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    I have found a solution for you Breezy.....
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    The Atlas moth , thanks to Maria on my Fakebook page...
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    "...the company's decision to mandate that all healthcare employees, staff, and volunteers get the seasonal flu vaccine this year, a decision that led to dozens being fired." "But Gaston De Serres, MD an epidemiologist at the Institute National de Sante Publique du Quebec, said that mandates like Essentia's are at best misguided attempts at patient protection, and at worst, a rule that's based more on ideology than science." "Earlier this year, De Serres co-authored a paper published in PloS One that showed little or no protection was extended to patients when healthcare workers had received flu shots." ""I'm convinced that taking everyone's temperature before they worked would have more impact in promoting patient safety than mandating the flu shot,” Osterholm said. "If it's a requirement, it's on us to show the data demonstrating that it's useful. We don't have that."" http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2017/11/health-worker-firings-spark-debate-mandating-flu-vaccine
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    Booming Economy: New York Fed GDP Reading Hits 3.9 Percent Dec. 2, 2017 John Carney "The New York Federal Reserve’s tool for forecasting gross domestic product (GDP) hit its highest point ever on Friday, pointing to a fourth-quarter GDP growth of 3.93 percent. The number is so high that the New York Fed’s “Nowcasting Report” had to be rescaled to allow for such a high reading. Prior to the most recent quarter, the Nowcast has never before predicted GDP above 3.2 percent and rarely ever above 3 percent. The Nowcast uses the most recent economic figures to try to get a real-time reading of economic output. It is updated weekly. Last week’s number was pushed up by good news about employment, inventories, and new home sales. Low inflation was a drag on the number. The message from the New York Fed is simple: the economy is booming." http://www.breitbart.com/economics/2017/12/02/booming-economy-new-york-fed-gdp-reading-3-9-percent/
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    I must admit I thought .. Chani/AIM?..when I saw America Intelligence Media. Could it be? But very interesting video nonetheless.
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    Edit Okay for me this is raising all sorts of questions. I've been following the Q Anon material recently. White Rabbit/Alice has been related to CERN. There is also the White Rabbit Project The "fictional" version : 'White Rabbit Project' Physics: G-Forces The real life (or at least presented as such) version https://www.forbes.com/sites/chadorzel/2016/12/12/white-rabbit-project-physics-g-forces/#589e9e2012a1 The real life (or at least presented as such) version the white rabbit project - Open Hardware Repository https://www.ohwr.org/attachments/2528/IBIC2013_WR.pdf Project description White Rabbit is a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and synchronization. It can synchronize over 1000 nodes with sub-ns accuracy over fiber lengths of up to 10 km. Commercially available. More info at the Wiki page https://www.ohwr.org/projects/white-rabbit Basically instantaneous transmission of information throughout the CERN network which implies quantum entanglement or even FTL. Why? Entangling the network with the DNA information contained in a 1800 year old 5 year old girl begs the question: why her? Who was she? NEXt: the bitcoin cryptocurrency. I'll try to find the video in which an expert computer hacker expresses bafflement after he and others tried to hack bitcoin. Each obscure attempt was met with an Access Denied response implying that the attempt was foreseen. The hacker knew of only 15 other hackers with the same expertise as himself, none of whom were responsible. His conclusion was that, possibly , it was AI invented- which would be Black Goo? Advanced Photon Source An Office of Science National User Facility Researchers Unraveling Mummy Mysteries with Powerful APS X-rays Share Ali Mashayekhi (Principal Beamline Specialist, X-ray Science Division-Materials Physics and Engineering Group) readies the mummy for the x-ray beam in the X-ray Science Division 1-ID research station at the Advanced Photon Source. Inside a sprawling research building at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, a collection of scientists, researchers and art curators assembled Monday to unravel the mysteries of a mummy. The ancient Roman-Egyptian linen-wrapped remains of a 5-year-old girl, including an embedded portrait, were unearthed in Hawara, Egypt, in 1911. The mummy, about 1,800 years old and weighing 50 pounds, is from the collection of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on the Northwestern University campus. Northwestern researchers have been piecing together her story.Edit https://www1.aps.anl.gov/APS-Science-Highlight/2017/researchers-unraveling-mummy-mysteries-with-powerful-aps-x-rays Then there's the Saudi Arabian connection with "Sophia" and the granting of citizenship to an AI robot. (A really weird thought, probably only that: is the Sophia of Gnostic tradtion actually an AI construct existing "now" who was recorded "then"? Or is this an attempt at a forged Sophia?)
