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    Trees burning from the inside out.is exactly how microwave radiation cooks food in your microwave... from the inside out. The burn evidence from California is the same as the evidence Dr Judy Wood put forth in her book. She has a video that lays it all out. She believes, according to the evidence, that directed energy weapons were responsible for the towers falling on 9-11. Then there is this...
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    Quote from unity " Just how do you explain the weird pattern of separated houses gets burned down neatly like that, not even engulfed by the fire from mountain side!!?? ......Just like 911? " Smart meters I think. https://stopsmartmeters.org/why-stop-smart-meters/ . Are you in favor of fire regulations that put the safety of residents first? At least hundreds of electrical fires, explosions, and other electrical hazards have been caused by ‘smart’ meters. Like most other smart meters, PG&E’s meters are not UL certified, as is required by electrical code for all electric appliances within the home. Smart meters are potential ignition sources and remove utility personnel from neighborhoods. If meter readers had been present in San Bruno, would the gas leak have been detected in time to prevent the destruction of the neighborhood? Whistleblowers have reported unsafe installations. Here is another whistleblower’s story in Alabama.
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    No shit .... this has been orceherstrated from the time we a have been online .... i kid you not !!!!!!!!!!!! Those of you who know me well need no explaination for what i say ,,...the past reveals the future ... we .............. we ........ are an experiment ...... full stop ................... full fucking stop ........................... You really have to gather to DOTS follow the people in the know , listen learn , think for yourself ,then ,,,,,, maybe you will be the teacher of those to come ....... please ,, please let it be you ...... we have lost so many good .... nay great people really great great people ones who would give their lives , have given their lives to " the real human people " Please you would not be here if you didnt have an incline of whats going on around you , of your knowledge pass it on , and further more , teach the youngsters ...... think big ,, think bigger , even bigger still , im talking exteresteral im talking ET, im talking beings who should not be here but are , even the ones pretending to be our friends , the ones looking after us ,, the only ones that can help us is US , NOT THE USA ,, US ,,,,,, US ,,, us ...........ourselves ....... I am crying .... really i am crying ,,, there is not end , unless we band together ... look at every country around you ,, everywhere , everywhere there are riots flipping everywhere FFS please look around you , cricks sake open your flipping eyes ,, please wake up , the whole world is at a X crossroads , can you name a country where there is not a demonstration going on right now , even if you read this 5, nay 10 or 15 years from now its stlll the same old shit ,,, and that is the crux of what they want you to believe ,their propaganda , their STORY, their HISTORY , HI -STORY ,, HIS STORY .........................DO YOU GET IT YET ........ History is written by the victor ................... WRITE what you flippin well want ,,, only in words will it be seen and learnt ... and still the real learning will be what is seen, and recorded by real hu-mans ........... do you see ....... not by wikipedeia , or by smithsonians or other alpahbet groups ..... WHAT IS SEEN AND WHAT WE SEE IS BUT AN ILLUSION .... Look to your elders , look for those that came before you , espesially on this forum , for here it known , that here is the place to find TRUTH , those that KNOW , and those that are KNOWN ............................................................. I cannot stress his enough ........................ MY TIME IS LIMITED .... and time is yet limited ....... and even as our old friend NARNUG would argue TIME limited it initself is unlimited ..... FFS ;- listen to us .... please ... the people on this channel care ,, really care about who you are and what you are being led into believing and seeing ..... we are trying to save ourselves and you..... all of YOU ,,,, ALL ..................... its not personal PANX ,, a general message for all for the time i have left ..... i really do love you all for being YOU .... CHEERS .................Fly ................ XXXXX
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    !&%$#&*!!! my comment regarding that last video! IF that isn't proof there is, and has been, all along, nefarious and underhanded tactics being deployed against the people of California, I don't know what would be! A post from 8chan Message to Q The Camp Fire was a pre-planned event! I saw activity in the community of Paradise that gave me the sinking feeling that something was going to occur. I even told my daughter the week previous that something was going to happen. Capstone company needs to be completely investigated. I was told they were contracted by PG&E and working in the area for a couple of weeks previous to the event. I saw strange things during the fire being done by this company. Certain houses surrounded by fire trucks as up the street people burned alive in their cars. On top of that the town of Paradise turned the water off which prevented firemen from doing their jobs. the 3rd day Cal Fire called and demanded the water be turned back on. Many years ago we discovered that approx 75% of the hydrants in our town are blank. They are not connected to any water source at all. I lost everything I own to this Fire. Most of the town did. Many people lost their lives trying to escape. I have lived in this town since 84 and have seen some of the worst fire seasons on record. This was not a regular fire. The wind was NOT blowing like they claim except in the vicinity of the fire itself. There are roads with every house burnt to the ground but garbage cans standing perfectly untouched in the street between the burnt houses. In the weeks before many of the retirement and convalescent homes had evacuation drills and made sure that each person had a bag packed with 3 days worth of clothes and meds which stayed packed and ready after the drill. There is so much more to share, but there is no one her trustworthy to talk to. My thoughts on why……. All of the California communities burned this year are for the most part Republicans. Between Camp fire and the Carr fire there are now 1000's of displaced voters. And the gold….. The town of Paradise is literally on a mountain of un-mined gold. People have avoided selling property for generations to pass it down to family and not have the town destroyed. I would bet the last dollar in my pocket that there will be a few contractors come through to purchase as much property as possible at this point. I need help and I am absolutely willing to doxx myself to the fucking world. I drove through fire to save my grandchildren's lives and I will go to whatever length I have to find the answers to who and why they did this to my community.
