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  1. Porn star Olivia Lua becomes fifth adult actress to die in three months http://metro.co.uk/2018/01/20/porn-star-olivia-lua-becomes-fifth-adult-actress-die-three-months-7244840/ IDK if these are yet, but sorta making me to go hmmmm.
  2. Let's Hear From The Opposition OK, a great opposition vid re:James Casbolt I was gagging for the air when I watched this vid! (≧▽≦) And yeah this is really what most people would say when we encounter James' case. BUT Miles had seen through important bit in him, which led through to Max Spiers, and Max being demised now, you know something really is happening at the back ground. So not everything is BS. That's what we learned over the past years. 2015 it's uploaded. Today is 2018. (c) truthseekers666 2015
  3. Elongated Skulls - DNA Results ARE IN!! (c)L. A. Marzulli 2018
  4. A Gov Paper That Admits Re: Gioengineering/Chemtrails Assessing the direct occupational and public health impacts of solar radiation management with stratospheric aerosols https://ehjournal.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12940-016-0089-0 "Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of environmental processes that affects the Earth’s climate, in an attempt to counteract the effects of climate change. Injecting sulfate aerosol precursors and designed nanoparticles into the stratosphere to (i.e., solar radiation management [SRM]), has been suggested as one approach to geoengineering. Although much is being done to unravel the scientific and technical challenges around geoengineering, there have been few efforts to characterize the potential human health impacts of geoengineering, particularly with regards to SRM approaches involving stratospheric aerosols. This paper explores this information gap. Using available evidence, we describe the potential direct occupational and public health impacts of exposures to aerosols likely to be used for SRM, including environmental sulfates, black carbon, metallic aluminum, and aluminum oxide aerosols. We speculate on possible health impacts of exposure to one promising SRM material, barium titanate, using knowledge of similar nanomaterials. We also explore current regulatory efforts to minimize exposure to these toxicants. Our analysis suggests that adverse public health impacts may reasonably be expected from SRM via deployment of stratospheric aerosols. Little is known about the toxicity of some likely candidate aerosols, and there is no consensus regarding acceptable levels for public exposure to these materials. There is also little infrastructure in place to evaluate potential public health impacts in the event that stratospheric aerosols are deployed for solar radiation management. We offer several recommendations intended to help characterize the potential occupation and public health impacts of SRM, and suggest that a comprehensive risk assessment effort is needed before this approach to geoengineering receives further consideration."
  5. I met an MK ULTRA trainer. The End Game. Long version MK-ULTRA survivor speaks The thing is....it's been on going for a loooooong time for ALL OF US. The fact that MSM world wide are governed by either of very negative alien factions anyway, we are immersed with their directing and hypnotising materials especially after WW2. I mean....ALL OF US. And please think about the effect of the mind controls to start break down from about 30-40 yo when they grow up? Why we got so many mental cases globally? (Let's put aside stuff like DSM-5 existing to cause more people to be categorized as mentally ill...) I was wondering if all those whom got subjected to movies and tv shows since childhood are conditioned with mind control in some way. (Hopefully Amazon tribes who never seen or touched or seen tvs and radios are saved from such effects. But they are facing different threats from loggers and outside culture invading them....) Then the world only becoming more chaotic as time goes pass by is understandable, since each generation would continue having some to break down full on from the mind controls. The point of the break down is....it gives off chance for us to wake up from it and RECOVER. Some gets totally flattened for the transition and don't make it..... We all ARE under Mind Control system...and you know that yourself yeah? And I hope we can say we woke up ourselves and moving on to change the situation. We need to support others to come out of this mess somehow.
  6. This Coastal Megacity Is Running Out of Water https://earther.com/this-coastal-megacity-is-running-out-of-water-1821950015?utm_medium=sharefromsite&utm_source=Earther_facebook Cape Town could become first major city in world to run out of water after 90-day warning South African city's mayor warns supply will run dry in April on 'day zero' http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/africa/cape-town-run-out-water-major-city-south-africa-90-days-drought-a8164141.html
  7. The Failed Nuke Attack on Hawaii Was Not a Hoax – Investigative Journalist Jim Stone Update This is a B.I.N. version of Jim Stone update re: Hawaii "False" Missile Warning issue Obviously, because it's BIN, the site is NOT protected. Beware. http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2018/01/the-failed-nuke-attack-on-hawaii-was-not-a-hoax-investigative-journalist-jim-stone-update-3588609.html
  8. Interesting Indeed.... (c) Anthony Rudderham on Facebook
  9. Ready Player One: New Spielberg Movie---April 2018 Well, Japanese netizens are going mad for this preview release because we discovered a Gundam appearing in it. Gundam is a legendary Japanese anime that's juxtaposable to Star Wars and Star Trek there. But for us at CHANI, it's about the Transhumanism. The year 2045 indicated, the future perspective presented, it's very much directing the Humanity to move into a complete digital world to get away from the reality. However, Spielberg also is known to leave hidden messages time to time, secretively nudging the Humanity to NOT to fall for the dodgy future, just like a HOPE left in the Pandora's Box. I wonder what that key message would be, this time round. I hope he made the story line for the great hope for our future children.
