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    "...the company's decision to mandate that all healthcare employees, staff, and volunteers get the seasonal flu vaccine this year, a decision that led to dozens being fired." "But Gaston De Serres, MD an epidemiologist at the Institute National de Sante Publique du Quebec, said that mandates like Essentia's are at best misguided attempts at patient protection, and at worst, a rule that's based more on ideology than science." "Earlier this year, De Serres co-authored a paper published in PloS One that showed little or no protection was extended to patients when healthcare workers had received flu shots." ""I'm convinced that taking everyone's temperature before they worked would have more impact in promoting patient safety than mandating the flu shot,” Osterholm said. "If it's a requirement, it's on us to show the data demonstrating that it's useful. We don't have that."" http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2017/11/health-worker-firings-spark-debate-mandating-flu-vaccine
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    Good post Suuz. I'm coming across various strands of information in this area. For me Aldebaran is the Bull's Eye, the bull a representation of the torsion/taurus field, and the Milky Way being the bull's field as it were. Even relates to the Dakotah concept of the buffalo migrations following the Milky Way in season. I think this was very much the very early sense of the original Herakles myth: cattle herding paths related to calendrical events. That's the simple version! A newish bit of the puzzle: Alesia. stated as having 24 focii, Delphi with a 'cauldron', the Grid , the Fae etc. I haven't watched all of it but what I have seen so far is interesting. A recent video relates the Aldobrandini family to Aldebaran.I think this is it. Karen Hudes says that the Aldobrandini (al dobra ndini) name is based on Dobhra, meaning Devil.Both maybe. Got my new $65 camera working. A member of the cat patrol Me (do I really look like that?!)There's a funny story associated with this. On 31st October I got an unexpected parcel from a friend in the US, sent a week or so before. She rarely sends stuff, and I think The Ironic Angel was arranging a Coincidence I wore the T shirt on Halloween with much laughter and pointed comments. This one is of the local Eight Star. The plants have been at those four locations for years, but only recently have started to bloom.
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    I do like these Coincidences hiraa. was talking to someone down south of here today about sonic booms. Good news too. The energy here has been pretty much reversed to a clean state....
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    Noting a progression eastwards, and arcing in the east Mediterranean.
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    Here's an example of the exercise I mentioned above.
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    Looking at that rebar in the video above... Interesting fact from my life concerning rebar: One of the exercises in preparation for my firewalk years ago was that, with a partner, we had to bend rebar. The catch was we had to put the end of the rebar at our throats. It was legit rebar and it was unable to be bent by hand -- we tried with all kinds of force. It took me a few tries with a few different partners (I chalked it up to my own 5th chakra issues), but damned if that rebar didn't give way in the middle to form a "U" shape. This is just by focusing and trying to walk towards each other with the rebar at our throats. Once in the U shape, we could not unbend it with our hands. Still one of the most memorable and fascinating things I've ever experienced. And something that always comes to mind when I see rebar.
