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    Dont forget the tens of thousands of litres of corext that they pumped, sprayed and bio-distributed in the area. (regarding life forms etc) The asphalt volcano was part of the Macondo salt dome, which was so weird that they felt the area stable enough to drill in. But maybe they always knew it was a calculated risk. Heck, sub sea, deep drilling is such a crazy risk in itself, and the justifictions are so tenuous. A normal person ticking off a risk checklist would say no to it after about the first page.... They said a long time ago that the lowering of the BOP was a farce, and done at only ONE rupture site, whilst the still spewing oil at the other sites were somehow contained below surface. Oil is hot too. A continuous bubble column of methane may end up creating a hot zone at sea level and just above. I wonder if it is a no fly zone there? Planes dont tend to fly so well in methane. Boats dont float well either. Hmmz that sounds familiar! It's the current Bermuda Triangle hot theory at present also.
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    The bottomless 'jacuzzi of despair' that kills almost anything that swims into it: Researchers reveal massive brine pool off the coast of New Orleans Researchers first discovered massive brine pool in 2015 using a robosub Now the first hi-resolution map of it has been revealed The 19C circular pool is about 100 feet in circumference Lies nearly 3,300 feet below the surface of the Gulf Contains water four or five times saltier than the surrounding seawater By MARK PRIGG FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 10:28 AEST, 2 November 2016 | UPDATED: 00:21 AEST, 3 November 2016 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3895610/The-bottomless-jacuzzi-despair-kills-swims-Researchers-reveal-massive-brine-pool-coast-New-Orleans.html Just got to this vid... Anyway, highly salty? Requiring high conductivity for energy absorption? (c)ShantiUniverse 2016 Published on Nov 2, 2016
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    From NewWorld's article posted above I have a couple questions Why are the only pictures we have of this event "Artist's Interpretations"??? Surely everyone's "spy" satellites were watching for this thing to come down? Should be real images of it's crashing into the S.Pacific. With all that junk we have up there, how did this "space station" the size of a bus, tumble through space for almost two years, and while totally uncontrollable manage to not collide with any of that other "junk"? Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will, but it seems totally impossible, especially since the article also said it was descending towards earth all that time, and that's why they didn't know where it would come down. uh huh!
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    @unity let's not forget either that the US gov't. has allowed Chinese nationals into this country for decades to work on our defense technology. ie: Rothschild/Freescale/MH 370, and that is just one example, there are many. Defense projects on very technical levels and patents on very secret items. Does anyone find it a little suspicious regarding all the military plane accidents over the span of 2 days? I do. Chips that control the operation of every type of vehicle known to man are being, have been being installed in them for years now. Who holds these patents? The ability to take over and control any of them is in who's hands? Who has control of our seaports? What's come through them that we don't know about? The treasonous acts against this country run deep, and on many fronts, including food, health, military, technology, education, on and on. Whatever has been done by anyone hasn't been done alone, it's been done with much cooperation from those to whom money and power is all that matters. Anytime a person is elected to office, into a job that pays a couple hundred thousand bucks a year, and while in office ends up with a 4-5 million dollar house, with millions in the bank, or who has $875 million worth of goods in a vault in Switzerland, or after holding a $400,000 job for 8 years, buys an $8.1 million dollar house, etc., then someone should be yelling for an accounting of exactly where all those riches came from. They weren't elected to become millionaires, they were elected to do a job they obviously weren't doing, at the expense of the whole world, and of all of it's people's well being. There's no one person or country to blame, they are all complicit in the mess they created, that we get to live with. (done ranting) back to QAnon...............
