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    To all Chaniites: I just wanted to take a minute to mention a couple important dates we passed recently. I have a lot going on, and just want you to know I never forget these dates, but time just will not slow down for me. I had every intention of posting about them at the time, and next thing I knew, the day had passed. Happy 6th Anniversary to CHANI on May 29, 2017 Thank you to Acolyte, for giving us this forum. I wish all of you could have met him, and that we could have had a get together in So. Africa. Speaking of Acolyte Happy Birthday to Acolyte, June 26, 2017. I'm sure we all wish he were here right now. Thank You to Acolyte again. My friend, YOU ROCKED !! Salut !! I may be late, but I will never forget !! breezy
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    russia shoots down us global hawk us doomsday plane damaged by tornado pence at norad nuclear lab shutdown endangers us arsenal british government hacked, no access to emails collapse and reversal of earths magnetosphere21061713:14utc CERNsurfing USAF coms intrcpts 4XINSJ3NNW2H4FOJLTR6LZIX2OUMPB C2CI4LBED6SGCRGSTGMILVTC47KQG5O6LFP
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    I am bumping out a separate thread about Vegas because I think this REALLY needs some discussion, theory, ritual discussion, etc.....all in one place... THIS EVENT IS DIFFERENT Being here in the States....this whole event is DIFFERENT than all other "mass shootings".... For starters, there is no underlying message/agenda being pushed by the media. Never let a good catastrophe go to waste...planned or not.....an agenda is always pushed and jammed down our throats. Even the "Gun Control" agenda isnt sticking because for all intents and purposes, this guy passed EVERY TEST. The "Bump Stock" to make 12 of his rifles into machine guns...loophole...a small loophole...overlooked loophole...it will obviously be closed after this, but even this isnt pushing an agenda. If this is the agenda, it is being pushed very weakly. There is virtually no finger pointing. It just "is".....Even the NRA's usual statement "The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun". CANNOT apply here. Maybe they just want us to feel defeated.....I dont know.... What they ARE shoving down our throats is "The gunman shot between 9 and 11 minutes". Trump being QUIET is concerning. He is in Vegas now. He ALWAYS has something to say....perhaps he is really being blindsided by it or maybe it is something that went wrong and no one knows how to "fix it". ISIS claimed it.....its almost like they are having a tantrum because their claim is being dismissed. Antifa claimed it (on an Australian ANTIFA FB page that got pulled down) - the wife is an Aussie citizen, happened on Queens Bday in Oz.... Then there are the eye witness videos - whats in the background....that pyramid with the light coming out of the top. Throw in the 9 and 11 minutes being shoved down our throats. I personally believe there was more than one shooter..... So going back to the beginning....WHAT DID THIS ACT ACHIEVE? WHAT IS THE GOAL?