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    Edit Okay for me this is raising all sorts of questions. I've been following the Q Anon material recently. White Rabbit/Alice has been related to CERN. There is also the White Rabbit Project The "fictional" version : 'White Rabbit Project' Physics: G-Forces The real life (or at least presented as such) version https://www.forbes.com/sites/chadorzel/2016/12/12/white-rabbit-project-physics-g-forces/#589e9e2012a1 The real life (or at least presented as such) version the white rabbit project - Open Hardware Repository https://www.ohwr.org/attachments/2528/IBIC2013_WR.pdf Project description White Rabbit is a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and synchronization. It can synchronize over 1000 nodes with sub-ns accuracy over fiber lengths of up to 10 km. Commercially available. More info at the Wiki page https://www.ohwr.org/projects/white-rabbit Basically instantaneous transmission of information throughout the CERN network which implies quantum entanglement or even FTL. Why? Entangling the network with the DNA information contained in a 1800 year old 5 year old girl begs the question: why her? Who was she? NEXt: the bitcoin cryptocurrency. I'll try to find the video in which an expert computer hacker expresses bafflement after he and others tried to hack bitcoin. Each obscure attempt was met with an Access Denied response implying that the attempt was foreseen. The hacker knew of only 15 other hackers with the same expertise as himself, none of whom were responsible. His conclusion was that, possibly , it was AI invented- which would be Black Goo? Advanced Photon Source An Office of Science National User Facility Researchers Unraveling Mummy Mysteries with Powerful APS X-rays Share Ali Mashayekhi (Principal Beamline Specialist, X-ray Science Division-Materials Physics and Engineering Group) readies the mummy for the x-ray beam in the X-ray Science Division 1-ID research station at the Advanced Photon Source. Inside a sprawling research building at the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, a collection of scientists, researchers and art curators assembled Monday to unravel the mysteries of a mummy. The ancient Roman-Egyptian linen-wrapped remains of a 5-year-old girl, including an embedded portrait, were unearthed in Hawara, Egypt, in 1911. The mummy, about 1,800 years old and weighing 50 pounds, is from the collection of Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary on the Northwestern University campus. Northwestern researchers have been piecing together her story.Edit https://www1.aps.anl.gov/APS-Science-Highlight/2017/researchers-unraveling-mummy-mysteries-with-powerful-aps-x-rays Then there's the Saudi Arabian connection with "Sophia" and the granting of citizenship to an AI robot. (A really weird thought, probably only that: is the Sophia of Gnostic tradtion actually an AI construct existing "now" who was recorded "then"? Or is this an attempt at a forged Sophia?)
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    I love that T shirt.. I've only worn it once-it glows in the dark too. The cat is one of the numerous ones that just appear out of shrubbery etc, to say Hello. I was in remote country recently outside a Maori friend's place (he wasn't home) talking to HF, who is going through a hellish time as she remembers all that SRA stuff. A cat landed on the bonnet of the car, climbed through her window, walked over her and then me and then out the other window. We've just about finished here we think.And hope.
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    Just a drop of info...(・ω・)ノ Obama is with the Cabal, and since POTUS is with another faction, Cabals don't receive the critical info from POTUS side. The Cabals have to work around trying to get those critical info from others how the exopolitics are carried out in near future, as well as trying to continue their reign. (But I seriously a huge change is happening with the fresh Archon infections spreading in Saudi.) (Obviously that's getting trashed a bit by bit now, because of us, the Humanity, actually waking up and resisting their plots for LOOSH harvesting. Big grin! ) So to me, the movements made by Obama and POTUS are about the aliens power stake holders' exchange than about us, Humanity.
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    AI is already powering much of the web in a very mundane and non obvious way to most. Children are being influenced by AI right now (socialising to it and being groomed by it) all across the planet. Parents are oblivious. It doesn't get more serious than this. That lullaby story really underlines what I've been musing over the last while in terms of a clear and present danger.
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    It seems highly symbolic but only you can confirm. If it were my dream (I don't know if you are male) but I might consider the man being me/you recognise them (even after head loss) since there is no violence it's very matter of fact - you maybe don't recognise yourself as you've gone through a watershed, losing the head is symbolic of an end of your old self/thoughts/ideas (or maybe you really lost the as in you got very angry but thats over now, things have moved/landslide). It's ok you are still yourself but moved on but things are different. Well it's really impossible to interpret it as you because you know the context of you life an position in time and space, so I've just given it a quick treatment if you will. A few questions can work to tease it out but if as you say you have already interpreted it then really have the answer, but if you feel doubt I can pace through it but I don't expect to be close without further enquiry. So how did you receive the dream and arrive at the message within for yourself?