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    possible quite easy to associate the world wide Vitamin D deficiency amongst city dwelling cohorts
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    Mysterious Staircase Found In Giza Plateau? I'd hate to climb up that staircase once I hit the bottom of it....:;(∩´﹏`∩);: From the Poster's Note: "An announcement that seemingly slipped us by, was made recently within Egypt. This announcement, pertained to an amazing discovery made within an area of the Giza plateau, that for a number of decades, has been conveniently been shut off from the public… Although the location is claimed to be a military training base, archaeologists have apparently been secretly beavering away within this remote slice of antiquity. Announced by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, Egyptian authorities have apparently found the mysterious traces of the legendary 4th lost pyramid of the plateau. This provocative announcement stirred up a gale of protest among many Egyptologists, and the reasons for this may because the discovery, might turn out to be highly controversial... Although the pyramid is in a very bad state, and this may be due to its immense age, with only a few rows of blocks remain, and these surviving blocks clearly displaying evidence to indicate, that the missing blocks have simply eroded away over the eons,,, this ruin, may not be the most important find in the area, or indeed the purpose for the video. Along with these pyramidal remains at the site, is another amazing anomaly. In the middle of this mysterious desert, an enormous staircase has been found, plunging into the desert floor. Seemingly excavated before this announcement, and left for those who were fortunate enough to get access to the area, to rediscover and photograph. This enormous staircase plunges straight through a limestone basin many metres in depth, this surgical slice, has revealed an astonishing implication, it ha revealed that the Giza plateau does indeed extend this far, not only that, but it demonstrates the sheer, unimaginable cubic size of this area of stone, a block of stone that was apparently man-made… Where this staircase actually leads to, is as yet, unknown, although it is thought to drop far below that which is currently visible, and preliminary scans of the area are suggesting that it plunges through the plateau, deep into an ocean of ground water below. By examining the pictures of the discovery, it appears that the site has indeed been excavated from the sand, having most likely been submerged from view beforehand, the question is, who did these excavations? Who built this unbelievable structure, or indeed the mind bogglingly enormous Giza plateau? Who built the pyramids and sphinx upon it? Where did such an enormous stone plateau come from? How did they shape and carve such mysterious structures with such blocks. Or perhaps most importantly of all, where does this staircase lead? Did whoever undertake this excavation task, manage to discover where it led? More research and exploration will undoubtedly be undertaken over the next few years. We will, of course, keep you posted." (c)Mystery History 2018 Published on Apr 3, 2018
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    Russia Gives Out a Threat Against the Nasty UN members Russian representative at the UN Security Council gathering gave it to others clearly. For those who are researching about Satanic Ritual Abuse situation with what POTUS has been doing with Alice as motif directing towards the Pedo-Gate crap, we can easily read into this news that Russians got HELL A LOT MORE INFO about WHO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN THE HUMAN TRAFFICKING NETWORK.....and it obviously includes MULTIPLE UN related people. Check on the pic embedded on the linked page below: The guy is swinging the Alice in Wonderland book in his hand!!! 1) http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/world/20180406-OYT1T50071.html?from=ytop_main2 Unfortunately I can't even read the whole article, as it's pay-to-view section. 2) 'You're playing with fire,' Russia tells Britain at UN nerve agent attack meeting Britain's Ambassador to the United Nations, Karen Pierce, addresses the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya about an incident in Salisbury, Britain, during a meeting of the UN Security Council. http://www.wionews.com/world/youre-playing-with-fire-and-youll-be-sorry-russia-tells-britain-at-un-nerve-agent-attack-meeting-128634 "At the end of the council meeting, Nebenzia read a passage from the novel "Alice in Wonderland" about a trial where the Queen demands the sentence first and the verdict afterward. "Does that remind you of anything?" he added." The thing is, above is the ONLY English source I can track back the story!!!!!(´゚д゚`) Intel stuff might had been so up-surfacing because of hard works done by the Q group and everyone following them (meaning US!(・ω・)ノ), maybe Russians took the opportunity to make a close shave move to the Cs and Vs inside the UN.
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    Another Doctor Dies In Suspicious Circumstance: Vaccine-CDC-Whistleblower Body of CDC researcher Timothy Cunningham found in a river near Atlanta… what did he know? Why was he murdered? Thursday, April 05, 2018 by: Mike Adams https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-04-05-body-of-cdc-researcher-timothy-cunningham-found-in-a-river-near-atlanta-what-did-he-know-why-was-he-murdered.html
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    Zombie Geese - Zombie Deer - Zombie Birds | Something kind of strange happening...
