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  1. LA△CO's all archive data are gated into the "Navy" site, meaning they are all guarder by the Space Force. I don't have guts or another computer I can trash to wave in there to see. But it's LA△CO data that you can see lots of action of...loads of weird stuff. DAMN.... And after I uploaded those images of shaded Sun here, Helioviewer went weird. Now I can't even use it as I did when I got all the data out of there just a few days ago!!! WTF.... Is this happening only to me or to everyone!?? <Add to Edit> OK....if I use Ggl based Ch〇o△e, then I can open it ok. (I was trying to open it in VPN setting.) So they want it to watch who opens what data....no way out of the Space Force mindful watch, then. URGH!!!!!
  2. Fiona Bernett's Presentation: For Healing Yourself As Much As Possible From Dissociation/Fragmentation 1st half is about her experience as abused child and to current state, the 2nd half is about the tools and processes of how to go about in healing yourself and what happens, what to expect as outcome etc, VERY USEFUL for the people who want to recover from the abuses. It was a heck of knowledge combined with experience, truly hats off to Fiona for doing up this presentation for everyone who are keen to recover. May not be for everyone, but I found it was very worthwhile to pay attention to what Fiona said. David Shurter Published on Mar 6, 2018 And food for thought from Truther's side who associate with aliens. The nasty faction can IMPLANT the child abuse memory when it never happened before. Not always, but they do have the technology to do so, and if they found the needs, they will use it. They do it so the person will be compromised to fight against them.
  3. Satanic Rings---the Sacrificial Rituals Against the Humanity <<Trigger Warning>> This thread is all for global cases of Satanic Ritual issues. WARNING-Reader Discretion It's SICK. It is really....REALLY...SICK. Please visit the thread European Royals and Child Hunting thread: http://chani.invisionzone.com/topic/7241-european-royals-and-child-hunting/page-5 The above thread started the info gathering about Satanic Rituals. Just because the thread title is focused onto EU region, after a consideration, I decided to start the thread peeps can post of any cases from around the world. I start with this mess.... Australian Satanic Ring http://www.news.com.au/national/crime/survivor-of-alleged-elite-paedophile-ring-including-former-prime-minister-speaks-out/news-story/219c1d581d9453b6baf45a0935af214a This is a possibly dodgy site for info sake for no obvious traceable person listed to argue on the page content....but anyhow, it's the most recent write up about it: http://humansarefree.com/2016/02/satanic-pedophilia-network-exposed-in.html This is the Anon page KMRIA found out about the case: http://www.anonews.co/pedophilia-network-exposed-in-australia/ Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan is an anti-paedophile crusader.Source:News Corp Australia
  4. Very interesting vid, KMRIA! Thanks for sharing the vid with us! The crazy large big shadow caster on our sun I discovered yesterday, I thought that maybe what we thought as Nibiru, but then...........I just wondered if that might had been done by ONE of its Satellite planets (also artificially made battle ship)......mind you, still it might had been a huge ship in Armada we were told about arriving to here. Parked in the position for 25 days, then vanished....where is it now? It was parked from 12th Aug to 5th Sept, a day before Solar Observatory in NM got shut down. Note if you compare the shadow of Moon Transiting in front of Sun, the shadow really looks round and totally black to the edge. So THIS IS DONE BY SOMETHING ELSE. Also Stereo images from BEHIND are "NO FILES" indicated....so hiding in position behind the viewers? All images above (c)SDO/NASA 2018 I tried to fish out the images appearing in the linked vid in above post....not that I can get to them. They might be being busy wiping out the data that were too revealing right now, so I suggest people to copy what I had presented here and in the Solar Observatory Shut Down thread asap.
  5. Good move! Japan is also considering to withdraw. Then it's left to China where losing all their money need to fight to keep the UN up, inevitably the UN will break down then, because Trump war of economy against China does the trick..........IF POTUS can hold his job longer....that's the question.