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    Looks like a planned genocide to me. There won’t be enough planes and ships to evacuate the Californians if the fire is not put out. Also whistleblowers have told their listeners to get out of California for ages now. But they were considered conspiracists. Deborah comes to mind instantly.
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    G'day I have been very busy with life and other dramas but have started looking into ORMUS again. I just took a couple of interesting photos... I made up 3 growing tubs out of old pool filters, using the same soil mix, and planted sunflower seeds harvested from the same seedhead. I put a very small amount of ORMUS into one of the tubs. The results are very visible. Last year I received a bottle of ORMUS delivered in a Post Pack. The bottle was wrapped in alfoil. I put the unopened box on a shelf in the middle of a 10m steel framed shed. I just went to get the box and found that whiteants have had a chew on and in the box. It was a long path across a cement floor to get to the bottle and nothing else was chewed on. It really looks like they were after the ORMUS and so must have been able to sense it. As I said, interesting.
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    NASA’s sea ice survey captures bizarre, perfectly rectangular iceberg (PHOTO) https://www.rt.com/news/441906-strange-iceberg-nasa-climate/
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    Oh boy... R Didn't Aco say that there were 20,000 questions they had asked the entity, but R refused to give Aco any more, so there is much that wasn't released. Yep agree on all points. Where did you read that Fusca knew Jr, I read that too, on a post at glp maybe but I saw no source info or link to back it up. I would like to verify that if possible. I will keep looking for the paddle board guy's name, I did read it the other day but can't remember where. Vincent isn't wearing any makeup or wig... he looks like that all the time . I can resize and make a transparant overlay of the two faces but the angles are a little off. When I find his name we will have more pictures (I hope). If Jr is alive... when he comes forward there will be a collective shit your pants moment...
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    It's a synchronicity that's so fringe it IMHO gives it a lot more weight. It's been sitting there waiting for it's moment in the limelight. The effect of Q is that more people are being introduced to this way of seeing, inquiry to what before looked like Chaos, using the Q style they have given people a form of critical thinking structure structure by brilliantly invoking their own natural pattern recognition system, jumping them back into action which are designed to protect you. Modern life is about "not thinking" making like "easy" and handing over the $'s, again thoughlessly (Cleary that only benefits one central group) - marketing has a lot to do with it, lulling everyone into a very facile mode of existence. If JFK jr is not alive, so be it, it's injection has invoked playful incredible thinking in people who may never had engaged in such fun, which is how wake up by perhaps initiating the urge to prove it wrong, daring people to see for themselves no less and on the way they know people will find other truths but value it more subjectively, because they had the experience of finding it as opposed being fed. So they are going ot value that discovery a lot more as a part of their very fibre of being. It's a very clever way to wake people up by giving them the right Q's to play the game. It's Masterful and the master, has many many more students each day.
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    It's amazing what you find - this comment jumped out as I did wonder about the choice of mask but I didn't know any of this other than the basics around Guy Fawkes, assuming everything they wrote is correct. Simply fascinating.
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    I was very intrigued with that purported image, I've worked with paint programs even before the internet. so used my intuition and slightly rusty drawing skills to tease out what I saw. The first impression I had was the man was about 60. That's based on the neck. The other things that struck me were the lowness of the hairline and the bone structure of the forehead. which is unusual but seen a lot in people of Irish ancestry. The nose struck me as bein long with a slight bob at the top, and the mouth as loose and mobile. Here's what I came up with. Personally I'd be over 90% sure it's an older JFK jnr_ I only really looked at other images of him after I drew this. So ... maybe.
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    My information is that 'when' we have a 'magnetic collapse' - most likely from a pole-reversal, it will last a few days. Many substances will be affected, the 'report' states, ALL plastics, and most 'man-made' substances will 'dissolve', as they need Gaia's magnetic field to keep them together. But the biggest 'worry' for us hu-mans is going to be a lack of memory - it also seems a magnetic field is needed to keep one's memory, and once the field weakens, we 'forget'. How much this affects 'Spirit' and the connection to the Akasic I don't know. But apparently it has happened each time we have had a pole-shift.
