise but thanks to SUFON with Caz Clarke, Neighbours & Friends we've all been able to work together and find out a great amount of detail which is in this video. Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot have interested in this case and many more as well. This is in my mind one of the biggest UFO cases of modern times." (c) Swansea UFO Network 2018 Published on Aug 20, 2018
  9. Flinders Ranges, South Oz, is an incredible place to visit. I was so amazed for how deeply the Dreaming energy was filling the entire area up, when I visited there. All sorts of synchronicity start to happen. A highly recommendable place to visit if anyone coming near by area! Also it's a highly respected location for geologists from around the world. And I heard from the Ranch owner lady that there have been lots of "ufos" they had seen there.
  10. Simon Parkes: 2018 08 19 Connecting Consciousness (c) Simon Parkes 2018 Published on Aug 19, 2018
  11. Mourning of A Dead Bumble Bee by Ants....?? Anyone Bright Re:Insect Behaviour? I'm totally baffled over this. Has anyone seen them behaving this way?? WTH...but it's a beautiful thing to watch....kinda feel as if ants really ARE paying respect to the big one...Good luck to your next existence, wherever and whoever you are going to be...or not.
  12. Take a BLANK phone and computer with you, when you travel to overseas A traveler who just arrived to Oz leaving his thoughts about his entire digital data from a Mac laptop and phone copied at the border, and more over, a never-seen program waged into the phone after he got his gears back. VPN is taken as a no-no, and he doesn't know why he was targeted, even. (It must be to do with what he was posting on SMS before for the screening, I take. It means ALL OF US HERE WOULD FACE TO SIMILAR SITUATION, methinks....so be ware, please!!) The Blue screen with a Black OCTOPUS floating around...? Occy is a known symbol used by Are;//corns!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, it also signifying some "alien" presence. (Remember Occys got different bit of DNA which nothing matches on any other DNA on Earth?) It's really sobering to hear his account. Hope you can watch it ok on CHANI. (c) Nathan Hague 2018
  13. Just noticed that his day he left us was pretty darn full on day.... 18+08+2015-->18+8+8 (not following Gematria in usual way, though); even if 9+8+8 leaves with "88"...the number used for a big "HARVESTING" time by the nasty bunches...... And I do miss his presence. But he left us with loads of things to continue on studying about. Appreciating his chip in for the Humanity. Thank you, Aco. We are learning, and more people are waking up all over Earth.
  14. @EagleWings Thank you for chipping in your testimonies!! Great to learn from the real accounts, and we need more of them for sure! More I research, more I feel we dunno anything much at all...(´Д`) But no way to stop learning, that's for sure.
  15. Human Lifespan = 660 years; a Spoon Bender Doc's Theory http://www.nami-switch.com/thesis_english.html This is a thesis written by a Japanese doc, Toshio Namikawa (並河俊夫) who also studied the Eastern Medicine in the US, and is a spoon bender. He does Qi Gong, too. The way how he views world of allied health is using this formula: did that theory really worked in the end? And if the answer is no, he thinks that's a wrong approach taken to correct our health. He started to explain about the blood pressure guide line given out by the WHO, currently set around 130/85. The number was gathered by putting a human's life lived at a "constant speed". In other words, the theory had been applied to both young and old, while the fact is that as we age, we start not to be active as much as when we were young. Then why are we using the exactly the same numbers for all ages for blood pressure? The idea is basically shown in his thesis mentioning about the human lifespan to be 660 in the end, not like current 80-120. The same application of viewing about Japanese doctors saying to everyone to reduce salt intake, because that'd affect to have high blood pressure and rubs against to what WHO says. Well, I got classified to have one. I can add my personal experience about it. When I was having close to 200 reading on systolic end, I really was experiencing NDEs, due to my thyroid problem I had at that time. I thought I was going to die, and almost died lots times in short period of time. So yes, too high is dodgy and it was deathly feeling to swim through. Not a fancy experience. But what really is "too high" for everyone? Everyone IS DIFFERENT to start with. For that point, I think we all can agree. In old time, it used to be said to add 90 to your age is what looks like appropriate rate of blood pressure to that individual. That might work for the older population. Not only this