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Daily Surface Intel News

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Fin7 ......where do they stand?

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The Journo Who Wrote Re: Wagner (Paramilitary with 200+ Russians, Died In Attack in Syria) Suddenly Died from the Dies By Falling From 5th Floor

Here's an article on this incident:

Why it's very likely that Russia just threw journalist Maxim Borodin out of a window

by Tom Rogan
 | April 16, 2018 11:18 AM

Farg...a CHANI goggle

I posted info re: Dyatlov Incident thread and the original investigator was filmed in Yekaterinburg....

Shortly after was this news....from Yekaterinburg. ("Nothing is Coincident" a lot different manner than what Q pointed out, methinks....)

Anyway, I found this article appeared in Japanese MSM. Only one. 

This article was a DIRECT post from Moscow by a guy with Japanese name.

As the Washington Examiner states, it's saying that according to Russian Media, the guy who was reporting about the Russian Paramilitary Private Company called Wagner (possibly misspelled) which had dealing in Syrian fight.

He died by falling from 5th floor of his own residence in Yekaterinburg on 12th Apil 2018. (The report in Russia used in the Japanese article was from 15th.)

Maxim Borodin was his name. (Spelling unsure)

According to his friend, prior to his death, on 11th, Borodin called the friend and mentioned that there were lots men with balaclava and camo clothes on were hanging on the staircase on his building. But later Borodin stated to the friend that that must had been a drill.

.....Then he was found dead on the ground on 12th.

Here's an interesting crossing of info...

The Washington Examiner states Borodin died on 15th. But the Japanese MSM direct report states his fall happened on 12th. So he passed away on 15th, by unable to survive the fall then....?? The Japanese article also clearly states Borodin died on 15th, too. So I guess my guess is a safe bet.

On 16th, OSCE requested thorough investigation over this case, though Russian side is saying it's not a criminal case.

Well....the world geopolitics is murdering people by its crazy political dance would be an apt description over the whole matter, IMHO.

I'll edit to add here when I find relevant links.

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The Golden State Killer was the coldest of cases. Police have finally made an arrest.

A former police officer is a suspect in one of America’s most famous serial killer cases.

By Aja Romano@ajaromano  Apr 25, 2018, 5:10pm EDT

There's a news clip in the link below:

"Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested overnight on suspicion of two counts of murder in the case of Brian and Katie Maggiore, who were killed in February 1978, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said."

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Tokyo University Ditches A Big Art As They Renovate Their Food Court

It's a bit complicated....

The news itself is basically stating that "Is Tokyo Uni Damb enough that Don't Know Ape Shit about Art Value?" and mocking the university.

But there are big reason why I'm posting the news here.

Because it's an obscure info seemingly unimportant to the world politics, no one is paying attention as far as I consider.


The report was made by the Anti-Japan MSM Asahi news corp.

And here's the art that's got ditched by the Tokyo Uni for the renovation.

The Uni told to the reporter that they couldn't manage to keep it anymore, so they discarded it.


The thing was...this art was created by an artist named Keiji Usami.

He is a big famous artist in Japan.

He got PAID BY R-FELLER FOUNDATION to go to the US and EU, and studied 1969-1972.

Meaning he's picked up by the faction. His profile from his own site is as below. JDRIII--> R-F Foundation based.


Today,, Asahi news corp went to the Uni again and digging in deeper. The Uni side has taken down the description on their own site stating the artwork got thrown away and stated instead that after they would do their investigation, would rewrite the sentence

Anyway, the original as well as today's article on this issue contains WHEN THE ARTWORK WAS ASKED TO BE MADE.

It was 1977


The Artwork got used as a part of ritual by using "77" associated with it.

Tokyo Uni is a Japanese National uni.

The artist got supported fully by R-Feller Foundation.

Now the artwork got taken down. More than "saved for the later use" but basically "chucked out".

To me, it's indicating a stern change of direction applied within the Tokyo Uni (where produces hell a lot of public servants), and the gov is backing it as well. Revolution for the Humanity continues.

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Very interesting unity, things seemingly unconnected still tell a story, don't they?

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Ramadan suicide: Man jumps to his death into crowds at Mecca’s Grand Mosque (VIDEO)

Published time: 9 Jun, 2018 14:43Edited time: 10 Jun, 2018 08:40
<WARNING: Graphic Video>--> You can avoid watching it and still read the full story on the article.
I didn't expect to really see someone falling to the floor from 3rd floor.
Besides that I have no idea if anyone else got minced under the person's weight.
It's just not must be like a spiritual terrorism for those poor people on the ground paying the respect to the black cube. (I mean, the meteorite piece inside of it.) 
I wish us not devide, but to unite. Someone must had plotted this one as an excuse to do more nasty stuff.
Let's do our best as Humanity to waste their horrible plot by avoiding falling for it.

