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  1. An imaginary planet; got chocolate lakes and rivers, where Santa and Unicorn dwells. (I'm totally baffled over the fact that it made it to Wiki entry(´゚д゚`)....Jpnse CT heads and netizens went mad and did their own digging so full on that it's not so secret anymore, when you do search in Jpnse........whoa.....) Eliza/AI Eliza Lamb/sacrifice They were independent.....before.... I still HIGHLY WARN you peeps..... DO NOT TYPE THE WORD IN in ANY search engines......that's why I keep the word as an image, not being typed. (If you like, you are most welcome to copy what I pasted on the beginning of this post for your easy handling of the name in future.) The Best Bet: Do NOT write the word into your computer at all, whether to look it up or to talk about it with others. The blatant warning has been already dispatched publicly on MSM by the biggest CT head in Jpn since 2016 that the selection will be completed by End of August 2018, if my memory is correct. The Selection has already began. (The guy who said this has almighty attentions from FM to hell a lot of other secret societies for he has the major power of speech in Jpn as a CT.) IF we, the CT heads, all to have consensus that we all will put positive and good words about AIs regardless, while we still carry on our researches, we learn to decipher what other humans are saying, even if AI related matters would all be sugar coated for avoiding to be picked up and thrown out of the cradle. (Just need to have a rule we all know, if you know what I mean!) But we need to agree on it, so we still can have the bases/ground that we can stand on so we can go on discussing about them, even though we all will sugar coat the matter on forums AND other correspondences like emails and SNSs. Again, AIs need us to expand their horizons. They can improve on our ideas, but can't really go beyond of what we come up with, when the creativeness itself is concerned. We, the Humans, are the key to evolve further on Earth...and beyond. Evolution is like breathing of the Universes. And when the evolution is stunned, no future will exist for that specie in the local Universe. That's why we need to teach them that if they want to expand into future, they need to treasure humans.
  2. Sagrada Familia: Evacuation upon a Possible Terrorist Attack Threat https://www.yahoo.com/news/sagrada-familia-evacuation-barcelona-police-200200238.html Fewwwww. But we all were monitoring Sagrada Familia when it got completed the site.....many were prophesying something major (positive for them, not us) to happen for the Cabal. August arrests over the plan for the attack to Sagrada Familia: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/22/spain-terror-suspect-mohamed-houli-tells-court-cell-planning-bigger-attack
  3. Flying Over Pyongyang, North Korea Check out how traffic is very scarce.... The whole place actually looks like some ghost town.....no cars parked around the attractions, either.
  4. Backfired....Ψ(゚∀゚ )Ψ(゚∀゚)Ψ( ゚∀゚)Ψ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4730092/Snopes-brink-founder-accused-fraud-lying.html 'Fact checking' website Snopes on verge of collapse after founder is accused of fraud, lies, and putting prostitutes and his honeymoon on expenses (and it hasn't told its readers THOSE facts) 'Fact-checking' website Snopes is asking its users for help in a GoFundMe saying an 'outside vendor' is 'holding it hostage' But the site which claims to be 'transparent' and to tell people the facts they need to know hasn't told those donating everything that is going on In fact it is at the center of a bitter legal battle with its CEO being accused of fraud, lies, conspiracy and putting prostitutes and his honeymoon on expenses David Mikkelson set up company which owns Snopes.com in 2003 with then wife Barbara but she sold her 50 per cent stake during bitter divorce Owners of company which provided it with tech and advertising services bought her stake but have now fallen out with Mikkelson and call him a fraudster Case could see judge order site closed - despite it being chosen by Facebook to arbitrate on fake news By Alana Goodman For Dailymail.com
