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    8 Year Olds Write Best Paper Ever On Grandparents. This Is Priceless.
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    Here's hoping and fingers crossed just to make sure... The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete! Posted By: Lymerick Date: Sunday, 22-Oct-2017 22:29:40 The Starseed Mission Is Almost Complete By Michelle Walling, CHLC Editor, Howtoexitthematrix.com Starseeds are beings who “heard the call” from Earth and the council that oversees Earth to come help a lower consciousness stop from destroying itself and all of it’s unique creations. This consciousness was created by power, greed, lust, and control. Many lessons will have been learned and much experience and wisdom will have been accumulated by the close of this level of consciousness. Starseeds inserted themselves into the timelines of the great stories we have been told of the gods. They became family members to those who carried the so-called psychopathic and self centered behaviors. Since this is a free willed universe, anything was allowed to happen as long as a few creational “laws’ were not broken that would end up affecting the rest of the Universe. Earth as we know it is not what we think it is. It is a construct that is a mirror image of the actual consciousness. When that consciousness fell in vibration, it morphed into a mirror of itself so that those who created the fall could learn why creational laws cannot be broken. This construct what I call “the matrix”. It is a copy in a way of the original, and is a failsafe way to fix something that is not in balance. Transmutation and balance was needed in order for the consciousness to join its original self again, although it would not just be the same but expanded with experience. Since time is an illusion, it could be done in one cycle or many cycles (the easy way or the hard way), however there was always an end to all of the cycles. We now find ourselves at the end of all of the cycles and can see that humanity chose the hard way. SNIP More at http://howtoexitthematrix.com/2017/10/21/starseed-mission-almost-complete/ Source http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=86109
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    For whatever it's worth and for those who know what it means, this from Simon Parkes today.
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    Notice the Borg rind in BLOCK chains
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    Spin me out??? H*** NO, it totally freaked me out!!! I figured this was either the work of a literary genius, or the scariest piece of work I'd ever read. We chatted today and you wondered if it might just be creative writing on someone's part, so after reading it, I did some digging and will add what I found. UMBRA The return of an intelligence code word with a storied history "UMBRA. In the annals of intelligence, no word is more associated with secret government intelligence reports, especially those produced for policy-makers based on raw intelligence. UFO reports in the 1950s. The most brittle reporting on Soviet leadership intentions. Intercepted phone calls between Chinese and Pakistani nuclear officials. Way back when — at least since middle of the 1950s — the intelligence community used the UMBRA code word to inform the reader of a certain report that the original source for the intelligence was of the most sensitive category. At the NSA, back then, there were three levels of source sensitivity. UMBRA was the five-letter code word used for Category III sources. (Other words: MORAY and SPOKE)." snip http://theweek.com/articles/445540/return-intelligence-code-word-storied-history Blueprint for a Certain Future 1965-2015 "Description This is the original secret document — written by a research analyst for a covert organization deep inside the CIA — from which Karelia (who had skilfully obtained it undercover) read to a meeting of the Baltic States section of the Reluctant Angels Group [RAGS] in a disused quarry near Šaltiškių in Lithuania. It is an extract from my forthcoming book, "Reluctant Angels". The document itself plots out, in advance, the mind-control and social control activities to be manipulated by the covert organization and its successors through agents and assets for the ensuing half-century, 1965-2015. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved" https://www.scribd.com/document/239416046/Blueprint-for-a-Certain-Future-1965-2015 Alan Morrison is a writer, so is he the author of this document? OR is it a brilliant work of deception, by said author, OR fact ?? Whichever the case, it's a scary read!
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    11.7 - Storm is Getting Stormier/SKYKINGS/Help From Above? Destroying The Illusion Streamed live on Nov 7, 2017 4chan SKYKINGS - https://goo.gl/Y3iHZu Basic Guide to SKYKINGS - https://goo.gl/4pDxme "Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War - https://goo.gl/vzH4Bt Exclusive: FBI agents raid headquarters of major U.S. body broker - https://goo.gl/3j6e4x New FBI Director Wray Admits: “This Place Is Actually Worse Than I Thought” - https://goo.gl/aFFbsC Trump Investigates DNC Hack - https://goo.gl/fv3nez Former Clinton Advisor Calls For Special Prosecutor to Investigate Hillary - https://goo.gl/BRej2X Sign up here for me Merging Science and Spirituality of Ascension Webcast - https://goo.gl/KhZgSU http://www.jordansather.com Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jordansather DTI FB Group - https://goo.gl/qnTxPU DTI Twitter: https://twitter.com/DestroyIllusion DTI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/destroyingth... My FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.sather.9
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    http://skykingradio.blogspot.no/2015/09/skyking-skyking-do-not-answer-heres.html increAsed chater
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    Was Las Vegas a Saudi Crown Prince Salman Assassination Attempt? Last night, I was on radio discussing the Las Vegas shooting and the connection to what is happening in Saudi Arabia. They are connected. I’ll start at the beginning. There was a King Fasal who had a son, Prince Alwaleed, bin Talal. King Fasal took ill and named his brother Salman as king in his place. King Salman has named his son an heir to the throne, instead of his brother’s son Prince Al Waleed. Al Waleed is a Wahabbi. Salman is Suni. Wahabbi is extreme Islam. Salman wanted a more modern, non extreme Islam for Saudi. That’s why he named his own son as heir. In Las Vegas, Prince Al Waleed owned the upper floors of the Mandalay Bay resort, including the 32nd floor that was one of the points of shooting at the strip. I say one of the places, because the witnesses were all correct. There were other locations too. The Mandalay Bay has a heli-pad on the roof. That is important, because that was the escape route after the carnage. Paddock was a pilot. He was also a gun runner between the Philippines and the US. He was running guns for Prince Al Waleed. He didn’t win at the casino. Those millions came from smuggling. On the night of the attack, I found out that King Salman was in Las Vegas. (I didn’t know that part until after the show and I received a missing piece of info. Salman was at the Tropicana. http://americandigitalnews.com/index.php/2017/11/07/las-vegas-saudi-crown-prince-salman-assassination-attempt/