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    I have been asked to give a talk about ORMUS. There is a lot of interest...
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    OIC!!! That make sense a lot, KMRIA!! Thanks for that!! (They are known to bloody start fire on their own....) Now, then there are people pointing such weird appearance of total demolition by fire in strange pattern being burned down by laser beams, which I had seen from various posts from our field. The idea doesn't completely wash out but then we need to separate and not just say everything was done by DEW, methinks. But MORE reason why not to get Smart meters installed on anyone's properties. WHOA. Equally similar odd pattern of people fried inside the cars on the road while they tried to get away from the fire was very freaky. Something functioning like that of smart meters in a car at high temperature?? Strangely, only cars got burned down but no road damage found, only from viewing through someone's vid walking pass them, though. Praying for those who were affected by the disaster....
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    Just how do you explain the weird pattern of separated houses gets burned down neatly like that, not even engulfed by the fire from mountain side!!?? ......Just like 911? And can anyone clarify if this is done up by AfterEffect??? If not..........
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    The next paragraph in the above article re 'Magna Carta for the web' I found interesting. Always layers upon layers... Sir Tim, who developed the Web as a "side project" while working at the Cern research laboratory in Switzerland in the Eighties, has become increasingly vocal about what he sees as a perversion of his original vision.
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    Sir Tim Berners-Lee launches 'Magna Carta for the web' to save internet from abuse Laurence Dodds Nov. 5, 2018 "Sir Tim Berners-Lee has launched a "Magna Carta for the web", warning that tech giants must change their ways to save the online world from the dangerous forces they have unleashed. Sir Tim, who invented the World Wide Web in 1989, called for a "revolution" in how the internet is regulated and monetised in order to stem abuse, political polarisation and fake news. The 63-year-old was speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon to launch a new "contract for the web" which asks internet companies to uphold a set of principles such as protecting privacy and being transparent about their algorithms. Facebook and Google have backed the contract, which will be agreed in detail next year, despite both companies being mentioned by its creator as examples of how "the web we know and love" is under threat. Sir Tim said: "For the first 15 years, most people just expected the web to do great things. They thought 'there'll be good and bad, that is humanity, but if you connect humanity with technology, great things will happen.... "What could go wrong? Well, duh: all kinds of things have gone wrong since. We have fake news, we have problems with privacy, we have problems with abuse of personal data, we have people being profiled in a way that they can be manipulated by clever ads." snip https://www.yahoo.com/news/sir-tim-berners-lee-launches-214716734.html
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    "Below is source, have a read, it explains just about everything we've seen taking place in this country. The USA is the main object in the way of the NWO. It can't come into being, unless they take us down. " Sometimes I think Americans need to know just how much others admire them. There would be no American Dream without Americans. We talk about this out in the badlands (NZ has no constitution only a vague pretense at one)- affection, deep respect and You Stand, We Stand With You are the keynotes.
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    Well... sure, this looks like a Q. And yes, image is US Army at FT Knox KY, 1st Theater Sustainment Command. But the Army will tell you this is a representation of their unit patch (see below) which points to 10:30 because they always complete the mission before the eleventh hour. And then there is this... Please see second and third image below. I found this on someone's twitter. They think that the person in front is JFK jr. I have to say... this is what I think JFK jr might look like today. The comparison image is not mine, came from twitter.
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    Great to see your posts again, Fly/ICSA! And re: Flood Gate opening.... None of you would see this happening on any media, but Japan is copping the same. Systematically it's done. Currently Japan is #4 of the world after the UK accepting massive surging number of strange "immigrants" arriving and Japanese nation who are still under the Mind Control haven't got their eyes opened yet to see the reality and opposing voicing power is very limited at the moment. Oz is being #10 in the same list. Please compare the size of land between Japan and Oz....it just doesn't make any sense IMHO. Quietly Japan is under the cultural genocide, as well as Chinese people moving in in huge number that actually starting to create THEIR OWN TOWNS where no Japanese feel safe to go. In Chinese language, they have blatantly advertising on their own publications pointing out how to sneak in and get the fake resident visas, selling medical products not allowed to sell, and offering the ways to invade other parts of Japan quietly. All are explicitly printed, and if you can read Chinese language, then you know the story. So the same situation as in Uyghur, Tibet and Inner Mongolia is happening in Japan. (Back in 2008, Chinese people started a RIOT