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    Best Video you will ever see.......................... if you don't feel gooey in your heart you are no longer human
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    I’ve been telling my wife this for many years; there is something seriously off with Oprah. I have never been able to put my finger on it, and I used to think it was more about how so many people (mostly women, but some men too) start sentences with “Oprah says...”. It’s like she’s the leader of some sick cult where people worship the ground she walks on and treat everything she says as gospel, and then preach it to anyone who will listen. Gives me a chill down my spine for some reason. On the face of it she’s generous and charitable and caring and clearly talanted as a media personality but something about her really makes me squirm. I’ve never done any looking into her but when I read the headline that she might run, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I completely out to lunch here? If that’s the case don’t be afraid to let me know.
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    Oprah is the perfect example of power through media. I don't know much about her personally, but I have the feeling she is well connected if you know what I mean. That would explain a lot. Will she run for President, who knows. They are pretty desperate to get Trump out so might go in with socially popular big guns but I have serious doubts she would be any good at the job - more of a puppet perhaps.
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    Is someone in North Korea mining Monero cryptocurrency using hacked computers? Published time: 8 Jan, 2018 22:38 Source: www.rt.com/news Link: https://www.rt.com/news/415306-north-korea-monero-malware/ A US cybersecurity firm claims it has found evidence of hacked computers sending coins to a North Korean university after being infected with cryptocurrency mining malware. But government-linked hackers are not behind the attacks. According to a report by the American cybersecurity firm AlienVault, the software hides itself among legitimate files and programs, and uses the computer in which its embedded itself to mine the cryptocurrency Monero. The mined coins are then sent on to a server based at Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang. The malware – which installs itself as intelservice.exe in what is likely an attempt to hide among legitimate products from Intel Corp – was identified by AlienVault through a database of computer viruses put together by the Google subsidiary VirusTotal. Cryptocurrency mining needs a lot of operating power resulting in mounting electricity bills, which is why hackers often try to reassign the task to a network of compromised PC’s under their control. Snip
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    And a very Happy Birthday from me too! Thank you for all you do and for being you.
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    Happy Birthday Breezy.You rock,so just keep on rockin!
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    Happy birthday B! May the coming year bring only health, peace, happiness, and abundance to you and your loved ones. Many Happy Returns!
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    Rare moon occurrence coming … and the last time it happened was 152 years ago! Jan. 10, 2018 J. Holland image: pixabay "We started the new year with a supermoon, the Wolf Moon, and another one is on the way. Jan. 31 will bring the third supermoon in a row, the second full moon of January and a total lunar eclipse, all at the same time. The last time the three happened together was 152 years ago on March 31, 1866. The combination is known as a blood moon, a blue moon and a supermoon – all together." http://yellowhammernews.com/featured/yet-another-supermoon-month/ Super Blue Blood-Moon 2018: When, Where and How to See It This Month Jesse Emspak Jan. 4, 2018 snip video "January skywatchers are in for a rare treat: a Blue Moon, a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon all in the same month. A Blue Moon is when two full moons happen in the same calendar month; lunar eclipses occur when the moon passes into Earth's shadow; and supermoons happen when the moon's perigee — its closest approach to Earth in a single orbit — coincides with a full moon. In this case, the supermoon also happens to be the day of the lunar eclipse. The first full moon of January will take place on the night of Jan. 1 or the morning of Jan. 2, depending on your location. The second full moon and the lunar eclipse will occur on the night of Jan. 31 or the morning of Feb. 1. And the supermoon will take place on the night of Jan. 30, which is technically one day before the moon reaches peak fullness, but even NASA is willing to call the event a supermoon nonetheless." snip https://www.space.com/39208-super-blue-blood-moon-guide.html
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    Swift Mission Spies a Comet Slowdown Observations by NASA's Swift spacecraft, now renamed the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory after the mission’s late principal investigator, have captured an unprecedented change in the rotation of a comet. Images taken in May 2017 reveal that comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák — 41P for short — was spinning three times slower than it was in March, when it was observed by the Discovery Channel Telescope at Lowell Observatory in Arizona. The abrupt slowdown is the most dramatic change in a comet's rotation ever seen. "The previous record for a comet spindown went to 103P/Hartley 2, which slowed its rotation from 17 to 19 hours over 90 days," said Dennis Bodewits, an associate research scientist at the University of Maryland (UMD) in College Park who presented the findings Wednesday, Jan. 10, at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) meeting in Washington. "By contrast, 41P spun down by more than 10 times as much in just 60 days, so both the extent and the rate of this change is something we've never seen before." http://www.astrowatch.net/2018/01/swift-mission-spies-comet-slowdown.html
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    Yeeeees I agree with you, Bryan! Her shows were hypnotic....there are such strong elements of audiences totally responding to her like puppets, I felt. While I do believe there must be some people got helped by what Oprah was doing, and she certainly brought out the range of health and mental supportive tv shows such as Dr. Phil. (Dr. Phil had shown an episode of a Mind Control subject bravely, and the show got stopped since then, I take....so not all were bad, I want to think.) All the shopping list stuff and spreeing the audience with hell a lot of presents and how the audience was going frenzy over it, madly cheering her.....it was scary to watch, yet it was somehow so hypnotic. She is a very skilled magician, methinks......
