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  1. The Horror of FORCED Organ Harvesting EXPOSED Let's say NO to any organ harvesting.... And now I say NO to organ donation, too. But it means in current situation, people who are facing to death also cops death sentence from the move. Well, if we grow our needed organ by organ (BUT NEVER CLONE THE WHOLE BODY SAYING THAT'S ECONOMICAL TO HARVEST FROM is what I'd love to shout and forewarn...) from OUR OWN CELLS, then rejection worry scatters away in the wind, aim in short time in plan of surgery to post-op regeneration, that'd work. But that technology is just started to spread, so the cost and regularity in providing the real help for those who in need of transplants......ummmmmmmmmmmmm........but I think I can hear your soul and my soul screaming out and agreeing at the same thing---it's wrong to kill another Human being sacrificed for you to get that organ. This is the bit I'm very concerned about. We know transplanted organs carry the previous owners memory. .................The memory of people tortured in the prisons and chopped up while they were alive, without anesthetic used for pain. What are we receiving? It's like maybe prolonging life but then carrying over the weight of sacrifice of another being, who were spiritually crushed and killed in pain.....the memories to be transferred to you. It means taking some time bomb inside of yourself. Slow suicide of a sort, if unable to pave way to "help the organ to match up to the new owner's spirit and let go of grudge energy". But yes, if all can give hand and chance to the organs to let go of those horrible memories and energetically neutralised so it becomes harmless in the Universe's environment, then we also succeed in helping some of those victims soul structures less damaged in the process, and assuring spiritual recovery from the ordeal/nasty experience received in the last life. Ummmm...let's be strong....there are lots to think about. (c)SGTreport 2018 Published on May 20, 2018 http://www.stoporganharvesting.org/
  2. MH370 - The Situation Room | 60 Minutes Australia Just in case someone want to watch this version of story telling: (c) 60 Minutes Australia 2018 Published on May 13, 2018
  3. Scientists Bring A Severed Brain Back To Life, Sparking Ethical Debate May 17, 2018 at 3:52 pm http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2018/05/17/pig-brain-reanimated-ethics/#.WwCBIULzIK4.facebook
  4. Safety on C60 & 5G radiation (c) Sarah Westall 2018 Published on 2018/05/02
  5. MAN CLAIMING TO BE “THE REAL PRINCE HARRY” FOUND DEAD IN IRISH HOTEL A British man who claimed to be the “real” Prince Harry and to have been forcibly replaced as a child by an impostor, was found dead this morning in his hotel room, in the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, near the Irish Capital. https://worldnewsdailyreport.com/man-claiming-to-be-the-real-prince-harry-found-dead-in-irish-hotel/ Welcome to another rabbit hole........... But please be advised. The source site is a very well recognised place as a "dodgy one". YEAH they got pretty weird and darn right silly stuff, too. So considering that, the article may fall into a dodgy place.....OR NOT. The thing is....this site is also known to leak the stuff otherwise no other place would leak.....and coming from deep sources. So credibility of the site is riddled and we shouldn't be fooled. But at the same time, we can't take down our radars to monitor the genuine cracks happening for us to receive important intel stuff, hidden in the "dodgy looking" article lists. (´Д`)Sigh...never ending game of cat and mouse chasing around madly, deceits we need to dodge, but dodging them also could train us negative way, too, IMHO. It's been tough to navigate this sensitive and uneven state. No ending for us to extending the fields to watch out for.....
  6. Some Are Pretty, Some Are...LOL These are called "Flapjack" and does look like it's trying to rub face and certainly really cute! And here's it's cousin....lol Kinda reminds me of lots of things....like Sumerian statues to a character out of an anime series etc. Here's a Dumbo.
  7. So to achieve that, defects must be pretty huge defects to make sure to take down the plane in short while, isn't it...? Didn't we talk about defecting engines of aircraft with some sorta particles affecting, including radioactive substances, and made sure for the engine to fail?? Not that I'm only focused on it, for I think it's done via very pesty ritual works and the work is unfortunately still lingering. Aco was in conversation about it so it's an old story... Anyway, the job was done to create the division between the US military peeps and Jpnse nation. The ritual was involving Okinawan school children as sacrifices. Didn't work. Glad. But the aftermath of the ritual done seem to be still rippling!!! (´×ω×`)
  8. Cuba: Cuba plane crash leaves more than 100 dead http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-44176899 Colombia with a Heli: (And strange entry of update on 19th May 2018, today, for the incident happened 4 months earlier.....is it just to do with popping up that entry shows when it was re-opened by the reader visiting the site?? Or it really was updated TODAY...??) IF for some reason the entry got updated on today for real, then it's flagging more heli down stories which has been happening sporadically lately in Jpn and the US grounds, but if to add all countries with heli down cases.....I started to wonder if LOTS more have been dropping like flies.... Africa had a military heli downed. IDK if the trend is nothing more than "usual" chance range. But it's strange to continue to hear about aircraft especially helis are dropping, and it's notable that Q mentioned in the post re: Apache a while ago. And sure enough that we heard a few cases with Apaches going through dodgy moments in multiple countries. At least seven dead in Colombia military helicopter crash https://colombia.liveuamap.com/en/2018/16-january-air-force-helicopter-crash-landed-in-colombia The 4 months earlier incident is in the article below: <Jan 17th 2018 it happened.> 7 dead in Colombia military helicopter crash http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/01/16/7-dead-in-colombia-military-helicopter-crash.html
  9. That's a very important news, thanks for the links, breezy! I got questions to them: Why now this? http://leozagami.com/2018/05/02/pope-francis-takes-over-the-knights-of-malta/ And then this? (A link from breezy's post above): http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/05/16/pope-francis-cryptic-have-to-take-my-leave-comment-raises-speculation-about-possible-future-retirement.html ..........(´・ω・`) Some deeeeeeeeep dealings are happening among all the factions.... We know they are "talking" among them, yeah? Since the Cs feeling backlash from us, the Humans, they are seeking the security and as Ben Fulford and few others mentioned, saving those whom committed crimes against the Humanity are given chance to slide over to the right positioning, by being secured for their normal lives like the same high salary package etc.....from our (Human) side of the establishment with Gold. ...Just a thought... They must had freaked out that what they had always planned and worked for them well, somehow now often the plot fails----basically what used to work for them stopped working for them. The spell casters still do their jobs and they appear to work but only on thin layer, unable to spread the rippling effect outside of the immediate targeted victim, making the whole thing short and weak and not lasting....basically spells are becoming very brittle and UNRELIABLE for them. We are winning. And can you imagine the frustration and fear they are feeling right now? Got sandwiched in bad chain reactions of losing power on Earth, losing power on Humanity, losing power in general as what it was a secluded absolute safety that they thought it was going to last forever, and facing to the same reality as we, the Humanity, are.....being threatened from all sides. Can we call it a BAD KARMA? Maybe. (But I'm not here to laugh at them. They are also part of us as a general rule in the make of Universe. If you laugh at them, it's like you are laughing at yourself.) Now they are really facing to the threat against losing their supply of their addiction. They have been right into it and immersed within it, bad enough to reach to establishing adrenochrome production to systematic human trafficking and all. So let's see how they deal with the fear they gotta face to now. It's actually a chance for them to evolve if they want to. I wish everyone to be saved and grow further to aim better collectively.....