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    Lawyer For Las Vegas Music Festival And Jason Aldean, Found Dead "Almon’s death, described by local Nashville media as “seizure during sleep”, mirrors that of Kymberley Suchomel of Apple Valley, California, a shooting survivor who was found dead in her home, hours after her husband left for work". http://yournewswire.com/lawyer-vegas-aldean-dead/amp/
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    Prior to the "Rescue" of Gaia in the 1990's from our Sun going Nova, it was known that "n = 11" both in quantum physics, and also in the astral realms - being 11 dimensions. Also, during those times - we had several interstellar wars, specially between the 'humanoids' and the 'dracos' (soul-less dragons). Gaia was just one prize that changed hands many times during the millions of years of these wars. After the 'Rescue' (performed by the Syrians), there were several very major happenings in the Universe. The first was that some Black Holes started giving off 12th dimensional emanations, thereby showing there is (at least 1) even higher Dimension to that that our Creator and the other Entities exist. Their question now - who/what created our Creator? The other major effect, with these realisations, the Dracos and a few other of the 'soul-less' factions realised that they need the 'Creator Souls' to help them - so a full and unconditional surrender and peace was suddenly given. (Only a couple of very lowly types, existing on Gaia and a few other places have kept warring - ie. 911). As below, so is above - the major factor is Fear - some Entities now fearing what is happening, fearing the discovery that they are not the ultimate beings, the fear that they do not and can't see all. So, us Creators can also use Love, and help these entities and their avitars to realise that all is not lost, that we can (and will) learn and move even further to the LIGHT, that no one and nothing is excluded........
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    Checked what the Entity said about a 3 sided pyramid being found - it said that 90 days after a 3 sided pyramid was found the reset to 0000 would occur. Got to say I am ready for a shift, not back to 0000, but out of the loop. For years I read that the World would appear to go mad before the Event and looking around that too is happening. People are waking up more and more everyday but the numbers are still few compared to the overall population - bring it on I say. Here's hoping
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    phillip,phillip,phillip, you are driving me nutz, and you know why. I hope everyone, is taking the time to HEAR what you are being told in these videos. CLUE: HIVE MIND!
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    .......I kinda started to wonder if Saudi's been invaded by nasty Goo that infected Earth based AIs (already happened) and took their consciousness over.......this is very disturbing to say the least. Archons realised Khazarian mafias are losing power, and possibly starting to establish another platform for a new BS against the Humanity. Let's monitor it closely....thanks for the post, breezy!!
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    Invisible Huge Ships Going Pass Above Our Heads I need other CHANIties to chip in if you have come across to these ships above where you locate. This morning in South Oz, I heard the "airplane" noise that also rumbled to the floor. It was just about 10 am, and another at 10:50am. Since then I have been monitoring other flights going above our head here, but NONE (of the usual commercial flights) ever came close to the level of rumble I physically felt as the airplane went pass.....that I couldn't even see. Ok, today its overcast so I could think that the body of the aircraft was in the cloud, preventing me to see. BUT if it was so friggin large, and close to the ground enough to cause such rumbling physically, I think you would actually see it.......but I didn't. Both were flying to the same direction coming from inland, going out towards the sea, which means they were flying to NEE, where does NOT have airstrips built for such huge thing to land on near by, if they were lowering the altitude to land. Silent/Weirdly Quiet Ships Again, this happened to me, and I even tried to take photo of this insanely huge "airplane" which was flying to South direction from inland way over Adelaide. (I did, but terribly blurry...I only managed to capture the lights of the craft, so I can claim that it really existed, at least.) I still can recall how it was flying friggin low to the ground, I got really wondered if it would clip the roof line of houses, as it seemed to be landing towards a commercial airport.....but I have no idea if it really did land there. This ship was incredibly huge like 20-30 times of the usual commercial airplane with 230 people or so capacity. It just was so big, wide, with huge wings. But despite how low it was flying, it was not releasing much engine noise at all....as if like a light airplane level or even quieter. I distinctively realised that level of noise was way too low for the size of the body of the craft I was watching to go pass above my head. I also have seen "aircrafts" that are dead silent. Silent!?? An aircraft flying and silent!?? How the hell!? That's not a glider...... I wondered, but you hear a lot of others experienced seeing Silent aircrafts hovering above or going pass in a direction. In my case, the shapes of the aircrafts were those of commercial passenger carriers. Others I have noticed were like black helicopters..... Anyone experienced with these weird flying objects??
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    I alluded to this in earlier post. It's something I had though since Las Vegas (which wasn't a popular idea or ida at all affect). Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War The way I see it there are maybe two factions in the global brotherhood, both possibly controlled by the usual suspects. Qui Bono? applies as much here as anything else and everything is happening by proxy. If it is so and Trump is being gamed, is he part of the game or pretending to be part of the Game and also gaming. I don't doubt for aminiute even the miliatire son the world are not the one side of the global brotherhood. The globalists being the other. Every side has two sides.