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    Julian Assange Granted Ecuadorian Passport – Posts Photo in Nation’s Jersey On Wednesday, Julian Assange tweeted a photo of himself wearing an Ecuadorian soccer jersey amid reports that he was granted a passport from the nation on December 21. The WikiLeaks founder is listed with Ecuador’s Internal Revenue Service under the number 1729926483 as Julian Paul Assange — which would mean that he has been granted citizenship by the nation that has been providing his political asylum. The news comes one day after it was announced that Ecuador was seeking mediation to figure out a way to get Assange out of the embassy. The sentiment was echoed in another statement issued by the government on Wednesday. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/01/julian-assange-granted-ecuadorian-passport-posts-photo-nations-jersey/
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    Standing Ovation as Trump Touts End of Death Tax: ‘Keep Your Farms in the Family’ Attendees of the American Farm Bureau Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, rose to their feet with boisterous praise on Monday when President Donald Trump heralded the end of the death tax in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. During his speech at the convention, Trump pointed out that not one Democrat voted for the Republican congressional leadership’s tax cut plan. The president focused on the effect on farmers of reduction of regulatory burdens and change in the estate tax under the new tax law: All American businesses, including American farmers, will be able to deduct 100% of the cost of new equipment in the year you make the investment. That is something that I think is going to be the sleeper of the bill, you deduct it all in one year as opposed to over many years, that’s a tremendous thing. And from now on, most family farms and small business owners will be spared, and you’re gonna be spared and it really is the word punishment, of the deeply unfair estate tax known as the death tax — so you can keep your farms in the family. http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/01/08/standing-ovation-president-trump-touts-end-death-tax-keep-farms-family/
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    Happy Birthday Brezzy- you are such a hoot!Thanks for all your years of service to us and Chani!
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    Happy Birthday Breezy! Hope its a good one.
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    Happy Birthday Breezy--
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    Happy Birthday .. Good Health and Blessings [Lots Cake & Ice Cream] to you for this year..
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    Wooo Hooo another one bites the dust... well done Now get on your bike and start peddling to the next one Happy Birthday Breezy
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    Happy birthday Breezy! Hope all your dreams come true
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    Another year around the sun. Many blessings upon you breezy. Happy birthday. You are loved.