So disgraceful and disgusting in many layers for what had happened, and the news almost went into Satanic thread but landed here.

Anyhow, it's showing the part of horrid fights made between the factions for the control of humanity and Earth....


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A Strange Case Of Driver Incinerated In A Car Driving in High Speed

Here we go, this is a total mystery and baffling everyone....

It happened around 11:50pm on 13th June 2018 in Nagano prefecture, Japan.

A car was on fire.

It was driving on high speed on a major road in a country side.

It was reported by by someone else driving on the same road, saying that a car was on fire and driving on.

The cops found the car sitting on a take-over lane and looked inside.

They discovered that there was a charred (badly so they couldn't tell which sex the body was!) body sitting on the driver's seat. If charred, meaning extensive length of being burned, how the hell and who the hell was driving the bloody car!???

......Direct Energy Weapon used in very different manner? WTH??

It could be showing the tech that can TARGET A HUMAN BODY as if self-combustion is happening????????

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A Strange Story Around The Sacred Plant in Japan

This post is gonna be a long one....sorry!


Today, a VEEEERY interesting news article popped out.

The news appeared on one of the most trustworthy news paper available online as MSM.

(There's NO other papers/news sources in Jpn that holds nation-centric views, and other MSM in Jpn are fully mind controlled and got hell a lot of spys from various countries working against Jpn. It's been so for 72+ years since the GEAWar ended.)


First of all, please get this fact in: HEMP is the most sacred plant in Japan in Shintoism.

It's used in the utter most important ceremonies done by Emperor.

So it means HELL A LOT for Jpnse ppl...oh well, it was so before losing the war.

But currently, Jpnse ppl got mingled by the MIND CONTROL done by GHQ (The Cabals-ran.) and got bent Jpnse psyche about anything to do with HEMP or other plants look like HEMP.....

GHQ taught people to condemn anything to do with HEMP/plants look like them, altogether.

The punishment created for the use and planting the plants became so severe (you will cop a jail sentence if you got it with you or have it as your property somewhere, regardless of the amount you have, in the first time to be caught with it, no question asked, basically....), everyone got deterred from the plant and the plant copped the BAD name to it, whether it was HEMP or not.

Socially, if one of your family member is caught by having a bit of pot, other family members might lose their jobs because their companies they work hate to be associated with "such bad name", and that could also reach to other relatives in the same manner. I'm NOT joking.

You are talking about the entire society just not accepting anything to do with that plant now.


While like the current First Lady of Jpn, there are people trying to reinstate the Sacredness of the Plant. But the path is very tough rocky road for those who are trying to speak up about it.


GHQ's mind controlling effects are still preventing the Emperor to execute the proper ceremony by having hard time to use one of the most important sacred plant in the ceremony....


Peeps, this means maar-- jeek war against Jpn.

By taking away an important ingredient to complete important shamanic work process. (Dunno if you know this but Emperor is a SHAMAN and his job is to pray every single day, not having a human life what so ever. Everything is controlled under shamanic reasons, including what food to eat on the day. That's what it takes to be born as an Emperor in Jpn. Not an easy job, peeps......the Imperial family is not wealthy either. They live as basic as possible because they feel obligated to do so for the nation is paying for them.)

It's done to stop good energy coming into Jpn.

The Cs knew about various energy effects come from the ancient shamanic works only Emperor carries out, so they basically prevented/tried to terminate Jpn by stopping Japan from having the sacred plant to carry out their sacred shamanic works.


BTW Hemp plant in Japan has a looooooooong history being used for lots of things since the days back in Jomon culture. (Said 120,000 years ago, methinks.) Clothes to shoes and tools etc, people were using it daily and thanked the plant-god a lot, as well as the Sun-Goddess and Earth-Goddess etc. 



The news does not show the source, which means this article was written by no other than a journo working inside Sankei news co, which runs the source site.

Please check out how many significant NUMBERS appear.....remember those key numbers used for mar. gee...ks used by the factions?


The news:

22nd June 2018, 4 X THC contained plants got discovered within a governmental ground....wait to hear this......inside the yard belongs to the Councilor's Hall.

Those were already pulled out, and currently under investigation of how and what happened about this by Tokyo-council. (WHY Tokyo council is involved in, I can't understand at all. Plus the article was written down after the journo contacted Municipal Welfare and Health Admin of Tokyo.  

....It didn't get to Police to handle the matter; get Police attendance was adamant, I thought.

