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    Oh boy... R Didn't Aco say that there were 20,000 questions they had asked the entity, but R refused to give Aco any more, so there is much that wasn't released. Yep agree on all points. Where did you read that Fusca knew Jr, I read that too, on a post at glp maybe but I saw no source info or link to back it up. I would like to verify that if possible. I will keep looking for the paddle board guy's name, I did read it the other day but can't remember where. Vincent isn't wearing any makeup or wig... he looks like that all the time . I can resize and make a transparant overlay of the two faces but the angles are a little off. When I find his name we will have more pictures (I hope). If Jr is alive... when he comes forward there will be a collective shit your pants moment...
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    It's a synchronicity that's so fringe it IMHO gives it a lot more weight. It's been sitting there waiting for it's moment in the limelight. The effect of Q is that more people are being introduced to this way of seeing, inquiry to what before looked like Chaos, using the Q style they have given people a form of critical thinking structure structure by brilliantly invoking their own natural pattern recognition system, jumping them back into action which are designed to protect you. Modern life is about "not thinking" making like "easy" and handing over the $'s, again thoughlessly (Cleary that only benefits one central group) - marketing has a lot to do with it, lulling everyone into a very facile mode of existence. If JFK jr is not alive, so be it, it's injection has invoked playful incredible thinking in people who may never had engaged in such fun, which is how wake up by perhaps initiating the urge to prove it wrong, daring people to see for themselves no less and on the way they know people will find other truths but value it more subjectively, because they had the experience of finding it as opposed being fed. So they are going ot value that discovery a lot more as a part of their very fibre of being. It's a very clever way to wake people up by giving them the right Q's to play the game. It's Masterful and the master, has many many more students each day.
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    I did read a post by someone on glp about a lot of gold nearby to Tyndall that might have gone missing, but I couldn't find anything in searches. I believe Michael was manipulated to target Tyndall to cover for the missing Raptors... because they do not show up in the wreckage they had to have been flown out. Hangar 5 is where they crammed a bunch of Raptors in during Alberto last may, which was only sub tropical when it hit west of Panama Beach. Hangar 5 was pretty much destroyed during Michael with no Raptors visible in the wreckage. I really can't get my head around the fact that we destroyed a base and Mexico Beach on purpose to cover the fact that the Raptors went missing. Russia provided the S-300's to Syria presumably to be used against Israel. Maybe the U.S. provided the Raptors (clandestinely) to Israel, but I can't see the U.S. destroying a base and city as cover. Also, Q has said they were saving Israel for last, so... Perhaps both accounts were deep state... idk. I didn't see anything about any liquids of any kind.
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    For some reason, Bulla just popped into my brain. It's been many year, my friend. I do miss our crazy conversations. Cheers !
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    Yes I think that is correct. Vincent Fusca is married to Catherine Fusca her FB is cathy costa fusca. She looks nothing like Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. The Fusca at Trumps rallies is a different person, than the real Fusca. Rally Fusca's wife is spot on for CBK. So, to me they are different people. Why would Fusca show up at rallies with someone who is not his wife?? But Jr would show up at rallies with his wife CBK and even his possible children, who look just like the both of them. Apparantly and in keeping with this theory, real Fusca looks very much like JFKjr rally Fusca. The real Fusca doesn't need makeup, but JFK jr would to look like real Fusca. Nothing to do but hang on and ride it out Still looking for that name. Will attempt the overlays tomorrow.
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    Qanon Spots Vincent Fusca : JFK Jr OVERDRIVE >>>an interesting video (not long) YES, 20,000, and that one is the one he chose to share. LOL Fusca - no make up Yes, understood, but perhaps he'd allow a friend to be made up in his likeness, in order to actually attend another friend's rally? just a thought Geeze, I've watched so many videos, read so much, I just don't know IF Jr. is alive, you can bet your sweet patootie there will be a run on depends. Might even cause a pole shift as all the rats scatter. LOL
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    B... My overlay didn't turn out so good, so I am posting several pictures of Amadeo Fusca to compare. Yes the resemblance is there, but I don't think it is him. On AF FB page, places visited shows visits everywhere but San Francisco. I think he was traveling around that time, but can't say he was in SF on July 15th. The name of the surfer guy never got posted, I just thought I read it somewhere. As you can see, the last three are Amadeo Fusca taken at various times. There is a resemblance but I'm not convinced. AF FB https://www.facebook.com/apfusca
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    Thanks RS, will be looking forward to that comparison. Yep, hang on is all we can do.
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    OK I wish I had the ability to make both faces the same size and super impose them one on the other, because I see many likenesses between the two men. Smile/cheek lines, lips/teeth, hair, stature, body shape. It's fine w/me if they are two diff men, but when I saw that picture you posted, I said holy smoke, he looks like the guy on the paddleboard, and even if the beard is different, that's easly changed. Fusca and Jr. were friends, DJT and Jr., were friends, Possibly all 3 knew/know each other? Fusca has been at several rallies, and it's noted in VIP section, and inside before rallies start. His son is an actor, which gives access to makeup artists. (If say, someone wanted to be made up to look like someone else.) I was just questioning, myself, why Fusca would be making himself so visible. You answered that, running for office would explain it. In all of this, it's good to remember we only know what we're told, doesn't mean it's all 100% true. Just because I throw a thought out there, doesn't mean I believe it's 100% correct, moreso a possibility to consider. I agree, that Fusca is Fusca is ok, and has no bearing on Jr., being alive. Since Fusca has been so visible, it would be a perfect disguise for a friend to use. I also agree that the entity saying young Kennedy will come back, gives the story Jr is alive, more credence than anything else. Fusca included, no matter what part he's playing. That and the Q posts about DJT and Jr., well, it's no wonder people are hoping that it's true, however, not many, in the scope of things, would know of that info from our entity. LOL, R may end up wishing they'd released that one, no matter how impossible it seemed at the time. Kind of ironic that Acolyte chose to clue us in on it, and now here we are actually Q uestioning could it be true. @PE great post
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    Been having feelings of uneasiness today. The space criminals are up to something again!
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    21 Gamma Ray Constellation Set By Fermi Truly a Maa.. //Ggie ...K set up by Satanic orientation