  6. Targeted Individuals: T. I.s This is a massive field to cover and I'd appreciate people chipping in to spread the news about there are peeps who are genuinely having very difficult time being suppressed badly. It ends up connecting to surveillance scenes, Alien abduction cases, UFO scene, even to paranormal activities etc etc etc. Obviously the thread should be focused solidly on T.I.s. But just like the Hybrids are becoming more spotlighted, T.I.s issue also seem to be spotlighted in unison. So here we go... When someone speaks up that "I'm watched for 24/7!", we are taught to basically back off and to think "OMG this person is delusional; this person may well be a megalomaniac; seeking attention for 5 minutes fame" etc etc etc. But wait.... There are too many people coming up and showing us some proof that they are not mad, they are absolutely harassed by something/someone for some reason, preventing them to have the life of their choice and quality for a being with freewill to practice. There are peeps coming out with their CT scans, X rays and MRI readings etc showing IMPLANTS embedded into their bodies. They really do exist IMHO. You may think they are alien origin. Some are. But not all. Some are MILITARY origin, created by the Military Ops. These cases are called MILAB cases. (MilAb=Military Laboratory Experiment--->easier to remember as Military Abduction) The people who are suffering from these go through abduction cases that made look like alien abduction cases but in fact they were carried out by the Military people. So it gets really confusing to analyse if one case is a Milab case or genuine alien case when you are to discuss about any abduction cases....but we need to know about both cases. T.I.s also include those who were killed by the Cabal after becoming targeted by them for disclosures, whistle blowing, and more... And as you go look for the vids of T.I.s, you'd be facing to some peeps you might think they are literally "mad". I understand your reaction, but I think it's best to be on the fence, not taking any sides, for what we'd be after is the real info. Also it's best to hold the understanding that these peeps were copping full on mental and physical suppression since their childhood, so it's also understandable that they might copped secondary disabilities from the issue they suffer for prolonged period of time. I personally try to surpass all those secondary attributions that were quite possibly derived from MILAB experiments done on them, and try to see the core issue that people are presenting. I start with some links that may help you to reach T.I.s related sites and vids. I was to get the link to a person's vid from Bases pile to introduce here, but those were removed from the list and can't access them. She was working at the UN, had massive number of implants all over her body which she could detect by RF checker, beeping everywhere....and the MRI images. They were really there... So instead, I leave a link to another T.I. vid from the Bases. (Mid way onwards the presentation is uploaded. This bit was a lot more juicier so you might would like to skip to 47:22~ or so.) Here's a person the Bases peeps consider a victim from Targeting. An awesome doctor. So sad she's gone now...but then again, she might be laughing with joy now because she never thought the death was the end of the "being"... And she went to explain that it's energy that are holding our physical bodies, and the energy itself doesn't have genders (thus LGBT, asexual to hermaphrodite issue happens, according to her)...etc etc etc, she really was an INSPIRATIONAL speaker IMHO. MILITARY ABDUCTION & EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT TREATY – COREY GOODE BRIEFING PT 2 http://exopolitics.org/military-abduction-extraterrestrial-contact-treaty-corey-goode-briefing-pt-2/ And here's an article about how the Cabal is trying to trash the movement of disclosure on T.I.s... NY Times hit piece on Targeted Individuals says, believing that the government is targeting its citizenry is a “mental illness;” ‘10,000-plus crazies banding together, paranoid https://www.intellihub.com/ny-times-hit-piece-targeted-individuals/
  7. A Vid from 2012...Has Anything Changed in Attitude Since Then? Dunno why but this vid has resurfaced again. But if to think about it and reflect upon it to see if we got a different world since then.....I sorta think YES... But why now to resurface this vid....? (c) sasho stojcevski Published 2012/04/16