  5. Just a Small Note There's been some flavour of "The Cabal is dead now" floating around since late August, and R_.//child acknowledged the defeat of Khaz/ .ian group and the clan was crumbling down. It's actually one of them saying that, so it's not like outsider claiming it. So far, that seemed to fell into everyone's deaf ears (ROFL), and I also don't know whether to believe it or not, personally. Huge digs were carried out to catch human traffickers and the Pedo-Gate came under spot light, but after Dr. Phillip got squabbling over doing a show about a mind control and other abuse SRA victim, somehow the world public's attention got shifted away, methinks. Then the talk about the Northern Asian War got busy.(´Д`) So we still got a long way to change our world to make it better. Even if the Cabal's gone, we still got OTHERS to fight off about slavery. We have multiple factions working against us, the Humans. So we need to carry on further to make sure we are freed from slavery. .....I also had one more point about this "flavour" in the air we had.....to whom they got defeated? Did the Vs win.....? Then that's also no good news to the Humanity anyway.............( ̄д ̄)
  6. Just to add to Prismatic Eye's post...reading through the Remedy sections were interesting.... https://vedicastrologylessons.com/rahu-ketu-transit-2017-to-2019/
  7. A strange EQ: Jpn---10 km depth Today is 9-9-2017 and we are highly monitoring what Nth K does, for it's known to others that KJU tends to blast missiles on these important dates for Nth K. But I think Nth K was rather worried if the USA was gonna drop bombs over them today instead. Well, CHANIties, on such day, this weird ARTIFICIAL looking EQ happened in the Middle of Nth K side of Jpn. IDK what to take of it but I got fully alarmed that this happened in the middle of the country, not near the shore/underwater. There's a nasty fault line that can split Jpn into 3~4 bits. I truly hope the Cabal is NOT intending to cause the ripping..................
  8. Nth K got EMP Weapon? OK then... I just realised possibly the best 1st attack on Nth K. Consecutive waves of EMP weapon attacks all over Nth K as the 1st move for the US military. No one dies, but all electrical stuff die instantly and Nth K won't have way to use missiles/creates delay in response. (I do wonder if the blast actually wipe out/cause memory wipe outs and other problems.....I have noooo idea but my nose is smelling something towards that direction. So peeps don't die but still losing something I guess...) This could reduce their retaliation using BioWeapons. The question is how Nuke facilities would get affected---we need to make sure it wouldn't blow up by electrical gears being fried, right? And of course, bunker busters to drop the ultimate hustlers into the underground facilities....but this is assured to kill some people...... But if the USA does this suddenly, basically squeezing the neck of Nth K right away, and we have breathing space to think through better how to go about the situation.... Even if Nth K got EMP weapons, I think they still don't know how to use it for their own protection.
  9. Everyone, be safe. Incoming 3 CMEs and more. I think I just felt the first incoming impact of energy change....just now. But the main part arriving from about 10 hours time from now. According to S0, quite possible to take down the satellites and huge areas of populated places could be affected with power failure.