Eastern Medicine doc, I also came across to a scientist talking about the exact point, and for him, 180 systlic reading was actually good for him and said he could be very productive physically. My personal current PREFERRED blood pressure is near 150. NOT 130. WHO has been saying that in between "120/80 to 140/90" being the best. When I was hitting around 120/80, I was almost passing out as I was walking the streets. I was in late teenage then, but that rate was NOT appropriate for me then. Mr. Namikawa is deeply questioning the numbers pushed by WHO. WHO's nutrition level given out to the world was also questioned by none other than the doc who presented the proof to WHO back in the 60's that it was upping nutrition that was important for human health. Against his will, WHO gave out the LOWEST, SURVIVAL rate of numbers to the world to follow. ...By now, I'm sure most of you reading this would be going like "Aha, WHO....yeah they want to reduce the general population of the Humanity, and they lie about many things so the people would continue to have health problems, thus the Big Pharma would continue to get paid by our suffering." We got lots things wrong. That also apply to what we eat. European people grew up with alkaline based soil grown food and able to tolerate meat diet far more than people like Japanese whose land was more acidic, and able to intake loads of salt....but as I wrote before, current approach in the Japanese medical field is to keep people to have lesser and lesser salt. But full on amount of salt is used when your gut gets opened on a surgery, washed by saline solution that contains heck a lot of salt, yeah? When IV needs to be done, we also pour hell a lot of salt into our body. No questions asked about that. So Mr. Namikawa looked into the rate of people ending up on dialyses at old age after following "less salt" food intakes----the number of people didn't decline and ended up getting hooked onto the dialysis machines a lot anyway. Mr. Namikawa thought the approach of telling Japanese people to have lesser salt amount is going nowhere. What he thought was it was wrong to take unnatural "table salt" that lacks minerals, and when you take that a lot like how Japanese people used to do in natural choice of their food intake, they became ill. So he's suggesting to take the mineral filled natural salt instead, and go for it as much as your body craves. (For once it reaches to satisfactory level of salt in our body, naturally the body stops craving for it anyway. But I guess we also need to redevelop body-intuition again; listen to the body when to stop.) In long history of Japan, people were eating lots of fish and cooked veggies (NOT salads), have cultivated land and grew rice (said to be even older than China) , and ate some nuts off the trees, and their body has acquired natural affinity to that style of meals. Not really lots of meat. But it was the "globalisation" policy run by the Cs took over such basic requirements, and made Japanese people go for the fast food. Despite the country has high rate of "longevity", in reality, it is basically painting the picture of older people suffering longer life span with deteriorating health issues. In other words, we gotta go back to what our ancestors used to eat, if we want to regain better health, by the look of it. But the issue comes up---what do we do about the people living overseas for studying and working, and staying in far away places from their birth places for a long period of time? ....I guess we can't stop the flow of people going around the world. But now at least there are food outlets we can choose to visit accordingly to the physical requirements in large cities, I guess. What are other problems about that would be the transported food being irradiated at the borders. So as the whole planet, we need to overhaul the system of how to share the food etc.... By the way, this doc is a spoon bender. I saw what he did on a vid that captured the action with witnesses in front of him. The spoon that was really hard to twist or bend, being bent in his hands like a soft candy....... Interestingly, he went on board of US Kitty Hawk before. See the pics here: http://www.nami-switch.com/gallery3.html Anyway, we need to rethink what really is appropriate for individual health, but perhaps we gotta look into our ANCESTORS' FOOD LISTS. Not just generalising it for the whole Earth like Paleo Food, but find out from which country we came from, by looking at what sort of food used to be grown and ate back in ancient time. P.S. There are loads of great threads sharing info in CHANI's Health related threads! CHANI certainly have awesome threads to keep on going back and read the old ones! Thank you for everyone who contributed for the discussions and creating the important threads for all of us!