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    A very happy birthday to you breezy and thank you for the great work you do here on Chani. May you have many more, each one better than the last.Big furry hug,
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    Another trip around the Sun. A very happy birthday B. Wow, is it really coming up on eight years that we've been doing this? rs
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    If this doesn't crack you up your not working hard enough..... The perfect yoga partner
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    Time For Hungrexit: PM Orban Opposes Mass Immigration In Hungary, Attacks Soros In German Press JANUARY 11, 2018 By Brandon Turbeville Source Link: https://www.activistpost.com/2018/01/time-for-hungrexit-pm-orban-opposes-mass-immigration-in-hungary-attacks-soros-in-german-press.html Viktor Orban has caused shockwaves amongst the EU and the European establishment in recent years and has subsequently drawn the wrath of that establishment, resulting in an attempted color revolution in Hungary. Orban survived that attempt, however, and is continuing to “trigger” the EU with his refusal to destroy his country and culture with mass immigration and his open condemnation of George Soros and the destabilization empire Soros has maintained in Eastern Europe for decades. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, head of the most oppressive Communo-Fascist country in Europe, has repeatedly promoted the policy of mass migration to Germany (as well as the policy to end free speech and dissent) and has stood in direct contrast to any leader that expresses concern over the influx of “refugees,” the overwhelming majority of whom are economic migrants. While Germany has essentially uprooted its own country and taken in millions of immigrants (with no real attempts at assimilation), Hungary has refused to take in any, even building an electric border fence to keep the mass of immigrants from passing through Hungary. In an interview with Bild, a German news agency, Orban made his statements regarding mass migration. The exchange went as follows: Obviously, the Hungarian Prime Minister has many problems and the occasional accurate statement does not equal the necessity to pretend that Orban is the savior of Hungary. However, in this instance, he is acting in the best interests of his country. Though many take issue with his labeling of migrants as “Muslim invaders” considering the fact that Western invaders have been terrorizing Africa and the Middle East for nearly a century, he does have a point. Hungarian culture and the culture of the migrants attempting to enter Hungary are very different and, when facing one another in large numbers, they do create “parallel societies” which benefit neither the host or migrant population. These massive numbers do not assimilate but merge together in their own neighborhoods and thus an internal “second nation” is formed. This second nation can be used for cheap labor and a battering ram against the first nation for political purposes by oligarchical forces and, without a doubt, it leads to the disintegration of national culture and the breakup of society. Likewise, his statements regarding George Soros have attracted a lot of European attention. When asked about his previous actions to limit Soros’ influence, the exchange took place as follows: Again, Orban is correct. Germany does not have more freedom of the press than Hungary nor does it have more freedom than virtually anyone else besides, perhaps, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. He is also correct to point out that the captain of the Color Revolution Industrial Complex has been launching a war against Hungary and Orban himself for the past several years. Indeed, Orban and Hungary are not the only Soros targets either since Soros’ networks at operating all across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Of course, Orban isn’t expressing any deep understanding of what is happening across the world, how the West has destabilized and destroyed much of the Middle East and Africa, or how the European Union is totalitarian iron curtain, but the fact that his basic statements have generated such controversy in both Germany and the rest of Europe is a testament to just how far Europe has fallen. Even the basic logic that Hungarians have a right to have their own Hungarian culture and the right to control who comes in and out of their borders is considered heresy. This, unfortunately is the extent to which Europeans themselves have become neutered. Even among the general population, particularly in Germany, there does not even seem to be the concept of self-preservation. Germans, for instance, while screaming “never again” in regards to their Nazi past, have descended into outright Communo-Fascism, with not even the basic rights of freedom of speech, expression, or thought remaining. Anyone who has the audacity to speak plainly or speak openly about what is happening to their country is labeled a thought/speech criminal and silenced immediately. The result of Orban’s heresy, if lived up to, will be the maintaining of a Hungarian Hungary while the rest of Europe falls apart. But while Orban’s statements are largely correct, the Bild interviewer asked a pertinent question. If the EU is giving you so many problems, why don’t you leave? In fact, that question and sentiment was echoed by Guy Verhofstadt, member of the EU parliament, who said “The European Union was built to guarantee our citizens’ freedom, democracy and the rule of law. If the Hungarian and Polish governments want to build closed and illiberal societies, they must do it outside the EU.” Ignoring the erroneous first part of that statement, Verhofstadt’s suggestion is valid and so is Bild’s question. The EU has imposed innumerable unnecessary regulations on its member states, Malthusian “climate change” provisions, clamped down on free speech, engaged in political bullying, is undemocratic, and has flooded Europe with so many immigrants some countries now seem to belong on another continent. So why stay? Britain left the EU. Hungary could do it, too. In fact, Hungary would be much better off outside the European iron curtain, provided it would nationalize its central bank, end neo-liberal “free trade” policies, and begin investing in its own infrastructure. If Orban truly wants the best for Hungary, he should ironically take the queue from Verhofstadt and leave the EU. We’ve had Brexit. Now it’s time for Hungrexit. This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.