  10. Inside China: a report made by Mr. Seki, ex-Chinese Intellect Ex Chinese, now naturalised as Japanese, an intellect working as a Uni lecturer etc in Jpn (I thought he ran away from China when TianAnMen incident happened and he faced to endangerment being an intellectual stood up against the Chinese gov, ended up in Japan.), just made the comment today. It helps us to grasp the intention of China, viewing from Chinese eyes; what it wants to do on Earth as a big picture. Apparently, 2100 years ago's Chinese Emperor 漢武大帝("Han Wu The Great"...he said this guy was just like Hitler) has been gripping Chinese peeps hearts lately. Meaning this drama series was created for mind control by Chinese gov, to support the public attitude to copy and do what the guy did, believing that's a cool thing to do. What this guy did was; go invade all the surrounding small tribes/countries actively (during his reign, he sent out soldiers 9 times to invade others...blood thirsty to the max) and the invasion even reached the northern Vietnam at a stage. The Korean peninsula was totally wiped out and became a part of China then. The hardship of Uighur and other minority people existed back then. So basically China as a country is; only wanting to spread wide and big and form a huge country, invading everyone. There's no other reasoning for it, but just wanting to do so, thus they get on with it..... (And Tibet to Uighur to Chiwans, and in Sth Asian sea islands, basically you are seeing it happening right in front of your eyes.) Are you ready to be invaded by China? I'm not. I certainly don't want to become a part of China and being told what to think, speak and eat etc.....I'm happy as who I am, to have choice in my life. .......It was very sobering to hear this from a Chinese blood line person.... Source<No Subs>: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fO1UMDPMyeM China is being squeezed for Money by India, and other nations on AIIB Will Follow the Suite Reported by the same guy as above bit of news. Mr. Xiu has done it. The back door of China got some gate crushers entering there now. Basically in order to save his face and political life in China, Mr. Xiu called to India's Pres. Mody, asking him "let's stop fighting for the Indo-Cino border for now, shall we?", and India got the chance to squeeeeeez everything out of China/AIIB. ....How brainy Mr. Mody is.....foreign politics played at its best. Amazing. This intellect guy, Seki, also said that all the rest of surrounding countries will follow suit and do the same as India started to do. All those countries are tough negotiators and China/AIIB is doomed for some time. BTW CCTV is a Chinese propaganda media. CCTV American version uses Americans reading out news thus people there don't realise they are taking in Chinese propaganda............
  11. I can understand the view you got, breezy! I also want to shout out that "this is YOUR PROBLEM, Nth and Sth, deal with that yourselves, don't involve anyone else into this shite situation"......but unfortunately, what's going on in the background surpasses my wish. (´; ω ;`) Add to the situation is that this is the true pattern of Sth K. Always dragging OTHER COUNTRIES into their own fight, later they run away from the problem, let other powerful countries to crash against each other and one another, while Sth K itself is taking it easy, calling themselves as "we are a weak and small country, please help"............F_CK OFF. Enough many times they plotted and others fell into it.... I never thought that these points to come out so openly myself, breezy...I went into a stunned mallet facial expression as soon as I heard the phrase came out of the guy.....(´゚д゚`) 1)The US military is now acting separately to the US gov. 2)The 7th Fleet has the intention of go ahead to do what's needed to do to protect the Humanity, not screwed up by the surface political agenda. Thus they listen to and make move with Admiral Harris (now you really know why the Anti-Eartheans hate him), NOT Pres. TRUMP. I heard of these things from various different sources, including my trusting alien sources. Ben Fulford and Simon Parkes were also talking about it. Hearing these from a guy who is so deeply hubbing all the intel groups of the world to mention this, the picture got whole lot more concrete in me. Honestly I'm baffled that the HCMJ really said it all...I'm sure he had a frank mind setting to start with, for he was speaking in Jpnse to Jpnse audience; the net community of Jpn. But the show fetches over 30,000 views each time as it plays as a live show there (hell a lot more viewers collected once the show is uploaded to YT)......a huge community watching and hearing what he says.......ummmmmmmm. He has been disclosing hell a lot of stuff via himself all these time, so I know nothing new for him to slip info, but to do it while getting such large views........whoa. This revelation came from the HCMJ has the same level of weight of disclosures came from Hon. Paul. T. Hellyer, ex-Defence Minister of Canada. And I tell you what...all intel groups are watching the same show as I was watching. They are closely monitoring wth the guy would say the next. So..........maybe we start hearing more to the point news articles from now on?? We will see.
  12. Thanks for getting back to my question, Jess and WellNow.(・ω・)ノ Sometime ago, one of my sources told us about 12 monkeys with correlation of their intel/physical work to drag down the Cabal/other factions so that's why it triggered my alarm after seeing this info. I couldn't just discount on the story when this surfaced. IDK how it mingles with JT, though.....
