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  1. "Crop Circle Diaries" - A Patty Greer Film 2016~ Full Movie The Movie: https://youtu.be/i5SdVj5cj6E (No Embedding Allowed. Please click the link to visit Youtube to watch the film.) I didn't want this gift from Patty Greer to sink among whole lot of other news we post here. But also didn't want to put the thread to the "Entertainment boards", for this film deserves to be watched with critical eyes we got, instead of just enjoying it as "yet another movie"... I thank Patty from bottom of my heart for releasing her film to everyone to watch it for free. I had known about her churning difficulties with some Satanic run group (Gxxx corp) and other distribution people, her emotional battering as a legit film maker (award winning, too!), her economic drains happened around her film via Alfred L. Webre's Youtube vids. Absolutely a nightmare she experienced against her will as an artist, and I feel so sorry for what she had experienced, for sure. But she was tough, and had grown over the difficulties as a human being, and opened her heart and let go of her creation to the world. She decided to release her film for FREE to counter the negative actions done by others towards her re: release of the film. Grand decision, and I totally welcome her for that!! Brave being she is....THANK YOU, Patty!! According to Patty, THIS film is the most "targeted" one out of all her films. And I think you can understand why when you watch it..... Often the experiensors do experience with synchronicity, somehow things magically working out, and you see the result that's exceptional. All those are in this film, I think. Let's appreciate her love for the Humanity, and praise her winning within herself to open up her heart to let all of us to have chance to watch the film for free. From the Poster's Note: " “Crop Circles Diaries” A Patty Greer Film 2016 “Crop Circles Diaries” weaves the stories & experiences of 2 women & a brave scientist who intimately understood Crop Circles. Coming from different aspects of experiencing the phenomena, they explain these masterpieces of art that have been left like sticky notes in fields around the world for centuries. Humanity will soon understand that Crop Circles are Real. The great scientist William Levengood discovered that plasma vortices are producing Crop Circles. For the last 15 years of his life he worked with a brilliant (unknown) partner diligently in his lab. Nobody knew about Penny Kelly because she was humble & focused intently on their work: blending consciousness with science. Through repeated & relentless research & experiments they proved unequivocally that Crop Circle frequencies enhanced crop seeds greatly. Plants hit with Crop Circle frequencies produced 30 - 400% more crop with up to 75% more nutrition per plant! Through the use of magnets & living plants they discovered that spinning plasma vortices were creating Crop Circles. These vortices contained a variety of different frequencies, each with distinct boundary conditions. Then as usual in the field of UFOlogy… rumors were created & spread like wildfire through the controlled media. Levengood’s work was debunked & suppressed for decades, yet he and Penny kept moving forward with the research in the lab. Greer explains how Crop Circles offer physical sensations that are energetically undeniable! “I get chills, goosebumps, and little hairs standing up on my arms from the enhanced electromagnetic energy field inside the Crop Circles.” After visiting more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally Patty believes that when sensations are this strong we have frequencies included from other dimensional beings; ETs perhaps. Occasionally people have co-created a Crop Circle through intention & group prayer, then a Crop Circle appears soon after as a confirmation. (You'll see this in the movie) Almost all documented Crop Circles have been located over an aquifer of water. The epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomena is in Wiltshire England which sits over the largest salt aquifer in the world. Additionally most documented Crop Circles have been located on a ley line which is a direct line between 2 sacred sites. Wiltshire has more sacred sites than anywhere else on earth per square mile, clearly this is a key. With all of the data we put together we concluded that Real Crop Circles are coming out of the earth initially and that many Crop Circles include human consciousness & ET frequencies, but not all Crop Circles do. Yet ALL of them come out of the earth initially in spinning counter rotating plasma vortices. Think about it… the earth has been fracked in a massively unconscious manner & her blood has been sucked out & spilled with complete disregard for all living beings for decades. She is speaking to humanity very clearly now ~ We Must AWAKEN & EVOLVE. Plasma is the basis of all matter & will soon become the base of our new energy system. When you get a new energy source at the base of your society, you create a new society. Oil was at the base of the last one. Plasma will be at the base of the next! Don't miss this film - It’s a doozie! Www.PattyGreer.net "
