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    Great to see your posts again, Fly/ICSA! And re: Flood Gate opening.... None of you would see this happening on any media, but Japan is copping the same. Systematically it's done. Currently Japan is #4 of the world after the UK accepting massive surging number of strange "immigrants" arriving and Japanese nation who are still under the Mind Control haven't got their eyes opened yet to see the reality and opposing voicing power is very limited at the moment. Oz is being #10 in the same list. Please compare the size of land between Japan and Oz....it just doesn't make any sense IMHO. Quietly Japan is under the cultural genocide, as well as Chinese people moving in in huge number that actually starting to create THEIR OWN TOWNS where no Japanese feel safe to go. In Chinese language, they have blatantly advertising on their own publications pointing out how to sneak in and get the fake resident visas, selling medical products not allowed to sell, and offering the ways to invade other parts of Japan quietly. All are explicitly printed, and if you can read Chinese language, then you know the story. So the same situation as in Uyghur, Tibet and Inner Mongolia is happening in Japan. (Back in 2008, Chinese people started a RIOT in Japan. Under the bloody order from then PM Fukuda, who told not to interfere by force against that riot, many police personnel who got sent in to stop it were threatened for life, and people who got caught after the riot were 5 Japanese and a Tibetan, all of them trying to speak up the atrocity happening in Tibet. WTF.) And it's PM Abe pushing it. We think this is a plan of attack against Japan made by a horrific faction, who have taken over what the Cs were doing before and using it as their own advantage. PM Abe might had been told to do this by the faction that is backing him---he's surrounded by the Vs as 3rd generation politician came from the town filled with Vs (however, he is the only best shot we got...sadly)....but now loads of awaken people in Japan are standing against what PM has been doing....like opened the flood gate of MONSANTO GMOs without telling the bigger picture to the farmers, while EU (except Spain) and Russia are shutting the gates down. Currently a policy is being getting ready to accept 50,000 "immigrants" without creating proper laws like stopping all immigrants bringing their family members to receive medical services (not even living in Japan) out of public system, which Japanese tax payers are paying the fund. We already know that there are people with serious illnesses coming to Japan only to get hospitalised, receive very expensive surgeries and treatments like $50k/person, and make RUN, not paying absolutely nothing back to Japanese Health Care Fund. And in real number, there's 1 immigrant in every 50 people in Japan. But the ratio will be worse and worse unless Japan stops grubbing its own throat. The original laws were created for the Japanese nation. Now accepting all these weird "immigrants" who don't have any wish to assimilate or give back anything to Japan, the system is in dire crisis, not supporting Japanese people to be able to receive the help. Social security system is riddled by the immigrants who arrive and straight away ending up of becoming the recepients, it's stated that number being 4X that of Japanese people. Something REALLY does not feel right..... Though none of us are seeing the marching people turning up to Japan like the US border as such, but the same situation is happening. .............I have a photographic evidence to be able to show what it's like at the UN and how many nasty hybrids are in plot of working against Japan via PM Abe. But I fear for my life if I release it publicly here. But at least I can describe the scene to you instead. PM Abe made a speech at the UN about 2 months ago. After that speech, there was this huge line of people wanted to shake hands with him. (Mind you, there weren't many people attending the speech....despite the length of the friggin cue.) There are hell a lot of them showing brightly shining eyes.....almost about 45% whom lined up in the cue had shown the traits of V-hybrids.
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    I did read a post by someone on glp about a lot of gold nearby to Tyndall that might have gone missing, but I couldn't find anything in searches. I believe Michael was manipulated to target Tyndall to cover for the missing Raptors... because they do not show up in the wreckage they had to have been flown out. Hangar 5 is where they crammed a bunch of Raptors in during Alberto last may, which was only sub tropical when it hit west of Panama Beach. Hangar 5 was pretty much destroyed during Michael with no Raptors visible in the wreckage. I really can't get my head around the fact that we destroyed a base and Mexico Beach on purpose to cover the fact that the Raptors went missing. Russia provided the S-300's to Syria presumably to be used against Israel. Maybe the U.S. provided the Raptors (clandestinely) to Israel, but I can't see the U.S. destroying a base and city as cover. Also, Q has said they were saving Israel for last, so... Perhaps both accounts were deep state... idk. I didn't see anything about any liquids of any kind.
