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  1. BUT......................as if following up on what I had posted......ROFL David Wilcock---No Good, Not Trustworthy I tend to trust Alfred. According to Alfred, GAIA TV, CONTACT IN THE DESERT, & now ANCIENT ALIENS CRUISE, all are SATANIST GROUP governed. Alfred had his own abused past and standing up strong against any Satanic doings against us. Below is what Alfred had posted in a closed forum and I tried to deconstruct them so I can leave the info in CHANI......basically the opinion expressed on his website via his writings, I suppose. I leave you the link to his site below. David Wilcock [AKA Eric L.] --> denounced as a fraud by the ARE Association for Research & Enlightenment---David apparently messed up the study on Cayce materials, and CALLED HIMSELF AS THE REINCARNATION OF CAYCE. Jirka Rysavy, & Exopolitics Flim Flam False name artists Eric L [David Wil-cock] and Corey Goode all no good, according to Alfred. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/ The cascading effect of people deciding that Corey Good and David Wilcock are no good, now apparently extended to Cliff High's bot reports, and apparently Cliff had to call YT to deal with the attacks. YES we need to make sure we can do the self-cleansing to retain the truthful representatives. But it's scary that it can become a Witch Hunt within CT community, too................
  2. I can't remember where the thread for Manchester explosion exists........sorry!!(´×ω×`) UPDATED: Manchester Bomber Was a British Intelligence Mi6 Asset http://www.oye.news/news/war/terrorism/manchester-bomber-british-intelligence-mi6-asset/ OK, peeps, need your heads. There's a movement in the CT field to deny and discard this Manchester bombing, to be a total false flag. But I have learned from a "friend" that his close friend went through the actual bombing. This guy's friend is dead from the explosion. People DID DIE, GONE MISSING, AND THE FAMILIES ARE GRIEVING!!!!!!!! It's easy enough for others who didn't cop anything to say what they want to say from all over the world. But if there ARE people who actually DIED, INJURED, AND GONE MISSING, then shouldn't we STOP and THINK, instead of judging the whole thing was a HOAX!? Don't just go to an extreme answer in your opinion all the time. Look, the possibility is unfortunately endless(´Д`)----the bombing could have been ORGANISED by someone from a nasty faction. Yes. But there ARE bombings totally intended to BLOW UP everything also planned, not only to use the actors. Including passer-by peeps like school kids and mums and babies. The WAR is already started above our heads and intended to go on till 2022. (This is the Aliens-War by the way. We get sandwiched in between the factions.......) It's been badly active since about October last year, as far as I know. We need to give hands to our sisters and brothers as Humanity. Don't just settle in one extreme then move to another extreme opinion about the situations when we face to the tragedies such as bombings. We need to unite somehow.
  3. UK: HOSPITALS WARNING from Daboo Sorry it's 3 days old but just in case the UK peeps need to see...
  4. It's DEBUNKED!! The vid below had made into our CT field, making most of us to think it's hoax but still was not exactly sure.......... Well, officially, it's been declared to be a hoax back in Aug 2016, found out that it was made by an awesome digital artist in Canada so let's put it aside as an entertaining bit of film. https://rogueplanet.tv/alien-interview-video-officially-debunked/12111 "A viral video hit the internet last week in which an alien imparts its wisdom to the the interviewer. This video was supposedly recorded by members of the official government-funded project, Blue Book. " "UFO researcher, Isaac Koi, was quick to analyze the video and determine that it was most definitely a hoax. Koi was able to trace the video back to its original uploader, and that’s when it became clear that this was nothing more than a pet project of a digital effects artist. In an article written by Koi, he states that this was all done by:
  5. Do We Need a Thread "What's Going On In Canada"!??(´゚д゚`) Smashing appalling action that's wasting Canadian tax payer's money, continuing to repeat lame responses that used for covering his own asses and to WASTE TIME.... Though I don't agree to it, I understand their notion!; some CT heads started to wonder if this guy is a CLONE thus unable to respond properly....
  6. Kandy, sounds like Oz has been falling behind from the front line technologies for some time, because the industry, including the national broadcasting station ABC, they make artists to forward their stuff in 128-MP3...and BROADCAST THAT CRAP on radio.(´; ω ;`) It was sobering to learn that they DON'T CARE about the quality of delivery. (Mind you, I thought the radio compression is the other way around to what we use for a cd production. Either way, crazy horrid sound and peeps become dependent on beats than intricate attributions methinks.)
  7. Interestingly, I have been watching Live feed of DSWADVENTURE channel on YT. He went to show us lots of ancient petroglyphs and especially the Bat Women pictogram in Nevada on 27-5-2017. During the broadcast, he pointed out a few places on the rock surface being SCRAPED/DUG UP big way, possibly to take away something from the public views was shown. Native American people left on the black surface, engraving or embossing on the ancient imprint of possible nuke blast class impact left on the site. Unfortunately I didn't get the screen shot of such places but they looked absolutely not small pieces being removed. It could be a lot bigger than 5 metres X 5 metres X 3 metres in very high location. I have no idea how they had manage to get such place, because the ground was uneven narrow pathway in some places, no way you could drive cranes or walk with a ladder long enough to deal with the height let alone trying to remove such large piece of object, whatever the machinery must had been large enough to cope with the weight of the piece they scraped out. Flown in by choppers? Honestly IDK. There were rocks fell off from the surface of mounds, and I could compare it to the sites Paul had pointed out. For the natural rock fall case, you can tell it's natural from the remaining surface on the site. But the ones that's been artificially removed actually had forcefully created scraped markings on the surfaces from huge machinery of some sort. So whether it was Smithsonian's undisclosed job, like Giant skeletal samples gone missing, there were some parts of ancient petroglyphs being removed from native American site, in this case, it had a formal trekking path created as a National Park. I think it was called the Valley of Fire. What a beautiful place it was! (And hell of appreciation that I didn't have to walk up there myself but the guy did it for us to see intricate rock sites.) The file name I saved showed the below image was taken when the camera panned down from the scraped mark. That's why he came to the conclusion that Native American petroglyphs were removed from the site intentionally.