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    UmmmmmI wasn't sure if I should put this vid in the Bezerk thread but anyhow... Crrow777 is Back on YT, Mentions RRR 11:20~. I was surprised to hear their name being mentioned. ("RRR" as in how NexEd was referring Aco's ex-employer as.) Breezy might be interested in just checking it out. Just a vague connection but I was kinda "ping-ed" by hearing the name appearing here. RRR has been popping up here and there in Asian medias, due to Nth K pressure. It's to do with the analysis on Nth K destructiveness.
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    A quick visit today. Re Astana, and a new ,excellent website I've found https://aim4truth.org/2017/02/19/how-wwiii-was-averted-in-a-remote-place-called-astana/
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    Grandma Who Accidentally Invited Stranger to Thanksgiving Sees Him Show Up Next Year Nov. 27, 2017 Carolyn Marie snip video "A text to the wrong number turned into a Thanksgiving tradition that has gone viral. The backstory to how the tradition began has left many people reflecting in thankfulness over the kindness of a woman to welcome a stranger to her Thanksgiving dinner. It all began when an Arizona grandma texted her grandson to invite him over for Thanksgiving dinner. A normal occurrence, surely, but unbeknownst to her, this grandmother had the wrong number. Thanksgiving can be a stressful time of year and trying to get the whole family together, especially when the grandkids are teens, can be a difficult task. This grandma was just trying to rally all the family and make sure no one got left out. She didn’t know she’d be adding to the headcount by texting who she thought was her grandson. Jamal Hinton, 17, got a text during class inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner at 3 p.m. He had absolutely no clue who this text was from. Hinton texted her back and asked, “Who is this?” She responded with an oblivious, “Your grandma.” snip A great story! https://www.liftable.com/carolynfultz/grandma-who-accidentally-invited-stranger-to-thanksgiving-sees-him-show-up-next-year/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=eheadlines&utm_campaign=weeklypm&utm_content=redaudience
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    WHITE CHILDREN NOT SAFE IN VIOLENT BALTIMORE, SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS Beatrice DuPuy Nov. 29, 2017 "School district officials in a mostly white Maryland county have decided that Baltimore is too unsafe for field trips. Carroll County school district officials, citing guidance from the local sheriff, say two class trips to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore were canceled due to "escalating violence" in the city. "Due to escalating violence reported in Baltimore City, and consultation with law enforcement and Maryland Center for School Safety, we will not be sending any students on field trips to Baltimore City at this time,” the district said in an email to parents. County Sheriff James DeWees had recommended that stopping field trips to the city would “limit the risk to students and staff,” according to The Baltimore Sun. The decision comes after Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh commented that crime in the city was “out of control” as homicide deaths exceeded 300 for the third year in a row. But Pugh said she was disappointed in the district for its decision to end field trips. “The events and sights the students were set to participate in and visit are unique and represent positive experiences for these young people,” McCarthy told the Sun." snip http://www.newsweek.com/has-baltimore-become-too-violent-one-maryland-school-district-thinks-so-725752 This is one of those stories where you have to read between the lines to get the real truth.