  8. Shouts---Posting SHORT for HEADS UP ONLY Sorry peeps, it's my problem...(´Д`) My poor little head has been hurting for not having Shout Box on top of the page like we used to in our last home... I'm living with pain 24/7 as A permanent condition and a bit short of time to go through all threads titles and separate the stuff I want to share. And I have to come clean.... I'm LAZY. Also I take bloody long time to write up a post properly... Time to time, when I come across to something intriguing and want to share with everyone, I've been too sick and couldn't share the info I received....that's been happening and got too frustrating for me. LOL In those times, I really don't want to hold onto those "MAYBE-interesting" themes only to let go of other peeps to go hunting on about them IN TIME/asap when the news come out. I'd rather dump everything out here before I could take time to write properly at later time. So I need to set up this thread.....I hope you people don't mind my disability-support of a sort and starting this thread... I'm starting it but if you feel adding the short heads ups like what Aco wanted us to do in the Shout Box before and continue on, all welcome! (If long posts are to be made, then we all can look harder to find suitable threads.) Shout away, peeps!(・ω・)ノ
  9. MIMIC showing weird behaviour of Microwave Rays (c) UFOmania - The truth is out there 2018 Published on Sep 17, 2018 OK, then please explain this. It looks like being sent from middle of the Pacific.... Remember I found the rays were exchanged from both Arctic and Antarctic, but not always the exact same locations, so maybe "ships" were used in different positions to do that. ...I mean....done in mid air is a possibility.... (c)CIMSS 2018 And this is the massive one appeared in the Pacific, with those from Antarctica. .....That's insane.....and ALL seem to be doing something to feed or whatever to the cells DIRECTIONS/PATHS/SPEED. And probably intensity is affected as well. (c) CIMSS 2018
  10. I did run the SDO data....my eyes are so tired now...!! That weird transiting object which had cast that huge shadow on our Sun got first appeared there on 12th Aug 2018, DISAPPEARED by 6th Sept 2018....the day when the observatory got shut down. The object was turning the position of casting shadow a few times. Very early stage, it changed from appearing from Left hand side, switched over to Right hand side in one day....meaning possibly the satellite position was altered as soon as the people saw it appearing. Then a few times 90 degrees or so change seemed to happen while the shadow got cast from Right hand side. Sometimes it came from mid way Right hand, and went across to Left side. The other times appeared from top R corner, then changed over to bottom R corner for its entrance. Was that a planet that's appeared behind the A&B? Can anyone share the idea if you know any planet should have been appearing that close to our sun then move out in between 12 Aug-5 Sept? If no planetary object in our solar system should move like that.......I think we got a PROOF of something lurking in our solar system, which is friggin HUGE. And get glitches time to time on Left hand side, in different sizes but always black rectangular shaped. Oh, hey....err...how can something cast shadow on top of Sun? Doesn't it has to have some bright light at the back of the body to achieve that? And if that was the case, why we haven't been fried on Earth yet? I can't understand this at all....someone please help me in plain English.
  11. Irish Pyramid Might be of your interest? (c) OpenSourceOccultTV 2018 Published on Sep 17, 2018
  12. Err...the Black Sun emerging? (c) SDO/NASA 2018 This is from the SDO data on 5th Sept 2018, a day before Sun Observatory in Sunspot, NM, the US, got shut down by the Domestic alphabet group came in and not giving any reason as for why even to the local sheriff, who was asked to help them deal with the situation. The duration of this darkness appearing is not too long. The original data gif is here: https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/dailymov/movie.php?q=20180905_1024_0193
  13. Fiona's Account of "Lightman" talked among Locked Up Abused Children This account made me cry as I was listening to her talking about it. Because the vid itself is already shifted away as UNLISTED, I cannot share it with people. The story was told by Fiona Barnett in her Testimony for INJC and the panel included someone important from Christianity. He got totally horrified hearing all the accounts told by Fiona, expressing he wouldn't know if he could be protected from being badly affected from hearing such bent information, and asked her how she managed to secure sanity over the whole experiences. Then Fiona revealed about what she heard from the caged kids when she was with them, and her own experience of sort of miracle. These kids were never educated, never been exposed to any religious groups outside of Satanic ring, born from the breeders (mother) for the sake of others to abuse them. But among them, they shared something that made them warm in their hearts-----they told Fiona about the "LIGHTMAN", going dunked under water, etc. According to Fiona, the Lightman is Jesus. Though these kids never had known about Jesus or