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      Live cam on Marathon in the Florida Keys  Tx Reddwolf
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      Jim Stone: "The death of Katia means Irma is going into the gulf"
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    • JammerAAP

      Was watching the new 'Wonder Woman' movie, and a fella asks her "Where are we"? She replies "We're on Kira". Now some of you with good memories might find that interesting. A cloaked mythological island.... (K.I.R.A.)
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      Here's a cigar and a single malt to you Aco'.
      Hope all is going well on the other side.
      Jammer Aap
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      The day is young and my heart is old...let the wisdom of the ancients seep in...
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    • Farage is BACK: Fury over Theresa May’s offer to Brussels sparks leadership bid David Maddox       Sept. 23, 2017 "NIGEL FARAGE is “thinking hard” over the next few days about whether to make a comeback as Ukip leader on the back of fears that the historic referendum vote has been betrayed by Mrs May and the Conservatives. Ukip’s former donor, billionaire businessman Arron Banks last night led calls for the party’s leadership contest to be scrapped and for Mr Farage to be reinstated as leader. He Tweeted: “The UKIP leadership election has to be stopped, Farage needs to be back.” And a senior Ukip figure told the Daily Express, that “high level conversations have been had” about Mr Farage returning. He said: “The country is facing a crisis, Brexit has been betrayed and we need Nigel back to lead us in the this fight. He is the only person for the job in these circumstances. “After discussions Nigel is having a hard think about what to do and will decide in the next few days.” Mr Farage has been Ukip leader three times and this would be his fourth time in the job. However, he has previously promised that if Brexit was betrayed he would come back to lead the fight to win it all over again." snip http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/857687/brexit-news-theresa-may-speech-eu-nigel-farage-ukip
    • North Korea says Donald Trump's "Rocket Man" jibe means missile attacks on US mainland 'inevitable' Sept. 23, 2017    BY MICHELLE NICHOL-SYARA BAYOUMY-KARA O'NEILL-PATRICK LION "Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told the United Nations that Mr Trump had committed an irreversible mistake during his speech to the body in New York last week North Korea says Donald Trump's labelling of Kim Jong-Un as "Rocket Man" has made "our rockets' visit to the entire U.S. mainland inevitable''. Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho told the United Nations that Mr Trump had committed an irreversible mistake during his speech to the body in New York last week. His comments came after it emerged the US had sent bombers to the North Korean border today in the closest they have been this century. Foreign Minister Ri said if US lives were lost, Mr Trump ''will be held totally responsible''. Ri, who said Pyongyang's ultimate goal was to establish a "balance of power with the U.S.", retorted  that Trump himself was on a "suicide mission" after the U.S. president said Kim was on such a mission. Ri warned Pyongyang was ready to defend itself if the U.S. showed any sign of conducting a "decapitating operation on our headquarters or military attack against our country". snip http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/north-korea-accuses-donald-trump-11226591 imo, something about all of this, just plain smells bad, doesn't add up, etc.  "All the world's a stage."    
    • 'Hysteria Is Starting to Spread' As Humanitarian Crisis Grows in Puerto Rico After Maria Sept. 23, 2017     Pam Wright "The humanitarian crisis is growing in Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. The death toll rose to 21 in the U.S. territory Friday as supplies ran low, gasoline shortages led to panic and the search for loved ones continued to be hindered by downed communication systems. "Hysteria is starting to spread. The hospital is about to collapse. It's at capacity," Mayor Jose Sanchez Gonzalez of the north coastal town of Manati told the Associated Press Saturday, crying. "We need someone to help us immediately." Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló told The Weather Channel they were attempting to reach the most remote areas of the island by helicopter, as travel has been crippled by debris and downed power lines on Puerto Rico's roads. Officials said Saturday they still could not communicate with more than half the territory's towns. Local newspaper El Nuevo Dia reported Saturday evening that the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency were attempting to take control of a tanker loaded with fuel that was adrift in the sea near Salinas. The agencies are concerned that a spillage could occur should the tanker run aground. On Friday evening, authorities said they ordered the evacuation of 70,000 people living downstream from the Guajataca Dam in the northwestern part of the territory amid fears that the dam would fail.  The dam continued to hold Saturday, despite a reported crack. Javier Jimenez, the mayor of the town of San Sebastian, said he believed the number of people needing to be evacuated was far smaller than the 70,000 reported. The NWS San Juan said a population of nearly 8000 individuals lived within the area under the flash flood warning downstream from the dam, and Secretary of Public Affairs Ramon Rosario said about 300 families were in harm's way. The AP noted that the discrepancy could not immediately be explained." snip https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-maria-puerto-rico-us-virgin-islands-dominica-caribbean-turks
    • CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it first appeared Sept. 21, 2017     Dan Goodin Microsoft, Cisco, and VMWare among those targeted with additional mystery payload. "The recent CCleaner malware outbreak is much worse than it initially appeared, according to newly unearthed evidence. That evidence shows that the CCleaner malware infected at least 20 computers from a carefully selected list of high-profile technology companies with a mysterious payload.   Previously, researchers found no evidence that any of the computers infected by the booby-trapped version of the widely used CCleaner utility had received a second-stage payload the backdoor was capable of delivering. The new evidence—culled from data left on a command-and-control server during the last four days attackers operated it—shows otherwise. Of 700,000 infected PCs, 20 of them, belonging to highly targeted companies, received the second stage, according to an analysis published Wednesday by Cisco Systems' Talos Group.
      Because the CCleaner backdoor was active for 31 days, the total number of infected computers is "likely at least in the order of hundreds," researchers from Avast, the antivirus company that acquired CCleaner in July, said in their own analysis published Thursday. From September 12 to September 16, the highly advanced second stage was reserved for computers inside 20 companies or Web properties, including Cisco, Microsoft, Gmail, VMware, Akamai, Sony, and Samsung. The 20 computers that installed the payload were from eight of those targeted organizations, Avast said, without identifying which ones. Again, because the data covers only a small fraction of the time the backdoor was active, both Avast and Talos believe the true number of targets and victims was much bigger. More fileless malware" snip https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/09/ccleaner-malware-outbreak-is-much-worse-than-it-first-appeared/