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    Not the best title but it will do until a better one comes along. In the Antarctica thread, I posted an initial image I found on Mt Erebus. At first, I believed this anomalous structure was actually, physically, present under the ice, and was visible in this image due to an ice melt. I no longer believe that. I want to propose a new line of thinking about these structures. Let me start by stating what I know about these structures. They are real. If you examine the detail closely, you can plainly see the intelligent and very intricate design that they all have. They are not at the physical Google Earth coordinates shown, this is obvious as they only show up in certain images of a certain surface frequency. So, if not at the physical GE location, then where? They have to be somewhere. Is someone inserting these images into GE imagery deliberately? Unlikely, too big a task. Are they showing up randomly, perhaps according to frequency? Did the timelines merge and we are seeing two timelines caught in the act of a merge? That seems unlikely as well. Are they perhaps internal and for some reason as yet unknown, we are able to see them? It is for certain that they can be seen. They all exhibit the same colors, (frequencies) Red, Purple, Green and Blue. The image I am posting here today is from Argentina. Please download it and magnify it, or better yet, go to Google Earth and look for your self. I have found hundreds of these structures in Argentina, just like this one, in a 630 sq mile area. In fact, there may be thousands in this area. This is important because of the wide area these structures seem to cover, worldwide in fact. Coordinates for this image 41 49 10.06S, 71 39 16.57W Date is 2-10-2004. As long as you are in this date image you will see hundreds of these structures. This is at 5000ft elevation in the shadows on the side of this mountain. I think these are ancient structures, and I think they are what might be driving everything, an engine of sorts. If so, what does it run on? What is the power source? Does it produce heat or does it run cold? Are they, or were they, on Earth, or perhaps somewhere else? Why can we see them?? To be continued...
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    And a few more... This is about the collapse of insects worldwide...
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    Things are happening in the sky that the vast majority is not aware of. I observed the moon morphing, shaping shift, and then restore itself to it's original form. Another source than me has actually caught it on film:
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    I'd kind of like to add my thoughts to this video info., as some of it, I really wasn't aware of. >knew RS would get it, Tx "The correct LEGAL answer to the question; is JFK JR., alive, is No but that does not mean John Kennedy is not alive. Goes on to define the term LEGALESE as being a modern word used to describe the legal and technical language used to write laws, wills and other legal documents. The meaning in English is not the same as the 'Legal' meaning, although often presumed to be....by intent In Legal terms, BLOCK CAPITALS are mutation of LATIN and ENGLISH........otherwise known as DOG LATIN According to Back's Law 4th Edition, DOG LATIN Is the language of the ILLITERATE" video then goes into birth certificate info and 'UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE' (Human Right Abuses, Human Trafficking, etc.) Then this "ALL CAPITALS = CORPORATE ENTITY "UNITED STATES person" DEAD FICTIONAL CHARACTER - Considered "Lost at Sea" Newspaper headline = JFK JR LOST AT SEA = A blatant lie! due to the manner in which it's written = ALL CAPS Sigil magic indeed! All in the way things are written! Even our Entity told us we should draw pictures instead of writing. We've discussed before, how language has been used to confuse and divide us. What was the quote the video stated regarding the Uniform Commercial Code? = "You don't mess around. The most severe law in this world is called, the Uniform Commercial Code, it's the bible of business on earth" - Jordan Maxwell Pres. Trump's Executive Order 13818 - Executive Order Blocking The Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption Perhaps we need to "expand our thinking" Is it possible that Pres. Trump, with his Exe. Order 13818 IS taking on the Uniform Commercial Code itself? I think most of us just thought this had to do with the pedophiles everywhere, but perhaps his intent is much bigger, and goes much deeper, such as removing the "slavery shackles" we all wear? Sheer genius! At this point, I do believe John Kennedy Junior is alive. I also think his sitting on military tribunals would be a just and fitting action. HRC was disbarred, iirc, but she would know all of this info. regarding legalese, dog Latin, etc. Kind of gives new meaning to her reaction about losing to Pres. Trump, doesn't it? No wonder she had a seizure, upon hearing she'd lost to him. I had to watch, stop, think about it - rinse, repeat, several times. Seems a lot of things have more than one meaning. Editing to add one thing I forgot: Does anyone recall T talking about how he always referred to himself as i, lower case, instead of I, as in capital letter? Perhaps this is why.