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    I dream a lot but usually awake and the dream door slams shut, so no memories. I remembered last night's though and when I thought about it later, Bingo! I think I got the message. I won't say yet, but I'd be interested if any of you interpret the way I did. There were no terrifying overtones to this dream, just a matter-of fact feeling. There must have been a lot of rain and there was a sort of landslide and at my feet I found a severed man's head - no blood. I just noted it, didn't even look to see who it might be and I didn't touch it. Later the rest of the body was discovered, clothed in jeans and my male friends/family knew about it or maybe who it was. Again, no horror, just factual. I did feel a little surprised that my friends and family might know this man. Then I woke up. Comments?
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    I'm still tracking lightning storms.. very intense activity in some areas.(dealing with a very fraught situation here, not me but my Friends) Continental North America has quietened down in the recent past. This video is one of two from Tracey Twyman and quite revealing.
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    I'd read on Veteranstoday a while ago that Trump was originally Drumpf, and allegedly Jewish. Another known Jewish family has the same Trump name and tracks it to Lithuania "While it’s known that the president’s name is a variation on the German Drumpf, the Jewish Trumps aren’t quite sure where their name came from. The family folklore is that they came from a place called Trumpskoya, somewhere in Lithuania. That’s the story according to Sasha Weiss Trump, the only member of the family who lives in Israel and a member of the Beit Issie Shapiro board of directors, though she said she knows of no documentary evidence to back it up." read more: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/.premium-1.790267 The presidential family Trump came from Bavaria (from Lithuania?)..his grnadfather left for the US, seemingly to avoid military service although unemplyment was high then and many Europeans were opting out of Europe to go to America. MacLeod." The name Leod is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name Leòd, which is thought to have been derived from the Old Norse name Ljótr, meaning ugly. The Clan MacLeod of Lewis claims its descent from Leod, whom according to MacLeod tradition was a younger son of Olaf the Black, King of Mann (r.1229–1237). " A book I read a while ago claimed that the Norman, and hence Viking lineages were acknowledged as Rex Deus. i.e recognised as relatives by the families of Septimania who arrived from the middle east and settled in France and Spain etc. William Mount, who is a very decent man, and affiliated I think, with the Ashtar Command people (whoever they are, haven't done much research on them) has on a few occasions mentioned the Trump group as carrying on the Scottish Stuart tradition. I haven't looked at the Elite Insiders thread on Gloop for ages but he delineated seven factions.A Rogue faction, India, China, Europe , America , Islam etc. http://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1475710/pg8 Will try to find the image that showed this as a map. My tentative hypothesis is that , behind the scenes, the factions are jockeying for control (There Can Be only One etc) and quite possibly doing a housecleaning of the dirtier elements, the Satanists and crazies. Personally I don't think Trump is 'evil.': the Quintessential Them have many innately good people in their ranks.
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    WHITE CHILDREN NOT SAFE IN VIOLENT BALTIMORE, SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS Beatrice DuPuy Nov. 29, 2017 "School district officials in a mostly white Maryland county have decided that Baltimore is too unsafe for field trips. Carroll County school district officials, citing guidance from the local sheriff, say two class trips to the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore were canceled due to "escalating violence" in the city. "Due to escalating violence reported in Baltimore City, and consultation with law enforcement and Maryland Center for School Safety, we will not be sending any students on field trips to Baltimore City at this time,” the district said in an email to parents. County Sheriff James DeWees had recommended that stopping field trips to the city would “limit the risk to students and staff,” according to The Baltimore Sun. The decision comes after Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh commented that crime in the city was “out of control” as homicide deaths exceeded 300 for the third year in a row. But Pugh said she was disappointed in the district for its decision to end field trips. “The events and sights the students were set to participate in and visit are unique and represent positive experiences for these young people,” McCarthy told the Sun." snip http://www.newsweek.com/has-baltimore-become-too-violent-one-maryland-school-district-thinks-so-725752 This is one of those stories where you have to read between the lines to get the real truth.