anything about Christianity, they KNEW about Jesus and Angels....because they appeared for them. According to the kids, it's the figure that is emitting bright light, and Angels came for them. While I don't go for Christianity, I totally believe in our own creative power. What I mean is; the figures may well be nothing to do with Jesus and angels that Christianity presents, but what people want to believe in created these beings through our thought intentions. Very strong ones. And the images are shared through the root of Human Consciousness. When there is no hope, the people's wish for someone to help us might had created the strong presences such as these Light Being and Angelic beings, and within the Human consciousness, they became shareable POWER among ALL OF US. (Sorry Christian people....I just don't gulp in present day's Jesus idea, and I tend to follow animism that appreciate EVERYTHING from nature. But I did have Jesus appearing to me in my lucid dream when I am nothing to do with Christianity. That's another story....) In other words, we, the Humans, got power to create something so powerful out of thin air with our sheer intention. And then Fiona went on telling her experience she had. She was with others in the dungeon room directly under the church's superficial/normal alter existed. (That's what they do often...create the reversed world under the sacred places, and carry out their rituals there.) Fiona was getting ready to become a Dame. She was wearing costumes of robes etc, and doing a ritual. All of sudden, bright light emerged in the room. Everyone there were crawling on the floor, unable to do anything. She thought of the presence as Jesus, and out of woe, she ran outside of the room, ran down the street (in her robe), and jumped into this house where a Christian couple (she knew they were there) watching tv in their lounge room. She knew these people were deeply believing in Jesus. She yelled out to them with her hands up in the air, "Pray!!" and they did.... After that experience, Fiona said she had never returned to any rituals. She got the reason to leave the cult that they couldn't say no to her decision. She said to them that they couldn't do anything when the presence appeared, it means there were something that were more stronger than what the Satanic rituals could do. So she believes in Jesus, and that was that.... After she explained that, the Christian guy was thanking her deeply for sharing her accounts. They were powerful to listen to. Sorry that I can't express the way she did. But I was so moved by the children's story. In the darkest of the darkest life....they KNEW there was something that aided them to be stronger. That's LOVE outreaching to them, IMHO. Love of the Humanity.
  14. I've forgotten about jotting this down on this thread. 2018 is a significant year for "them". 20+18--->Public is immersed by the Bi Polar effect+18(6+6+6) They thought they can win using the energy of this year. But we exceeded their expectation. We are winning, not them.
  15. Can anyone explain this to me, please... This is a data of SDO from 5th Sept 2018. A day BEFORE the closure of the observatory. ...Was this just data anomaly or something really weird happened to the sun? The thing happened ONLY SHORT WHILE. It actually looks like a friggin huge, chunky shade happening on top of sun. Just not sure why the ridge of sun's surrounding ray got affected by the darkness. I'm baffled. And not that I checked closely, but apparently 12 MIB turned up to the observatory with the Domestic alphabet mob, and taken away SELECTED INDIVIDUALS away from the near by locations around the observatory, including a CHILD. So what I heard was that not the whole people from there being evacuated, but only select few were taken away. Also apparently some of those who were removed came back, started to talk about their experience. (Not that I think they'd "remember" the process, if they really were taken away alien related issue. Otherwise they might had implanted memory of something else to return to talk about instead?) (c)SDO/NASA SDO vid data: https://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/dailymov/movie.php?q=20180905_1024_0193 Somewhat Yin and Yang motif appeared on our Sun? LOL Also reminded me of the BLACK SUN. Black Sun=Ain Soph=the Invincible, omnipotent true power beyond of the physical world. But then again, it's a motif to talk about the invisible "the world beyond of us" and NOT dark matter, I take. In fact, in scientific field, the new views about the dark matter NOT EXISTING. Scientists might got it wrong, apparently. But who knows. Science field is always changing. At least Gnosticism and FMry love Black Sun motif, the one with CLOSED EYE. (Thus the icon for FMry indicates one eye closed. To me, that's only half of the Black Sun, and wonder why they always used only a half, not both eyes....)