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    'Today' anchor Matt Lauer fired from NBC News over sexual misconduct allegations http://www.abc2news.com/news/national/nyt-matt-lauer-fired-from-nbc "The Cover-Up Begins To End": Judicial Watch Hints At Explosive New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-28/cover-begins-end-judicial-watch-hints-explosive-new-clinton-lynch-tarmac-docs “I Wasn’t Sorry”: Dem Senator Accused Of Horrible Crimes Admits Disgusting Truth In Book https://teddystick.com/i-wasnt-sorry-dem-senator-accused-of-horrible-crimes-admits-disgusting-truth-in-book/
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    That video phillipbbg posted of Harold Kautz Vella on the previous page is interesting. I could not help but think about the D Wave computer. Was going to post it myself but checked the thread and found phillip had already done so. Give it a watch if you haven't yet.
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    Harolds latest interview interesting some more detail of the bigger picture
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    Deputy FBI director may have violated federal law Dec. 2, 2017 DML News "Questions have been raised surrounding FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s political activities and conflicts of interest. He’s been accused of violating a law that bars federal officials from using their offices to campaign for political candidates, as well as whether he “fairly and objectively” handled FBI investigations into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton." snip http://dennismichaellynch.com/deputy-fbi-director-may-have-violated-federal-law/ Tx Reddwolf
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    Very Interested unity, Thank You, listening now. I can believe Rand would, as they are a think tank and influencing world situations, IS their line of work. BREAKING: ABC’s Brian Ross Suspended After Massive Error in Flynn Report Dec. 2, 2017 "Yesterday a incorrect report from ABC’s Brian Ross sent the stock market temporarily reeling. The report falsely claimed that President Trump told Michael Flynn to contact Russia during the presidential campaign. It was later revealed that the event in question took place after the election during the Presidential transition, but not before ABC’s original fake news report was spread to millions. snip http://katrinapierson.com/breaking-abcs-brian-ross-suspended-massive-error-flynn-report/ VIDEO PROOF: Obama Admin Confirms ‘No Problem’ With General Flynn Contacting Foreign Officials http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/12/obama-administration-confirms-no-problem-general-flynn-contacting-foreign-officials-video/
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    This is a bit deeper than surface but anyway... The Mystery of "pe pe pe" on Google Translate Image below: (c)trabaho at https://forum.softpedia.com/topic/1103553-google-translate-pe-pe-pe/page__st__18 I take I got your attention a bit from that image above. I got this info in a long and winding way, and still trying to find the exact original 4chan posts yet. But anyway, while I carry on looking around, I may as well to share this info now with you people at CHANI, so you all can start digging yourselves, if you fancy the risk. Yes, RISK. A big red alert, if you really DO this. So please be aware. I think it's wise to recommend running your pc using Lynux, then wipe the OS out if you did this, then re-install OS freshly, just in case your computer gets infected in some ways you never know.................... How To See the Behaviour of the Ggle Translate Spitting Out Codes Like Stuff Open the Top Page of Ggle Translate --> Set Translate From to Somali --> Set Translate To to English From the box of translate from, enter "pe" repeatedly. The English translation box starts to spit out weird sentences... Look, maybe it's something done by the developer for some sort of joke, you never know. But please be very very careful indeed. Why? Because what I got as the contents appeared in the boxes are DIFFERENT from what the image is showing above. (The image above shows the poster is trying to only put "p" to see what that does, instead of "pe", to start with.) I don't intend to do this experiment myself at all. Not from my own pc, anyway. Source: youtube.com/watch?v=rvz9JD1Il00 The article source of the vid is a very trustworthy and full on CT magazine called TOKANA from Japan. They are cutting edge people I can trust that they come up with latest info. 3X pe: people worship 4X: Here are the times 5X: People from all walks of like 6X: Lift up your eyes 10X: people from all over the world 16X: people who live in idol worship 18X: to worship the people of I_ r . el 20X: Sermon on the Mount of Bounty 21X: rarely be worshiped in Jehovah's name 24X: Towards the rest of the people of I .s. Ra/l, who lived in the land of I_/r .. el 26X: Towards the people of Nineveh, in the twelfth year of Euphrates 30X: Sodom of Juda to Juda 32X: Believe in God's name, worship the people of /.s //Ra .el, and enjoy God's favour And additionally.... Google Translate Thinks "Ooga Booga Wooga" Is Somali And People Are Confused AF "Google Translate got us fucked up fam." Originally posted on October 11, 2017, at 1:26 a.m. Updated on October 11, 2017, at 7:37 p.m. By:Ikran Dahir https://www.buzzfeed.com/ikrd/people-want-to-know-why-google-translate-thinks-ooga-booga?utm_term=.ppzPjDRNw#.yerRMv120 So the trend was on going since October by this discovery. I have no idea what else others found by playing with the Ggl translate...LOL