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    Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier classified as 'very high threat' for eruption Government scientists are classifying 18 U.S. volcanoes as a "very high threat" because of what's been happening inside them and how close they are to people. The U.S. Geological Survey is updating its volcano threat assessments for the first time since 2005. The danger list is topped by Hawaii's Kilauea, which has been erupting this year. The others in the top five are Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier in Washington, Alaska's Redoubt Volcano and California's Mount Shasta. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/mount-st-helens-mount-rainier-classified-as-very-high-threat-for-eruption/281-608002427
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    The Roswell "Intentional" Crash Survivor There was a vid on YT about the top secret material revealed that goes on and on for almost 4 1/2 hrs reading it with the actual typed material appearing on the vid. It was a fascinating stuff, and horrifying from my point of view, because it was blatantly obvious that this pilot, "she" was arriving to Earth in order to TAKE OVER, RAPE THE EARTH, USE THE HUMANS AS SLAVES in her order....do you recall what we are used to hear now on Earth? "Divide and Conquer". Remember how the V hybrids work on Earth? "Invade, Ransack and Move On Continuously to Expand".... This vid got removed just recently by YT saying copyright infringement. Well the vid was sitting there for MONTHS already. I'm sure loads of Truthers got the copy of the vid. It's too late for the Vs. We KNOW. Here's the proof of it. You need to see this. There's no concept or word of Preservation what so ever in the red lined phrase. In other words, THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LOCAL LIFE. And please do take note of how they call themselves as the group. And watch out for such names used on Earth as corporates and other groups. Avoid them to the max. Please avoid spending your money on them. They are against us, the Humanity. Screenshot Image: from the vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtwelK0KsgY&t=2409s Around 1:04:18 (c) to the rightful owner And I think Airl was consciously lying to the interpreter, a female human nurse, so the woman starts to form trust to Airl. Cunningly showing the vision of a bit of truth such as what's the key component of Humans are the souls, not physical bodies, and saying that's how they are, too, etc can be CREATED out of thin air even if the nurse was not exactly experiencing it, because of very high ability to mingle and tweak Human weak minds. We got such a flimsy psychic protection and awareness of how they work to affect us via mind, and we get fooled very easily through pseudo-experiencing something. Lots were done to convince us to get us to think that they are there to be friendly with us through out the history, I suspect........ We must remember how sociopaths and psychopaths are incredible smooth talkers. They are the same. Please be on guard. EBENS LIE. The V/M factions LIE.
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    Fidel Castro was supposed to have been the Duke of Castro, from one of the Paypal royal lines and descended from Pope Alexander the third. In the 19th century extensive land holdings in Califiornia belonging to the Castro family that had been confiscated were ratified as theirs and returned to them after going through the California courts.(Leuren Moret , youtube). https://news.grabien.com/story-julian-castro-2020-im-seriously-thinking-about-it-and-im-lik?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=mixi&utm_campaign=grabien
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    A Japanese self claimed "journalist" being released from hostage situation paid by Qatar, not by Japanese government https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20181024-00050068-yom-int This is a strange story worth noting here IMHO. It's about this self claimed "journalist" of a said Japanese guy who is now called "professional to be kidnapped" by media in Japan. He just goes off to the places where Japanese gov told him DON'T GO in the first place, and gets kidnapped by terrorist groups, then the groups ask for $s to releasing him. I think if my memory is correct, this was his friggin 4th time of doing the same---being kidnapped, said to be threatened for life, and asked to be saved. But Japanese gov refused to pay for the guy. Now to my surprise, it's Qatar paid for the idiot. Hefty $3M. (And I think J-gov would pay that back to Qatar, because Japanese culture would tend to choose to do so....that's where it gets interesting to me...WHAT ELSE is on the plate?) Well, Qatar has a very happy tie with Japan and in fact Japan has ties with loads of Middle Eastern countries from intense political relationships. And I suspect that because J-gov knew that the nation would cry out the loudest booing to pay for such selfish idiot who doesn't listen to the gov and keeps getting kidnapped by terrorists, they didn't want to pay. For a long time, the gov refused to do so. Lami Abdorlafman (spelling unsure) from Syrian Humanitarian Watch Group (unsure of true name...sorry translating from below clip) said that according to a trustworthy line of informant, Qatar did so to show their decent move to the international communities, and Japanese gov refused to pay to the terrorist group. IDK what was organised at the back, but plenty of weird political exchange must had happened..... Saudi's crap situation which looking like someone who are opposing to the Prince's ultra revolutionizing attitude to change the culture of the country and giving all the power to himself and his family, not to anyone else, must had caused today's mess in the Embassy in Turkey. And Qatar? Check out their position in the Middle Eastern regional politics against other rich countries, and their connections to the US....it gets very interesting by giving off lights coming from a different angle, IMHO.
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    And related issue about New Age movement which also connects to Corey's business plan pattern... BTW I was so glad to hear Richard's negative views on New Age movement!!! I agree, and those were my concerns, too, 3 decades ago. Especially after we learned that the thick back bone of info behind the New Age stuff are that of the "great(really?)" white (or black) B-/hood....direct teachings from ill... /and/ _/mean at★ tea. What is important here is, btw, that the bit of the teaching about like the structures and formulas about the Universes ARE true. Those were where I got so intrigued to study about. When the real bit of info is included in the massive fraud, we gotta be able to see through which bit is the truth. Not everything being said was wrong info as such. But I despise some of the friggin New Age attitudes that had become sickening hell bent when someone is trying to grow spiritually... Trying to cover ass of someone is nothing to do with the truth. (c) Richard Dolan 2018 Streamed live on Oct 23, 2018 (c) Richard Dolan 2018 Streamed live on Oct 23, 2018
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    Richard Dolan is gathering more boost to go up against Corey's silly move. Corey really shouldn't have done what he did, if he wanted to avoid this much of attention to his move, methinks. (c) Richard Dolan 2018 Streamed live on Oct 23, 2018 (c) Richard Dolan 2018 Posted 25-10-2018
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    Iconic viking warrior was a woman, DNA test confirms Published time: 8 Sep, 2017 17:34Edited time: 9 Sep, 2017 12:43 https://www.rt.com/news/402521-sweden-viking-warrior-woman/ "The remains of a 10th century Viking warrior buried in Birka, Sweden have proven to be those of a woman, thanks to DNA evidence." "“The results call for caution against generalizations regarding social orders in past societies.”"