in Japan. Under the bloody order from then PM Fukuda, who told not to interfere by force against that riot, many police personnel who got sent in to stop it were threatened for life, and people who got caught after the riot were 5 Japanese and a Tibetan, all of them trying to speak up the atrocity happening in Tibet. WTF.) And it's PM Abe pushing it. We think this is a plan of attack against Japan made by a horrific faction, who have taken over what the Cs were doing before and using it as their own advantage. PM Abe might had been told to do this by the faction that is backing him---he's surrounded by the Vs as 3rd generation politician came from the town filled with Vs (however, he is the only best shot we got...sadly)....but now loads of awaken people in Japan are standing against what PM has been doing....like opened the flood gate of MONSANTO GMOs without telling the bigger picture to the farmers, while EU (except Spain) and Russia are shutting the gates down. Currently a policy is being getting ready to accept 50,000 "immigrants" without creating proper laws like stopping all immigrants bringing their family members to receive medical services (not even living in Japan) out of public system, which Japanese tax payers are paying the fund. We already know that there are people with serious illnesses coming to Japan only to get hospitalised, receive very expensive surgeries and treatments like $50k/person, and make RUN, not paying absolutely nothing back to Japanese Health Care Fund. And in real number, there's 1 immigrant in every 50 people in Japan. But the ratio will be worse and worse unless Japan stops grubbing its own throat. The original laws were created for the Japanese nation. Now accepting all these weird "immigrants" who don't have any wish to assimilate or give back anything to Japan, the system is in dire crisis, not supporting Japanese people to be able to receive the help. Social security system is riddled by the immigrants who arrive and straight away ending up of becoming the recepients, it's stated that number being 4X that of Japanese people. Something REALLY does not feel right..... Though none of us are seeing the marching people turning up to Japan like the US border as such, but the same situation is happening. .............I have a photographic evidence to be able to show what it's like at the UN and how many nasty hybrids are in plot of working against Japan via PM Abe. But I fear for my life if I release it publicly here. But at least I can describe the scene to you instead. PM Abe made a speech at the UN about 2 months ago. After that speech, there was this huge line of people wanted to shake hands with him. (Mind you, there weren't many people attending the speech....despite the length of the friggin cue.) There are hell a lot of them showing brightly shining eyes.....almost about 45% whom lined up in the cue had shown the traits of V-hybrids.
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    For some reason cant get into TS,, i love you guys and gals,,, Hope T , Phillip, Kandesant , and all you wonderful people are ok, love to you all , miss our bree , redster and all are ok love to you all ,, we are all still connected ...........
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    I have forgotten all about this. It was never revealed in the Me Tel U thread. I have been following the JFK jr Vincent Fusca theory and I find it all very compelling especially in light of Q's posts referencing JFK jr the plane crash and Hillary getting the Senate seat. This Chani entity prediction adds credence to the whole thing as far as I am concerned.
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    I did read a post by someone on glp about a lot of gold nearby to Tyndall that might have gone missing, but I couldn't find anything in searches. I believe Michael was manipulated to target Tyndall to cover for the missing Raptors... because they do not show up in the wreckage they had to have been flown out. Hangar 5 is where they crammed a bunch of Raptors in during Alberto last may, which was only sub tropical when it hit west of Panama Beach. Hangar 5 was pretty much destroyed during Michael with no Raptors visible in the wreckage. I really can't get my head around the fact that we destroyed a base and Mexico Beach on purpose to cover the fact that the Raptors went missing. Russia provided the S-300's to Syria presumably to be used against Israel. Maybe the U.S. provided the Raptors (clandestinely) to Israel, but I can't see the U.S. destroying a base and city as cover. Also, Q has said they were saving Israel for last, so... Perhaps both accounts were deep state... idk. I didn't see anything about any liquids of any kind.
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    JFK Jr. if alive would be 58 this Nov. 25th. So definitely close to 60. Thank you KMRIA, for posting your drawing. I'm going to post another video I ran across today. The guy who does the video kinda cracks me up, because he's a big fan of Jr., being alive. Now what I'd like for everyone to really pay attention to, the one thing that I caught, yes the calves are the same, but the feet, especially the toes, the big toes, the second toe, and shape of toes, down to the little one. A person would most likely not think to hide their feet, if they were in hiding. Perhaps the guy at the Kennedy bash, with a mask on, on the surfboard at SF Bay, on July 16, 2018,(anniversary of Jr.'s plane crash) should have. Watch it at full screen size, and really, really pay attention to the masked man's toes, and to Jr's, from pictures when he was younger. I know what I think, but we'll see. Wonder if Fusca wears a ring on middle finger, left hand? Man on surfboard does. Is this JFK JR at a Kennedy gathering?