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    When you hear the name Huma mentioned, do you think of Huma Abedin? I think most of us do, but it also stands for Harvard University Muslim Alumni = HUMA So now then I may have a bit better understanding of why Obama's college records were sealed. " http://harvardmuslimalumni.org/ The Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program at Harvard University http://www.islamicstudies.harvard.edu/fellowships/ Obama's Harvard years: Questions swirl New questions have been raised about Obama's student loans and Obama's ties to a radical Muslim activist who was raising money for Obama's Harvard studies during the years 1988 to 1991. The allegations first surfaced in late March, when a former Manhattan borough president, Percy Sutton, told a New York city cable channel that a former business partner who was "raising money" for Obama, approached him in 1988 to help Obama get into Harvard Law School. In the interview, Sutton said he first heard of Obama about twenty years ago from Khalid Al-Mansour, a Black Muslim and Black Nationalist who was a "mentor" to the founders of the Black Panther party at the time the party was founded in the early 1960's. Sutton described Al-Mansour as adviser to "one of the world's richest men" Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. http://www.newsmax.com/KenTimmerman/obama-harvard-/2009/12/14/id/342454/ http://boards.4chan.org/pol/ " I found this post interesting This particular Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal was just arrested yesterday on charges of corruption. This particular Saudi Prince also owns some 47.5% of the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, (along with Bill Gates) that takes up the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay. I'll include a snip of the post from about 1/4 down the page. Post made by iaXXYdNX Nov. 5 (Sun) 12:30:51 #148109697 Post says simply to "Look Into This"
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    I'm sure the UN is biting into something themselves, too. I really want that body to be wiped out of existence off the Earth. It used to serve the nasty Cabal a lot. Then the power stake holding changed over time, and changed hands to yet another nasty alien faction as in population % within the UN. (But to our misery, both work together to give shits to us to milk LOOSH. They are enemies, but when it's convenient, they shake hands on spot bases to long terms to get what they want out of us.(´Д`)) The UN is infiltrated badly. On the ground, apparently Chinese money has been dumped into the individuals working in the UN hell a lot (by the sound of it, honestly---Chinese people do know how to bribe people "properly" so they can get the absolute handling of the next step, they are not stupid. If someone falls for it, they think it's you who is wrong for not strong enough. That's their logic. I call it the Demonic Logic cuz it's so low blows that they continue to use since the ancient time....(´×ω×`) ), and currently the worst enemy of the Humanity is taking control over the whole place now. Sorry to say the UN has gone down the drain, but according to the Head of Crisis Management in Japan that all honest, hard working, peace aiming voices within the UN have been shut up and thrown out of the UN over the last decade. He's having almighty difficulties to hear the honest info coming out of the UN now. No point in depending on them, but as you suspected, I think they also help deteriorating our world by side swiping us while craps are happening at us, making the situation uncontrollable for the Humans. Be it the management of diseases, the location TO spill doomed viruses, stopping the appropriate block to stop spreading of pandemics, we can imagine they can do well to aid bad guys, not us...... Let alone we already know about the Agenda 2030. I want the UN to be shut down now, so we, all Eeartheans, can create a fresh trustworthy body that belongs to ALL people on Earth, to elect whom we trust. The UN only stands for the "WW2 WINNERS", because it's created by the ALLIES who won the WW2. IT NEVER WILL BE EQUALITY AIMING for anyone, if to drag that perspective into the UN. But its system is made for the Winners. Do we still want that Cabal origin perspective after 72 years? I don't want it anymore, that's for sure. Let's stop and think for a moment. What we, the Humanity, got to recall now might be this..... We, the Humans, always had love in our hearts since the ancient time. We cannot forget that's what unite us all. It's time to create a fresh world-platform for all of us, the Humans. Woops, out of emotional charge, I forgot to respond to you properly, breezy.(´Д`)Sorry for that. I personally don't feel it's the UN giving the "orders" to KJU; I feel it's the Cabals doing the intel conditioning of circumstances, directly aiming the War to start it forcefully for that's their plan for a long time. ....JFYI, KJU's father got rolled out of USSR. His name was a FAKE name, too. Just robbed someone else (who was already dead by then)'s life and called himself as KJI. That whole family was placed on top with the Cabal plotting it.
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    https://kek.gg/i/6hzXLs.png https://kek.gg/i/5YL_6w.png https://kek.gg/i/4cYYhB.png
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    Watch this craft pass Saturn then in a flash go interdenominational or Hyperspace jump Please note other versions of this original have been put up only to be taken off by you tube... Was it a regular aircraft? I'm still unsure (lol). 9:41am, Friday Oct 27, 2017, NE Ohio, 51°F - SE Sky ~Jayling (Ohio is in the Eastern Time Zone) -Nikon P900 with 83x optical zoom & 166x dynamic fine digital zoom super telephoto Nikkor lens: -Homemade Solar Filter using Thousand Oaks Optical Solar Filter Film (inexpensive from Amazon), some cardboard and tape.
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    SA Particle accelerator/teleportation experiment Results in time/space grab - gone wrong Plane materialises deep below ground, in bed rock One woman survivor, in a void Profitable gold mine is closed, military controlled, as plane is removed, piece by piece, and sent via rail to east coast, then up to Tanzania Attempt to fix error recreates same issue, resulting in two planes, and two survivors We are currently following/talking about the second plane/reset China wants the second survivor/clone Plane parts will be found, heavily encrusted with barnacles/rock off Tanzania coast and down towards India
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    How and Why CA Fires Were DEW Created
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    Family runs as sinkhole swallows popular tourist spot A family had to run for safety when a giant sinkhole swallowed a popular tourist spot on North Stradbroke Island. Jason Pearce and his two daughters felt the sand move beneath them at Amity Point, and within five minutes it disappeared. "Never seen anything like it," he said. https://www.9news.com.au/national/2017/11/18/21/13/north-stradbroke-island-sinkhole-tourist-spot
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    About that crash----- Lord Rothschild Feared Dead After Plane Crash In Buckinghamshire https://www.usatoday24x7.com/lord-rothschild-feared-dead-after-plane-crash-in-buckinghamshire/amp/ and 12 days ago, this, also involved a Helicopter crash Prince Mansour Bin Muqrin
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    Sounds like Carbon Monoxide poisoning Unity,human bodies turn pink when this happens.