  10. 3 Sided Pyramid On Mars Wow, wow, wow....hang on a sec....what did the Entity said about 3 sided pyramids? I can't remember clearly if there was Mars being mentioned when 3 of those to be found on Earth....which we found one in Bermuda, one in Antarctica, so far, if my vague memory is correct. Artificial structure on Mars—three-sided Pyramid—verified in Science Journal https://ancient-code.com/artificial-structure-mars-three-sided-pyramid-verified-science-journal/ But just to be accurate, this one is not exactly the type of pyramid we were looking for. I think it's much more complicated to achieve creating that shape than creating straight forward 3 sided pyramid.....the arcs involved in need to match to retain the shape, methinks. Fascinating.
  11. Interesting this is 2014 vid resurface. WHY NOW? IDK yet but this could have been an unsuccessful Event trigger info release. Someone is saying it was hoax about this vid just 2 days ago. Well at least I can safely say that Express being a nasty faction based MSM, it's obviously trying to direct the info. Whether the info is real or not is another point. But they are trying to direct us, where ends up maybe a false info, or something they want us to think SO, I have nooooo idea yet..... Why are they feeding this info to us now again?? Because Express is catching lots of CT heads as well as general peeps online, this vid is spreading like wildfire right now. So again, why now, why this, what are they implying in their action of picking this vid up after 4 years. What do you think? AND one more twist. Go check out his latest vid....it's just released 1 week ago. Then this news pops up for the guy??? Strange INDEED, methinks: youtube.com/watch?v=WX2TlwUfEIs It's actually releasing pretty explosive revelation as a metallurgist working in a lab. .....Since there are only several vids he ever uploaded on YT, I kind of wonder if the Express article actually is trying to condemn him as a liar, to make this guy as non-credible source of info, so the LAB peeps could save their own asses........?? Who is at the back of that Lab he was working for...?
  12. Hawaii, Japan, False Missile Alerts....With Something Actually Got Blasted Over Hawaii At The Same Time??? What About Japan?? They Had Meteors Falling Detected Recently, Too... Err...people, here's another jigsaw puzzle piece for us! Meteorites falling Hawaii---warning of incoming missile----then something really had blown up in the sky and affected the sky colour...?? Were they the drill/luring method for big data when people are evacuating, OR those false messages WERE pointing at the meteors? OR were they natural meteors...? Did someone knew of those incoming something that were NOT supposed to come?? OR WAS THAT A GENERAL WARNING TO THE INSIDERS ABOUT THE DIRECTED WEAPON TESTING? (This system is from the ground up. Of course we already know about the laser shooters above our heads:https://www.rt.com/usa/409554-nasa-orbital-atk-space-lasers/#.WgmYPYC6WLI.facebook ) This goes back to thinking about the World Wide Defense System we really need for the Earth for the incoming meteorites showering onto us in about 300 years time. We gotta set it up now, and Russians are trying to re-establish the existing one, by repairing the network. From The Poster's Note: (c) Marfoogle Watutu 2018 "Published on Jan 14, 2018 So a grpup of about 20 people including tour guides say that they were about 100 nautical miles away from hawaii In tour boats, and they describe a neteor being blown up in the sky....shortly after 8 am. Is this connected to the false nuclear warning? Does anybody know if this is true. Supposedly is was on KHON2 local news and now has been pulled from thier website." And Alex Jones talking about the Hawaii case: (c)The Alex Jones Channel 2018
  13. Sometimes Sheep Can Do It: ...They Made The US Military Facility Useless in Romania Sheep set off security sensors at US military site in Romania, leading to legal wrangling https://www.stripes.com/news/sheep-set-off-security-sensors-at-us-military-site-in-romania-leading-to-legal-wrangling-1.506889
  14. For those who need to know, want to know... "He's alive".