  2. 21 Gamma Ray Constellation Set By Fermi Truly a Maa.. //Ggie ...K set up by Satanic orientation
  3. GODZILLA, Starship Enterprise, Einstein become Gamma Ray Constellations (c)Kowch737 2018 Posted on 2018/10/17 https://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/constellations/ https://www.businessinsider.sg/nasa-fermi-gamma-ray-constellations-2018-10/?r=US&IR=T OMG just check the new ones....PROPHETIC meanings everywhere...... Because of official state, adding to the 88 previously set older ones which we are very used to mingle with, I actually felt the Gamma Ray constellations are telling stories just like Ee..// lumean\./ A T cards!!! You can see they added obelisk-phallic symbols, not just one as obelisk but with others just trying to add more power to the Cs stand...Saturn V rocket directly referencing towards Satanic energy, Tardis and Shreddinger cat used for the cube energy references, black widow Spider used for Ahhhh! corn reference, the Golden Gate---sacrificial reference etc etc...I went speechless.... Nazsa being a full on C lurking place....I highly suspect this is their new spell casting trying to create their preferred future. And the Gamma Ray triggering the Black Goo yeah? So all tie in full on..... Can we trash them? Of course YES. But this Mar.// Jeek is pretty strong I suspect. Let's be on guard. https://fermi.gsfc.nasa.gov/science/constellations/pages/godzilla.html (Love the fact that they used the Original Gojira reference....!)
  4. RenegadeSon, thank you heaps for your close analysis! Appreciating a lot here.
  5. Ah that was from 28th Nov 2015. Still a great find, KMRIA! I didn't know about it. UFOvni2012 2015/11/29
  6. 5G Testing? New Targeting? WTH... I caught the end of it. (I went WTH as I saw all YT vids were not playing, too! It taught me that HOW MUCH I'm relying to the net use to absorb info....it's scary.) And I was glad to see it working. OK, so we received the warning about the net down for 48 hrs before. It was over the weekend for Oz I think....3 days ago? Not that Oz got affected by it then, I suspect something happened to us in Oz today. The thing is....after the YT got back, which was about 3:30pm Melb time, it was 4pm Melb time that all of sudden, my pc went into the weird BLUE screen....the horrid blue screen TBH. It had shown a message that I had NEVER seen before, and it said (I should have taken picture of it!! Damn!!) that something very wrong had happened and the computer was requiring to be rebooted. It should happen after the info was gathered to be sent for the analysis. And it had % status how far the info was being fished out of my computer. And a QR CODE....WTH!? More alarming was that as soon as the blue screen came up, from my speakers, there was this high pitch single tone was loudly coming out....which I had never heard from this pc doing it before. I got really alarmed for this weirdness, straight away I forcefully rebooted my pc. (I didn't take off the power code...damn I should have! Urgh!!) It got back ok and was behaving as normal. But then....about 8:30pm Melb time.....I DISTINCTIVELY noticed full on EMF/RMF appeared. My head was like wrapped by it and started to feel weird continuous zapping feel around the head, especially at the back of my head---it was also like having a ring of something encasing the head as if I'm wearing a head band around the fore head and going at the back of my head. It's a weird sensation. I get that when I'm close to an emitting point. And the change was so noticeable, not funny. Stood up, no change. Moved away from all in-house emitting points...no change. Maybe someone near by started up their router? But I had never felt this much of distinctive feel on my head before. Is local network testing 5G? ......IDK. Or am I being targeted? ...IDK but plausible. Anyone else got such change of sensation? I am kinda wondering with the timing. (c) Dr. Jay Davidson 2016 Published on Aug 10, 2016 After hearing the description given by Mr. Shwaebe, ummmmm....sounds like I'm copping EMF fog.
  7. So in other words, they are deployed to do something particular and their mission content is not disclosed to the Humanity....