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    Israeli missile hits target near Iranian base in west Damascus Dec. 2, 2017 Leith Fadel "BEIRUT, LEBANON (1:05 A.M.) – Israel has fired several missiles into western Syria tonight, targeting several sites near the Iranian base in the Kesweh area, a source told Al-Masdar News. According to the military source, at least one Israeli missile struck its intended target, while the rest were intercepted by Syrian anti-aircraft missiles (SAM). Another missile was just fired by the Syrian Air Defense at approximately 1:10 A.M. (Damascus Time). One of Iran’s largest military bases in Syria is located in western Damascus; however, it has never been targeted by the Israeli forces. https://mobile.almasdarnews.com/article/israeli-missile-hits-target-near-iranian-base-west-damascus/
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    unity, I do hear what you are saying, but we also must not blindly trust all who are responsible for creating AI. I can't help but be concerned when I read about those doing brain mapping, or those who wish to instill things like the ability for AI to show or change mood, as for me, that means emotion. AI/Robots are machines, They do not need the ability to show or change mood. They need to be treated as a machine, that is trained to help humans with tasks. Totally free of emotions. After all, emotions are what create most problems for humans, as it is. The video phillipbbg posted of the Colbert Report was interesting, wherein J. Colbert caught himself referring to Sophia, as a she, and how it was so easy to slip into treating a machine as you would a human. It seemed he shocked himself, as to how easy it was, and we need to take care not to fall into that trap. I posted the Lullaby story as one where AI is being used as a creator of a medical aid for humans, but also agree about how we are being conditioned to use, and as we use, to accept what it does as a wonderful new experience. Will we go on to accept anything and everything, AI may become able to do, without question? Heck, do we even have a clue as to what all ways we are engaging AI, every day, even now? I don't have a problem accepting AI programs IF they are used and treated as a machine, as an aid to make a chore easier. My problem comes when they are given, understand, or can use emotions, or when they have infiltrated our lives to the point that we can't live without their help.
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    DREAM ENDING: Amnesty Activist and Anti-Trumper Luis Gutierrez Reportedly Quitting Congress https://truepundit.com/dream-ending-amnesty-activist-and-anti-trumper-luis-gutierrez-reportedly-quitting-congress/ Editing to add this one: 'Blowback': Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe, Obama intel watchdog says Catherine Herridge, Pamela K. Browne, Cyd Upson Nov. 27, 2017 "A government watchdog who played a central role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation during the Obama administration told Fox News that he, his family and his staffers faced an intense backlash at the time from Clinton allies – and that the campaign even put out word that it planned to fire him if the Democratic presidential nominee won the 2016 election. “There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office,” former Intelligence Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III said. The Obama appointee discussed his role in the Clinton email probe for the first time on television, during an exclusive interview with Fox News. McCullough – who came to the inspector general position with more than two decades of experience at the FBI, Treasury and intelligence community – shed light on how quickly the probe was politicized and his office was marginalized by Democrats. In January 2016, after McCullough told the Republican leadership on the Senate intelligence and foreign affairs committees that emails beyond the “Top Secret” level passed through the former secretary of state's unsecured personal server, the backlash intensified." snip http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/11/27/blowback-clinton-campaign-planned-to-fire-me-over-email-probe-obama-intel-watchdog-says.html