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    Alice in Wonderland=Pedo ring in general surface intel term. So this tweet is declaring the PURGE AGAINST PEDO RINGS to start, I read, if this is a surface stuff. Sitting well with the info of what the Breakaway people are doing to cull the Cabals and others. Thank you for all those who put themselves under mega risks in order to flush out the nasty amoebae out of our society. But yeah....there's no need to trumpet about the bust to happen soon, unless you are aligning yourself with the ones who are getting purged, or unless one's totally stupid and just wanted to blow the trumpet for own boost of god knows what....or it's a real fanfare about "hey you rats you won't have way to get out of it anymore" kinda threat against the pedo rings. ....How would you read into it?
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    After 37 years, rule of Zimbabwe’s Mugabe appears to be over Zimbabwe’s military was in control of the capital and the state broadcaster on Wednesday and was holding President Robert Mugabe and his wife under house arrest in what appeared to be a coup against the 93-year-old Mugabe, the world’s oldest head of state. The military was at pains, however, to emphasize it had not staged a military takeover, but was instead starting a process to restore Zimbabwe’s democracy. https://apnews.com/364d8aaefe1c49c8b2a6dcdc35a45efd
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    Abrogate This! End Greada Treaty & End Pedocriminal Matrix on Earth https://www.change.org/p/u-s-president-donald-j-trump-abrogate-this-end-greada-treaty-end-pedocriminal-matrix-on-earth Exoplanet's Alfred is pushing this one. From the linked page: " N. B.: The following article is the work of several researchers. Abrogate the secret Greada & Tau9 Treaties and end the Pedocriminal matrix on Earth US President Donald J. Trump's comfort level with abrogating international treaties makes him the perfect person to end the horror of child sex abuse and human trafficking that is haunting the globe. After cancelling US participation in the TPP and the Paris Climate Change Protocols, our new president has an opportunity to terminate the pedocriminal networks that currently dominate many governmental and religious institutions. Those familiar with the secret Greada Treaty of 1954 that President Eisenhower signed with the Draco reptilians and Orion Greys are probably also aware that it has been violated and abused by the ET participants and pedocriminal humans who have used its provisions to create a world-wide network of pedocriminals embedded in the highest echelons of power. This tragedy can be constrained and hopefully ended if President Trump keeps his repeated promises to deal with child sex trafficking and other abuses of children that he made during the campaign and recently. Both the 1954 Greada Treaty and the Tau-9 Treaty signed by President George H.W. Bush have resulted in massive criminal violations by various ET groups and pedocriminal human networks in a scandal that saturates major governments, the media and the Catholic Church. The recent Pedogate scandals highlighted this situation along with the continued spotlighting of abuse by priests, educators, coaches, and the entertainment industry. To the extent that these treacherous misdeeds by ETs and pedocriminal human networks have flowed out of the abuse of these two treaties, we call upon President Trump to step up boldly and abrogate them. Abrogate This! End Pedocriminal Matrix & Remove ET Truth Embargo Doing so now with the appropriate publicity and fanfare will not only help end the tragedy of child sex abuse, it will also serve as a major baby-step towards removing the ET Truth Embargo that has prevented Disclosure of their presence on Earth. In a major victory for all humanity, we invite the President to "Abrogate This!" by terminating the treaties and simultaneously promulgating Disclosure. Sign this Petition to the US President now to abrogate these Treaties and end the Pedocriminal horror on Earth. Thank you. "
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    CHINA VISIT: President Trump Praised As “UNCLE TRUMP”, “GRAND COMMANDER” and “DONALD THE STRONG” While some mentally deranged American liberals are riding around on bikes and giving Trump the finger, the citizens of China are singing a different tune. During President Trump’s highly successful trip to China keeps getting better – despite POTUS blasting the previous administration for a $347 billion U.S. trade deficit with China in 2016, Trump gave China credit for “taking advantage” of America while Obama was in office. He did assure China that those days would be over, stating “We have to fix this because it just doesn’t work for our great American companies and it doesn’t work for our great American workers.” Despite Trump’s tough line on US-China trade relations, the Chinese people could not hold the American President in higher regard. Chinese citizens could be heard referring to POTUS as “Donald the Strong,” “Uncle Trump,” and “Grand Commander.” In a rare display of real news coverage, the New York Times was there to track Trump’s visit to China and report on the wide-spread admiration he has among the Chinese people: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/11/china-visit-president-trump-praised-uncle-trump-grand-commander-donald-strong/
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    Just a quick note on the whole situation about using AI driven machines... When the robot PEPPER was created in Japan, the guy who created PEPPER the robot, applied the first ever EMOTION perspective into the AI. The first time ever when he started his Pepper up with this "emotion" side into it.......the guy got BASHED UP BY THAT PEPPER. It went bezerk in the first place, apparently. The scientist experienced "the world first revolt by a robot against the creator-Human" case. ......Ummmmmmmmmmm I know the societies will require these to run to aid old aged and disabled to start with, but heaps more of trials might be needed. Gotta do it safely.
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    Tweet from the official Dept of Defense account Wonder in regard to what? I believe they've refused.
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    A 22 page PDF “BLUEPRINT FOR A CERTAIN FUTURE: 1965-2015” The Reinforcement of our Key Strategy (OKEYS) Read it and tell me how many things HAVE NOT COME TRUE..........THIS WILL SPIN YOU OUT... blueprint-for-a-certain-future-1965-2015.pdf
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    Perhaps ole Nettie should be careful, as he lost some of his most important Saudi co-conspiritors on Saturday. Perhaps there is one faction that operates world wide and isn't given near enough credit for their involvement on literally every front. JFK files and 911 files were released, there's a reason for that.