  16. The Scientist Who Injected a Tube Worm Body Fluid Into Himself Takeshi Naganuma is a famous guy in the field of deep sea life forms and its environment in Japan. Apparently because he wanted to suss out if he could gain the mechanism of the Tube Worms of not eating any food, but just absorbing nutrients of oxygen and sulfa, he got its body fluid that looks like human blood (due to lots of hemoglobin contained in it) and injected it into himself. The audience went wooooooooooooow and backing off from the guy (lol) as they heard that, and even more, he went to eat the thing raw. Apparently it didn't taste good due to the taste of sulfa. I guess that Russian scientist who injected the Lake Vostoke's virus that's separated 3 million years from our usual evolution above land was the parallel to this Japanese scientist....interesting that both scientists were looking into the life of voiding eating food for energy. Mr. Naganuma was talking a pretty interesting thoughts he had on about the Universe. He thought maybe it was existing to form Iron; the life of the Space is said to be about 137 billion years, but maybe in 10 times of that length, the entire Space might become Iron and no life exist, or teemed by life because of that iron. Both screenshots are from the vid here: youtube.com/watch?v=dqtzAK6fnK0
  17. Bon-Odori (Return of Ancestors Seasonal Dance---a Traditional Dance of Japan) Danced with a Bon Jovi Tune Attracted Bon Jovi Himself Japanese people were cracking up as they saw the Japanese guy's tweet and calling it "That's a true Bon (Jovi) Odori!!", but now the real guy joined in the conversation by Tweeting. The DJ who used Bon Jovi tune there was delighted to discover that and tweeted on it, too. I can only imagine Japanese audiences will respond to what Bon Jovi requested in Nov when he plays at his gigs in Japan....ROFL Below is a traditional Tokyo version of Bon Odori tune. (c) 武蔵原山 2017 Published on Sep 4, 2017
  18. I totally forgot about this thread, and I was posting on below thread lately....so to amalgamate the 2 threads, here I leave the link to the "Strange Clouds" thread.
  19. @breezy I was thinking the same about the same incident! LOL A VERY quick move for the POTUS, and I suspect he KNEW about the moves up above our heads and had to make the breakthrough. It was Russians made the explicit declaration first, then POTUS followed which also supports his move because the nation knew Russia had a step ahead of the US, more reason to back POTUS' decision, IMHO. Very astute dance of geopolitical hand shakes in the back ground, I take. The meeting with Mr. Putin and POTUS went VERY successful, whether anyone else didn't want it to be that way, or said the meeting was fruitless. I think the guys knew what they needed to do, and just finalised how to achieve it during the meeting, I guess. And YEEEES, Bluecoat's thread!!!!!!!! We got told, and it was up to us to believe what was said. (Of course we gotta be thorough to check the info to make sure we were not being fibbed in any cases.) Dulcy Underground Base battle story connects to none other than the Delta Force, the Delta Force connecting to the use of Supersoldiers, Supersoldiers mentioned by Russians to be used for the battle (for real), and the Supersoldiers also connecting to Fiona Barnett's testimony for the International Tribunal of Natural Justice and which connects to her Australian Royal Commission Statements (for real) about massive world wide child sex abuse ring which connects to Satanic Rings and taking down whole lot of VERY big named people listed as ex Presidents and PMs etc, Supersoldiers connecting to J.Casbolt and late Max Spiers, then we just heard a horrid story of one of the guy from Casbolt group had this crocodile like LIVE thing settling and growing on his spine, taking 9 hours (apparently not 20 hrs as was told to us at the beginning) to remove the crap and the following op for the guy was done by Delta Force docs, Supersoldiers also connecting to the Jump Room testimonies (this is my real testimony---I actually came across to a guy who didn't know he was trained there at all, while doing the regression session on him...he was absolutely not into this sorta stuff <hahaha> but born in Tomar...already branded from the birth for his special abilities, I take...)....there are loads of other stuff in between, but we can see how everything is connecting. Aco certainly placed all the rails needed for us to get onto and move forward with, methinks. And THANK YOU!!! for continuing with all the watch, covering almighty huge horizon to monitor through. Your effort is a super awesome one, and totally appreciating your dot connections, breezy! So glad to be on board with CHANI....!!