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    A few more that I found funny and/or interesting...
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    41 39 21.06S, 71 42 37.15W Date 2-10-2004 I have seen doors, panels, and vents (?) that are opened or partially opened in every image. Very clear to see. This qualifies as disclosure to me. Disclosure of what though, and who, and wtf...
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    41 59 28.48S, 71 39 28.55W 2-10-2004 Who or what is allowing this... I will say this... The more I look at these images... the more energy I seem to feel... not the energy to run around and do physical stuff... but a different energy... an empowering energy. I just noticed this recently. My benchmark for this sort of thing is my guitar playing. I seem to have gone up a level in the last few days. To be continued...
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    However, laoyaoba.com also claims the watch may be delayed as it must be certified as a medical device with the Food and Drug Administration. +8 Last night, Samsung revealed a new smart wristband and announced plans to let manufacturers use the same core components - much like the mobile phone market. Ram Fish, Vice President of Digital Health for Samsung is pictured displaying the Simband Apple has already revealed it is working with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and the National Institutes of Health on its HealthKit app, which is believed to work in tandem with the iWatch. Earlier reports say the watch will includes more than 10 sensors to take health measurements and other data. It is also set to come in multiple sizes - and is expected to go on sale in October. The much rumoured watch is believed to be about to begin mass production in Taiwan. The Wall Street Journal also said that Apple is planning multiple screen sizes for the device, and previous rumour have claimed a male and female version will be released. Rumours still differ as to whether the watch will be round or rectangular. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2737931/Its-not-time-iWatch-Apples-wearable-not-sale-2015-WILL-revealed-September-9th.html#ixzz3OGZ7HH00 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook new tech in 2015 i have thoughts about the tech that will become available to but so it can show our state of being healthy unhealthy and maybe even what to balance the only thing i stumble about is that people would become too reliant of such things not the technology itself but how it can be used my imagination lets me know that maybe it would also be more okay that being conscious of how are you can be achieved by listening inside or looking to a wristwatch because what will happen when they run out of power how are you ? then would have a whole new meaning or even that those who has the tech has also the power and if given or granted they can use it and i believe even vicariously
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    Dam! Yes! I was outside a couple of weeks ago and saw the moon in a very odd shape , like a distorted football.The sky was relatively clear and it stayed in the same odd shape for at least 40 minutes. A friend thought it might be atmospheric distortion, but I pointed out it was exactly the same shape for that time. I have the drawings at home and will post next time I'm in.
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    Since we are talking about the term 'lost at sea', a couple of years ago when I first learned about this, I searched my own B/C number and SSN on Fidelity.com. I don't remember the exact number, but I... as a fiction... had somewhere around 15,000 companies that had invested in me...that is... me as a fiction. All together, those investments are worth many billions to the investment owners. Uniform Commercial Code. Governs everything.
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    Another 'circuit board' image. This image has been inverted and sharpened a lot to bring out the detail, I also ran it through curves. For those who wish to travel a little further to see this area, the coordinates are 04 33 32.02N, 81 12 32.32W . Oh... this is on Mars but this is not about Mars, it is about these structures that are everywhere.
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    Thx... I hate debunking cool stuff though
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    Whether the array the Chinese turned on was the Great Wall (actual) or Great Wall Antarctic base, or both, the later as a booster, it switched on a specific life form that responded and started to do it's thing. On the Bezerk thread, it seemed to work within the oil reserves and pipelines and used the leaking oils to work within. There have been many threads on other monuments becoming active since that time. With all that was going on with the original thread, not a lot of discussion was had on the ancient monument side of things. Could it be that whilst some were designed as on switches, others might have been designed as nullifiers? Mechanisms to block signals? Over time, with the exacting geometries being slowly destroyed and repurposed in cities, could their productivity have been compromised? Could this have been the key factor in the Great Wall array receiving the signal and passing it on? That so many nullifiers were either in disrepair, or just gone. A critical low end mass was reached allowing a signal past. So with the activation, and so many of these regions rich in oil, all interconnected beneath the ground, and above ground, and for that matter saturated by oil across the world, would it be difficult for the activated sentience to make its way to all the facilities that would ordinarily be used to nullify it's method of communication, both internally on Earth, but back to the heavens also via splash zones of mass congregation. That this so-called (I have never liked the term) black goo is now showing up on/in/around many ancient sites says to me 'it' is trying to destroy said site, or take it over and re purpose it for its own use. That so many wars are taking place in the ancient world might also be a tell. Aco did say that the Giza pyramids were pillaged by military forces during the Arab Spring controlled events. What was taken? I dont begrudge any of these youtubers going there and mentioning the black goo, but it would be nice if they did just a whisker more research on the subject or a little more thinking other than re gurgitationg what has been around since Aco spilled the beans. Yes, it's an ongoing release, all be it permanently stalled, but come on RRRs and kindred folk .... give em more breadcrumbs to follow! PS - did you read that China has made a massive 'public' array bigger than NYC apparently. Does that make three now? or do they all link up as one big tool?