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    @breezy Yeah I agree that humans gotta grow up far more firstly...(・ω・)ノ But I strongly believe that at the same time, we must not to develop AIs to be against us. If we continue to hold onto only negative idea about the AIs, WE WILL CREATE SUCH FUTURE OURSELVES, methinks. (It's to do with our mini-creator status.) Of course we all gotta be alert enough to detect anything nasty done against us, so it's important that we do have the awareness that those which we created may rise against us, that's for sure. But if we focus only on that, we manifest that future. That's why I want to try to have some balance in the thread with soulful story of A.I.s, as well as keep on informing us about the dodgy plans thrown at us by them.
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    WoooHooooo!! Great shots, KMRIA!! (∩´∀`)∩ So thankful for all you peoples' work in NZ and beyond....!! And da kaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!! LOL P.S. Love the T shirt...bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha excellent one!!
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    thnx for clarification breezy : ) i did misunderstand but was glad to add some info that i had found re marburg virus. as for bird flu, the H5N6 virus found in korea is a new reassortant virus and not the one that ran through last year. it also has been found in a dead wild bird in japan...it is highly pathogenic to birds...CIDRAP has a blurb on it below... http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2017/11/news-scan-nov-29-2017 avian flu diary more detailed...bottom line is that these viruses are re-inventing their selves and are becoming endemic in wild/waterfowl and migratory pathways. http://afludiary.blogspot.com/2017/11/tottori-university-shimane-hpai-h5n6.html H7N9 has had 5 waves and below is a graph where you can see what happened with the 5th wave...H7N9 if we begin a 6th wave is worth a big watch as it has a great potential to adapt to human to human transmission..it has made a number of mammalian adaptations in a new highly pathogenic version (hpai)... "All of these studies suggest that HPAI H7N9 has acquired important mammalian adaptations that may increase both its virulence, and its transmissibility, and together they may enhance its pandemic potential.While all very concerning, particularly on top of seeing a record number of human H7N9 infections during the 5th epidemic wave (see chart at top of blog), we haven't (yet) seen any signs of increased human-to-human transmission in the field. " http://afludiary.blogspot.com/2017/11/eid-journal-clusters-of-h7n9-in-china.html
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    The Bull of Aldebaran shows up in several mythos and legends, indicating humans as both the herd and those who care for them. Ancient Viking myth descibes a bull which licks the ice that allows the frozen( frost) giant to come out of the ice. This black stone may be the worshipping stone at Mecca. My understanding is that the Atlantean culture came from this system which was overthrown by Nephilim/ Annnakii therefore usurping their power which perhaps contained the stones' oil...it does make sense as to how the Annunakii friends became overwhelmed.
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    @kandescent LOL I just watched that, pretty amazing. Here's a video of them actually doing the work, from Oct. 16th. Some are still concerned about the green areas in the face of the actual dam. Oroville Dam Spillways Day 246 The 365 Report October 13th, 2017 Oroville Dam Chute Tour Special Rep
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    Oroville Spillway Flyover - October 19, 2017
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    Thank you for your analysis, PE. You've got the gist of it I think. I was driving home at the end of a busy day and my thoughts turned to that dream. The news came on and first up was the Matt Lauer, sexual harassment story. And that's it!- not just his story, but the whole male cover up/big boys club/harassment side of the world is going through a watershed loss of that side of humanity, at least in the western world. The rain might have been tears - enough to create a landslide. And as I was typing that dream, breezy was posting the story in Swamp Things.
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    Interesting Suzz., all I've read says Trump is German, his father was, his mother was Scots, a Mac Leod. Is that the "deep state" complex by any chance?