  16. 10km Depth List: Sept 2018 Data from Disaster Prediction App of S0. Just SO MANY 10km depth ones reported. Basically strategically pressure breaker applied to save Hawaii? But not only around of Ring of Fire, it's including near by regions, too. If these are all done by small nuke heads.....how much radiation being spread all around Earth on the sea bed!?? Wouldn't that affect the life forms like fish and crustaceans WE EAT? Only pointing finger at Fukushima does NOT justify for the radiation issue of our sea. 17th Sept---12:14pm: M5.1 166km E og Nago, Jpn 16th Sept---2:41pm: M5.4 Western Oz ---2:14am: M5.5 154km E of Nago, Jpn ---1:24am: M5.3 165km E of Nago, Jpn 15th Sept---11:42pm: M5 169km E of Nago, Jpn ---10:26pm: M5.1 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge ---8:32pm: M5.2 157km E of Pagan, Northern Mariana Islds ---6:22pm: M5.1 158km E of Nago, Jpn ---10:13am: M5.6(5.85km!) 167km E of Nago, Jpn 13th Sept---9:27pm: M5.2 Southern East Pacific Rise ---8:43am: M5.2 South West Indian Ridge ---8:23am: M5.4 73km NW of Rabaul, PNG ---8:56pm: M5.2 20km ENE of Shazhou, China ---2:42pm: M5.6 9km NNE of Sapatgram, India 12th Sept---1:13am: M5.3 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge ---1:06am: M5.2 Pacific-Antarctic Ridge 11th Sept---6:06am: M5.2 6km NNW of Obelobel, Indonesia ---5:06am: M6.6 215km W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia ---9:45pm: M5.2 54km ESE of Sulangan, Philippines 10th Sept---6:17pm: M5.1 104km WSW of Vallenar, Chile ---1:45pm: M5.1 7km NNE of Obelobel, Indonesia 9th Sept----8:17am: M5.5 Sth of Tonga ---12:24am: M5.2 36km NW of Talara, Peru 8th Sept----7:52pm: M5.7 196km W of Ile Hunter, New Caledonia ---5:05pm: M6.1 9km WNW of Manay, Philippines
  17. One Dead on the Trail....? (´゚д゚`) (c) Leak Project 2018 Published on Sep 17, 2018
  18. Thank you breezy!! I'm sure hell a lot of people actually did the same thing, and the sudden lowering category of Florence was something to do with it, I take. But we need to even tweak our power better and scatter the rain fall area far wider so no one location to be targeted badly. Maybe we need to create a little manual of how to go about it publicly! Doing it aimless would have less affect so..... And multiple emergence of the friggin super cells might become more normal. I'm sure we can nail it no matter how many are there, but just we all need to stick to some line of "how to target them". And Mr MBB was showing interesting co-relation of the sand mass reaching over Atlantic and the loss of any cells in the region. Hmmmm.... It's just the bastards whom we are up against really don't care how many of us die. The benevolent groups are trying to save lives. You can tell which side has got more jobs at hand to achieve what they want to achieve.....so we, the Humans, all need to get together and fight together. And we can fight. We got souls and creativity. We will win, as long as we use what we got properly. A Big Thank You again for your effort!!
  19. Adding fuel into the fire, making it even more difficult for Truthers to get to the true story.....though I like LMH, her style of getting to the bottom of things, I got warned about her. So though she did write up the info on her site, are they really the info we should be following? If she is now with us, the Humanity, that'd be great! But the warning was basically this; working for the nasty bunch via infiltrated military and intel groups. That's not to say she is defo on their side from her heart. I could think that she has been taken into the surrounding set up by tentacles a bit by bit over the years. All who are taking Nazsa group side, are dodgy, I also got warned. D. EM was hated by one of my sources. However all of this....we must use our heart and intuition to verify where we stand. I don't just gulp the info easily. I trust my super (in fact it's a standard level for all of us!)-ability, which ALL of us have. What I can fall on safely now is the warning flashing full on about that S0 vid. That's indicating pretty daunting e-commu situation via YT at least. Sigh.... Let's step wisely, people....and let's always trust our gut feelings.
  20. Those 6 listed observatory/cams shut down news was FAKED: LMH explains on her site https://www.earthfiles.com/ Great. Glad to learn.But S0 vid is sounding weird. WTH. (c)MrMBB333 2018 Published on Sep 16, 2018 And I agree with you, breezy! Glad you felt the weirdness, too! His vox sounds like as if AI driven, chopped up phrases, bundled together. Did "they" do that to discredit S0? Was that vid really made by him? I also felt the pitch/speed difference to his normal speech, too. There was some GLITCH in the speech, too. I'd appreciate it if anyone contactable to S0 directly somehow, to find out if he knows about that vid, and if that was him who made it and uploaded the thing....I mean not on e-commu, but seeing him face to face. Remember I shouted about this weird experience I had of hearing repetition done on a phone call I was making (long phrases in pattern being kept on repeated for at least 7 times before I shut down on that call) and got freaked out that it must had been done by AIs.......? That was a direct targeting to me as a person. But if this S0 vid was not what Ben released, but just released by AI...............then that AI targeted all of us, the Truthers. Make things even more (hopefully unnecessarily but I kinda started to feel necessity to be suspicious just to be sure...urgh!!) worse, I'm wondering if anyone tries to communicate with Ben via any e-commu, AIs might intervene that and spit out a FAKE e-commu to match up and make up the fake story line to say we are facing to SHTD moment....obviously to cause us to freak out more. The PsyOp. I hope I'm wrong. But I feel I need to know.......