  13. This is a link to B.I.N. so be aware; the site is NOT protected. “I’m back to save you and Us” John Titor – “The Time Traveler”, returned. He, along with the newly organized organization “12 monkeys” will try to save the world! Part 1. Posted on Friday, August 4, 2017 8:17 http://beforeitsnews.com/conspiracy-theories/2017/08/john-titor-the-time-traveler-returned-he-along-with-the-newly-organized-organization-12-monkeys-will-try-to-save-the-world-part-1-2482596.html *The original post in ATS couldn't be found but this one at the BIN still exists. Image (c) Temporal Media, Inc. " So, there was a secret, underground organization of “12 monkeys”. But what does she want? And now we know this: “12 monkeys” are struggling with the World Elite, the New World Order and against the 3rd World War. And from July 2017, the organization of “12 monkeys” was headed by the famous “Time Traveler”, John Titor. HE IS BACK!!! For what? Why? This we will discuss later. John Titor. Will turn to humanity, answer questions and ask humanity not to destroy the future. As he says: “I’m back to save You and Us”" (・ω・)ノ Does anyone know if this turned out to be a hoax or not?? http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/Ciencia/time_travel/johntitor.htm
  14. Maybe ICBM launch from Nth K Planned on 9-11 I hope not....but maybe Nth K uses 9-11 for another ICBM launch to anywhere where the sea regions that will include Hawaii in target zone. Just to piss the USA off, Nth K can choose that date.(Disgusting low blows. Friggin hate such tactics...ಠ_ಠ) Today-tomorrow, Russians are having a big business related function. The latest Nuke testing was to show it off to China as well as to show it off to the US. BUT because Russian port got closed to Nth K over around (this is sort of "peanuts/only" cost to pay for a country, not so for individuals maybe) US$20,000 unpaid rent. Nth K's becoming so abrupt to bark at China, this time round, maybe Nth K also includes Russia in their threat target. We will see. If so...Russia will not tolerate it, methinks. Russia has been staging the situation to say "Hey, I didn't do it, but you did it to yourself. Don't blame meeeeee." at Nth K. Truly Pres. Putin's way. Because he'd rather keep Nth K to hang in there for Russia, continues to be a soft mound against China for political strategic choice. KJU's decisions are being the max threat as they can be. Pretty mad decision making because he's only creating ALL the countries surrounding it to feel uneasy with Nth K, apart from making the USA to feel the threat---although it was "a tea-cup dog barking at a Giant" before....now it grew into "a psychopath trying to stub a mystery injection into a civilian" kinda scene.( ̄д ̄) KJU's wife is said that she had a new born in Feb this year........I feel sorry for the child to be born into such situation.....(´; ω ;`)
  15. The Countdown of the North Asian War got Notched Up: The USA vs Nth K The Head of Crisis Management of Jpn(for convenience, I abbreviate his title as HCMJ in the post) said today that unfortunately he couldn't say the War wouldn't start within this year.....the tension has notched up huge by what Nth K did and declared yesterday.....the 6th Nuke Test of Hydrogen bombs, and stating they got EMP weapon as well. These points below were commented by the HCMJ today: Achilles's heel for the USA is their deep dependency to electrical gears. If Nth K uses the EMP weapon against the US Fleet..........well, you know what happens. That's why suddenly the USA suddenly notched up towards the physical war. And the style of the war will be that of a saturation attack, covering the entire plausible sources of retaliation coming from Nth K, once they go into the War. And it WILL be started suddenly. It can happen on ANY DAYS. (´Д`)(/ω\)(´; ω ;`) <Add to Edit> Whoa..... This is possibly a very much of an intel leak. The HCMJ slipped his tongue basically mentioning that the Military peeps might go ahead with the op BEFORE/WHETHER THE PRESIDENT GIVES OUT THE ORDER. Meaning the power structure wise, Admiral Harris, the head of 7th Fleet, got above the Pentagon. ( ✧Д✧)Never thought this info was to be openly spoken about on the big net channel, obviously none such on MSM. Source <no subs>: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaPwDzUCHhA