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    Hmm.. so Schumann is not going up as popular in alt media Heartmath Institute : The Schumann Resonances are NOT Increasing I have been fascinated to watch the virus-like quality of the current meme flooding new age circles which states that the Schuman Resonance is increasing. After receiving and being aware of numerous claims which I intuitively felt were misleading, I did my own research and also contacted a number of reputable sources of real time information on the Schumann Resonances. One was an electrical engineer, Benjamin Lonetree who not only designs equipment for monitoring the SR's, but has been engaged in monitoring the levels for almost 20 years. The other was the Heartmath Institute, whose website and charts many are referring to as their 'proof' that the resonances are increasing. The resounding response to the question is 'No, The Schumann Resonances are NOT Increasing". No matter how much we would like it be so, or to make it fit the paradigm we would like, it simply is not the case. Repeating something often enough does not make it Truth. Those that wish to use 'Science' as the justification for their position on the increase of SR's should ensure that they understand the science they are attempting to use. I received the following statement from Annette Deyhle (Phd), the Research Co-ordinator for the Heartmath Institute : "We have had numerous inquiries regarding postings on Facebook that refer to information on a website suggesting that for the first time in recorded history the Schumann resonance frequency has jumped from 7.8 to 36+ hertz. These statements are inaccurate. Here are some basics about the source of the Schumann Resonances. There is an electromagnetic cavity which acts as a waveguide which exists between the surface of the Earth and the inner edge of the ionosphere which is about 55 kilometers (34 miles) from the Earth’s surface. The Schumann Resonances are quasi-standing electromagnetic waves that exist in this cavity. They occur at the following frequencies, which are determined by the size of the earth/ionosphere cavity; 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39, 45 and 59 Hertz, with a daily (day-night) variation of about +/- 0.5 Hertz (see Figure 1). So long as the properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. The resonant properties of this electromagnetic cavity and the resulting resonant frequencies were first predicted by the German physicist W. O. Schumann in 1952, and were experimentally verified in the late 1950s and early 60s. There are and always have been 8 different Schumann resonance frequencies. They are the same as they were when first measured in the 1960s. Figure 1 shows most of them, although the highest resonant frequency is not in shown in our data as it is very close to the power line frequency of 60 Hz and is filtered out. If the resonant frequencies were changing it would mean the physical geometry of the Earth-ionosphere cavity was changing. The frequencies can and do change temporarily due to solar storm events, etc. which affects ionosphere shape and conditions, but they return to their base frequencies when things settle down. Figure 1 Schuman resonance data recorded from the GCI sensor site in Boulder Creek, Calif. Picture Over many years of monitoring the earth’s magnetic field with the Global Coherence Monitoring System, which uses multiple recording stations strategically located around the earth, we have not observed any evidence for the claim that the frequencies of the Schumann resonances are changing beyond the normal diurnal variation. We also have not seen any evidence reported by other monitoring institutions that there is or has been a fundamental change in the frequency of the Schumann resonances. You can see the live data from the Global Coherence sites at: [link to www.heartmath.org (secure)] What you will also see when looking at the global data is different parts of the planet have different levels of activity at different times, but the resonant frequencies are quite stable over time. It should also be noted that the power (amplitude) in the various resonant frequency bands does change with an annual rhythm. Especially the 2nd and 3rd resonant frequencies. This has also lead to similar misunderstanding in the past reports that claimed the resonant frequencies were increasing as there are increases in the power of these bands (not frequency) – but when you look over several years you clearly see that it then decreases again with an annual cycle. This does not mean that other kinds of “frequencies” related to the shift in consciousness are not increasing – but we cannot measure these, at least yet, and they likely have nothing to do with the Schumann Resonances. For those interested in the deeper science of how the Schumann resonances and other magnetic fields created by the Earth and Sun affect human consciousness, you may enjoy reading the e-book titled The Science of Interconnectivity: [link to store.heartmath.org] " Annette further went on to say, "We can evolve and our frequency can increase without Schumann Resonances making a crazy jump". I agree with her. There is no doubt that the electromagnetic conditions on our planet are changing. The region of space we are in is not the same as it was 50 or even 5 years ago as our solar system spirals through our galactic environment. Our spiritual and physical evolution is being fuelled by solar and cosmic activity and many other energetic influences. We are living within a transitional period between extensive cycles with differing energy signatures and our civilisation is adapting to a new consciousness. Many indigenous traditions have foretold of this time, and we are certainly seeing awakening and expanding awareness of the spiritual bondage we have been held to for many thousands of years. Yes, things are changing. We are changing. The SR's spike from time to time and we feel the effects of this,,but the fundamental resonances are not increasing no matter how many channelled lords and masters would wish you to believe it is so. You may freely share this post provided the source is credited. Permission has been given by Heartmath institute to share the information they have provided. http://www.diamondlightworld.net/blog/heartmath-institute-the-schumann-resonances-are-not-increasing