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    I have always felt that if we were to see any real arrests or changes taking place it would be after the Midterms. I hope that is the case.
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    41 59 11.85S, 71 39 21.79W Date 2-10-2004
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    You can say "Have a nice day!" with no problem but you can't say "Enjoy the next 24 hours." without sounding mildly threatening.
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    Some of you may know that I am a guitar string slinger from way back. That aside, I have to say, I haven't heard anything that moved me as much as this song has. The Sound of Silence from Disturbed. I first heard this version on the TV show The Blacklist, S5, E8 and I had to look it up. When I listen to this song I feel emotions that I normally don't. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 5 star powerful stuff.
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    The Chinese are not stupid, by any means. They built those cities for a reason, and with a purpose, so it would not make sense for them to not also have planned, to the most minute detail, for how to provide for the future inhabitants' needs. They have been buying up the world's resources from every country that allows them access, and from the oceans also. By that I mean gold, copper mines, coal, rare earth minerals from the oceanic volcanoes (the only country given int'l permission to do so) along with water from our great lakes and who knows from where else. I wonder if the building of those cement jungles has anything to do with the world's ocean sand disappearing so quickly? Right now, it seems a person can't buy anything that isn't produced in China. While the rest of the world has been sleeping, they have been preparing for something. Not only that, but their technology in just about everything, is at the forefront. Medicine, space, defense, you name it, and a lot of it stolen from, or sold to them by way of treasonous actions from greedy elites in countries like the US. Yes, i'd say they are well prepared to care for someone, and never forget that we, the you and I's of the world, are only important to ourselves.
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    Very astute questions as always, EagleWings! I doubt they got any water source except....Tibet. That's why they don't let go of Tibet. China invaded Tibet. (Mind you, long ago, Tibet used to harass China, too. But once Tibetan Buddhism got established, people there became very calm. Then copped the wrath from China...) And currently taking Tibetan water out to mainland China. Scary it is but I recall I saw a data that China won't have any drinkable water anywhere within 3 years and that was in 2017, methinks....... So with Chinese rough ransacking of water from Tibetan ice, Tibetan mountains and surrounding areas won't be suitable for growing food anymore soon, I guess. Then what? I have no idea. Maybe China got to start using huge volume of desalinated water from the sea instead, meaning the water price would go high for China, again meaning all the products from China will be very expensive, thus NO POINT in running any factories in China for industrial communities. Kaput. Fuel? It has to come from Uyghur. Uyghur got it hell a lot. That's why they don't let go of Uyghur. Silk Road BS is a globalist move. And China can't let go of Uyghur again because that's where the Silk Road starts as well. I have no idea about food or the distribution system but I take they will rob the food from "Autonomous regions" where they went to ransack already, while they can. Poor people within China who are so oppressed by the CCP run government are having incredibly difficult time from their Big Brother system and lack of healthy environment such as water---meaning lack of health physically and mentally. I feel so sad that their magnificent nature's been trashed. If they don't look after the land, no way they can grow food to live healthy. BTW Mr. Xi has been copping number of assassination plots, apparently. It's becoming harder to him to keep the tubs on things he wishes to. This is a typical cycle China goes through, too. But the intellects/China watchers are saying that it had been a BLISS that Mr. Xi started to boast about how China became strong. He started doing so too early for China and if he waited for another 5 years or so....maybe the rest of the world never had chance to get our life back from Chinese tentacles.... Because of his shortfall, POTUS is waging a hellish war against them now in order to stop their expansionism.
