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Americans vs The Invaders of America and the World

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Americans vs The Invaders of America and the World 

I decided to start up the independent thread for the materials coming from Sister Keri Burnor, though initially I was posting all related stuff in the T.I. thread.

It just got far bigger and I'm sure people would rather to see the info bundled in one place.

The first vid I think it has all important info got squeezed under 30 minutes would be this one.

It tells us how Americans became the assets to "them".

She leads us to the info for remedy, and releases the place to write to her etc.

We have heard of the issue back in 2012 on wards, but by "them" working hard to make us to disregard our knowledge on the issue, so much of dissing and targeting was employed, on top of that....they flooded with heaps more issues to us to study and be busy with them!!(´Д`)

Keri is outreaching to all of us.

She is cutting the issue from American people's side.

But please realise this; there are so many of us visiting America, consumed food/drink she listed, those who did so are likely from other populated places, where also have Mobile Phone Towers, the items also being exported out to other countries, means the thing had spread all around the World. It's not just about America.  

The whole thing reaches to the problem with A_^ ..rc/ / Horns infiltration to the Cs.

(But going even further....we, as the Humanity, must stand united and speak up for our rights in the end of this battle, so we gain the recognition as a matured enough beings who are ready to have access to the rest of the Universes. We have a long path to develop our perception. When that is established.....we can start CONTRIBUTING to the rest. We have almighty awesome something within ourselves. Let's hang in and let's pave the way for the future. Never give up!)

Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies AN URGENT CALL TO ALL AMERICANS

(c) Sister Keri Burnor 2018

Published on Aug 15, 2018

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Background info: when it all started to be revealed....


(c) RevMichelleHopkinsMann 2013        Published on 2013/10/08

↓From the above link, THE OFFICIAL docco under Obama administration that made Sister Keri to act.

I highly recommend you all to DL the images and the above vid so they won't have ways to scrap them off the world.....



And this is what I had posted on the T.I.s thread.


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Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco Makes the Anti Nano Bucket with a healthy dose of humor. 

I have such a high regard for Tony P and his commitment to the health and well being of our planet. I love this guy.

You will need;
a 5 gallon bucket
10, 12, 14 gauge wire (10 gauge is thicker and can allow more electrons to flow through it)
5 amp power adaptor

4 gallons of vinegar
2 gallons of distilled water
1/4 cup of sea salts
1 teaspoon of oil
and 1 hour to stick your feet in the bucket"

How To Make the AntiNano Device

(c) HerbsPlusBeadWorks 2016        Published on 2016/03/10
And lots more Remedies and Q&A done by Sister Keri here.
(c) Project Camelot 2018
Some strategies given out by Sister Keri:
(1) Learn how to do the Muscle Testing, apply to check if food/drink you got.
                     E.g. place to go:
(c) Holly Worton 2015          Published on Aug 27, 2015
(2) Apply prayers/intention to the food/drink.
(3) Go to Nature. Separated areas from the bustling normal busy and contaminated life space, you get to reach very sacred space within yourself, making it easier to detox yourself.
I'm still watching the vid above, so probably hell a lot more info included. Please go watch it yourself anyway.

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