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    thank you Chani thank you S thank you RS thank you ACO T
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    Tablet 15... Secrets of Secrets.... First I shall speak of the fetters of darkness which bind ye in chains to the sphere of the Earth. Darkness and light are both of one nature, different only in seeming, for each arose from the source of all. Darkness is disorder. Light is Order. Darkness transmuted is light of the Light. This, my children, your purpose in being; transmutation of darkness to light. Hear ye now of the mystery of nature, the relations of life to the Earth where it dwells. Know ye, ye are threefold in nature, physical, astral and mental in one. Three are the qualities of each of the natures; nine in all, as above, so below. In the physical are these channels, the blood which moves in vortical motion, reacting on the heart to continue its beating. Magnetism which moves through the nerve paths, carrier of energies to all cells and tissues. Akasa which flows through channels, subtle yet physical, completing the channels. Each of the three attuned with each other, each affecting the life of the body. Form they the skeletal framework through which the subtle ether flows. In their mastery lies the Secret of Life in the body. Relinquished only by will of the adept, when his purpose in living is done. Three are the natures of the Astral, mediator is between above and below; not of the physical, not of the Spiritual, but able to move above and below. Three are the natures of Mind, carrier it of the Will of the Great One. Arbitrator of Cause and Effect in thy life. Thus is formed the threefold being, directed from above by the power of four. Above and beyond man's threefold nature lies the realm of the Spiritual Self. Four is it in qualities, shining in each of the planes of existence, but thirteen in one, the mystical number. Based on the qualities of man are the Brothers: each shall direct the unfoldment of being, each shall channels be of the Great One. On Earth, man is in bondage, bound by space and time to the earth plane. Encircling each planet, a wave of vibration, binds him to his plane of unfoldment. Yet within man is the Key to releasement, within man may freedom be found. When ye have released the self from the body, rise to the outermost bounds of your earth-plane. Speak ye the word Dor-E-Lil-La. Then for a time your Light will be lifted, free may ye pass the barriers of space. For a time of half of the sun (six hours), free may ye pass the barriers of earth-plane, see and know those who are beyond thee. Yea, to the highest worlds may ye pass. See your own possible heights of unfoldment, know all earthly futures of Soul. Bound are ye in your body, but by the power ye may be free. This is the Secret whereby bondage shall be replaced by freedom for thee. Calm let thy mind be. At rest be thy body: Conscious only of freedom from flesh. Center thy being on the goal of thy longing. Think over and over that thou wouldst be free. Think of this word La-Um-I-L-Ganoover and over in thy mind let it sound. Drift with the sound to the place of thy longing. Free from the bondage of flesh by thy will. Hear ye while I give the greatest of secrets: how ye may enter the Halls of Amenti, enter the place of the immortals as I did, stand before the Lords in their places. Lie ye down in rest of thy body. Calm thy mind so no thought disturbs thee. Pure must ye be in mind and in purpose, else only failure will come unto thee. Vision Amenti as I have told in my Tablets. Long with fullness of heart to be there. Stand before the Lords in thy mind's eye. Pronounce the words of power I give (mentally); Mekut-El-Shab-El Hale-Sur-Ben-El-Zabrut Zin-Efrim-Quar-El. Relax thy mind and thy body. Then be sure your soul will be called. Now give I the Key to Shambbalah, the place where my Brothers live in the darkness: Darkness but filled with Light of the Sun Darkness of Earth, but Light of the Spirit, guides for ye when my day is done. Leave thou thy body as I have taught thee. Pass to the barriers of the deep, hidden place. Stand before the gates and their guardians. Command thy entrance by these words: I am the Light. In me is no darkness. Free am I of the bondage of night. Open thou the way of the Twelve and the One, so I may pass to the realm of wisdom. When they refuse thee, as surely they will, command them to open by these words of power: I am the Light. For me are no barriers. Open, I command, by the Secret of Secrets Edom-El-Ahim-Sabbert-Zur Adom. Then if thy words have been Truth of the highest, open for thee the barriers will fall. Now, I leave thee, my children. Down, yet up, to the Halls shall I go. Win ye the way to me, my children. Truly my brothers shall ye become. Thus finish I my writings. Keys let them be to those who come after. But only to those who seek my wisdom, for only for these am I the Key and the Way. http://www.disclose.tv/board/the-emerald-tablets-of-thoth-tablet-1-t62947-10.html
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    This is on one of my walk paths. Finally took a snap of it. I call it Vulcan Crossing. 😁