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    Great to see your posts again, Fly/ICSA! And re: Flood Gate opening.... None of you would see this happening on any media, but Japan is copping the same. Systematically it's done. Currently Japan is #4 of the world after the UK accepting massive surging number of strange "immigrants" arriving and Japanese nation who are still under the Mind Control haven't got their eyes opened yet to see the reality and opposing voicing power is very limited at the moment. Oz is being #10 in the same list. Please compare the size of land between Japan and Oz....it just doesn't make any sense IMHO. Quietly Japan is under the cultural genocide, as well as Chinese people moving in in huge number that actually starting to create THEIR OWN TOWNS where no Japanese feel safe to go. In Chinese language, they have blatantly advertising on their own publications pointing out how to sneak in and get the fake resident visas, selling medical products not allowed to sell, and offering the ways to invade other parts of Japan quietly. All are explicitly printed, and if you can read Chinese language, then you know the story. So the same situation as in Uyghur, Tibet and Inner Mongolia is happening in Japan. (Back in 2008, Chinese people started a RIOT in Japan. Under the bloody order from then PM Fukuda, who told not to interfere by force against that riot, many police personnel who got sent in to stop it were threatened for life, and people who got caught after the riot were 5 Japanese and a Tibetan, all of them trying to speak up the atrocity happening in Tibet. WTF.) And it's PM Abe pushing it. We think this is a plan of attack against Japan made by a horrific faction, who have taken over what the Cs were doing before and using it as their own advantage. PM Abe might had been told to do this by the faction that is backing him---he's surrounded by the Vs as 3rd generation politician came from the town filled with Vs (however, he is the only best shot we got...sadly)....but now loads of awaken people in Japan are standing against what PM has been doing....like opened the flood gate of MONSANTO GMOs without telling the bigger picture to the farmers, while EU (except Spain) and Russia are shutting the gates down. Currently a policy is being getting ready to accept 50,000 "immigrants" without creating proper laws like stopping all immigrants bringing their family members to receive medical services (not even living in Japan) out of public system, which Japanese tax payers are paying the fund. We already know that there are people with serious illnesses coming to Japan only to get hospitalised, receive very expensive surgeries and treatments like $50k/person, and make RUN, not paying absolutely nothing back to Japanese Health Care Fund. And in real number, there's 1 immigrant in every 50 people in Japan. But the ratio will be worse and worse unless Japan stops grubbing its own throat. The original laws were created for the Japanese nation. Now accepting all these weird "immigrants" who don't have any wish to assimilate or give back anything to Japan, the system is in dire crisis, not supporting Japanese people to be able to receive the help. Social security system is riddled by the immigrants who arrive and straight away ending up of becoming the recepients, it's stated that number being 4X that of Japanese people. Something REALLY does not feel right..... Though none of us are seeing the marching people turning up to Japan like the US border as such, but the same situation is happening. .............I have a photographic evidence to be able to show what it's like at the UN and how many nasty hybrids are in plot of working against Japan via PM Abe. But I fear for my life if I release it publicly here. But at least I can describe the scene to you instead. PM Abe made a speech at the UN about 2 months ago. After that speech, there was this huge line of people wanted to shake hands with him. (Mind you, there weren't many people attending the speech....despite the length of the friggin cue.) There are hell a lot of them showing brightly shining eyes.....almost about 45% whom lined up in the cue had shown the traits of V-hybrids.
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    The Only Thing Flat-Earthers Fear..... Is Sphere Itself.