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    I'm on the fence regarding all of what's presented. How old a photo could it be? Jr. died in 1999, so IF it's an old picture, and IF it IS even him inside it, then which President would have had him in Marine1, and why? Clinton was Pres. in 1999, so I guess that would be possible, in that time frame. I just don't think Jr., would have been that close to them, considering her establishing residency in NY just to run for that Senate seat, but I could be wrong. So that picture would have to be pre July 10, 1999, no way it could be after that, IF it's him. Not only that, IF it's a recent picture, done with a purpose in mind, I'm reminded that 3 people can keep a secret, if 2 of them are dead. IF someone actually saw him in person boarding Marine1, recently, then how would it be kept quiet? Unless those tending to Marine1 had no clue who the person was. Hard to believe that could be, even remotely, possible. As to the video, easy to be deceived when considering what a person believes to be true, we all know that beliefs affect perception. I too, took note of the ears being covered. Plus absolutely unbelievable things can be accomplished with the use of makeup. From what I've read, there are 3 Fusca brothers, and Vincent/JFK Jr. were supposedly friends. So perhaps the message he's putting out with his presence at rallies, is different than the one being received. Perhaps he's not attempting to convince anyone he is JFK Jr., but his presence is simply to let us know that Jr., is alive and he's the representative stand-in. Not only that, but just imagine how that might affect some other people. I think his being there is deliberate, we just aren't privvy to the reason, or what it's accomplishing that we don't see. IMO the most interesting aspect of all of it, is Jr.'s grave site. IF that's not a Q, I'll eat my hat. Would I like to believe he's alive? Yes, for many reasons. Do I believe it's possible the two of them pulled such a thing off? Absolutely. When you have the resources DJT and Jr., had at their disposal, anything is possible. Not only that but iirc, there was an awful lot of funny business that went on with the search and the "cremation", burial at sea, etc. I recall thinking how none of it made sense at the time. One thing is for sure, time will tell. "Future proves past", so says Q. ps: PE, go for it, if you can find the time, I'm sure we'll be interested to see what you come up with.
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    LOL PM, POTUS looks like he's doing it very well! His decisions are trashing what was established as fake world peace after WW2 by the Cs. But because of our shallow views set by the slavery we are experiencing, it looks like we are going ahead towards the Block Economy scheme...which doesn't help the Humanity as the whole. So basically if we as the Humanity to collectively wake up and be freed, we gotta scrap monetary slavery system and change it over to something better. There's a scary bit we still gotta ride over to see what it does due to the time factor (which is after all, also an illusion...): the AI driven world because of the economic slavery as well as transhumanistic world which WE DON'T NEED but pushed to us on the dish now with full force. If we all can ORGANICALLY achieve mastering our own power which is to change everything with our will, to become able to do it without causing harm to others and to ourselves, then we totally won "the game", and we can evolve far to the level we really can start contributing to the rest of existences in local or far beyond of local universes, which is what I wish for us to achieve. It's up to our awakening and gripping to our full power vs the AI driven transhumanistic world being established with speed because "we think we still need such to aid ourselves"....can we break the mind control and fly high before it's going to set a new-damning-world for ourselves? (We don't require any machines to aid us any longer, once we regain the full power status. The world without computers and machinery ends clearly, and we will never to be ruled by the AIs or BS crap coming from lower consciousness based factions. We, the Humanity, will run the Universe with the power of love, then. It sounds corny, I know....lol But I saw that time line appearing, firmly. You don't need to believe any bits of what I wrote. Please refer to your own heart and gut feelings.) I continue to dream of that beautiful world we will get. Love you all....and I believe in us all.
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    If you were in Taiwan and needed the restroom, which would you choose? Find out here - you'll need to translate the page. http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1800977 If you don't care to check site, I will tell you the Giraffe is female. Strangest thing I've seen in this regard.
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    Crazy cute range of Teabags....yes, teabags.... https://www.ocean-teabag.com/categories/528915 There was an interview article of the company owner. He said that he himself stays behind in the company till wee hours making these up by HANDS!!! ROFL Anyway, the company was supposed to deal with freshly caught fish and all, somehow this teabag business has been more focused. The demand is high and their stock has ran out very fast and many of them are on waiting list for restock. I want the raccoon one!!! LOL
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    https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/11/13/utility-emailed-woman-about-problems-one-day-before-fire/23588480/?fbclid=IwAR1O3_-nQzMQ08Bw2ccrU3e24BQoFZgtom_vSZVgOLSQy1-cSoSmMP-HGAw Utility emailed woman about problems one day before fire PULGA, Calif. (AP) — A day before a deadly blaze destroyed a California town, the giant utility Pacific Gas & Electric Co. got in touch with Betsy Ann Cowley, saying they needed access to her property because their power lines were causing sparks. The cause of the fire that killed at least 42 people is still under investigation. What is known is that it started Thursday near Cowley's property in the tiny town of Pulga, incinerated the neighboring town of Paradise and killed dozens of people. On Monday, fire investigators declared the area surrounding power lines on Cowley's property, in an oak-filled canyon, a crime scene. Security guards would not let PG&E inspectors pass. https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/11/13/utility-emailed-woman-about-problems-one-day-before-fire/23588480/?fbclid=IwAR1O3_-nQzMQ08Bw2ccrU3e24BQoFZgtom_vSZVgOLSQy1-cSoSmMP-HGAw
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    Dr. Judy Woods' site. very interesting http://www.drjudywood.com/wp/ I was watching a live video from ABC of the fires. What struck me was how all the houses were burning, but nothing in between them was. It was being filmed from above, and it really looked strange. ENEMY @ THE FRONT DOOR https://mobile.twitter.com/ABC/status/1061420732012478464?s=19 - a fire tornado in Calif.