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    Well - update from Crazy town.... I'm just gonna go in my bunker now LOL
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    Two events that look related: May 9 US spy aircraft intercepted by Russia over Black Sea http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/05/12/521620/Russia-US-spy-plane-Black-Sea May 12 Russian fighter jet flies close to US Navy aircraft, official says http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/05/12/russian-fighter-jet-comes-with-20-feet-us-navy-aircraft-official-says.html CYBER ATTACK.... Other countries also involved in cyber attack... China. US, etc (The possible cure: "This attack is an exploit from the wannacry ransomware infection it uses your SMB1.0/CIFS FILESHARING SUPPORT disable this by going to windows feat on or off disable this box this is how its infecting computers do it NOW!!!! ") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_PrGWclFo4
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    Great post unity. I'll have a look at that area tomorrow and also for other "rings". Couldn't sleep so went to a place where I have late night access to the internet. First reaction on opening lightningmaps,com and seeing this :"Holy fuck!"I have NEVER Seen Europe like this::.lace where I have late night acces s to the internet. Possibly why I couldn't sleep...
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    10km sized Red Circle on 12th May 2017: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Wow this was a freak luck that I came across to this article on Yahoo!Japan. Source: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170512-00000004-withnews-sci I thought we had the weird weather radar reading posts here (if not, sorry! Maybe a CERN related thread...??(´Д`)) and this one goes with those. The Red Circle appeared on their weather bureau radar image from 6:56am~8:27am (local time) on 12th May 2017. When the officials realised this weird thing was there, they stopped readings of data altogether. It's not reinstalled even now. Weirdness goes even deeper...keep on reading. The weather bureau of Japan explained that was a fluke of radar data reading, and rain did NOT fall in the circular formation at all. (LOL) They also pointed out that they had never seen such ring appear there before. Below is the same as the failed radar system, but from one in Kitahiro-city in Hokkaido, and not from Hamamatsu, where the weird radar reading happened. This from my vague memory but....I thought there was a University research site where has Hadron Collider system there. Yeah a CERN. (The world longest linear collider exist in Northern Japan. IDK wtf these facilities are doing in Japan, considering the seismic activities there... Oh well of course the nuke plants take its position in the list before they appear but anyhow....) Activating CERN facilities and firing up massive magnetic field apparently caused the weird wavy omni-directed lines appeared on the weather radar patterns. now, more CHANI twists appear in the source article.........towards the end of the article, they stated this: The article on Yahoo! JP said "気象庁の担当者は「異常はごくまれに起こるが、このように円状になったことは記憶にない」と話しています。"=The official from the Japanese Weather Bureau stated that the problem appears very sparingly, however they had never seen such circle appeared before." And apparently local weather peeps reported back that there were no rain in the area during the time the red ring appeared. For us at CHANI, we could imagine maybe there was a huge mother ship doing whatever and caused some weird radar appearance. Honestly it's bloody busy up in the sky, we can't just dismiss the mother ship possibilities these days. But wait a minute....the Project Bluebeam can also create stuff like this with very tangible results...( ̄д ̄)No end for the list of suspects, hey. Err...so which was the reason? LOL IDK. But this clearly happened in Japan, too. I wonder how many more ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? radar readings are happening around the world lately. In case the original link dies, here're screen shots of the page for future reference:
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    FBI Raided republican pac in Maryland over a 2013 court case today, wonder what they were looking for?. hmmm, I figured some were gonna be real worried once Comey was gone. It came out on the 3rd that an email was found stating that Lynch would do all in her power to keep HRC from being prosecuted and Comey knew about it. So no surprise he got canned on the 9th. I will come back and post the links. Heck, I'll do it now http://nation.foxnews.com/2017/05/03/revealed-fbi-found-email-lynch-would-do-everything-she-could-protect-hillary-criminal http://m.startribune.com/fbi-raids-maryland-republican-political-consultant-s-office/422037093/?section=nation Comey testified more than once about all the laws Hillary broke, he admitted point blank that she didn't tell the truth to Congress, but there would be no prosecution of her. Say what?
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    MASSIVE "Formations" Detected Under Antarctica 5/11/17 The study he mentions Actively evolving subglacial conduits and eskers initiate ice shelf channels at an Antarctic grounding line https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms15228 @rs very interesting indeed!
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    Commonwealth Bank Has Issued An URGENT Warning To Customers May 12, 2017 Source: http://www.kiis1065.com.au/lifestyle/real-estate-finance/commonwealth-bank-has-issued-an-urgent-warning-to-all-its-customers/ We can’t seem to get away from scams at the moment. Just yesterday, we were reporting on an Origin Energy scam that was going around and now it is the Commonwealth bank that is being affected. The bank has taken to its social media to release a warning about an SMS hoax that has been sent around asking for personal details. Snip Cross posted to Cyber-Security 101
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    I've alerted the Spainish Inquistion... http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2017/03/20/vatican-releases-popes-schedule-for-fatima-visit/ Unusual activity in Spain and Portugal. Continuing intense activity in Indonesia and Australia, with western Oz being active the last couple of days. Latest from Europe.. line runs from Sagres area, east.
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    Hanford Nuclear Site spewed radiation: Confirmed Posted By: HotCoffee Date: Saturday, 13-May-2017 19:17:21 A total news blackout on the dangerous radioactive release remains in place By Shepard Ambellas - 05.12.2017 @12:04 PM EDT WASHINGTON STATE (INTELLIHUB) — The Hanford Nuclear Site has been confirmed to have released dangerous levels of radiation despite a total news blackout. Although officials told 300,000 residents in the area not to worry and that ‘no action is needed,’ it appears these were lies. Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=75318
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    Chronic Lyme Definition AT LAST! Posted By: CrystalRiver Date: Saturday, 13-May-2017 17:48:08 Dear RM Agents and Readers, This is huge and will help so many people especially if we get some accurate testing. Many Blessings, CrystalRiver ---------------------------------------------------------- San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) May 09, 2017 For years, Lyme disease patients with chronic symptoms have been denied care because there was no formal recognition of their disease. Now for the first time researchers from the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) have published a groundbreaking case definition of chronic Lyme disease in the prestigious medical journal Chronic Diseases International. Lyme disease is a tickborne infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of corkscrew-shaped bacteria known as a spirochete (pronounced spiro’keet). The Lyme spirochete is most often transmitted by the bite of a black-legged tick, although person-to-person transmission via intimate contact similar to Zika virus has also been suggested. Recently the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that Lyme disease is much more common than previously thought, with over 300,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the United States. That makes Lyme disease six times more common than HIV/AIDS, 20 times more common than hepatitis C virus infection and 30 times more common than tuberculosis in the U.S. In Europe, the number of new Lyme disease cases has increased to 232,000 per year. “Lyme disease is a growing worldwide epidemic,” said Melissa Fesler, a coauthor of the report who treats Lyme disease patients at Union Square Medical Associates, a multispecialty medical practice in San Francisco. “More and more patients are suffering from chronic symptoms of Lyme disease, and they cannot get help because until now, chronic Lyme disease did not officially exist.” The latest report identified patients with chronic Lyme disease based on more than 700 peer-reviewed published articles in the medical literature. The study divided these patients into two groups depending on whether they had been treated previously or not. Characteristic symptoms had to be present for at least six months, and a case definition was established based on the symptom patterns in these persistently infected chronically ill patients. “This study is a landmark in the recognition of Lyme disease,” said Dr. Peter Mayne, who recently published the first comprehensive study of Lyme disease in Australia. “The authors have given an identity and a voice to patients with chronic Lyme disease whose plight has been officially neglected until now.” Dr. Raphael Stricker, a coauthor of the report and Past President of ILADS, pointed to the need for better diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. “We have formally defined what we are dealing with,” he said, “now it’s time to redouble our efforts to help these miserably sick patients.” The online version of the article is available here: http://austinpublishinggroup.com/chronic-diseases/online-first.php Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=75316
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    hi unity.. there was actually an earthquake, recently, in one of dahboo777's videos which was -111km, meaning 111km above the surface. It disapeared off usgs shortly after appearing as others have, How exactly does that work...an earthquake in outer space.Over Alaska?