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    Cyborg Superpower: Man Can Hear the Internet BY JASON DORRIER ON DEC 22, 2014 | ART, CULTURE, FEATURED, FUTURE 0 5 Television, cellphones, radio, WiFi—modern civilization converses in radio waves. Most of us need some kind of device to translate the signals into something we can consume on a screen or through a speaker. But in the television show, Alphas, one of the characters, Gary Bell, can literally see and read electromagnetic waves. In the show, Bell’s ability is a fictional superpower—but the larger point? The world is brimming with information invisible to our fairly limited senses. A new project, Phantom Terrains aims to make us all a little bit more like Gary Bell. The project is a collaboration between Frank Swain and Daniel Jones. Swain, a writer, suffers from progressive hearing loss and recently got hearing aids. Jones is an artist and software engineer specializing in sound and technology. The two got together and hacked Swain’s hearing aids to not only augment his hearing, but give him another sense entirely. The hacked hearing aids pick up WiFi signals and translate network identifiers, data rates, and encryption modes into sounds. Combined, they make for a unique audio fingerprint that can be recognized, granting a sense of a city's "invisible data topographies" as they walk the streets. http://singularityhub.com
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    Keeping quiet for various reasons. However this was a definite WTH! event. When I finish using my cellphone I tuck it away in its aluminium foil carry bag. A few times the phone is not quite off and next time I open it up a draft message there is a series of random letters/ numbers etc. Possibly because the phone is being jostled while carried and the buttons are touched my the movement. Two days ago I opened the phone and noted lots of random letters etc. so started scrolling up and deleting. At the end-ie the start of the message- this: Fooger r c for she has to have been his fr r c are on and rain fri for her kids at or a very rude r c was translated by a friend as Remote Controlled and I thought fr was friend , fri Friday. In fact when I read it it was a very hot sunny day and I thought.. "Rain later tonight? (Friday)?" It did rain, there was a Coincidence and it , to me makes perfect sense in light of the events the day before. An example for me of how the Energy is shifting, noticeably toward the Positive, both here and elsewhere. One of the oddest things ever to happen to me. Two definitions of foogle Urban slang A combination of “fucker “ and “booger” typically used to describe a person who displays a lapse of judgement or common sense. Dr Who The Foogle primarily feasts on a divine selection of fast food and All-You-Can-Eat Sushi. Foogles tend to be very anti-social due to their heavy work schedule .. Foogle Species: Beta Centauran Place of origin: Beta Centauri Appearance: Beedlemania Foogle was a Beta Centauran.
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    "Pres. Trump's Executive Order 13818 - Executive Order Blocking The Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption Perhaps we need to "expand our thinking" Is it possible that Pres. Trump, with his Exe. Order 13818 IS taking on the Uniform Commercial Code itself? I think most of us just thought this had to do with the pedophiles everywhere, but perhaps his intent is much bigger, and goes much deeper, such as removing the "slavery shackles" we all wear? Sheer genius! " I agree breezy! Knowing something of the law I noted way back that Trump promised to do for the U.S A (inc) what he'd done with his businesses. I was amused at the horrriied reaction of some who said "But his businesses have gone bankrupt!' 9at least some of them). It'd be great if the Fed was declared bankrupt! According to Ben Fulford the Curia has declared U.S.A Inc bankrupt and its officers are leaving DC within 90 days. I dont know whterher that's true but it would fit with the spring equnox and their usual sense of symboliism. Somon Parkes says that this month the whole dating and calendar issue is being opened up to public scrutiny and debate. The original EO numbered and named individuals in a wide range of countries, basically indicating that the U.S was claiming jurisdiction over them even if they were in foreign countires.
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    G'day I just found this disturbing article... http://vaccineimpact.com/2018/did-military-experimental-vaccine-in-1918-kill-50-100-million-people-blamed-as-spanish-flu/?fbclid=IwAR1qaJp3e_IAW9IU5KO0_0Oi5S6JYzbbFU0UxKWIvC6jZED2DD48QuyPnQU The “Spanish Flu” killed an estimated 50-100 million people during a pandemic 1918-19. What if the story we have been told about this pandemic isn’t true?
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    Recent Development Re: Black Organisms It's interesting even Richie is talking about the Black Goo. I feel Richie is on the "ride" at the moment, very closely receiving what the messages given by factions very intuitively. (c)RichieFromBoston Published on Dec 26, 2018
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    8 Most Incredible Archaeological Discoveries Recently Made (c)Unexplained Mysteries 2019 Published on Jan 2, 2019
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    Yes B, all the 'circuit board design' structures are connected, imo. It could be and probably is that all of them are just one construction, one very big construction. They show up in bits and pieces worldwide solely based on the frequency of the particular GE image. The frequency of light that presents itself is allowing these images to be included in the GE images. This is all my speculation of course, but it seems to be the case. Beyond this... I just don't know. I would LOVE some input from people, some theories based on what is known about them. Thus far, I have found these structures all over the world to include the Arctic circle and Area 51 , NZ, Canada, North America, Diego Garcia, South America, and Antarctica. There are probably more as there have been several thousand found so far. One unit. One machine to control everything. My wife said it's time for my meds now...