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    I wasn't sure about that image when i posted it, it didn't really feel right to me. Not enough aging to it. I've removed it. No sense in adding confusion. I agree with your thinking on CBK, and yes, familiar with the two ladies together and the boy and girl, also seen. The VF van was pretty interesting to me, considering all the Dems in the family, unreal. I'm sticking with the 2 VF, not being the same guy, but no way to know who's disguised. I am also with you on JFK Jr., being alive. There are also images of a lady some think is Lauren, but considering she's an identical twin with Lisa, well. (see image below) @PE, reference to missile, were you thinking of the one shot down over the PNW aimed at P. Trump, or something I'm not thinking about? QAnon posts for Nov. 3, 2018 2396 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 32989a No.3714939 Nov 3 2018 13:02:18 (EST) POTUS meeting PUTIN on 11.11 >>wasn't that the date of the intended military parade in DC? Now what are the odds of that? Q 2397 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 32989a No.3715238 Nov 3 2018 13:16:38 (EST) Keep your eye on the ball. Midterms & Memes. [ ] Remember, POTUS already ordered the DECLAS. -[RR] pushed back hard -OIG tasked to review [determine 'sensitive info'] -OIG works w/ HUBER (important to remember) -HUBER reports 'directly' to SESSIONS (important to remember) Was the DECLAS already cleared for release? Was the gambit played by [RR] to stall & delay post election banking on [D's win House]? POTUS AF1 [RR] > An enemy who feels safe [& in control] is an enemy who….. POTUS AF1 [RR] > Mueller END [Important to remember] How do you navigate around installed BLOCKADE? [MUELLER] designed to take-in evidence needed to ‘expose’ DS [DOJ block re: Mueller ‘evidence’ ongoing investigation]. [MUELLER] designed to limit POTUS’ ability to maneuver. [MUELLER] designed to ‘stall-for-time’ until MIDTERM ELECTIONS to TERMINATE all HOUSE / SENATE ongoing investigations. [MUELLER] designed to ‘safeguard’ D_PARTY_BASE false narrative re: RUSSIA COLLUSION [POTUS CHEATED – EVIL – SKY FALLING] in effort to DIVIDE and MOBILIZE for future protests, riots, threats, violence, FF’s, etc. [MUELLER] designed to provide FAKE NEWS w/ ammunition to sway public opinion, obstruct foreign + domestic agenda, fuel impeachment/removal, fuel anti-POTUS [DIVISION] [prevent UNITY], etc.. [MUELLER] designed to demonstrate to foreign players that OLD GUARD still pulls strings. [MUELLER] designed to mobilize D_PARTY for MIDTERM VOTE WIN. [MUELLER] designed to push D_PARTY backers to DONATE [GOFUNDME – D_PARTY]. [MUELLER] designed as PUBLIC OUTCRY EXCUSE should criminal charges be brought against them [‘we are being ‘politically’ attacked because MUELLER…]. How do you REMOVE installed BLOCKADE? DECLAS—DECLAS—DECLAS How do you navigate around installed corrupt [FBI][DOJ]? USE A STEALTH BOMBER ———————– VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Q 2398 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.387 Nov 3 2018 14:09:12 (EST) [D] Party Con: When you can't raise money 'organically' through party (individual) donations (voter base) YOU STEAL IT from the American taxpayer and give it back to yourself in the form of campaign contributions. [Example 1] Planned Parenthood https://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-18-204R $1.5 billion provided in taxpayer funding over 3-year period. [Case 1] PP spent $30 million [disclosed - real estimates close to $65 million] in taxpayer subsidies to influence the outcome of the 2018 midterm elections. [Conclusion] Should it be legal for a taxpayer [D+R+I] funded organization to donate massive amounts of money to the D party in an effort to sway an election? D_insider_term: T_WASH Re_read drops re: Soros & taxpayer funding YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Q 2399 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.388 Nov 3 2018 14:38:22 (EST) DbjsnHhU8AAXGpx.jpg Who are the real racists? [2016 Democrat Nominee for President of the United States] https://www.foxnews.com/politics/hillary-clinton-jokes-they-all-look-alike-after-interviewer-mixes-up-cory-booker-and-eric-holder "THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE" Fake News Cover Up > Prevent Black Americans from Seeing the TRUTH Another FREE PASS? Ignorance is BLISS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryweuBVJMEA [YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED AND FED A FALSE NARRATIVE] #TakeBackControl #FactsMatter #SheepNoMore Q 2400 Q !!mG7VJxZNCI No.389 Nov 3 2018 15:51:56 (EST) https://twitter.com/ABOwarrior/status/1058817590561292288 Eyes on, VIP Patriot! Q Links: https://imgur.com/a/BxOnh2C >>JFK Jr. - DJT https://imgur.com/a/ahNQdSM >>illegal voting Carolyn Bessette and her identical twin sisters Lauren and Lisa. (not recent, but all 3 together)