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    More w I mean banking news.. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/taxes/imf-proposed-a-capital-levy-tax-on-money-in-bank-accounts-raise-property-taxes/
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    Dave Hodges: Deep State Running Scared-AG Sessions Has Clinton, Comey, Lynch and Holder In His Sights Posted By: Watchman Date: Thursday, 11-May-2017 23:29:47 In Response To: ANP...The Hammer Is About To Drop On DC Elites: Panic Hits After Comey Firing - Report: Susan Rice Demands Immunity (Watchman) In Part One of this series, I explored the fact that it is entirely likely that Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, will pursue criminal charges for child-sex-trafficking against former Obama administration senior officials and the former disgraced and very perverted Congressman, Anthony Weiner, and his wife, former Deputy to Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, will be leveraged to turn state’s evidence against these soon-to-be disgraced and hopefully incarcerated officials. In Part Two, I point out that these former senior Obama administration huma-abedin-anthony-weiner-marriageofficials have much more to worry about than the so-called “Pizzagate” allegations involving trafficking. The corruption that is revealed in the following paragraphs is complete, proveable and worthy of long prison sentences. The ironic thing about this report is that the core of the information has been publicly accessible since July of last year. Former Sr. HSBC Vice-President, John Cruz, Reveals Governmental and Banking Criminality Beyond Belief John Cruz is your ordinary family man. He put himself through college and worked his way up the corporate ladder. He excelled at working with bank customers. He rose to the position of Sr. Vice-President of HSBC Bank. Everything was fine was until he discovered that his bank was laundering drug money for the cartels and terrorists and some of the money ended up in the hands of the elite. And it is not just the laundering of money that is critical, it is more a matter of WHO was involved. A Rude Awakening John Cruz was fired from his job at HSBC Bank in New York for whistle-blowing on continue: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/05/11/deep-state-running-scared-ag-sessions-has-clinton-comey-lynch-and-holder-in-his-sights/ Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=75155
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    Wishing all CHANI members and guests a Very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in 2017!! Have a great day with family and friends., and a great coming year!!
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    WTH is that 0km depth shake at Sth Alaska!?? A surface blast??(´゚д゚`) M3.1 applied on surface blast is actually pretty nasty....maybe there were some planned quarry blasts...??
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    WHO Backs Investigation in Liberia after Mysterious Deaths May 11, 2017 By Cholo Brooks Source: http://gnnliberia.com Link: http://gnnliberia.com/2017/05/11/backs-investigation-liberia-mysterious-deaths/ The World Health Organization (WHO) noted today that it supports epidemiological and laboratory investigations in Liberia to identify the microorganism responsible for an outbreak causing mysterious deaths. We have been working closely with Liberian health authorities and other partners in surveillance, monitoring, social mobilization, prevention and control, emphasized the United Nations specialized agency. In a statement circulated here to update on the situation in the African country, WHO recalled that on May 8, the Ministry of Health was informed that four of the samples taken to deceased patients gave positive C meningitis (Neisseria meningitis) . Snip
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    ANP...The Hammer Is About To Drop On DC Elites: Panic Hits After Comey Firing - Report: Susan Rice Demands Immunity Posted By: Watchman Date: Thursday, 11-May-2017 22:56:35 Mike Cernovich dropped a massive bombshell yesterday while guest hosting for Alex Jones at InfoWars, stating that after the firing of FBI Director James Comey, his sources contacted him to reveal that Susan Rice's lawyers have now reached out to the FBI to request immunity, because she is "terrified." Two points here before we get to the bigger picture and how DC elites are in full-out panic mode after Comey's dismissal. One- Cernovich was the first to reveal that it was Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice that "unmasked," American citizens names, specifically members of Donald Trump's campaign during the election cycle, and; Two- That members of the media, including Bloomberg News and the New York Times, had the full story but were sitting on it, which was confirmed approximately 14 hours after Cernovich blew the story wide open, when Bloomberg rushed to publish their own article on it the next morning. (ANP reported on both those items here and here) In early May 2017 it was reported that Rice has refused to testify before Congress about Russian activities during the 2016 election campaign, which brought about an immediate response from South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, who