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    Presidential Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2019 Dec. 31, 2018 "Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It is not enough merely to denounce this horrific assault on human dignity; we must actively work to prevent and end this barbaric exploitation of innocent victims. During National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we pledge to continue the battle to abolish modern slavery and restore the lives of those affected by human trafficking. Human trafficking harms adults and children of all ages and demographics. Through force, fraud, and coercion, traffickers push their victims into demeaning forms of abuse, including domestic servitude and commercial sexual exploitation. These crimes often remain hidden because victims are reluctant to seek help for a variety of reasons, including language barriers, fear of traffickers and law enforcement, and lack of trust. Human trafficking destroys precious lives and threatens our Nation’s security, public health, and the rule of law. It is a scourge on the global community. snip snip Read entire Document at link below. NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 2019 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, culminating in the annual observation of National Freedom Day on February 1, 2019. I call upon industry associations, law enforcement, private businesses, faith-based and other organizations of civil society, schools, families, and all Americans to recognize our vital roles in ending all forms of modern slavery and to observe this month with appropriate programs and activities aimed at ending and preventing all forms of human trafficking. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand eighteen, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-third. DONALD J. TRUMP https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/presidential-proclamation-national-slavery-human-trafficking-prevention-month-2019/
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    7 minutes. More areas. Better quality.
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    This video is short but pretty good. This was recorded in terrain mode which gives you more 3D effect. The tilt is 32deg. This structure isn't really curved like this, it takes on the terrain attributes of the real surface.. ie the mountain. Nice effect though.
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    Have you seen this? I saw this in the original rally video months ago and couldn't decipher the movements. She may have got it right. She says that after Vincent draws the JFK you can see the lady mouth 'wheres the junior'... Vincent then draws what looks like a 'JR'.
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    Con Ed transformer outside queens or ? also videos out there of transformers exploding in Kenner LA Here's the other vid transformers exploding starts after the 4 min mark From RT transformer explosion at the Consolidated Edison energy company has lit up the skies over New York city, shocking witnesses and prompting wild theories ranging from an alien invasion to a Russian cyber-attack on the power grid. Neon blue streaks that could be seen from miles away over the Astoria neighborhood have scared New Yorkers, who were quick to post pictures of the alien-like shining. Some reported hearing humming and an unusual, psychedelic glow of colors. https://www.rt.com/usa/447561-new-york-astoria-explosion/
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    Etna volcano (Italy): eruption intensifies, possibly heading towards a paroxysm A significant event is in progress at the volcano. Strong seismic activity, felt by people, has been accompanying the opening of several fractures in the summit area, most notably on the eastern and southern flanks of the New SE crater, which is emitting dense ash plumes. The activity of the volcano is increasing and looks as if going towards a paroxysm. https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/etna/news/72544/Etna-volcano-Italy-eruption-intensifies-possibly-heading-towards-a-paroxysm.html
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    Merry Christmas Chanites. All the best from OZ.