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    White Land Expropriation In South Africa | Ernst Roets and Stefan Molyneux
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    Thunderbirds pilot dies in F-16 crash at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas Lucas Tomlinson April 4, 2018 "A U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds pilot died Wednesday when his F-16 jet crashed at Nellis Air Force Base outside Las Vegas, defense officials told Fox News. It was the third crash in the past two years involving a member of the famed Air Force flight demonstration team. The Air Force said Thursday pilot Maj. Stephen Del Bagno was killed when his F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed over the Nevada Test and Training Range at approximately 10:30 a.m. during a routine aerial demonstration training flight." snip http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/04/05/pilot-dies-in-f-16-crash-at-nellis-air-force-base-outside-las-vegas.html 4 Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash in Calif. April 3, 2018 "Officials have identified the Marines killed when their helicopter crashed on a training mission in the California desert as four men in their 20s and 30s from the South and the Midwest." snip https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/national-international/4-Marines-Killed-in-Helicopter-Crash-Near-El-Centro-478912023.html Marine AV-8B Harrier Crashes in Djibouti, Pilot in Stable Condition April 3, 2018 Sam LaGrone snip "A Marine pilot is in stable condition after an AV-8B Harrier jet crashed during takeoff in Djibouti during an exercise on Tuesday, a U.S. Navy official told USNI News. The Harrier was taking off from Djibouti Ambouli International Airport around 4 p.m. local time (9 a.m. EST) when the nose of the aircraft rose too quickly, causing the pilot to lose control of the aircraft and forcing the pilot to eject, according to eyewitness accounts of the crash a source told USNI News. Witnesses say the pilot was able to walk to the ambulance after the ejection." snip https://news.usni.org/2018/04/03/marine-av-8b-harrier-crashes-djibouti-pilot-stable-condition 3 in 2 days
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    Astronomers find 72 bright and fast explosions Date: April 2, 2018 Source: Royal Astronomical Society Summary: Gone in a (cosmological) flash: a team of astronomers found 72 very bright, but quick events in a recent survey and are still struggling to explain their origin. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180402192657.htm What are these mystery lights in space? Astronomers baffled after spotting 72 ‘extremely bright’ explosions 4 billion light years away Scientists who observed this strange event are trying to understand dark energy They are looking for supernovae - the explosion of stars at the end of their lives The mysterious explosions are similar in brightness to supernovae, but they don't last as long By PHOEBE WESTON FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 20:18 AEST, 4 April 2018 | UPDATED: 23:18 AEST, 4 April 2018 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5576893/Alien-signals-Astronomers-baffled-detecting-72-extremely-bright-explosions.html?ITO=1490
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    In the below vid, Rex goes wondering about the Nutrino effect. The arrival of the burst hitting the core of Earth causes huge range of eruptions of volcanoes to EQs and then....rapture of pretty nasty particles that just would do us all off the surface of Earth. He's connecting the dots his way, and he links up the thought with chemtrails and those newly discovered active volcanoes under the ice sheets of both poles etc, painting something that was different to my angles, so I appreciated learning how he connected the dots. How would you connect these dots?? "Timeline, Antarctica, Next Pole Shift, Declassified CIA Docs Analyzed" The waves are hitting us.....as was told so by our Entity buddy. (BTW re: 2012, I think I know the person whose story line was sold to the production company and that movie got made. That was almost a sheer copy of an old Si-Fi comic....) (c)Leak Project 2018 Published on Apr 3, 2018
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    Thanks for the updates, breezy! Peeps, I was sorta quietly dancing by myself, thinking "YEEEEEY THERE WON'T BE THE STUPID WAR IN ASIA!" ....Well maybe I came to the conclusion too fast. (But if you can recall from what I've been posting on "A Chronicle of WW3" thread, you know I never wished the war to happen in relation to NK at all. That's absolutely THE end result we want as the Humans, for we are trying to pull ourselves out from the oppressors' plans and save our sisters and brothers from meaningless and consciousness-contaminating BS killings. The War was planned long time ago. We shall NEVER fall for the plot. ) Err... NK went into shock. They tried to continue using the same tactic they used against Japan and others for the past 27 years. Trump gov said F Off, dismantle the shite IMMEDIATELY. KJU is in a fit of fear. But the guy actually dances really bloody well for the geopolitics. For that, I have to say that the guy got fine skills....NOT. Friggin deceits and total fake moves are continuously created