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    shenachie = Seanchaí translates as ‘story teller’, An ancient name indeed, and this was how knowledge was passed down from generations. each clan had an appointed Seachaí (pronounced Shawn-she) who would then pass to the next. Normally this was the first male born of each family became the appointed one. Although not uncommon for females to be the appointed story teller, or Truth teller and continues to this day. the old alliance between Scotland and France is one of the oldest in history, and was formed mainly due to the King of England at the time wanting to rule over Christiandom which would have had all Christian taxes pass through england. Thus fund the English kings wars which he wanted to rage over Europe, but mainly over France. To this day England still don’t like the French and this was because the King Philip wouldn’t bend the knee to England, and thus France remained the favoured son of the Vatican for the crusades. (This was also why after the declaration of Arbroath 1320 ((which I believe your owndeclaration is based on)) scotland has a special relationship and status with Rome. The templars of Scotland were indeed prevelant, during the battle of bannockburn one of the most famous victories from Scotland over England where we were out numbered 4 to 1 and would have been the end of Scotland as we know it, there was Templars present, along with the bones of St Andrew, and the bones of St Columbus. Eventually the might force of England was beeten by laymen during the second day, and a second wave of attack. And i’m Talking about the stable boys, the cooks, the medics, the laymen and woman picked up what ever weapons the could find charged the fields and sent Edward homeward to think again. there are many hidden things within Scotland, many hidden symbols and myths surrounding this. And yes we invented some secret societies with honourable intention, but like many things greed, corruption, and power hungry individuals soon infiltrated it. Hence why the old governance of looking after the people (king of Scots) was always favoured. In fact before King Robert the Bruce became king, the people (after a 3 day battle with William Wallace who was fighting along side the sinclairs) proclaimed Wallace to be king - which Wallace refused, as Wallace at the time was trying to introduce Scotland to the HANSA federation. With the lubec letters in hand and ready to bring scotland into the HANSA fold, (which would have deemed all royalty illegal in Scotland, although the lay people would have done exstremely well with trade) was subsequently betrayed by a Scot, captured by the English then murdered without trial 3days later In england. Even after 700 years Wallace - the true Guardian of Scotland is celebrated and remembered by Scots and a hero, a rebel, and a man who stood up for the little men. Apologise for going off topic, however in the grand scheme of things, small snippets of history can potentially help fill gaps in the present, england sold its soul without question for “gold” Scotland was always more about free trade and ensuring everyone was looked after. Please and thank you we’re not as such recognisable words as if someone was hungry you fed them, cold you clothed them, homeless you bed them. And as such these words were Alien to us. Couple that with the legendary standing stones, the druids of old, and countless times that the Romans tried and failed to conquer us, and including the English no-one could even though they should have (bigger armies bigger weapons) we were smart, we were brave, our woman fearless ithe form of the Aicé. But the powerful energy of Scotland and the Scots ensured our land to remain unconquered at any time through history which I think people would agree was quite a feat in itself! as a Scottish / Irish Cruthinie the heritage of this land is sacramental and sacred. My island I used to stay on runs through a lay line if memory serves me correct, it is a very mystical place, and the only sad thing about all this, is that people have forgotten due to the likes of distraction via TV computers et al. However some of us -Modern day Guardians of Scotland, ensure that many will not forget, and we stand shoulder to shoulder in the line of Defense for Scotland. Called upon first to defend the sacred land.
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    I would love to know the story behind this one!
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    vids online audio sounds to me like: M240B and/or M249 SAW definately BELT FED weapon judging from duration and rhythm of fire AMERICANS, DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE YOUR WEAPONS
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    WARNING......... Graphic content. New York City. White cop beaten by black man in broad daylight while another white cop stands back.
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    again the hypocricy in plain view, mortal enemies on Earth best friends in space, im sick of this fucking bullshit nice spiral behind the chief chinese of ISS building a station around selene, how wonderful makes deliveries much easier
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    I don't know where to put this, so will just put it here. I have been recently working on listening to my guidance and receiving messages more clearly and believe I got confirmation of that yesterday. It's kinda freaky. My friend / mentor’s husband passed away early yesterday morning. (He’d been on hospice care for two years.) I hadn't really been in contact with her since I saw her the day before I moved out of state in July. Yesterday, I was just knocking around in my kitchen and I had a thought about one thing that indirectly led me to think about her and how much she had influenced my life (because I'm now attempting to do something similar in someone else's life -- if he would only grab the bit and run with it. But I digress.) Something then urged me to message her right then. I simply said that I missed her and asked how she was doing. She asked for a good email address for me. And sent me a note saying that her husband had passed. I asked her when it happened and she said that morning. I’m kinda blown away and feel like I was guided to reach out to her. I mean to reach out to her on that very day is nothing short of astounding to me. She said the universe always finds a way. Really uncanny.