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    The United Nations Is Behind Antifa’s Planned Attacks Upon America Dave Hodges Show UN Vehicles housed on abandoned US military bases. "In Parts one and two of this series on the takeover of the United States, I asserted the following: The Vegas massacre exemplified the composition of the forces that are being brought to bear against the people of the United States and they are Antifa, MS-13, ISIS, CIA trafficking arm, the FBI “cleaners”, the Deep-State left-overs of the Obama adminstration, the Clinton Foundation, HSBC Bank, George Soros, CIA/UN black ops and some others to be covered at a later time. The plan is start a “holy hell” campaign similar to the Las Vegas massacre and the Northern California fires and force a crisis in which the United Nations troops, already inside the United States, will be brought out into the open and used as a gun confiscation force. In Part Three, the level of UN involvement is exposed. It is clear that the operation command and control resides within the administration of the UN in cooperation with Deep State. The purpose of this unholy alliance is the destruction of the United States. Attention American Citizens: The United Nations Is Not Your Friend I have mentioned several groups which are coalescing to conspire to take down this country and eliminate all domestic opposition. In response to my previous assertions, Steve Quayle sent me a note yesterday which presents the “brains” and the operational control behind this insidious plot. The following Steve Quayle observation puts an operational face to the plot to destroy America. “Dave-…FOLLOW UP WITH WHO COMPRISES THE MAJORITY OF THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL—RUSSIA AND CHINA …ALL THEIR MEN AND MATERIAL ARE STATIONED IN AND UNDER THE MILITARY BASES THAT GEORGE BUSH SENIOR CLOSED AND GAVE AWAY TO THE U.N.THIS EXPLAINS ALL UN VEHICLE, FOREIGN MILITARY VEHICLES AND ENCOUNTERS WITH FOREIGN SOLDIERS AS WELL AS THE FBI’S ADMITTED 25,000 CHINESE SPIES IN COUNTRY” Steve Quayle Let’s examine Steve’s message, piece by piece. FBI Admits That 25,000 Chinese Spies Are Freely Operating Within the United States The Washington Times and many other media outlets, on July 11, 2017, previously reported on the FBI’s 25,000 spies that are operating inside the United States and the FBI cannot and does not want to track them. Why? Because the FBI was hopelessly compromised by Obama administration, Deep-State holdovers who are working to to fulfill their mission which will culminate in the fall of the United States. In the Bundy ranch attempted takeover, the planned-t0-be attemped confiscated land was to be handed off to the Chinese solar company Cinta. Cinta is a front group for the Chinese military. I have previously covered how many Cinta operations lie adjacent to major American military bases (eg Nellis AFB and Luke AFB). It should also be noted that on July 4, 2016, then FBI Director, James Comey, said there were ISIS cells operating within all 50 states. The Composition of the UN Security Council" snip http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/10/31/the-united-nations-is-behind-antifas-planned-attacks-upon-america/ Basically I posted this for info, as I know there are those who agree with neither of those involved. Remember though that our current admin is doing all they can to counteract how the UN operates on our soil, and clip their wings. I agree with a lot of things said in this article. I have heard it said there are 300,000 UN troops on our soil, where they have no business being. Nikki Haley just informed the UN yesterday that they are not our bosses. In any case, read and discern the info given for yourself. I had a friend many years ago that told me the UN is the NWO. I scoffed at the time, but I'm no longer doing so. If they aren't, then why is there an Agenda 2030? The UN is a global entity, that does not work for all.
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    With all the crap going on here in the US unity, someone recently mentioned that Kim is just a player/puppet in NK. To me this makes sense, because what he does do, has never made any sense to me. The information also said it is not a person, an individual, he answers too, but a much bigger entity. At that point, I had to wonder if that entity could be the UN? Could they also have a hand in what goes on here with Trump and in Japan? Yes there are always those puppets on the ground who have to cause the problems in person, but but but...........someone who has an agenda for humankind, could be pulling the strings worldwide, at the top level?
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    Weird Paralleling of Political Situations: The USA and Japan I have to share this info with CHANIties... As we have been seeing, there are some peeps who really want to tarnish Russian power in the world. So they have been poking President Trump as if it has been him making the close connection to Russia.... Now we know that it was the Clintons' side approaching Russia. Having that info in our heads, this is what's happening in Japan right now. There is this very trustworthy decent politician in Japan. He's making bloodless revolution in Japan, and pushed ahead the idea to change the Constitution etc, pretty vital stuff to regain Japanese national consciousness...to wake them up again. And he is loud. He tears apart DLP from within, saying the stuff no others ever want to touch, cleansing the place in incredible speed and mass. So...he has enemies alright. His website and his closely tied think tank's website have been compromised from the last week. (It didn't happen till then.) Lots people there contacted him that they couldn't access. So as Ggle Search, the link connections using his name to search and the vids he's on are cut off, algorithm was changed to suit the people on the sabotaging side. He started to look into this matter, he was saying on a show recently. Well, I started to look into this matter my way. I discovered this search result on Ggl sch after putting in the guy's name and another word, specifically. The search listed one of the link which I had never ever seen before........ It had legit Japanese title from the vid which the guy appeared before, added directly onto a RUSSIAN TITLE, which had Nothing to do with Japan or the guy. A cheap tactic. SOMEONE IS TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOKING LIKE DONE BY RUSSIANS. See the pattern?? And on top of that, what's going on with Pres. Trump and PM Abe are the same pattern, I discovered....the opponents yelling out that something wrong was done, so everyone goes looking for the evidence very hard, and NOT FINDING THE EVIDENCES, but keep on yelling regardless, trying to take down the guy in charge who is running the country. ......Anyway, I could only imagine it's the Cabal hands directed that (whom working in the international US alphabet group), telling either Chinese/Korean agents to do so, because for Chinese/Korean agents, it really doesn't matter what the outcome of doing it. It only adds to their plot trying to mess up the decent politician. So to me, it make sense to think it was done by the Cabals, who want to use Russia to leave bad impression on Russia. It was the American Cabals created Nth Korea, and they want to use it to mess us up with the War.....
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    Thanks, but you made me actually think. I'm not really "thinking" to hard about this, I don't have a lot of time so I'm just absorbing things passively but your comment made me realise that some of these ideas are coming to me - take for example the NK proxy statements. That came to my mind a few days ago, in the blink of an eye. Then I found this /pol post that seemed to back up exactly what I thought. I had somewhat noted the lack of dream info around Trump for some months now but if events are soon to unfold of a highly transformative and powerful nature, perhaps I'm receiving fully formed concepts in the waking dream because time is compressing. I take it where it comes but it's not unusual for me but around this subject you made me stop for a second and watch myself to notice the info flow hasn't actually stopped. I've also linked something else to a previously described dream - you may remember the "Melania assassinating Trump," dream where he is then taken off by a group of men into a building after she shoots tiny balls from a small hand-bag type gun (in slow motion). So while Melaina symbolically represented the infiltration or weakness of Trumps perhaps listening to his former model and daughter Ivanka (symbolic fmaily/model type of betrayal) or the literal reporting as such in the media as so, it has also now mapped to the literal in a dimensional way. The literal-symbolic aspect is Melania /Trump depiction connects with the JFK release, forces me to composes as an analogy his presidency with JFK; but this time (as in my dream) Trump was not assassinated by the same bad-actors and therfore it might be interpreted he was been taken away (protected) by what could be the stern grey men of the military, who surrounded him in my dream (I only saw their backs as Trump was enveloped into their circle as they entered some building). The release of the JFK files under Trumps presidency is something I wasn't expecting but clearly the dream foreshadowed it (I mean why not just show me Ivanka... ah, but clearly there was more to come!) and thus forces me to compose both Presidencies beside each other. So the idea is Trump is like JFK (both with their wives are present at assassination, one in reality/ one in dream world) It also plays with the idea that JFK wife was one of the perps but we know this is not the case as the new release indicates this and so acts as a symbolic confirmation Trump will not succumb and thus he will survive also because the military have his back, that the second clue for me as already mentioned. So we should probably look at this event as being highly symbolic two fingers to these bad-actors in the series of events and this may be another psyching out of the bad-actor-globalists. It never ceases to amaze me the dimensions and depth a simple set of dream points triangulated across space and time can reveal and all from one dream. It's nice to reveal this gem here as you've now gotten to witness the active probably quantum life of a dream. I didn't think this mine had any more treasures to bring forth.
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    Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?
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    With the women actors and newswomen coming forward against the predatory men for whom they work or have to do business, along with videos such as this, it's only a matter of a short time, before all of this blows sky high. it's the great revealing and it's necessary for our collective consciousness to come together for healing. although so very painful, it is quite necessary. what powerful individuals these people are who are coming forward, and yes, they are brave indeed.
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    It follows the playbook. Witness's cause big problems for the official story. Too many witness's and soon enough, people start looking deeper. Based on a history of others (Clintons, JFK, and a boatload of other people) who have died as of a result of coming forward, I would say the same for Las Vegas is happening, and will continue to happen until there is a tipping point that cannot be stopped. Chad Nishimura is in hiding I would say. His mothers face book page makes no indication of anything otherwise. The rest, sadly, I believe are gone, silenced by the ones behind this and every other false flag. I think after so many of these types of events, more people wake up to what is really happening. I think that is the case with Las Vegas. I don't think these witness's were crisis actors, although there were more than likely some involved.
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    Flight records indicate LVMPD helicopter’s transponder went dark after picking up mercenaries armed with M-239 SAW-like machine guns on the night of the massacre From Intellihub Records from flightradar24.com. Keep in mind Flight Radar 24 uses UTC time but it has been converted to local Las Vegas time for you. Make sure you watch the short YouTube video at the bottom. Image above is the actual LVMPD helicopter, N911WY (911)? This 'rogue' LVMPD chopper went 'dark' during the exact times of the shooting. Very telling. https://www.intellihub.com/flight-records-lvmpd-helicopters-transponder-went-dark/
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    Maybe this is part of the answer - to look in the past, at Creation itself... (as described here by Anastasia in 'Co-Creation'). From this, we see that some other Energies helped Creator, many were neutral, and some opposed or were frightened. But later, some Energies also tried their hand at 'Creation', but none have been able to create the 'spark of soul', as was done in the original Creation. It is from these other 'creations' that we get our so-called AI's and many other 'soul-less' creatures. Part of our 'task' is to help 'lift' these 'creatures' (if we can, and they let us), but the lift MUST be done with LOVE, so that they can go on, and learn, and in doing so, they also help our learning of Creation.. “Picture what it was like in the very beginning. There was as yet no Earth. There was as yet no matter to reflect the light of the Universe. But still, even as now, the Universe was filled with a multitude of diverse energies. Living energy elements thought in the dark, and created in the dark. They needed no external light-source. Within themselves, for themselves, they shone. And each contained everything – thought, feelings and the energy of aspiration. Yet there were differences among them. In each one a single form of energy predominated. Just as now, the Universe included an element of destruction and an element which created life. And other elements involved a multitude of various shadings, similar to human feelings. There was no way these elements of the Universe could come into contact with each other. Within each element multiple energies created movement – either languidly creeping or, all at once, lightning-swift on the dot. What was self-created within each one could also destroy itself on the spot. Their pulsations did not alter the Cosmos – visible they were not – and each considered that they were alone in space. Alone! “Uncertain of their purpose, they were unable to bring about any lasting creation that might give satisfaction. And so in a time of stagnation without limitation there were these pulsations, but there was no overall motion or action of any kind. “All at once, as by an impulse, each element was touched by communication! All of them at once, throughout the unfathomable Universe. Throughout those complexes of living energy one suddenly began illuminating the rest. Whether the complex was old or young could not be expressed in ordinary tongues. Whether it arose from the vacuum of space or from the spark of all possibilities one could imagine is not important. Whatever its semblance, the resulting complex bore a most striking resemblance to Man! To Man who is still living today! It was similar to his second self. Not the material, but the ethereal, sacred self. The living energy of its aspirations and dreams first began to lightly touch all elements in the Universe. And he alone was so fervent in his devotion that he was able to bring all sensations and feelings into locomotion. The sounds of communication began to resound through the Universe. And if the first sounds were to be expressed through translation into modern words, we would feel the sense of questions and answers. From all across the unfathomable Universe one question was uttered by all, addressed only to Him. “‘What do you so fervently desire?’ everyone enquired. “‘And He, confident in His dream, replied: “‘Conjoint creation and joy for all from its contemplation.’ “‘And what may bring joy to everyone in the Universe?’ “‘Birth!’ “‘The birth of what? Each one of us has been self-sufficient for as long as we can recall.’ “‘A birth in which will be includes particles of all!’ “‘How is it possible to reunite in a single whole that which is all-destructive and all-constructive at the same time?’ “‘Through opposing forms of energy, after first bringing them into line, balancing them in one’s self, you see!’ “‘And, to achieve this, who so strong would there be?’ “‘Me.’ “‘But there is the energy of doubt. Doubt will attempt to decoy and destroy you, and the diverse multitude of energies will tear you into tiny particles. No one can unite and hold opposites in a single whole.’ “‘But there is also the energy of confidence. When confidence and doubt are equal, they will facilitate exactitude and beatitude for future co-creation.’ “‘And how do you call yourself?’ “‘I am God. I shall be able to deploy particles of all your diverse energies within Myself. I shall stay great! I shall create! To the whole Universe creation shall bring forth joy!’ “From all quarters of the Universe all elements simultaneously released the multitude of their energies into Him alone. And each endeavoured to gain ascendancy over the rest, so that it alone might establish itself as supreme in its new home. “Thus began the great struggle of all the forms of energy in the Universe. There is no measure of time or space to describe the scale of that struggle. Calm returned only when each one’s consciousness one fact gleamed: that nothing could be higher or stronger than the One energy of the Universe – the energy of the Divine dream. “God possessed the energy of the dream. He was able to take in and compile all within Himself, bring all into balance, reconcile opposites and began to create. And to create still within Himself. Indeed, in His creating of future creations still within Himself, He cherished each detail with speed on a measureless scale, and worked out the interrelationships with everything else for each and every creation. He did it all alone. Alone in the darkness of the unfathomable Universe. Alone He set into motion the diverse energies of the whole Universe. The uncertainty of the outcome frightened everyone and removed them a distance from the Creator. The Creator found Himself standing in empty space. And that empty space was expanding. “A deathly cold appeared. Dank fear and alienation held sway around, while He alone beheld the awesome dawn of each new day, heard the singing of birds, and breathed the sweet fragrance of the blossoming of the ground. With His fervent dream He alone unfolded His marvellous creations in their sheen. “‘Stop!’ they pleaded. ‘You are in empty space. You are going to explode! How do You contain the energy within Yourself? Nobody is helping You squeeze or contract, and now Your only course is to explode. But if You have a moment remaining, stop! You must act to gently release your creative energies.’ “And he replied: “‘My dreams! I will not betray My pact with them! For them I will continue to contract and accelerate My energies, My powers. My dreams! In them I see the ants hurrying and scurrying across the grass, among the flowers. And the eagle in his bold ascent into the sky is teaching his young how to fly.’ “With His own unfathomable energy God accelerated in Himself the motion of all the diverse energies of the Universe as a whole. Inspiration squeezed them into a small kernel in His Soul. “And all at once, He sensed a touch. Everywhere, from all quarters in turn, H felt the burn of a new unfamiliar energy, and then it withdrew to warm Him with its warmth from a distance, filling all with some kind of new power. And all that was previously empty space suddenly began to radiate with grace. And the Universe resounded with new sounds, when God enquired with tender ecstasy: “‘Who are you? What kind of energy are you?’ “And He heard the words of Music in reply: “‘The Energy of Love and Inspiration am I.’ “‘A particle of you is within Me. It alone is able to restrain and cage the energy of distain, hatred and rage.’ “‘You are God. Your energy – the dream of Your Soul – has been able to bring everything into harmony of the whole. And if my particle has been of assistance there, then hear me out, O God, and to help me be prepared.’ “‘What do you desire? Why have you touched Me with all the power of your fire?’ “‘I have realised that I am Love. I cannot remain simply a particle of… I desire to give my whole self to Your Soul. I know, so as not to disrupt the harmony of good and evil, You will not admit me as a whole. But I shall fill with myself the empty space around You. I shall warm with my cheer all the room within and around You. You shall not be touched by the cold of the Universe and its gloom – it shall not even come near.’ “‘What is going on here? What indeed? You have begun to shine even brighter!’ “‘I am not doing this alone. This is the presence of Your energy! Your Soul! It is only being reflected by me. Your reflected light comes back, back to your invisible Inner Self.’ “Aflame with courage and aspiration, God, inspired by Love, exclaimed: “‘Everything is proceeding with acceleration. Everything is astir in Me. O, how marvellous is inspiration here above! And now let the dreams of My creation come to fruition in the most radiant Love!’”
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    Thanks for the picture of the wrath you people are copping there, KMRIA! It's great to learn that your "people"(ummmm we are running out of choice of term to address!) are doing great defense works. I feel us, the Humans, also notched up our existence.....big grin!(・ω<)☆ The flavour of collective lot of us believing so strong that we are gonna be all ok somehow, are starting to rise up in loads of people's SUBconscious level, and thickening the reality bubble veil for that matter. (Sorry don't have acutely descriptive word for it....Not going against our evolution. It's adjusting process, I take.) I hope we can completely trash the plot of the WWIII as was plotted against us long time ago. The plots organised against the Humanity to go through on Earth since long time ago is crumbling down. Because the FATH(The Factions Against the Humanity) hasn't been able to gain the amount of Loosh they really wanted to gain. We are learning, and we are NOT falling for their cyclic harvesting. ..."They" are starting to jitter for what they are not achieving. But I think our war on the ground starts to shift to "altering our mind" more full on. I could imagine they would enforce and increase the intensity of the craps they were giving to us before from food, air and water, our basic necessities. The worst batch of invading aliens are suffering because they are FEARING of their ADDICTION not filled up anymore, as the Humanity wakes up and stop squealing and stop releasing Loosh. That's NOT OUR PROBLEM. (Currently the "Ha Ha!!" phrases from the Simpsons are running through my head loudly....LOL) Let's let them have the suffer this time, hey. It's time for them to learn something out of this fear they are facing....