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    South Africa’s Zulu nation joins white farmers in fight against government land seizures Oct. 9, 2018 RT I missed this one, but will post it anyway. "The largest ethnic group in South Africa, Zulu, has spoken out against the expropriation of land without compensation in the country. Zulu is ready to cooperate with the country's white farmers, known as Afrikaners or Boers. Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has said the group will cooperate with South African minority rights group AfriForum. “The Zulu nation I’m talking about will not exist if we don’t have food. That’s why I say farmers must come closer so that we discuss what we can do when we talk about agriculture and the availability of enough food in the land. That’s why I’m asking AfriForum of the Boers to come and help us,” Zwelithini said, as quoted by eNews Channel Africa. “Because when government started talking about the appropriation of land, expropriation without compensation, Boers downed tools. There is no food in South Africa,” he added. Zulu people are the largest ethnic group in South Africa, with an estimated 10-12 million people living mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. The group accounts for more than a fifth of the country’s population and its opinion is important in the context of the general elections next year. “Anyone who wants to be voted for and elected by us, I’m going to talk now, anyone who wants to be elected by us must come and kneel here and commit that I will never touch your land,” the Zulu King said. While kings have no official power in modern South Africa, they still have the loyalty of millions of people and are recognized in the constitution as traditional leaders." snip https://www.rt.com/business/440807-zulu-king-south-africa-land/?utm_source=miximedia&utm_medium=miximedia&utm_campaign=Miximedia I certainly hope this is encouraging for/to the Boers.
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    Trump Is Single Handedly Defeating The Democrats & Establishment Media In The 2018 Midterms Oct. 25, 2018 DCWhispers "Something truly remarkable is happening across the country during this Midterm Election cycle. President Trump is engaged in an all-out barnstorm the likes of which we have never seen before by a sitting president, working harder than any of his opponents ever dreamed was possible. And you want to know what? It’s working. Trump is single-handedly defeating the Democrats and Establishment Media in 2018." And again, as took place in 2016, the same Establishment Media is deaf and dumb when it comes to listening to what’s going on between the east and west coasts of America. Tens of thousands are turning out each and every time President Trump attends a campaign rally for a Republican candidate and then each time, that candidate sees a significant bump in the polls." snip http://dcwhispers.com/trump-is-single-handedly-defeating-the-democrats-establishment-media-in-the-2018-midterms/#QTmTc1Z1zKXj5OEW.97 I take all of it with a grain of salt, but I almost wish these articles weren't written. Ok to be positive, just not over confidant, especially if you sense desperation in the equation. He is right however, if any of them lose, it won't be his fault.
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    DESTRUCTIVE 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes Greece - felt in Italy and Albania A MASSIVE 6.8 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Greece at around 12.54am local time (11.54pm BST) and according to reports the quake was felt as far as Italy and Albania. By Martina Bet PUBLISHED: 02:16, Fri, Oct 26, 2018 | UPDATED: 02:16, Fri, Oct 26, 2018 https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1036584/Greece-earthquake-zante-USGS-magnitude-6-8-today-news
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    They’re back! Worms unfrozen after 42,000 years are alive and eating from July 26, 2018 RT © Science Photo Library © Getty Images "Two worms that have been frozen in permafrost for up to 42,000 years have come back to life, and are now considered the oldest living animals on the planet, in what is being described as a major scientific breakthrough. The ancient nematodes (aka roundworms) are “moving and eating” again for the first time since the Pleistocene age, after coming back to life in Petri dishes, according to a new study by a team of Russian scientists in collaboration with Princeton University. “We have obtained the first data demonstrating the capability of multicellular organisms for longterm cryobiosis in permafrost deposits of the Arctic,” wrote the study’s authors. Some 300 prehistoric worms were defrosted in a laboratory at The Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science in Moscow and analysed for the study. Two females have since “showed signs of life” in a small –but groundbreaking– victory for the researchers involved. “Our data demonstrates the ability of multicellular organisms to survive long-term (tens of thousands of years) cryobiosis under the conditions of natural cryoconservation,” said the scientists involved in the study to The Siberian Times." snip https://www.rt.com/news/434375-frozen-worms-alive-siberia-permafrost/
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    Escaped prisoner attacks Istanbul butcher shop, injures 11 people Published time: 22 Oct, 2018 23:04 https://www.rt.com/news/441975-escaped-prisoner-stabbing-turkey/ Death of 22-year-old woman in Christchurch still unexplained, police say Tom Kitchin14:28, Oct 22 2018 Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Cottam, of Christchurch, said the woman had been identified. Police were in the process of notifying family members. He would not comment on the circumstances surrounding the woman's death or whether it was being treated as suspicious. Police were not looking for anyone in relation to the death, Cottam said. (Spunds like a drugs death.)