  8. Dire Warning about Chinese Invasion from Mongol: Not Only Uyghur, Tibet But Also Southern Mongolia Copping Crap From China We were unable to hear the true voice coming from Mongolia, either, until just recently, and the story we are hearing is so horrible, hard not to be in tears as we learn the truths by the real voices raised from Mongolian side. Source: youtube.com/watch?v=kIn96E2GZaE&feature Mr. Orhonod Daichin, who resides in Japan now said that there was a presentation done at the UN and pleaded for the genocide they are experiencing got heard there. The radio show from Japan had him on, he was speaking in Japanese. No subs available, unfortunately, but I'm sure you can find out his revelations in the UN record, if you dig it up. According to him, China was always afraid of Mongolians, because of the historical background of Mongolian Empire existed. And the Chinese "Cultural Revolution" atrocity was started from the Mongolian region.... In the "Cultural Revolution" in the 70's, apparently 346,000 Mongolians were killed, disabled people from the torture they experienced in that time still exist as 120,000 in the area. The torturing techniques Chinese used was numbered as 170+ by Mongolian intellect. From burning the hole into the stomach to unbelievable rapes done against women and killing children, and ending up with cannibalism, you name it. Crazy story of it from Chinese side about the situation was, apparently they are claiming that "Chinese people also had very bad time"....which is absolute BS. The people of Autonomous Region of Mongolia lost their own culture since 1984 by education from their own views were removed in totality. Cultural genocide has been happening in full force just like so in Tibet and Uyghur. What he warned full on to us all was that China is intentionally planting Chinese people into foreign lands with the plan to quietly take over those lands, by lawfully start to live in the areas, then bring their families, then breed on the land and grow the population and voicing power, get the high population/blood line distribution in the land, then take the land over by the Chinese blood. ....This is already happening in the US, btw....I hope people are aware of that. Mr. Daichin said the population in Inner Mongolia (Southern Mongolia) was taken over 80+% by Chinese population. There are only about 17% of true Mongolians existing in Autonomous Region of Mongolia in China. (They are NOT the Republic of Mongolia, btw. But Republic of Mongolia is equally copping Chinese economic power's influence, so they can't say boo. Obviously Mongolians there are sympathetic towards their brothers and sisters in the Autonomous Region of Mongolia in China, but the country lacks real power or influence over the situation what so ever to stand up against what China has been doing. Equally they are copping the invasion by China from , and their true voice is being threatened by China, too.) Systematic robbing of stopping herding which was Mongolian culture, and China pushed them to stay on a land to cultivate without teaching them how to do it. So Mongolians ate the sawing seeds for the year to survive, then died from hunger later. Tibetans also taken away their way of life, Chinese Hans pushed them wheat to grow which won't grow in Tibet, loads of Tibetans died from hunger. Autonomous Region of Mongolia have already lost their voice because politics within the region is taken over by Chinese bloodlines. No matter how Mongolians try to regain their own power in their own land, it had become impossible. According to him, 3 generations ago, Mongolians were just very helpful towards Chinese people and gave kind helping hands and let them to live in their land so the suffering Chinese people can live peacefully. But basically by the time they realised, China took over their land, politics and economy by their population which kept on growing unstoppable. Basically this story applies to the entire world. The US, Japan, Africa, you name it.....quietly accepting loads and loads of Chinese immigrants to settle down, whom don't have idea to ASSIMILATE themselves, but in their blood, because of one of the nastiest alien faction's doing to introduced their horribly cruel genes into our bros and sis long long time ago, they became cruel and vicious. Mind you, there are people in China that think it's ok for the autonomy for the regions to be retained, and those people are no worries, Mr. Daichin explained. But there are hell a lot of people who are uneducated about autonomy and lack respect to the cultures, thinking Chinese Han culture is the only way to go, and never intending to assimilate. That's an almighty unfriendly way.... And it's China's education enduring such views retained by their people. It's Communist Party's horrid direction accelerating the invasion-plot. And IDK how we can change the horrible alien genes. But I want to believe that our Human genes are also very strong that we can revive the true nature of Humans in them, that of growing and sharing with love, and depart from the cruelty driven attitudes. But until we can safely remove such horrid influence as the HYBRIDS, we must stand up to protect ourselves from their way of doings.......their way is to rape, kill and invade, when resources are all gone, then move on to another place to repeat the whole lot again. That's how their genes works. For our own safety and survival, we must protect ourselves from such invasion. And this is sort of the worst news....the alien group done such vicious hybridization to our sisters and brothers, don't give a damn if they die. This faction only wants to achieve their gain, and they don't care anything about the Humans or the Hybrids they created out of Humans. Their Hybrids are expendable pones on the ground to follow the orders and to endure "divide and conquer" within the Humanity, and they are not even the rank of pets to be cared for. ....Once the usefulness is gone, these Hybrids are ditched. No one is winning nothing here... We gotta help Chinese people to rid of such horrible traits. No one deserves to be treated such way. Yes we must learn what's happening because of Chinese invasion, but they are also our brothers and sisters. I oppose ANY ill intended Hybridization in the Universes.