  20. Mozilla, You Too...... Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL… pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media Wednesday, August 15, 2018 by: Mike Adams https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-08-15-mozilla-firefox-goes-all-in-for-evil-pushes-corporate-news-collusion-to-silence-independent-media.html These are suggested by Mike in the article to substitute Mozilla products: "BRAVE – Run by a pro-freedom group that supports small, independent publishers (and even has a mechanism for micropayments)." https://brave.com/ "Vivaldi – Run by a small, independent group with no ties to deep state funding or the NSA." https://vivaldi.com/ I appreciated to learn about Vivaldi, considering they got webmail system, BUT I think there's a concern that it's a Norway based company. Another strong hold of the Cs. So even if they want to do the right thing, maybe it's easy for the Cs to crack into their system. It's an obscure concern. But please have it at the back of your head. So far I like what they do, I found. The thing about such worry is that I can count on some of us always monitoring them, like Mike Adams, and if something goes wrong, those people would be pointing out like how he did this time round. And there'd be more of us standing up and creating fresh portals, regardless of the advancements made by nasty bunch of controllers, so for them, it'd be like a cat and mouse chase. We will win, as long as we don't become stagnate and get hooked to the badly infiltrated systems, methinks.
  21. @PE I was born there, but currently in Oz. Away from chasing the ancestral food range, I got my own theory about the difference of physical hardships from diseases intensifying etc by choosing to move from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere, visa versa, too. It'd be great if people could chip in to figure out this; I'm suspecting it'd be easier to relocate ourselves within the same hemisphere than to relocate to opposite hemisphere. Moving from opposite hemisphere might cause far more destructive effect to our physical bodies. Healthy peeps probably could take it all ok, but for the frail ones, may affect greatly. I don't think anyone has studied that effect scientifically yet, but from my own experience, I suspect crossing the equator and locate towards opposed end of the Earth poles might do something to our subtle electromagnetism we got. Mega big question about it is...our physical body regenerate hell a lot of cells each and every day. So in theory, in 7 years time, your body got a new body, I thought. If the body totally changes, then I thought it doesn't really matter to live anywhere on Earth. But it seems to be not so. The reason why we still gain a better health from following ancestral food patterns must be to do with DNA/RNA level of info that surpass the surface level change of cells, yeah? I'm suspecting that in DNA/RNA system, we got info to align our electromagnetism to where we were born.... So in future, if that causes to pose negative effects to our health, maybe we can develop a gene therapy to change that subtle level of adjustment for some people who have to relocate to opposite hemisphere with heavy duty illnesses, because it's those who already have health problems that cop difficulty to adjust, and if adjusting can be managed to be easier, then that'd help that person to get healed faster. (Not that I would like to be demanding to that far but if health gets bad by moving from one end of pole to another, then that sort of remedy might be a helpful for some heavily ill people who need to move to other countries to get health help for specific situations.) Another thing is about WATER within our body. Different countries got differently characterised water, I feel....that's only from my experience but how long does the body take to exchange from one sort of water to another? What kind of issues are there by consuming waters from different sources in one location? (Like Mt. Kaiser then Evian then Fiji then....you name it, those bottled waters.) These points are so subtle but I feel they also touch something very basic structure of our physical health. Just my 2 cents for the day.