So someone WEEDED THEM OUT without contacting a proper authority is the flavour we need to take from this info.

The article said "Someone dobbed in saying that there were plants looking like MJ growing inside the yard of Councilor's Hall" to the Tokyo Admin.

Workers went there discovered there were 4 plants growing on the land adjacent to the public road, and they pulled them out on the spot.

The plants looked like perhaps 1~2 months (or 4~8) weeks old since started to sprout, and article continues to point out that no one knows if the plants just grew on their own, or someone planted them.

Tokyo had dealt with such plant case of 4 cases, total of 44 plants during Year Heisei 29th(=2017).


.....As I read through the article and saw all those 4 appearing, and some strange way of management, I could only tell this was a surface intel stuff.

I could read into this really deep but I wouldn't bore you people out. Just really wanted everyone to know there's something is happening in Jpn in regards to:

1) Imperial positioning or something to do with Emperor?

2) Someone in the Council this term, most likely 4 people in it, are targeted

3) Already been pulled out----possibly NOT sacrifice of sort, but a real requirement to get rid of spys out of Jpnse gov? We already got a really dodgy woman making it to the top of the opposition, got found as possible 4-citizenship implication, and people of Jpn wailed out for her to get out of the job(for they were paying her as tax payers) but the bloody woman is still there, getting paid to cause havoc to Jpn by the party completely preventing Jpn to become self-protective and aiming to kill Jpn................


Err...anyway, lots more in this story. 

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Xi says China must lead way in reform of global governance

June 23, 2018   Ben Blanchard

"BEIJING (Reuters) - China must lead the way in reforming global governance, the foreign ministry on Saturday cited President Xi Jinping as saying, as Beijing looks to increase its world influence.

China has sought a greater say in global organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and United Nations, in line with its growing economic and diplomatic clout.

Since taking office in late 2012, Xi has taken a more muscular approach, setting up China's own global bodies like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and launching his landmark Belt and Road project to build a new Silk Road.

Beijing has cast itself a responsible member of the international community, especially as President Donald Trump withdraws the United States from agreements on climate change and Iran, and as Europe wrestles with Brexit and other issues."



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China NEEDS to get out of China.

Why? That's because they totally trashed their water sources.

WITHIN 15 YEARS, there's NO WATER in China that people can use.

(Sorry haven't got around to pick up the reading links etc---pls check out the Nature and other various scientific publications. They are out there.......sadly....)


But once they get to those new water sources, they are going to do exactly the same---trash the water source, and move on to invade more countries.



One way is to create/provide the technology to deal with the disappearing water and give it to them, tell them to stop the bloody expansionism instead, so Chinese can support Chinese people by themselves.

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This is worrisome, unity

Hopefully humanity solves this water crisis ASAP

It's not only in China, water sources in Africa also polluted due to factory waste (chinese owned)


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Yeah fet, it is a worry....but kinda luckily, it's also a transitional one, too.

Oz got only one water basin and friggin stupid fracking has been contaminating it.。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

Star Water is a phenomenon that's happening "somehow", and I recall it was about 25 years ago, Drunval Melchizedek was talking about these huge ice crystals falling down to Earth for some reason, keep on adding H2O to our planet....wth...

And then I also recall it was S0 talked about the discovery of huuuuuuuge amount of water within Earth. Just it's not on surface so we gotta extract it if we need to use that pile.

So IF technology exists to get it out, YES we have plentiful future for water.

But right now, no one (from Humanity) can dig down that far to extract the water, and its easier for China to just move onto other countries and start using their water sources. They already have done so to Japan....a lot.(´; ω ;`)

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The US May Start The WAR Against Nth K Very Soon

The risk is becoming HIGH.

The core Jpnse intel info came out today, just a couple of hours ago, via the Head of Crisis Management of Jpn. (Source: Jpnse intel people are watching Nth K very closely, far closer than what the US has been doing. 

Nth K hasn't done anything towards dismantling nuke heads, we just heard that Nth K move of secret uranium plant (, and started to hustle the US in the same manner about returning of American soldiers' bones (and 5300 Americans gone missing during Korean War) exactly the same way as how Nth K used to do before the talk happened with POTUS.

They are really looking down on the US now.

Showing exactly the same way of "negotiation" only trying to get heck a lot of American fund for each body to be returned.

For 21 years in the past, apparently this intel person never stated the "war may start in Nth K" phrase to THOCM of Jpn, but now the person added "within a few days" on top of that.


The behaviour of Nth K has shown to the rest of the world that by having nuke heads, the smallest and poorest country with such small population can bring down the big country like the US to its knees. 

It's inevitable that everyone else wants the nuke heads now.....

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