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    Generals gathered in their masses just like witches at black masses... INL CD
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    I really want a flying car, as it is now I can drive north for for a day straight and still be in the same province , the first photo is from 1951 how long do we have to wait
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    A SPECIAL thanks to FRANK who has kindly donated some of his most beautiful blooms .. It is with great pleasure and reverence that his feathers have adorned the Fairy house as well as the special lounge chair for passing Fairies to take in some rays and rest a little. I also have a very special little feather from his crown which I will make something unique on which it can be used... have to ask the fairies for advise on that one... Enjoy
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    NASA-Funded Scientists Discover Tenth Planet 07.29.05 https://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/solarsystem/newplanet-072905.html The Dwarf Planet Formerly Known as Xena Has Officially Been Named Eris, IAU Announces 09/14/2006 http://www.caltech.edu/news/dwarf-planet-formerly-known-xena-has-officially-been-named-eris-iau-announces-1187 "The International Astronomical Union (IAU) today announced that the dwarf planet known as Xena since its 2005 discovery has been named Eris, after the Greek goddess of discord. Eris's moon will be known as Dysnomia, the demon goddess of lawlessness and the daughter of Eris. The names are those suggested by the discoverers of the dwarf planet—Mike Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology, Chad Trujillo of the Gemini Observatory, and David Rabinowitz of Yale University, and by the discoverers of the moon—Brown and the engineering team of Keck Observatory where the observations were made. "Eris is the Greek goddess of discord and strife," explains Brown. "She stirs up jealousy and envy to cause fighting and anger among men. At the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, all the gods were invited with the exception of Eris, and, enraged at her exclusion, she spitefully caused a quarrel among the goddesses that led to the Trojan War."
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    much more coming this year, especially THIS year, in the days of old, archers/catapults preceded the ground attack, in the later years artillery fire preceded and softened the way for ground assault, in todays world aerial bombardment supersedes ground action.... take it up a notch or two please listen to the vid and try to comprehend the correlation of the other observed projectiles flying in parallel unfortunately I cannot disclose more, you have the points and data set
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    Best Video you will ever see.......................... if you don't feel gooey in your heart you are no longer human
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    ok, just this once https://srp-uk.org/news/article/197/ruthenium-106-detected-in-europe Ruthenium-106 is used for radiation therapy to treat eye tumors, and sometimes as a source of energy to power satellites. RU-106 is used in radioisotope thermoelectric generators to power satelliteshttps://phys.org/news/2017-10-spike-airborne-radioactivity-europe.html https://www.researchgate.net/publication/6081869_Migration_of_Ruthenium-106_in_a_Nevada_Test_Site_Aquifer_Discrepancy_Between_Field_and_Laboratory_Results Ruthenium-106 has been observed to migrate in ground water at about the same velocity as tritium from the site of an underground nuclear explosion https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-94-011-2608-3_13 Profiles of Chernobyl 106Ru and137 Cs were obtained at margin and interior sites in the Black Sea between 1986 and 1988. The data show a vertical separation in the activity distributions of these two tracers. Ruthenium-106 is found at depths below the Chernobyl 137Cs, indicating that 106Ru is removed via particle scavenging processes, http://www.dtic.mil/docs/citations/AD0473931 Report Date : 30 AUG 1965 The ruthenium-rhodium 106 concentration reported is too high to be entirely due to nuclear tests, and shown no rational pattern with time or depth. (Author)
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    @T I think we are all sick of this bullshit T. Sometimes I wonder if and when it will ever end and how much more we can all take. Sometimes I sort of envy those that are asleep. Other times I feel calm, confident that it will all work out in the end. What will be will be, but I right now I wish it would just finish (one way or the other) for God's Sake.