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    Stars are NOT what you think they are! Expectation vs. Reality I had to put this vid in this thread instead of in the Interesting Vids thread. This was so beautiful and explanations are decent to convey the idea IMHO. (Minus religious view, though. And I'm not a Christian.) All Amateur astronomer's footage are insanely interesting I found. Way different from what Natza had given out to us to gulp down saying "Believe in what we say because we are the experts", and we used to believe their data are smashing truth....err...not really so in many aspects we learned by now. We are made up with "Energy, Frequency and Vibration" as Nicola Tesla mentioned. And we individually are like Stars. We are made up of particles that belong to Earth but when we are excited /excite ourselves at high level of energy, frequency and vibration, then we become stars ourselves. The one that illuminates by itself. I could cry for the beauty presented here. And when we resonate with music that makes us high, we shine out powerfully. Interesting point was that vid said that the harmonious sounds create harmonious shapes (result of vibration through the matter as the mass accept the frequency hitting it) and with dis-harmonic sounds create aggravated and ugly (to whose eyes is another question, though!) shapes. I sometime enjoy listening very heavy stuff, as well as pretty and soothing stuff in different time, too. I appreciate musicianship in both fields, and I enjoy them. So doesn't that actually state our possibility to be a FILTER, not merely accepting what comes out but by enjoying them, we are changing the value of the sounds?? (Mind you, what we do with that out-come-energy will create the reality whether it's "bad" or "good" for us, so we have the ultimate choice in our hands.....be careful what you wish, in other words.) If so....we are magical. We really are the creators, I feel. The power of us can mutate humble earth rocks to gold. We are the arch alchemists of the Universes. (The Christian people might hate me conveying this vid to this way though! LOL Err time to go back to Nag Hammadi Library Gnosis materials.) http://www.e-bookdownload.net/search/the-nag-hammadi-library-in-english (c)A & Ω Productions 2018 Published on Aug 24, 2018 P.S. yes I know the effects seen on the stars are due to Earth atmosphere interfering the sight. But that's a part of the whole picture. Great that someone in the comment section spatted it out. By AMBEE 27723 "That's the whole point of this video. These effects need a medium in order to be observed, hence the atmosphere. Without it, all stars will just be a huge ball of plasma." If I also add, whatever we see, it's happening because we gotta see them.....no coincident in this Universe per se, yeah? Isn't the vibration given off from the starts we are picking up by looking at them? Intent and focus would attract the vibe, methinks. But anyway you gotta watch what water does. That's basically showing what happens when excited frequency hits it, right?
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    We've been watching from Viet Nam and Australia the massive amounts of food that China keeps buying. They buy a lot, process some, and sell a bit back - but what happens to the remainder? We heard years ago about some of their advnaced technology - the Minto electric motor, etc. I am wondering if they are using these Zero-point machines to build massive storage facilities for the food, and maybe the same forms of power can be used to get or clean up water (Suzzanne's coils, etc.) If so, then we have a country preparing for a long siege - from whatever direction...
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    Four Dead, Many Injured After Shooting at Christmas Market in France - Police © REUTERS / Vincent Kessler Europe 22:36 11.12.2018(updated 01:29 12.12.2018) Get short URL 3714 Police in the French city of Strasbourg have reported that a shooting attack occurred near the city's famous Christmas Market. The total number of dead remains unclear, with the most recent local reports, citing police sources, claiming four people were killed. At least 10 are believed to have sustained injuries. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201812111070597239-Shots-Fired-Injuries-Death-Christmas-Market-France/
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    CNN - FAKE NEWS WTH!!! The World MUST SEE What CNN Just Got Caught Doing!! << from August 2018, interesting example of how it's done
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    You Have a ‘GPS’ in Your Brain, Could It Help You Find Love? Your Lost Dog? The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge. In "Beyond Science" Epoch Times collects stories about these strange phenomena to stimulate the imagination and open up previously undreamed of possibilities. Are they true? You decide. A Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded Monday for the discovery of “an inner GPS in the brain.” While this function of the brain affects how we geographically map our surroundings, could it also guide us in other ways? Theories building on this discovery take us into the realm of intuition and “coincidences.” When you bump into just the right person at just the right time, could it be this internal global positioning system (GPS) at work? Norwegian researcher Edvard Moser, his wife, May-Britt Moser, and British-American scientist Dr. John O’Keefe found that so-called grid cellsin the brain comprise this inner GPS. Grid cells are located in the hippocampus and may also be located in the anterior cingulate part of the brain, which