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    Exactly, Unity. Hypnotic is a very apt description of her effect on some people. And you’re right about all the giveaways and ‘Oprah’s favourite things’ shows where people would lose their minds over all the ‘stuff’ she’d throw at them. Sick She reminds me of a king or queen tossing coins and scraps to the poor so they worship her unquestioningly.
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    Intense lightning storms around the NW portion of Spain/Catalonia today, corresponding to a couple of lines running between Australia and New Zealand, going to two areas: Dunedin and Castle Hill / Christchurch (approximately) Images tomorrow-coming to terms with a new very clunky slow computer, And Antarctica.New video from secure team.(their following video notes something odd over New York)
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    A Neutron Star Hiding Out Near a Black Hole Is Pelting Earth with Radio Waves By Charles Q. Choi, Live Science Contributor | January 10, 2018 Source Link: https://www.livescience.com/61392-outer-space-pulses-strike-earth.html?utm_source=notification New work probes the extraterrestrial source of incredibly powerful explosions of radio waves, investigating why that spot is the only known location to repeatedly burst with these blasts. These repeating bursts may come from a dense stellar core called a neutron star near an extraordinarily powerful magnetic field, such as one near a massive black hole, the study finds. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are intense pulses of radio waves lasting just milliseconds that can give off more energy in a fraction of a second than the sun does in hours, days or weeks. FRBs were discovered only in 2007, and while researchers have detected 20 or so FRBs in the past decade, they estimate that such flashes might occur as many as 10,000 times a day across the entire sky, researchers wrote in the study. [Inside a Neutron Star (Infographic)] Much remains a mystery about the origins of FRBs, because their brief nature makes it difficult to pinpoint where they come from. Among the possibilities that prior work suggested are cataclysmic events such as the evaporation of black holes and collisions between neutron stars. However, in 2016, scientists discovered that a fast radio burst known as FRB 121102 could release multiple bursts. "It is the only known repeating fast radio burst source," study co-lead author Jason Hessels, an astrophysicist at the University of Amsterdam, told Space.com. Snip
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    Crows Mass Death---NOT Bird Flu but What??? Something freaky is happening in north of Tokyo in Japan. Over 4-5th in Jan, they found 90 crows dead bodies within 3km radius. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/national/20180105-OYT1T50074.html?from=y10 No obvious trauma on the bodies. Quick check of Bird Flu came back negative. Part of dead bird was checked for chemical problems such as from farm sprays. No issue was found in that area. There were mass deaths case 3 years ago in the same prefecture, and the last case they found 100+dead birds. Season, area, and how it happened had shown similarities to that of 3 year ago's incident, apparently. But no known cause stated as of yet.
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    Feud over Trump dossier intensifies with release of interview transcript https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/feinstein-releases-testimony-of-glenn-simpson-whose-research-firm-fusion-gps-was-behind-trump-dossier/2018/01/09/15da150a-f562-11e7-beb6-c8d48830c54d_story.html?utm_term=.d79f45569581 The transcript https://assets.documentcloud.org/documents/4345522/Read-the-full-transcript-of-Glenn-Simpson-s.pdf
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    Julian Assange's stay in London embassy untenable, says Ecuador South American country that has housed WikiLeaks founder for five years says it is seeking mediator to end impasse with UK By Robert Booth Source Link: https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/jan/09/julian-assange-stay-in-london-embassy-untenable-says-ecuador Wed 10 Jan ‘18
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    This is old info but just in case we didn't cover back in 2016 then...and to see where the moths are at after the bugs got released. A GMO Bacterial Weapon Will Soon Be Sprayed Over Seattle Brett Tingley April 26, 2016 http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2016/04/a-gmo-bacterial-weapon-will-soon-be-sprayed-over-seattle/ Controversial gypsy moth pesticide program hits Pierce County http://komonews.com/news/local/controversial-gypsy-moth-pesticide-program-hits-pierce-county