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    I got your back, Fly! We all sit in the same boat, I also cry when treated unfair. The adversary is very strong and our only survival is strategizing against it. I'm hanging on with all of you chanities even though I haven't met any of you. yet!
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    However. Q could still be the Mossad or one of a few variants of players. Sad to say. Gotta keep all options on the table. You should not believe everything as real but entertaining the idea can be constructive but as long as it’s not merely a mental monkey puzzle designed to keep you occupied from noticing what is really happening. The Me tel u info could merely be a false positive. A heads up on the idea of JFK jr coming back from the dead at some point, that’s believed by so many it could have seemed or been channeled as real but not the literal. Remember the in-Q-tel stuff? What was that about? Me tel u in Q tel Meanwhile Finally https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1050406814997798912.html?fbclid=IwAR0yDiGhknkpg91RnZhaNPjz0AnEyBNnW5lQV9k0qtkws0xJ-x9Xj5VOgO8
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    Qanon Spots Vincent Fusca : JFK Jr OVERDRIVE >>>an interesting video (not long) YES, 20,000, and that one is the one he chose to share. LOL Fusca - no make up Yes, understood, but perhaps he'd allow a friend to be made up in his likeness, in order to actually attend another friend's rally? just a thought Geeze, I've watched so many videos, read so much, I just don't know IF Jr. is alive, you can bet your sweet patootie there will be a run on depends. Might even cause a pole shift as all the rats scatter. LOL
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    For some reason, Bulla just popped into my brain. It's been many year, my friend. I do miss our crazy conversations. Cheers !
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    https://youtu.be/GyFoDiOyFhc Transpicuous Views: What are the hiding in our sky?
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    Monarch Butterfly Massively Dying Off (&more) The vid perhaps should be located in the Animal Mass Deaths thread. But due to the bit about Monarch Butterfly mass die off story, I just wanted to drop it here. Monarch Butterfly is THE symbol used for Monarch Mind Control. Though on surface it sounds like as if "something in the air is killing them off" physically (and other birds might copped invisible ships' radiation or unknown fumes released around the mid air caused them to die...never know) but I wanted to point it out that symbolically it's telling the story of how the crappy mind controlling done against T.I.s for sex based tactical approach for the benefit of the faction is FALLING APART because we are waking up collectively very fast, and making it harder for them to continue on with the same old tactics. I send my healing thoughts and love to all those who are affected by such mind controlling. Let's be stronger and stronger as the united humanity. (c) secureteam10 2018 Published on Oct 8, 2018
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    From memory, Brucellosis (also known as 'contagious Abortion') has several variants, but it used to be 'fairly' common in cattle. Then, a vaccine was developed for it, and various countries ran eradication programs. Australia had one - Brucellosis and TB. Anything testing positive was destroyed. So far as I know, it has been highly successful. The one 'down side' of it was, if the human tester happened to get a jab of the reagent - goodbye - it was basically a death-sentence.
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    Washington State Fusion Center accidentally releases records on remote mind control April 18, 2018 Curtis Waltman "As part of a request for records on Antifa and white supremacist groups, WSFC inadvertently bundles in “EM effects on human body.zip” "When you send thousands of FOIA requests, you are bound to get some very weird responses from time to time. Recently, we here at MuckRock had one of our most bizarre gets yet - Washington State Fusion Center’s accidental release of records on the effects of remote mind control. As part of my ongoing project looking at fusion centers’ investigations into Antifa and various white supremacist groups, I filed a request with the WSFC. I got back many standard documents in response, including emails, intelligence briefings and bulletins, reposts from other fusion centers - and then there was one file titled “EM effects on human body.zip.” Hmmm. What could that be? What does EM stand for and what is it doing to the human body? So I opened it up and took a look: Hell yeah, dude. EM stands for electromagnetic. What you are looking at here is “psycho-electronic” weapons that purportedly use electromagnetism to do a wide variety of horrible things to people, such as reading or writing your mind, causing intense pain, “rigor mortis,” or most heinous of all, itching. Now to be clear, the presence of these records (which were not created by the fusion center, and are not government documents) should not be seen as evidence that DHS possesses these devices, or even that such devices actually exist. Which is kind of unfortunate because “microwave hearing” is a pretty cool line of technobabble to say out loud." snip - visit the link it gets more interesting........ https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2018/apr/18/fusion-center-em/