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    Hubby and I were wondering, 'What if?', and then we found it:
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    track 13 from the lateralus album Faaip De Oiad means "Voice Of God" Lyrics: I, I dont have a whole lot of time. um, ok, Im a former employee of area 51 . i, I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago and, and... [chokes] Ive kind of been running across Country. damn, I dont know where to start, theyre, theyre gonna, um, theyll triangulate on this position really soon. Ok, um, um, ok, what were thinking of as, as aliens, theyre extradimensional beings, that, an earlier precursor of the, um, space program they made contact with. they are not what they claim to be Uh, theyve infiltrated a, a lot of aspects of, of, of the military establishment, particularly the area 51. The disasters that are coming, they, the military, Im sorry, the government knows about them. and theres a lot of safe areas in this world that they could begin moving the population to now. theRe not! they want those major population centers wiped out so that the few that are left will be more easily controllable.
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    best friends.......... http://www.thinkaboutit-aliens.com/china-reveals-massive-alien-outpost-mining-facility-operating-moon/
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    remnants of the IONIAN (today known as YUNAN province) ancient inhabitants before the use of draco gravity cannons genocide and repopulation as explained before
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    The last surviving sea silk seamstress Each spring, under the cover of darkness and guarded by members of the Italian Coast Guard, 62-year-old Chiara Vigo slips on a white tunic, recites a prayer and plunges headfirst into the crystalline sea off the tiny Sardinian island of Sant’Antioco. Using the moonlight to guide her, Vigo descends up to 15m below the surface to reach a series of secluded underwater coves and grassy lagoons that the women in her family have kept secret for the past 24 generations. She then uses a tiny scalpel to carefully trim the razor-thin fibres growing from the tips of a highly endangered Mediterranean clam known as the noble pen shell, or pinna nobilis. It takes about 100 dives to harvest 30g of usable strands, which form when the mollusc’s secreted saliva comes in contact with salt water and solidifies into keratin. Only then is Vigo ready to begin cleaning, spinning and weaving the delicate threads. Known as byssus, or sea silk, it’s one of the rarest and most coveted materials in the world. Today, Vigo is believed to be the last person on Earth who still knows how to harvest, dye and embroider sea silk into elaborate patterns that glisten like gold in the sunlight. Women in Mesopotamia used the exceptionally light fabric to embroider clothes for their kings some 5,000 years ago. It was harvested to make robes for King Solomon, bracelets for Nefertiti, and holy vestments for priests, popes and pharaohs. It’s referenced on the Rosetta Stone, mentioned 45 times in the Old Testament and thought to be the material that God commanded Moses to drape on the altar in the Tabernacle. http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20170906-the-last-surviving-sea-silk-seamstress?ocid=fbtvl
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    Lunar Operations Command Now Becoming Visible to Amatuer Astronomers Quote: This is from an amateur astronomer in Greece who corresponds to my friend Martha. He's found some pretty amazing things going on right now on the moon! Crater bottoms are opening up and ships are flying out of them and they are staying open. Normally reflective craters in the sunlight, these open entrances (holes) in the moon surface appear deep and black. There is plenty of historical images to prove this.It appears whomever is operation the Lunar Operations Command has thrown open the doors so everyone can see what WE (the Earth) already have there! For those who are observant. http://terrancognito.blogspot.com.au/2017/08/lunar-operations-command-now-becoming.html?spref=fb
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    Hmmm. Makes me want to say "pick one". lol
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    Yes Breezy, the last 6 years seem to have just disappeared. I am so grateful to Aco for starting Chani way back then. It was to become a gathering of like minds and has been my saviour from madness over the years. I often think of Aco and wish he was still here with us in the physical. He was such a great guy and it was such a shame that he knew so much, but couldn't share as much as he wanted to - he struggled with that all the time.