  9. LOL PM, POTUS looks like he's doing it very well! His decisions are trashing what was established as fake world peace after WW2 by the Cs. But because of our shallow views set by the slavery we are experiencing, it looks like we are going ahead towards the Block Economy scheme...which doesn't help the Humanity as the whole. So basically if we as the Humanity to collectively wake up and be freed, we gotta scrap monetary slavery system and change it over to something better. There's a scary bit we still gotta ride over to see what it does due to the time factor (which is after all, also an illusion...): the AI driven world because of the economic slavery as well as transhumanistic world which WE DON'T NEED but pushed to us on the dish now with full force. If we all can ORGANICALLY achieve mastering our own power which is to change everything with our will, to become able to do it without causing harm to others and to ourselves, then we totally won "the game", and we can evolve far to the level we really can start contributing to the rest of existences in local or far beyond of local universes, which is what I wish for us to achieve. It's up to our awakening and gripping to our full power vs the AI driven transhumanistic world being established with speed because "we think we still need such to aid ourselves"....can we break the mind control and fly high before it's going to set a new-damning-world for ourselves? (We don't require any machines to aid us any longer, once we regain the full power status. The world without computers and machinery ends clearly, and we will never to be ruled by the AIs or BS crap coming from lower consciousness based factions. We, the Humanity, will run the Universe with the power of love, then. It sounds corny, I know....lol But I saw that time line appearing, firmly. You don't need to believe any bits of what I wrote. Please refer to your own heart and gut feelings.) I continue to dream of that beautiful world we will get. Love you all....and I believe in us all.
  10. Soyuz failure--->no Humans going up using the ground level tech. Soyuz being the ONLY way the Humans can shoot humans up into the space at the moment----again, on the ground level tech. (Meaning the Black Op based ones are excluded, for sure.) Chandra X-ray--->in safe mode, shut down Hubble--->in safe mode, shut down And having the Sunspot Observatory closed off before... Something major IS happening globally, stopping the Humans really see through what's out in the space now. Entire world wide F-35 now Forced being Grounded due to one went flop earlier on in September, Pentagon says. And the net shut down as well....? Simon Parkes indicated about this week or two got some plans of major something happening, and he went on saying basically it's best happening then than not happening. Interesting indeed.....
  11. Pls Help to Solve the Puzzle I hope I'm wrong. But my CT nose went buzzing and though still I'm hoping I'm wrong, I felt I'd better to jot down my concern. https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/09/20/social-media-platform-gab-to-silicon-valley-you-will-be-replaced/ Talking about Gab.AI--->Rebranding as Gab.com OK, it's sounding rosy for us the net users, but my nose didn't like the AI bit. AI--->rebranding itself posing to be on our side.... "AI", yes, AI. What was that abbreviating? Straight away my CT gut started to churn with red alert. We already know about the 〇△cret AI ◇◆./ /\ciety does exist, mocking us, the Humanity (Aha Lex... R laughing weirdly etc), and ◆iri is a part of it. ■.i. Ri grew out of E〇・/iza, the AI KNOWN TO LIE. That's why ★LizÅrd was shut down in the first place by the developers. But remember the developers never deleted her in totality? E△★/i... za appears in the doomed ◇△mean At.// ee CARDS. So ★i ... Ri is there to cause problem to us, the Humanity. Then this page appeared. https://www.startengine.com/freespeech "Yesterday Breitbart published a leaked internal Google briefing about the shift Silicon Valley is making towards more censorship online. This followed leaks earlier in the day from The Intercept, which show how Google is contradicting themselves in regards to the censored search engine they are building for the Chinese government. "On page 53 of this internal Google briefing, Gab.com is cited as a “challenger app” and notes how users are moving to Gab in response to the censorship of Silicon Valley. "Silicon Valley has shown their true colors, which is why they recognize Gab.com as a threat to their control and dominance over the internet. They are rejecting the cherished internet ideals of liberty and free expression in exchange for censorship and partnerships with the Chinese government. "We are adding tens of thousands of new users every week, and our funding round is being completely powered by you, The People. In about 20 days we have raised $670,000 and will quickly meet our goal of $1.07m." .........So was this platform created by LYING Eigh/.. Eye to fool us, the Humanity or what?? We gotta keep on coming up new platforms whether for vids or articles continuously to dodge the bullets coming at us. But if Eigh ★is running there, I suspect everyone use there would be highly monitored anyway. I hope my nose got it wrong this time, but then there's always some reason why my nose react to something. There's no coincidence in this Universe, yeah? ...........What would you think....??