by that guy, for he doesn't know anything else. He's trying to protect his own, nothing else. His nation is not included in that. The people in NK are dying from not enough food. Even right now, though we don't hear about it. The sanction is working well.....and killing off the NK NATION, as if nothing to do with KJU. I really want all the people there to be saved. And for the situation, there are chance of the War happening......IF NK continues to behave stupid. It's up to KJU's decision now. Anyway, NK will try to use the ABDUCTEES as trade tickets for money off Japan. AGAIN. FFS. And if you realise, POTUS gov really cut deep into the problem of China. China does ruthlessly just ignore any rules and copy and produce anyone's intellectual asset and call it their gain. FFS. Learn the important manner to live peacefully among Humans!! Meaning, learn to adhere by the rules we created so we can have unified platform to work with, and gain together. The world is existing for us all, NOT ONLY for China to exist. China is an AUTHORITARIAN STATE. (They always likes to have "Emperor" in their country, just like they made Mao as one, now they got Xi as the permanent head of them till cows come home. The total ruler. Wouldn't you feel horrid if you knew he'd be culling anyone say boo at him full on MORE from now on? That's what always happened in Chinese history. Study, then you will see it.) What China has been doing for their trading is absolutely CONTROLLED by the Communist Party. Everything and Anything like patented materials to movies, they just ruthlessly copy, print/build and sell them off to the rest of the world. And we are just buying such products blindly. China even copied the US catapult system on the War Ships, which was what the US military people paid with their own lives, with loads of people dead on trials and errors done to perfect the system. For China to sneakily rob the info and use it for themselves.....I feel sick in my stomach, thinking for those brave pilots and people on the ships who got killed in the process not getting any respect what so ever. Now POTUS said that's not on. Of course NOT ON. Because their way of trading is totally nothing to do with "trust-based" as in how Western countries work. (Of course there are intel fights and rebalancing of power go on in the background, so everyone is not "clean" as such. Please be aware of that bit.) Whenever the market starts to wiggle badly, Chinese Communist Party will wage in and stabilise their market for themselves, giving total crap against everyone else's market stance. No more fakes, no more robbing of knowledge and rights to be paid properly, that's what POTUS basically told to China. So you can see what POTUS is saying is very rightful thing, and it should be a consensus among the rest of the world to make the world trading functional and equally as much as we can...(trying to!) And what China is saying is; they haven't done anything wrong, and it's all their rights to friggin invade and take and rape and rob, and will fight back against what POTUS said. ....HELLO, friggin smell the air and wake up, and start taking a part in being Humans.....or leave Earth, go back to where your parents came from. YOU ARE NOT WANTED ON EARTH, if you are to paint the planet only with your colour Red.┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐
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    OK, this is NOT about the weird sound, but this one is also showing a piece of jigsaw puzzle that linked with the sound heard around the world (in a long and winding way)... Blue and Violet Snow Discovered in St. Petersburg Dec. 27 2017 - 09:12 https://themoscowtimes.com/news/blue-and-violet-snow-discovered-in-st-petersburg-60057 Blue snow shocks Russia’s St. Petersburg residents https://www.dailysabah.com/europe/2017/12/27/blue-snow-shocks-russias-st-petersburg-residents Mystery as BLUE snow covers St Petersburg with locals fearing bizarre phenomenon is due to toxic chemicals Some believe the blue snow is due the demolition of a research institute in city Experts said the colours could have been caused by cobalt or methylene blue Samples were taken to lab for analysis and an investigation has been launched By Tariq Tahir For Mailonline PUBLISHED: 04:30 AEDT, 28 December 2017 | UPDATED: 05:21 AEDT, 28 December 2017 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5215781/Mystery-bizarre-BLUE-snow-covers-St-Petersburg.html ---------------------- and from 2013 BLUE SNOW entry: Russian city wakes up to find it is covered in BLUE snow: Bizarre weather strikes remote area that was hit by a meteorite in 2013 Residents in Chelyabinsk woke up to odd-coloured snow in the streets Some locals complained of having sore throats after contact with it It sparked fears that the snow was contaminated with toxic materials Local reports claimed it was actually a 'minor' dye spill from a factory Viteks Company reassured locals the colourant did not pose health risks By Khaleda Rahman for MailOnline PUBLISHED: 21:40 AEDT, 13 February 2015 | UPDATED: 04:18 AEDT, 14 February 2015 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2952030/Russian-city-wakes-covered-BLUE-snow.html
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    The Law of Fives http://discordia.wikia.com/wiki/Law_of_Fives