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  1. Alice In/And Wonderland POTUS Tweet: More Links to Ponder About Trump's Alice-in-Wonderland approach to the Iran deal http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-mcmanus-iran-deal-20170806-story.html Donald Trump campaigns in his own weird 'Wonderland' http://www.latimes.com/opinion/topoftheticket/la-na-tt-trump-in-wonderland-20160602-snap-story.html No tapes? Trump has us through the looking glass By Michael D'Antonio Updated 0107 GMT (0907 HKT) June 23, 2017 http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/22/opinions/trump-in-wonderland-comey-tapes-dantonio-opinion/index.html Gorka: 7 Dead In UK, And CNN Asks Me About Trump's Tweets For 16 Minutes; Media In "Alice In Wonderland Reality" https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2017/06/06/gorka_7_dead_in_uk_and_cnn_asks_me_about_trumps_tweets_for_16_minutes_media_in_alice_in_wonderland_reality.html
  2. Tibet, M6.9, 300km away from Lasa http://www.sankei.com/world/news/171118/wor1711180022-n1.html https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/earthquake-of-magnitude-6-9-strikes-tibet-1777019 From China based news release: "A strong intensity earthquake measuring 6.9 on the Richter scale hit Tibet's Nyingchi prefecture, located close to Arunachal Pradesh border, in the early hours of today.The quake struck at 6:34 am (Beijing time), according to the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC).The quake struck at a depth of about 10 km, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. It was followed by 5-magnitude earthquake at 8:31 am (Beijing time) around the same place in the Tibet Autonomous Region.The second quake struck at a depth of about 6 km. Reports of any casualties and damage are awaited." A picture from today's EQ here: http://www.sankei.com/world/photos/171118/wor1711180022-p1.html
  3. Oh great! Thanks for chipping in, Cosmic Dreamer! Yeah that also does stop hearts without causing any trauma to the surface of bodies, hey! (・ω・)ノ But still wondering how the hell it really happened....I can't figure out the size of the passage so I can't be sure if the guys were upright or bending down. If bending down, then the bad air flow being heavier than the air, it's possible for them to immerse themselves fully in the CO gas. I need to find out more details on it. But weird not hearing about the result if it was CO to be blamed. That's not hard to find out from a dead body if it's been affected by the CO by doing the blood test immediately after the body being found, isn't it? Too many mysteries still hanging around to my liking.....hmmmmmmm. At least I got their exact address now.
  4. Thanks heaps, breezy! Wow, lots to look at..... OMG KJU is in there!! And Pres Modi of India? Some peeps I can't figure out(´Д`)....and why the clown---but that's a surface intel mark about the Pedo stuff AND some nasty aliens as well. And "unhappy GREEN man"...lol Yeah we will press on to make change and make them look like a blue man in tears soon.
  5. They Bumped Into Something/Someone In The Dark in Underground Passage And Got Killed This incident happened in Ibaragi Prefecture of Japan, kinda North of Tokyo, 3 days ago. Ever since the weird news, I've been looking for anything to follow this up, yet nothing has come up........ <Links to this incident by other news outlets: https://this.kiji.is/303447001278563425?c=113147194022725109 but the description doesn't contain the Reddish bits.> Basically in the morning of 15th Nov 2017, 2 maintenance guys went into an underground passage to check for the complaints about water dripping made by a men's shower room on the ground floor of the Golf Club House called "JGM Kasama Golf Club", and they were discovered dead by 10:35am on the day. Talking about possibly 2-3 hours of being there. The bodies were reddish in colour head to toes, but no apparent cuts of slash of any trauma of nature what so ever being found on their bodies. Hearts stopped and they died. To my way of thinking, they probably copped some sort of radiation in full on way. But not what we already know of. Because otherwise the news article would have commented on blisters and burned marks on their bodies, I take. But nothing of that nature was mentioned. It's a sheer mystery. ....I'm sure lots of us can imagine they saw something/someone they shouldn't see down there, and got attacked. Most likely some alien(s) using the underground passages for whatever they were doing. We have known that Draco have been creating massive underground routs in Japan. So I think it was an unfortunate meet up happened for those guys who died on the spot..........
  6. Yeah Argentine hit me first, thinking of Bezerk stuff, too!(・ω・)ノ
  7. NASA Aircraft Joins in Search for Missing Argentine Submarine, 44 Sailors; U.S. Navy Submarine Rescue Crews, Equipment Mobilizing https://news.usni.org/2017/11/17/nasa-aircraft-joins-search-missing-argentine-submarine-44-sailors-u-s-navy-submarine-rescue-crews-equipment-mobilizing#sthash.gNERqB8x.gbpl Woops, maybe this should go into the surface intel thread...