  10. Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies Saving Genetic Choice For The Blood Liners: Rh(-) Mothers Being Enabled To Keep Babies https://www.smh.com.au/healthcare/final-donation-for-man-whose-blood-helped-save-2-4-million-babies-20180511-p4zerp.html I am happy for all mothers with Rh (-) blood type managed to keep the babies alive!!! Before it was very cruel endings often happened to our sisters. YES they are blood liners. But they are also OUR SISTERS. Don't get it wrong, in case there are peeps who may prefer to push them away as someone not the same as them. They do share human genes, and they are the same people do work hard, often with very helpful attitude to everyone else, and do well in the reality we share. NICE PEEPS, they are, I found. (Yes psychopaths exist, too, and I don't like them, too.) Knowing few really lovely people from the bunch of Rh(-) people make me wanting to UNITE than separating these people away as someone very different from us. We can be very good friends, if we meet away from all stupid power play agendas coming from someone else on another plane, methinks. And all the requirement for help in maturing baby safely and to welcome them to the reality, people like James need to exist.....if he was given NATURALLY to us on Earth. ...I can imagine "the blue blood people" instigating ways to supply better gene future for their future, not only trying to breed a batch that they can experiment to choose nice ones out from and to entertain themselves with.....for the crooked ones, I'm sure we all can imagine horrid and almighty twisted way they can and choose to be. But please do not forget this....I'm so sure if you meet someone really nice and resonate well with you, probably you don't mind if they got Rh(-) blood type or not. When you fall in love, and finds out that you as a couple maybe unable to have children because you as a male got Rh (+) blood type, if left at nature's accord, then you gotta give up on the idea of having a kid. And I'm sure you are in love matters huge. Would anyone ditch whom you love because of the blood type? I doubt it. We fall in love with another person's being within. (Err, ok, if they look cool, that's a great bonus.) Not about the blood type. (Ok ok, some "meetings" are "arranged", and "experimented" because of intricate learning paths that our souls prepared us for. Anyway it CAN involve attraction happening due to specific gene-set match maybe, but separately from that, we all intentionally work through relationship, yeah?) We can, and we will exceed the expectations of lower limits. We can all lead others to share a better reality. Love wins. Well done for Mr. John Harrison. An awesome angel for many.
  11. PE, thanks for the link! Woooow.......
  12. Welcome to their dance of Death....Jpn was copping this shite for a long time and no way they ever believe what Nth K says in any given chances. But this dance has been really dodgy, I have to say. Because I don't think POTUS STOPS the hounds he got surrounding Nth K now. And it's including Sth K if they don't follow POTUS either.... Nth/Sth/China want the USA to get rid of the bases there. For their own gain. So they have been making every steps to make POTUS feel good about possibly Nobel Peace prise given to him over this, but in return, stopping the US to keep any bases there. More ugly head lines would come out if the USA let go of those bases, but the meeting in June between POTUS and KJU maybe going for...keeping the eaves dropping system in Sth K, but shrink down most of the bases in Sth K. Either way, Jpn is feeling the weight. They know they gotta make their own move to save their own people. But the US military and POTUS know where Jpn got stuck at because of what the GHQ did after WW2 ended there. Jpn need help for this case full on, and praying for the safety of the abductees.
  13. Bitchute: With Crypto-Mining https://www.bitchute.com/
  14. From a closed CT Forum, I found a post.... Apparently, ICELAND got different laws for COPYRIGHTS and if you own a website there and uploading stuff there, it's really difficult for anyone else to touch and take down anything off these websites. I certainly found owing an Icelandic email account MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE. It WILL cost you something to secure a private email account there. I paid about A$80 for mine. (But it was a one off. To find any more of such chances, go check Iceland IT businesses opening up there. Pls do your research though. The company I'm with was actually set up by a fraud-smeared guy which I didn't know then, but anyway, it is still up and running....) But please think about this....the servers locate in Iceland. The same thing as above applies. Makes the correspondences securer than in other countries, methinks. If not, let us know here, please. (Mind you, under the pressure from any nasty factions, the security may concave at no time......it's only a flimsy first line of defense. But I still believe it's better than not having such strategy.)
  15. Content Freedom https://lbry.io/ Just found this now.