  8. Chinese Disclosure https://ufoholic.com/news/its-official-china-admits-to-the-existence-of-ufos-and-aliens/
  9. Debunking the above article? Wait a minute...who hangs around you?( ・ὢ・ )? Just to even out the research factors, here the opponent goes. I don't automatically believe in what this snoop site says---they seems to have influence of some alphabet groups. So having that in the back of your head, please go ahead and read the page, to see what they try to do to diffuse and redirect the point, damage any truthful info that might had been included in the article that got attacked... Anyhow, let's try to be neutral so we can see how all jigsaw puzzle pieces fit around us. http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/giantcoverup.asp
  10. Just found this.... (c)haffingpost/rightful owner(s) No money what so ever is made from the post. Shared for educational purpose. And for 5 sec worth of laugh...
  11. Just to add the above (Just saw the post, haven't checked out the vid yet! Going to do so right now.), I just discovered this.... "CERN" and "LUPERCUS" connection: http://www.babylonrisingblog.com/CERN.html Cern the hero becomes the person to reign the Earth. Far out. "Something else I find particularly interesting about the Lupercalia festival is that it also seemed to be directly associated with Pan! " "The Wiccan myth goes on to state that Lupercus was given "twelve labors" to perform in order to prove himself worthy (similar to Thor, Hercules, Gilgamesh and others). These labors are what sends this sun through the signs of the Zodiac in one year. Succeeding at these labors, he was proclaimed a sun god. So, once again we see that this god is exactly the same as so many of the other Nimrod-based gods!" "But here's where the story gets really interesting. After Lupercus goes into the Underworld, his brother Cerndecides to usurp Lupercus' earthly throne as the ruler of this world!" Oi....( ̄д ̄)
  12. S T A T E O F R H O D E I S L A N D IN GENERAL ASSEMBLY JANUARY SESSION, A.D. 2017 A N A C T RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY -- THE GEOENGINEERING ACT OF 2017 http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText/BillText17/HouseText17/H6011.pdf http://www.activistpost.com/2017/05/rhode-islands-surprising-geoengineering-act-2017.html From March 2017 in Adelaide SA, Oz I think it was on 25th May 2017 in Adelaide SA Oz
  13. I'm not sure if this bill got posted in different thread before.... Sorry if I doubled up on it...! DIRECT to the pdf, able to DL: http://webserver.rilin.state.ri.us/BillText/BillText17/HouseText17/H6011.pdf To the pdf +able to DL via Legiscan site: https://legiscan.com/RI/text/H6011/id/1572382 Bill Text: RI H6011 | 2017 | Regular Session | Introduced Rhode Island House Bill 6011 Bill Title: The Geoengineering Act Of 2017 Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 1-0) Status: (Introduced) 2017-04-07 - Committee recommended measure be held for further study [H6011 Detail] Download: Rhode_Island-2017-H6011-Introduced.pdf Aww sorry the resolution is so crappy...please do visit the link. Err...this is Leak Proj take on the thing. Some (or...many maybe) of you could get really annoyed at this vid. Skip whenever you need to...lots garbage bits thrown in....ROFL
  14. Hear, hear! I agree, Jess!(・ω・)ノ MP3 is DEAD https://www.gizmodo.com.au/2017/05/developers-of-the-mp3-have-officially-killed-it/ "MP3, the digital audio coding format, changed the way we listen to music and drove the adoption of countless new devices over the last couple of decades. And now, it's dead. The developer of the format announced this week that it has officially terminated its licensing program." .....I have a question---how "better" are they? What makes them "better" for the market is that they are smaller than MP3 files, and yet clearer audio capability. We have learned from a study on MP3's effect on humans that MP3 affects on human brain, agitating the same region of brain to that of when you are ANGRY. (I can't provide the link for it but I recall I posted about it on ancient time ago....so the links are here in CHANI but I can't remember where they are. Sorry....(´Д`) ) As the file size went smaller, the effect got worse. As the data becomes more complex with bigger capacity to fill in the spaces, humans thought they feel better. The audio file sounded closer to hearing the sound naturally was better for humans. If the problem of file being smaller and got far more of dents and weird spaces in between the information, would that affect the same way for other "preferred" files? Are we going to find nasty news later again? "Convenience on the net" does not necessarily mean its all good for us. Anyway, I haven't closely studied about the differences the latest files got so IDK. If anyone can tell, please let us know by posting on this thread.
  15. That's interesting. Jim Stone is going on about this on his site but Japan has been realising the danger in Indonesia and other Sth Est Asian countries infiltrated by DAEISH, and watching out for the movement there. It's legit that MORE THAN IN MIDDLE EAST, IT'S STH EST ASIA WHERE DAEISH ARE RISING QUICKLY WITH MORE NUMBERS. Woops, maybe this should be posted in the Chronicle of WW3 thread....or...are we facing to the need to create a thread for WW4?