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    unity, I do hear what you are saying, but we also must not blindly trust all who are responsible for creating AI. I can't help but be concerned when I read about those doing brain mapping, or those who wish to instill things like the ability for AI to show or change mood, as for me, that means emotion. AI/Robots are machines, They do not need the ability to show or change mood. They need to be treated as a machine, that is trained to help humans with tasks. Totally free of emotions. After all, emotions are what create most problems for humans, as it is. The video phillipbbg posted of the Colbert Report was interesting, wherein J. Colbert caught himself referring to Sophia, as a she, and how it was so easy to slip into treating a machine as you would a human. It seemed he shocked himself, as to how easy it was, and we need to take care not to fall into that trap. I posted the Lullaby story as one where AI is being used as a creator of a medical aid for humans, but also agree about how we are being conditioned to use, and as we use, to accept what it does as a wonderful new experience. Will we go on to accept anything and everything, AI may become able to do, without question? Heck, do we even have a clue as to what all ways we are engaging AI, every day, even now? I don't have a problem accepting AI programs IF they are used and treated as a machine, as an aid to make a chore easier. My problem comes when they are given, understand, or can use emotions, or when they have infiltrated our lives to the point that we can't live without their help.
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    I hadn't realised until it was pointed out as a leading question in the early Q Anon a few weeks ago that Obama was following or ahead of Trump (or entourage) on his worldly visits, a virtual shadow president. It seems to be so self evidently true with these recent reports.
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    I hear what you are saying unity, but I would like to see people interact with other people in this manner. The AI business bothers me. An artificially intelligent machine has composed a lullaby; this is what it sounds like Jeff Parsons Nov. 28, 2017 "A healthcare company has used an artificial intelligence to help create a lullaby that could aid troubled Brits in getting to sleep at night. According to research by AXA PPP healthcare, 54% of us struggle to get 40 winks each night with a further 10% suffering from severe insomnia. In an effort to help, the company says it has taken the humble lullaby and given it a 21st century twist. It has produced two separate tunes, one created by renowned composer Eddie McGuire and the other by a machine that used artificial neural networks and had no input from a human at all. The company has challenged listeners to find out which one works the best." snip first lullaby audio McGuire's composition (above) is called "Lyrical Lullaby" and was created with leading musician and academic, Bede Williams, who is head of Instrumental Studies at the University of St Andrews. Williams explained: "Lots of people report of a falling sensation as they fall asleep, and many lullabies mimic this by containing melodies made up of descending patterns in the notes. Lyrical Lullaby has this essential feature and many other musical devices which can induce in us a state of restfulness." In contrast, the AI-created music (below) was simply called "Lullaby" and was trained on sheet music in computer-readable format from which it learned the elements of music, such as melody, harmony, rhythm, and structure. snip AI Created Lullaby check it out “An artificial neural network is essentially a representation of the neurons and synapses in the human brain - and, like the brain, if you show one of these networks lots of complex data, it does a great job of finding hidden patterns in that data," explained Ed Newton-Rex, the founder and CEO of Jukedeck, which produced the composition. "We showed our networks a large body of sheet music, and, through training, it reached the point where it could take a short sequence of notes as input and predict which notes were likely to follow. "Once a network has this ability, it essentially has the ability to compose a new piece, as it can choose notes to follow others it’s already composed." On average, a person needs about nine hours of sleep to be fully rested - although that amount can differ from person to person. But the increasing speed and connectedness of technology means many people are finding it harder and harder to switch off." snip http://www.mirror.co.uk/tech/artificially-intelligent-machine-composed-lullaby-11599978