plays an important role in human emotion, said Dr. Bernard Beitman, a Yale-educated psychiatrist currently working from the University of Virginia, after reading some of the prize-winning research. “This emotional aspect of grid cell mapping could make particular locations more highly charged in our brain-based maps. Like the maps used in GPS navigation, these maps could then help us find pathways to emotionally important people, things, and situations,” Dr. Beitman wrote in an email to Epoch Times. Epoch Times asked Moser and Moser what they thought of this idea. Edvard Moser responded via email that “the link to emotions is very speculative.” Dr. Beitman agrees that the connections are speculative, “But it is on such evidence that new theories can develop.” Many coincidence anecdotes he’s heard make it clear to him that people are somehow able to map their location in relation to emotionally significant people or places. “Just how [this works] is our fun question,” he said. He gave an example: “A mother felt her 6-year-old daughter was in danger and rushed to the edge of a deep-water quarry to find her happily playing at the water’s edge. How did the mother ‘feel’ the danger? How did she ‘know’ how to get there?” Similarly, as a child Dr. Beitman found his lost dog after he made a wrong turn in a familiar neighborhood. It was strange for him to go in this direction, yet it led him exactly where he needed to go. The file-drawer effect can explain some of these coincidences, he said: we remember all the times we found what we needed when we needed it through a surprising and accidental chain of events, but we forget all the times this didn’t happen. If you take into account the wealth of misses, the hits become more probable statistically. To illustrate this further, you may find it really remarkable that the person sitting next to you at a dinner party has the same birthday as you—that’s a “hit.” But, if you take into account all the dinner parties you’ve been to in your life, or all the dinner parties all humans have been to, at which two people sat next to each other and didn’t have the same birthday (a plethora of misses), it seems more likely that this would happen at least once among all these cases. It really is a one-in-a-million occurrence if you look at the million misses it took to get one hit. Nonetheless, Dr. Beitman thinks the file-drawer effect cannot explain the entire phenomenon and he’s not the only one. Veterinarian Dr. Michael Fox has heard of pets tracking down their owners or finding help when they need it in situations that seem to defy even their heightened sense of smell, sight, or hearing. Dr. Beitman and Dr. Fox both theorize about sensory data around us that we subconsciously perceive. This data would guide the GPS. Dr. Beitman talks of the “psychesphere,” and Dr. Fox talks of the “empathosphere”—a layer of existence around us that we can’t perceive with the five senses, but which contains emotional information we may pick up on with yet-to-be-discovered sensory receptors. MORE: “Do Animals Have ESP? Unexplained Stories Seem to Show Animal Clairvoyance” MORE: “Is There a Physical Explanation for the ‘Vibes’ You Get Off People?” If we make this discovery or understand better the phenomenon, said Dr. Beitman, we may be able to make useful coincidences more common in our lives. Perhaps this GPS could often help us find lost children. Maybe it could help us find love, or the right job, or a helping hand in a time of need. Of course, much mystery remains in figuring this all out—but for Dr. Beitman, it’s a train of thought worth following with further investigation. Professor of aerospace science and dean emeritus of the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Princeton University Robert G. Jahnhas written about a “consciousness space grid” or “a grid of experience.” In his book “Margins of Reality,” he wonders about the physical existence of human consciousness and how it may be mapped. He also ponders, from the perspective of quantum physics, how consciousness may move toward a goal. “A person is described as a ‘close’ friend or ‘distant’ relative, as ‘deep’ in thought or ‘high’ as a kite; an idea may be ‘central,’ ‘remote,’ or ‘far out'; and we allow our minds to ‘wander’ over various conceptual ‘grounds,’ before taking a ‘position’ on an issue.” for more http://www.theepochtimes.com/n3/1008978-you-have-a-gps-in-your-brain-could-it-help-you-find-love-your-lost-dog/?sidebar=related-below
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    Gitmo The U.S. Department of Defense posted a press release announcing the invitation of Alternate Media to cover military commission pre-trial proceedings (military tribunal) at Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo)! Main Stream Media was not and will not be invited! Do you know what this means? It means the U.S Government just confirmed the existence and use of military tribunals in Gitmo! For those who had doubted whether Gitmo tribunals are a figment of imagination for "conspiracy theorists" (Q Patriots), you now have definitive proof right here from an official U.S. government website, that military tribunals will proceed. The case mentioned is only a preparation and preview of the bigger, more important Gitmo proceedings that will come involving VIP actors! CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE NEWS RELEASE https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/01/04/immediate-release-military-commissions-media-invitation-announced-for-united-states-v-khalid-shaikh-mohammad-et-al/?preview=true&_thumbnail_id=51028&fbclid=IwAR1ob7eYe-Jj2QO8l3BcSg4uLsE8UZ1MacLUq-EpaZEF4sVfTygy_5O3n5E