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    Frank approves and is busily growing more. Here he's having his morning snack of cat food:
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    Just love this.. it is my life to a tee at the moment
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    Fairy developments since the immigration began.. I have been constructing fairy houses and chairs for a bit of light relief. this is the result thus far, cushions feathers etc still to be sourced
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    Europe was the birthplace of mankind "two fossils of an ape-like creature which had human-like teeth have been found in Bulgaria and Greece, dating to 7.2 million years ago." http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/05/22/europe-birthplace-mankind-not-africa-scientists-find/
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    I suggest that you put the second video on and listen and watch. At 28:29 in, I was gobsmacked right between the eyes by an image and then propelled down a rabbit hole. This is that image: The white pope and homage to the unseen black pope, right in our faces? While in Saudi, in white and NO veils at all. The original me tel u thread by Acolyte on glp that is responsible for this site has information on it that you may not be aware of regarding all of this. I went to Neo's 4 threads (here: http://chani.invisionzone.com/forums/forum/7-the-chani-project/ )regarding the entity's words, looking for what I knew he had said regarding the Black Pope, and was shocked to find nothing, That's because the entity called him the dark pope or just pope instead. IF you go to the link I gave you up above, and do a search on Neo's 4 parts using pope, you will find what our entity said on the subject. It's not a lot, but it is there between dates 5/27/2008 and 1/3/2010. We all know the entity warned us repeatedly about CERN/particles/dark matter. I did a thread on the Black Pope here: http://chani.invisionzone.com/forums/topic/5266-the-black-pope/ The Black Pope is the leader of the Jesuit order, and considered the most powerful man on earth. The Jesuits are the most powerful order of the Catholic church, but the Catholic Church itself, is now under the rule of the Jesuits, as Francis IS the first Jesuit pope, in the church's entire history. A picture of them together, the White, the Black Pope. Pope Francis and Arturo Sosa https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arturo_Sosa Donald J. Trump is a Jesuit. Educated at Fordham University. Long list of big name Jesuits, including Jerry Brown of California And Neil Gorsuch SC nominee of Trump. and many others you would recognize. List of alumni of Jesuit educational institutions https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_alumni_of_Jesuit_educational_institutions I have to go back a bit to 2004, when I was into reading bible codes, and the previous pope, Benedict. In Oct. of 2004..I was doing quite a bit of reading of things to do with Bible Codes. I came across one, that spoke about John Paul dying soon, and that the new Pope would come from the Weaver order, Benedictines are considered that order...That his name would be Ratzinger, and that he would take the name Benedict. That he would only be Pope for a very short time...most likely less than 10 years. I sent the prediction a girlfriend of mine...and told her to hang onto it..just to see if it came true.... <<<adding here that it did come true, every bit of it, including the fact that Pope Benedict was pope for only 8 years, from 2005 to 2013! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pope_Benedict_XVI When John Paul died, and the Cardinals were choosing the next Pope...I was standing in a tire shop in town when they announced their choice. When the TV said it would be Pope Bendict gave his name as Ratzinger, and told that the Benedictines were considered a Weaver order...I said straight out loud...oh no, not Benedict...everyone in the shop turned around and looked at me...the reason for my reaction was that I had also read.. Benedict was the next to the last Pope...who would be named Peter..that Rome and the church would be destroyed by fire shortly after...and now (Feb. 2013) they are talking about a Pope....named Peter. and to think the entity was talking about the Pope back in 1994/1999 a full 10 years prior to the Bible Codes I read.You Regarding Pope Francis re: Peter or Peter the Roman A little history Pope Francis & The Prophecies Of St Malachy snip The Final Pope The ‘Prophecies of the Popes’ join that long tradition of apocalyptic prophecy by concluding with a final pope, “Peter the Roman” who is destined to witness the destruction