appeared on 'America’s Newsroom' on Fox News, and said "There are other ways to invite people other than via a letter. There are things called subpoenas. You shouldn’t have to use them with a former national security adviser, but if you do, you do." Rice has not denied she unmasked American citizens names, but she has denied in interviews that it was done for political purposes. Below, Cernovich asserts that Comey was an "agent of the Deep State," who has been protecting Obama, Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner, the Clintons, Loretta Lynch, and others, including Susan Rice. Then he drops his bombshell about Rice's lawyers reaching out to request immunity, apparently in exchange for testimony. The timing here is critical when we consider that if this new revelation is true, Rice's lawyers are scrambling to get an immunity deal in place while the acting director, Andrew McCabe is still in charge, since Comey's firing, as we see a new report from NewsWeek shows that McCabe's time in that position may also be limited because he is also under investigation over the Clinton emails.... meaning if Rice doesn't get her deal now, she may never get one. Those concerns came after revelations by media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, that a political action committee affiliated with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who has ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, contributed almost $500,000 to the 2015 Virginia state Senate campaign of McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe. (She lost the election.) She also received $207,788 from the Virginia Democratic Party, which is connected to McAuliffe, a Democrat. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, chairman of... read the rest: http://allnewspipeline.com/Hammer_Drop_DC_Elites_Comey.php Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=75154
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    Supplement industry flies under the radar, poses deadly risk Danny Robbins May 5, 2017 "Beny Mesika and Wes Houser had little in their backgrounds besides criminal convictions and failed businesses, but their fortunes turned when they began concocting dietary supplements. Within five years, they were awash in cash as they blended and bottled products promising a shortcut to size, strength and muscle from their warehouses in the northern Atlanta suburbs. It was a fast and improbable ride to a life of $300,000 sports cars, ornate mansions, even a 43-acre farm. Now it's a cautionary tale showing how easily unscrupulous operators can find a home in the supplement industry and the irreparable harm that can result. Mesika and Houser are key figures in a criminal case currently playing out in Atlanta federal court that is painting one of the most damning pictures to date of the largely unregulated industry. Prosecutors assert that the pair made millions manufacturing supplements that in fact were illegal anabolic steroids and that one of those products was potent enough to kill. The case is one of several in recent years in which the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has sought to crack down on supplements containing so-called designer or synthetic steroids. But the case against Mesika and Houser - a rare instance of prosecutors specifically referring to a product causing death or injury - has opened a particularly revealing window into just how far behind the curve the government can be in catching up to dangerous supplements. "When you have a market driven by sales instead of safety and efficacy, it's kind of inevitable that this (kind of harm) would result," said Dr. David Seres, an associate professor of medicine and nutrition specialist at Columbia University. "Snake oil is pushed to the limit." In a plea deal struck with the government on April 19, Houser acknowledged that he and Mesika obtained synthetic steroid compounds from China and Hong Kong and used them to manufacture body-building supplements for at least 18 months. The plea acknowledges that two of those supplements contained Methasterone, a particularly potent designer steroid that has been classified as a controlled substance, as well as a "slightly adjusted" similar compound. Neither of the supplements - one called Mutant Plexx, the other Mass Destruction - listed the illegal substances on their labels. Moreover, the government contends, Mass Destruction "resulted in serious bodily injury and death." Prosecutors have not specified who was harmed or how. But court records and other documents reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution identified at least one injured consumer, a 28-year-old North Carolina man who suffered acute liver failure and needed a transplant two months after using Mass Destruction in October 2013." snip https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-05-supplement-industry-flies-radar-poses.html This is the other side of the coin, and we all know that big pharma/doctors don't want us taking care of ourselves, but to be totally dependent upon them. I posted this story just for info only, knowing that all of us here would take care in consuming unknown supplements, and that there are horror stories out there too.
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