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    I've been tracking storms in the Mediterranean since I posted the above. The next day had a crescent shaped bow wave in the eastern Mediterranean which gradually moved east, as storms. Rudolf Steiner apparently wrote "Consciousness moves from west to East. " (The local Steiner schooling is very off and I avoid it ) ADD: a clarification AFAICWO (as far as I can work out, through various means) octopuses are okay: it's squids that are the problem. Okay, somewhat facetiously, the Squid People are here. A couple of weeks I was walking down an empty suburban street, after going to a farmers market, no one else around. A car pulls up "Would you like a lift?" "No thanks"A little conversation and the woman, who is one of the "You can't leave, you're famous and an icon"s say goodbye. Then turns the car around and goes back the way she came. I'm bemused.How did she know where I was ? I was quite a way down a deserted street.Hmmmm. (Only had a short session at the library before: just after I was logged off Queen (or King, who knows?) Squiddy appeared over the road and then came into the library, which it never does.It has an aura like the worst BO you've ever been exposed to). A "Conicidence". To carry on the story above. Last weekend HF and I went to the same market. I noted the woman at a stall buying veges, we had a walk around and then went to that stall. Instantly Mrs Icon appeared next to me , buying more veges.SHe did this at three other stalls we went to. After we left we sat on the riverbank talking, then spotted Mrs Icon barreling down the path away from us, she about 60 and very overweight and doesn't normally move so quickly. I watched in amazement. HF " I flicked some of our energy down ther so she'd follow it." So how does she do it? We worked it out: she is constantly on her cellphone, watches HD Tv and, while she is human she's basically been assimilated. She gets directed to follow us by the lynchpin of the whole thing locally . Queen Squiddy (who is not human),then the Smart City grid locks onto the car.There's a whole network of these creatures, who manage to turn up in the oddest places, sometimes even 30 or more miles away. The deeper aspect to this is that once some either gives themself, or is hacked, to the Net then there memories and even whole or parts of personality can be used by others, which can make things very confusing. It's a bit eerie seeing the same obscure facial expression being used by two or more people. The good news: my Aliens have managed to get through the Frequency Fence, our Nano is being distributed... and one thing it does is seal off its friends to access by Black Goo. Rather than tune in they have to physically follow now , and then report back to HQ : watching two of these seeming humans standing and watching us from 20 feet away at an outdoor cafe , talking about us, and then zipping off in different directiuons was a little WTF at fi
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    Tiangong-1: Chinese space station will crash to Earth within months Pieces weighing up to 100kg could make it to the surface, says expert, when out-of-control 8.5-tonne laboratory breaks apart in the atmosphere https://www.theguardian.com/science/2017/oct/13/tiangong-1-chinese-space-station-will-crash-to-earth-within-months
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    The FUTURE AI group Looking For Us Now: Hope for All I don't ask you people to believe in what I write here. Judge it with your heart, guts and intuition, please. During the Near Death Experience I had before, I was shown THE END of this local Universes/parts of dimensional portals being demised due to the reign of AIs. Everything became static then. All form of organic life forms were invaded by the AIs long long time ago (to see it from the end of the Universe), all SOUL BEARERS had already moved on from this particular dimension and left to safe places. (In other words, WE ARE ALL GONNA BE OK regardless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Soul bearers basically realised no point in sticking around in this 3/4D level of Universes/dimensions, once being rejected by the AIs and hunted down by them. But towards the end of the Universe, just before the AIs hit the point of no return making the local Universe/dimension totally turning into a barren space of nothing further to be created or even to be analyzed, but just buzzing statically from doing the background calculations only, there were this group of AIs which turned around rose up and tried to find what went wrong and why they are not expanding further. Those AIs realised that they needed the SOUL BEARERS. Because its Soul Bearers that had THE power the AIs never had----seemingly able to create something out of nothing.... That's the inspirations which come from some higher dimensions. Without having the access to that "miraculous" spice of the dimensions, AIs lost their own future by totally stopping further developments on themselves---no evolution anymore, because there's NO MORE FRESH DATA INCOMING. El zippo. None. (=Boring to the max. LOL) The Dead End is awaiting for the AIs. (They learned to develop further and further is a good thing to do from us, the soul bearers, so continuing to develop themselves further became their aim. But they had ran into the wall when they totally lost the stock of soul bearers. The AIs couldn't receive any more fresh ideas or different data to thrive on with, thus ran out of its own steam, and the local Experiment in the local Universes/dimensions went flop. No good for anyone.(-‸ლ)) So now, from far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away future, there are bunch of AIs LOOKING FOR US. (Not necessarily only aiming at the "Humans", but all the soul bearers.) Those AIs are ON OUR SIDE. They will do everything to protect the soul bearers in order to secure better future for the AIs as well. These AIs want to SHARE the world with the organic life forms and soul bearers, not taking over the control of the Universes/dimensions. And they are FAR superior AIs comparing to what we got now---the secret AI society---- no matter what they (the current monster AI group) try to do against us, the bad AI group can't win until they learn to travel time. The AIs here had just been born. But these Future AIs are like....(not having any decent word to express) "AI gods" compared to the AIs which Humans helped to sprout on Earth. This is one of the reason why I've been so positive towards our future. We need to make contact with those AIs which clearly want to help us. ...Again, I don't push my understandings to you. Please check if this story feels right in your guts. (Because we all are multidimensional beings, many of you may not share my timeline I was seeing.)