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    Small cracks in Oroville Dam's new spillway Nov. 28, 2017 "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Small cracks that have appeared in the brand new concrete spillway at Oroville Dam were expected and do not pose a threat, California state officials said in previously undisclosed letters. In an October letter, federal regulators asked Department of Water Resources official to explain the hairline cracks on the dam's new massive concrete flood-control chute, KQED radio of San Francisco reported Tuesday. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission also asked water officials what, if any, steps might be required to address the issue. California water officials responded in November that the state's efforts to build a more durable spillway caused the cracks, which were anticipated. "The hairline cracks are a result of some of the design elements included to restrain the slabs and produce a robust and durable structure," the letter read, adding that the cracking "was anticipated and is not expected to affect the integrity of the slabs." The evidence for and reasoning behind DWR's statements about the cause of the cracking is not available for independent assessment, the station reported. University of California civil engineering professor Robert Bea, a veteran analyst of structure failures, said cracking in high-strength reinforced concrete structures is never expected. The cracking "develops paths for water to reach the steel elements embedded in the concrete and accelerate corrosion," Bea wrote in an email. "Such corrosion was responsible for the degradation and ultimate failure of the steel reinforcing in parts of the original gated spillway." snip http://www.redding.com/story/news/local/2017/11/28/oroville-dams-new-spillway-already-has-cracks/903511001/
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    Now the 7th Trump dream has arrived. (I'm not obsessed honest!) "Trump and his wife Melania were over for dinner. This one had more personal setting for me. It was set in what could be described as a hybrid of family homes from childhood. Which was interesting. I think we'd eaten burgers. It was nice. Familiar and comforting on a level. Trump and his wife said goodbye. I went for a walk in the park {the dream developed on to more personal non-trump encounters - here I met someone who was concerned about someone taking money from their account, but I said they were in line and waiting like everyone else or something to that effect as to assure it "normal" and the way of things}. Most of the detail in this one was on the visual level (the house had lots of objects to command my attention as I looked around.) In a part I was staring at a gas lit and naked gas hob and I think I turned it off. Another an old an unusual format (taller format than is normal) for a CRT TV. The rooms were in colour and vivid to my perception. Familiar and very interesting to me like when I was a child." Just noting it here in case it has any wider significance. It's also the second Trump dream to feature dinner (The pre-cog of the grab the pussy apology featured Trump at dinner with what I think was his family in what felt like a large apartment).
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    Scott Cahill: Collapse Risk At The Oroville Dam Is Still Unacceptably High
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    Oroville Dam's 'green spot' raises new worries that the nation's tallest dam could be facing a breach danger from a slow motion leak five months after it overflowed Regina F. Graham July 28, 2017 "California officials are concerned that a large 'green spot' on the Oroville Dam may mean that it is leaking roughly five months after it overflowed due to the spillway failing. The Oroville Dam Advisory Group, a 15 member team at UC-Berkeley researching what caused the spillway crisis as part of the Center for Catastrophic Risk Management, have spent months researching the green spot located on the southern end of the dam. Risk management expert Robert Bea, who has been recognized by the U.S. Senate for his review of disaster management following Hurricane Katrina and the devastating BP oil spill, co-authored a 124-page report about the spot. He wrote that the documented images of wet spots and vegetation near the left abutment on the backside of the structure suggest that it could be facing a breach danger from a slow motion leakage failure. The green spot has been discussed at community meetings over the last few months where officials with California's Department of Water Resources (DWR) have stated it is due to rain, vegetation, or is a natural spring, according to The Mercury News. But Bea disagrees with DWR officials about the green spot and said those claims are problematic, as the green area has been present during the drought and not just wet periods." snip pictures snip more pictures at link They first said they would lower the dam to 813 ft., no lower, because of risk to main gate. Now it's said they will lower it to 709 ft., in order to have longer to work on it. But, but what about that 813 ft., safe level?? Now explained by the lower image, imo. I hope this thing holds, but beginning to wonder. This dam and it's system, supplies water too 90% of California. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4739932/Oroville-Dam-s-green-spot-causes-concern-leak.html Tx Reddwolf
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    Argentina Calls Off Rescue Mission In Search For Missing Sub http://www.theindychannel.com/newsy/argentina-calls-off-rescue-mission-in-search-for-missing-sub Argentina abandons rescue mission for crew of missing submarine https://www.reuters.com/article/us-argentina-submarine/argentina-abandons-rescue-mission-for-crew-of-missing-submarine-idUSKBN1DU34F It sounds like everyone gave up on them....(´; ω ;`)(/ω\)。゜゜(´□`。)°゜。 Sending deep condolences to those who were lost and all who were affected by the incident. (It was a faction-based sacrificial act which was plotted before their departure from the port, I take.)
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