  22. A Strange Case of 2yo Boy Gone Missing in the mountain, Found All OK https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASL8D71V6L8DTZNB003.html The 2 yo boy went missing on the night of 12th Aug 2018. Above link has his pic on it. http://www.sankei.com/west/news/180817/wst1808170060-n1.html https://www.sankei.com/west/news/180815/wst1808150014-n1.html The MSM news in Japan was buzzing since he went missing. Apparently this child went out with his elder brother and grandpa for a walk to the beach near by. But 100m away from the home, the child decided not to go to the beach, and (to my surprise) the grandpa allowed him to go back to home on his own. The child went missing. 3 days later he got found on the mountain. The news link above says an x-ray done on his stomach had shown NO FOOD what so ever present. When he got found by a volunteer, he went for the candies the volunteer had on him, and the volunteer had the impression that kid have got no worries health wise. The child was sitting on a rock ledge and the volunteer saw his dangling legs and found him. In Japan, "Kami Kakushi" ("gone missing taken by gods") incidents had been known phenomenon that people go missing. It's a historical knowledge that's been happening all the time and accounts go back millennials. Some cases to arrive to a location of a house with food and water, but no presence of other people, the lost people/person came back after going through sort of portal (misty paths etc), all fine. Some said to be taken by "Tengu", the Bird-Men, to be educated for some time, and then return to the normal reality. Other cases people were said to be snatched by Mountain-Men/Women....the Sasquatch of a sort. I personally thought this is an abduction case. Especially the child being at 2 yo. Not eating any food for 3 days and all fine? Strange indeed. At least the weather has been very warm for him, even he was lost on the mountain. The child was on the ground. It's also a mystery that why the child went UP the mountain in the first place. According to the volunteer who found the child, he discovered another child who went missing, and that time the child went up the mountain, too. So he thought it must be the kids-trait to walk up the mountain when got lost. I go ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? on that point. I feel the children had hunkering to walk up the mountain for some reason. Not to get lost intentionally. I would love to hear the account from the child directly. <Edit to add: on 15th, there was an article with a comment from a pediatrician was out. https://www.j-cast.com/2018/08/15336282.html?p=all After the mention of a small river in near by area being found at the place where the child was found, the specialist comment goes "Maybe he was drinking water and that prevented him to go into dehydration or made it non-serious case of it. But the question remains that if a 2 year old could manage to scoop the water properly with his hands.", "Children are easy to be affected by the air temperature, and heat stroke can happen easily.", "I'm really baffled about this (News Editor's N.B.; Meaning that it looks like he had not eaten anything for 3 days). I feel it must be a miracle (unity's N.B.; that he was found alive all ok)." Translated by unity from the above screenshot of the article from the link. The news on 17th about him stated that he had shown fever of 38 degrees Celsius, and possible viral infection was suspected. But he didn't have this fever when he was found. He was talking and eager to grub the candy off the volunteer guy who found him in the mountain. So the fever happened at later time. http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/15172740/>
  23. Yes breezy, we had seen the actual footage of such movements before! THE real footage. I'm sure I posted about it here somewhere but I cannot recall WHERE it was....sorry!(´Д`) But the reason why I remember about it (despite my very dodgy memory capacity) was because I sent the footage to the Head of Crisis Management of Japan, because that was indicating the plausibility of Space War. I think it was back in 2017, absolutely not 2018. He has the info, but I didn't keep it on my end. DARN!! I think I got the original info via the Bases community but I never can go back years to retrieve info from their place....I might hadn't known how to use it properly but friggin annoying to the max! The image was capturing 2 "satellite" looking items that were moving AROUND 1 "satellite" which was dormant, and suddenly the dormant one went flash and gone....and naturally you'd think it's been attacked by the 2. The thing is, BBC doesn't show the video of the footage they are talking about. Mystery Russian satellite's behaviour raises alarm in US 15 August 2018 https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-45194333 What if they are looking at what I reported to the HOCMOJ? An old footage being used as a proof to pave way to POTUS' Space Military group, and assure the expenditure towards military development...to me, that already make sense. But I think there were lots more happening up there, as we all know....
  24. Another Holistic Doctor Dies I still haven't checked how he died. But in case it was due to a suspicious circumstance, I'm dropping a write up on him. The blog is written by Ben Emlyn-Jones. https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2018/08/peter-fisher-dies.html
  25. Australian women join Essure class action The Essure birth control implant is at the centre of a class action by Australian women who suffered complications from the device. Belinda Tasker Australian Associated PressAUGUST 13, 201812:07PM https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/aussie-women-push-for-essure-class-action/news-story/b2f8308f501200ea25a0a1fe1377dbb6 "The device was recalled by Bayer in May 2017 after many women suffered severe side effects including irregular periods, pelvic or abdominal pain, reduced libido, and pain during intercourse." "Australian women who've suffered severe complications from the contraceptive implant Essure are joining a class action against pharmaceutical giant Bayer which manufactured the device." "The implant, which has been recalled from sale around the world, features a metal coil which expands to anchor the device in the fallopian tube. However it corroded inside some women, exposing them to nickel poisoning, and causing problems with their uterus and other organs."