of Rome and the Last Judgement. In the final persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge His people. The End. According the ‘Prophecies of the Popes’, the time of the last pope is finally upon us. On 13 March 2013 Jorge Mario Bergoglio, hailing from Argentina, became the first non-European pope for 1,300 years. As Pope Francis, he is proving popular, as his displays of humility and focus on poverty are fast becoming the stuff of legend. The identification of Pope Francis as Peter the Roman requires no great leap of deduction. Members of the Curia are automatically referred to as being Roman, having held a position in the Vatican administration. Bergoglio previously held five such positions in the Roman Curia. The links to the ‘Peter’ aspect of the prophecy were less clear until Bergoglio chose his papal name from Saint Francis of Assisi, whose full name was Francesco di Pietro di Bernardone – Pietro meaning Peter. There is a precedent for this with Pope Paul IV who was elected in 1555. The prophecy described him as “from the faith of Peter.” Paul’s middle name was Peter. snip https://truththeory.com/2015/05/29/pope-francis-the-prophecies-of-st-malachy/ but that's not all, either Before he was pope or even Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was known by his birth name Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 17, 1936, he was the eldest of a family of five children to an Italian immigrant family, according to his Vatican biography. Yes, born in Argentina, but to An ITALIAN immigrant family. In other words Roman. We also know that there's been a lot of changes in the Catholic church under Francis. He voices his opinions on muslim immigration, he fully supports the UN agenda, LGBT issues. Also recall that Krill met with the pope, first meeting in 1,000 years, and then went to the Antarctic, and Russian ships also transported the Ark of Gabriel to the Antarctic. How many other people of import have been there? Why? CERN and the D-WAVE computers are connected AND run by the Jesuits. Is the D-Wave the computer in my dream, in which we are all copied? I believe so, the two videos above, just about confirm that thought. What really got me going was a return trip to the Me tel u thread on glp and a search on that thread for black pope. We tend to forget side conversations that took place. I ran across so many links to info on the black pope, that I can only encourage you to do the same thing I did and read. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message520517/pg1 I will give you a couple links to info, but there's many more, and it takes much time to read and research. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message315255/pg1 this thread explains the illuminati and the Pindar = "The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco", also known as the "Penis of the Dragon". Symbolically, this represents the top of power, control, creation, penetration, expansion, invasion, and fear. The holder of this rank reports to the purebred Reptilian leader in the inner Earth." Make sure to scroll down and read what is said about the creation of the US. note: Acolyte wrote that Henry Kissinger is the only one with direct contact to the Pindar, he is the spokesperson for him. I wondered why and how he is still around. Black Pope - By The Elders Of Zion .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bu6j1J3l0MQ&hl=nl&gl=NL The Warning of The Black Pope http://www.meguiar.addr.com/black_pope.htm There is also an interesting post about how Blackwater=The Knights of Malta, are all about destroying non-Catholic countries and religions through the Black Pope, and aren't above using the Muslims to get to the Eastern Orthodox Church=Russia. Did it in Serbia and the Balkans. 9/2/2008 post from Aussie AC Superior General of the Society of Jesus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superior_General_of_the_Society_of_Jesus The Most Powerful Man in the World The Black Pope? https://warningilluminati.wordpress.com/the-most-powerful-man-in-the-world-the-black-pope/ Acolyte noted that the thread was posted in 2008, and until 2013, Sharon, Mandela, Thatcher had not died, but within 10 months of Francis becoming Pope, all three of them had. (interesting observation) Reading and researching all of this gave me the feeling that we are getting very close to something big, especially with all that's happened since all this info came out about CERN, D-Wave computers, Antarctica, (perhaps there is an opening to inner earth) and the obvious mind control going on. Acolyte had an insight, knowledge, understanding and intelligence that most are not blessed with. Thanks for bearing with me through this long post.