  8. Great pick of the links, thanks mega heaps, breezy! Aha. The easiest way to read Alice&Wonderland can be literally Alice=mind controlled subjects and Wonderland=Pedo Ring locations. (We try so hard to read everything too deep, trying not to miss anything, yet that makes us sometimes to miss what the most surface meanings indicated by the words. So I'm trying to back track to the original point, just in case.) Either way, flushing out the affected people and places, I guess. (Still it doesn't make good sense why Pres.Trump dispatched the news before the op started. If to gulp down the food that was served to us without questioning it, it's to show the time of tweet and content to prove the message was a real deal, then. ) The Military peeps are not WITH Trump but making sure his alien ally doesn't crack into the delicate power play field more than what the Humanity wants it to. By now, I'm sure everyone here knows Trump is NOT taking sides of the Cabals or Vs. BUT HE'S WITH SOMEONE ELSE. There have been big pressures given to the current power stake holders, thanks to the world HUMAN military people standing up for the rest of the Humanity. We need to support them. But also please remember, there are dodgy pieces embedded within the world military who try to change this picture and let the nasty factions to take the power back to themselves.
  9. Alice in Wonderland=Pedo ring in general surface intel term. So this tweet is declaring the PURGE AGAINST PEDO RINGS to start, I read, if this is a surface stuff. Sitting well with the info of what the Breakaway people are doing to cull the Cabals and others. Thank you for all those who put themselves under mega risks in order to flush out the nasty amoebae out of our society. But yeah....there's no need to trumpet about the bust to happen soon, unless you are aligning yourself with the ones who are getting purged, or unless one's totally stupid and just wanted to blow the trumpet for own boost of god knows what....or it's a real fanfare about "hey you rats you won't have way to get out of it anymore" kinda threat against the pedo rings. ....How would you read into it?
  10. Pizzagate, The Deep State and SOULutions - Cathy O'Brien It's done at Freeman's show. Gracefully appreciating Cathy's outreach.
  11. Unidentified flying objects in Ukraine and Kazakhstan 2017 Vlad got some very dodgy vids, too, so please be aware of it....but at the same time, I'm truly appreciating the latest coming from the region. We just got to use our CHANI goggles to sift the dodgy bits off. LOL (c) vlad9vt
  12. Abrogate This! End Greada Treaty & End Pedocriminal Matrix on Earth https://www.change.org/p/u-s-president-donald-j-trump-abrogate-this-end-greada-treaty-end-pedocriminal-matrix-on-earth Exoplanet's Alfred is pushing this one. From the linked page: " N. B.: The following article is the work of several researchers. Abrogate the secret Greada & Tau9 Treaties and end the Pedocriminal matrix on Earth US President Donald J. Trump's comfort level with abrogating international treaties makes him the perfect person to end the horror of child sex abuse and human trafficking that is haunting the globe. After cancelling US participation in the TPP and the Paris Climate Change Protocols, our new president has an opportunity to terminate the pedocriminal networks that currently dominate many governmental and religious institutions. Those familiar with the secret Greada Treaty of 1954 that President Eisenhower signed with the Draco reptilians and Orion Greys are probably also aware that it has been violated and abused by the ET participants and pedocriminal humans who have used its provisions to create a world-wide network of pedocriminals embedded in the highest echelons of power. This tragedy can be constrained and hopefully ended if President Trump keeps his repeated promises to deal with child sex trafficking and other abuses of children that he made during the campaign and recently. Both the 1954 Greada Treaty and the Tau-9 Treaty signed by President George H.W. Bush have resulted in massive criminal violations by various ET groups and pedocriminal human networks in a scandal that saturates major governments, the media and the Catholic Church. The recent Pedogate scandals highlighted this situation along with the continued spotlighting of abuse by priests, educators, coaches, and the entertainment industry. To the extent that these treacherous misdeeds by ETs and pedocriminal human networks have flowed out of the abuse of these two treaties, we call upon President Trump to step up boldly and abrogate them. Abrogate This! End Pedocriminal Matrix & Remove ET Truth Embargo Doing so now with the appropriate publicity and fanfare will not only help end the tragedy of child sex abuse, it will also serve as a major baby-step towards removing the ET Truth Embargo that has prevented Disclosure of their presence on Earth. In a major victory for all humanity, we invite the President to "Abrogate This!" by terminating the treaties and simultaneously promulgating Disclosure. Sign this Petition to the US President now to abrogate these Treaties and end the Pedocriminal horror on Earth. Thank you. "
  13. Female FMs Appearing: Prepping for Gender-less Society? The secret ceremonies and rituals of female Freemasons http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41804543 "Female Freemasons have been gathering for more than 100 years - conducting initiations, ceremonies and rituals like their male counterparts. Now, the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire programme has been given unique access to their secret societies."
  14. Just a little heads-up...there are lots of us sussing out if those who claim themselves as supersoldiers and so on if they are the real deal or just a FAKERS wanting to get 15 minutes of fame in the Alternative Media. There are seriously suspected people now like Corey Goode and his business via Gaia-tv existing, and we always got to sift through who are not the helpers but disinfo agents. Let's always try to sit on the fence till we know more.
  15. We Were Disposable: Penny Bradley Speaks Up The Secret Space Program - Interview mit Penny Bradley vom SSP German / Englisch It's Penny Bradley's interview with Germans. (c) RealMystery Thank you!