  21. Simon Says 43:47~ re: observatory situation. (c)Simon Parkes 2018 Published on Sep 15, 2018
  22. S0 Not Happy (c)Suspicious0bservers 2018 Published on Sep 15, 2018
  23. @Cosmic Dreamer, Oh wow...I also thought he had passed away!! Hearing the news in Oz, I thought.
  24. 2013 Eye Witness Testimonies: San Francisco UMA (c) MystDestMagazine 2013 Published on Dec 10, 2013
  25. As there is no official UMA/Cryptozoology thread exists here yet, I just decided to start this one anyhow. Please continue to post UMA info around the world! I start with...ummmmmm??? video. lol Its disclaimer got me smiling, and after all I'm not sure if it's real stuff, but finding out about it is a part of fun thing about tracking UMA stuff, I think. We are chasing sweet hopes...and why not! So here we go! REAL LIVE DINOSAUR footage CAUGHT ON TAPE! "This is the official Wikileaks K.G.B. Vladimir Putin real live DINOSAUR CAUGHT ON TAPE VIDEO FOOTAGE! Mr. Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder and CEO in exile, has risked life and limb to personally bring us this extraordinary highly classified ORNITHOMIMOSAUR footage. Dated circa 1967 and believed to have been captured by a former USSR expeditionary military outfit in Southern Africa, it was delivered to Moscow and held for many years in a heavily guarded "state secrets" facility deep underground The Lubyanka (AKA KGB Headquarters). It has since been confirmed that, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, was once held responsibility for its security and containment. Russian officials have long considered this video to be amongst the most incredible and earth altering videos in existence -- we simply cannot tell how the world will react to its release as the evidence of recent dinosaur life effectively rewrites what we have come to believe about our earths history. "THIS REAL DINOSAUR FOOTAGE WILL CHALLENGE AND AMAZE YOU. WE WOULD LIKE AT THE OUTSET TO CONVEY OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION TO JULIAN ASSANGE AND THE ENTIRE TEAM AT WIKILEAKS FOR RISKING MUCH IN SECURING THIS REMARKABLE PIECE OF FILM. HIDDEN FOR DECADES WITHIN "DIRECTORATE Z", KGB HEADQUARTERS, MOSCOW; THIS EXTRAORDINARY RECORDING -- OF WHAT IS THE UNDENIABLE MOVING IMAGE OF AN ADULT ORNITHOMIMOSAUR -- ONCE FELL UNDER THE DIRECT "CONTROL AND CONCEALMENT" OF A YOUNG AMBITIOUS OPERATIVE NAMED, VLADIMIR PUTIN. CONCEALED NO MORE, TODAY IS THE DAY, WE CAN REVEAL "MIMX 67z" TO THE WORLD." The wonderful music contained in the video is used with permission. Ken MacLeod http://incompetech.com/ (AND AS ALWAYS, WE WELCOME ANY PHOTOS, FOOTAGE, RUMOURS OR TIPS YOU MAY WANT TO SHARE WITH THE WORLD. SEND THEM TO US DIRECT VIA YOUTUBE PM! THANKS VERY MUCH IN ADVANCE.) ***PLEASE READ***: We are committed to delivering the most Authentic UFO Sightings, the Scariest Ghosts, and the most Incredible Creatures ever known!* We cherish your viewership and take our responsibilities extremely seriously; each news item is therefore stringently researched, thoroughly scrutinized and wholly verified. We encourage your participation and engagement. We can be contacted 24/7 via PM (do not hesitate to bring your latest sightings, rumors or theories to our attention). Thank you kindly, Mr. Theodore (Chief Administrator) *Friends, please note that most content shown is either faked or grossly altered or exaggerated for dramatic effect. Yes, this is essentially an entertainment and parody/comedy channel -- and we sincerely hope that you appreciate that and enjoy the experience! (In case anyone is unintentionally offended, let me assure you that 105.72% of all videos in this particular genre are either beat-ups, hoaxes, scams, or fakes. We're simply being honest, and should probably be applauded, or, at the very least, subscribed to. Many thanks again!)" REAL LIVE DINOSAUR footage CAUGHT ON TAPE!