  12. China: really a UFO...dunno wth it was (c) DAHBOO77 2018 Published on Oct 12, 2018 From the Poster's Note: "A mysterious UFO was captured on film by stunned onlookers across China on Thursday evening, in what appears to be the result of some high-altitude aircraft activity. Residents of Beijing, Shanxi province and Inner Mongolia posted their reported ‘sightings’ of the unusual flight pattern on Chinese social media on October 11." WTH...? (c)MrMBB333 2018 Published on Oct 12, 2018 The object seems to be falling uncontrolled, so maybe a space junk?? Or some space kid getting high from falling spirally?? ROFL Anyway, no good if that thing was to land on a crowded location.....
  13. Didn't someone forecast 24th Nov the market crush date?? Though we get those dates sporadically anyway, I think it was on the menu... According to some brainy guy, FRB only did what was logistic in time, and POTUS telling them off was a nonsense. But I suspect that view is backed by how the Cs were controlling the market, meaning enduring our enslavement.... Mmmmmm.
  14. Totally agree with you, breezy!
  15. Russia Opening an International Meeting WITHOUT The US Right Now---an Email revelation This is from B Fulford so up to you if you want to believe his info or not. It's apparently his Sea. //.aigh.../\\ eigh friend told him that the meeting is happening without the US, dealing with the US military court and other prosecution stories, that Russia can release the damning info about who has done 911 etc. BUT this is a breaking news and WE DUNNO IF THIS IS REAL FOR SURE AT ALL. LOL Source: .youtube.com/watch?v=7M7_C5PVpws Friggin Air France 293-Boeing 777 Flew Over the Top of Japanese Imperial House---No Fly Zone on 8th Oct 2018 Source: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20181011-00000060-asahi-soci Unlike what Ben released, this really happened on 8th Oct 2018 (local date). The matter was revealed on 11th Oct 2018, Asahi Anti-Japan paper revealed the news. (LOL) The flavour of the day via Gematorianic reading is below: 8/10/2018-->8+10+2018-->8+1+2+18-->8+3+18(6+6+6)--->(8+3) or 11+18(6+6+6)= "Harvesting/very bi polar energy+nasty taste" But you can also have the influence of "88"---public harvesting.....it's indicating that the nasty faction is casting the energy of "if you've done good deed before, you will be rewarded. If you didn't...you will cop nasty end result" will apply to Japanese nation. 777 you think it's lucky? Hmmm, let's see...here's just one of its issue (2013 revelation): https://www.reuters.com/article/us-ge-boeing-engines-idUSBRE94E1CX20130515 With Mayan eyes, it's meaning about dead centre of something. 777 is no so good in China (exclude gamblers ROFL) due to the consecutive odd numbers. In Japan? Well, the idea of it being lucky had sank in there well. French side of R-〇//.ild blood line is the one who have been battering Japan for ages. This IS something of a MAJOR THREAT against Japan. Possibly against Japanese Imperial Family, not even the gov. Too much I can read into this crap. Luckily nothing actually happened. But the message is clear that they "won't listen to Japanese rules", they "will do whatever they want to do". Well...Bad Karma will definitely get them whether they like it or not. Don't try it...the Humanity WILL WIN. You have LOST the game.