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Fin7 ......where do they stand?

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The Journo Who Wrote Re: Wagner (Paramilitary with 200+ Russians, Died In Attack in Syria) Suddenly Died from the Dies By Falling From 5th Floor

Here's an article on this incident:

Why it's very likely that Russia just threw journalist Maxim Borodin out of a window

by Tom Rogan
 | April 16, 2018 11:18 AM

Farg...a CHANI goggle

I posted info re: Dyatlov Incident thread and the original investigator was filmed in Yekaterinburg....

Shortly after was this news....from Yekaterinburg. ("Nothing is Coincident" a lot different manner than what Q pointed out, methinks....)

Anyway, I found this article appeared in Japanese MSM. Only one. 

This article was a DIRECT post from Moscow by a guy with Japanese name.

As the Washington Examiner states, it's saying that according to Russian Media, the guy who was reporting about the Russian Paramilitary Private Company called Wagner (possibly misspelled) which had dealing in Syrian fight.

He died by falling from 5th floor of his own residence in Yekaterinburg on 12th Apil 2018. (The report in Russia used in the Japanese article was from 15th.)

Maxim Borodin was his name. (Spelling unsure)

According to his friend, prior to his death, on 11th, Borodin called the friend and mentioned that there were lots men with balaclava and camo clothes on were hanging on the staircase on his building. But later Borodin stated to the friend that that must had been a drill.

.....Then he was found dead on the ground on 12th.

Here's an interesting crossing of info...

The Washington Examiner states Borodin died on 15th. But the Japanese MSM direct report states his fall happened on 12th. So he passed away on 15th, by unable to survive the fall then....?? The Japanese article also clearly states Borodin died on 15th, too. So I guess my guess is a safe bet.

On 16th, OSCE requested thorough investigation over this case, though Russian side is saying it's not a criminal case.

Well....the world geopolitics is murdering people by its crazy political dance would be an apt description over the whole matter, IMHO.

I'll edit to add here when I find relevant links.

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The Golden State Killer was the coldest of cases. Police have finally made an arrest.

A former police officer is a suspect in one of America’s most famous serial killer cases.

By Aja Romano@ajaromano  Apr 25, 2018, 5:10pm EDT

There's a news clip in the link below:

"Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested overnight on suspicion of two counts of murder in the case of Brian and Katie Maggiore, who were killed in February 1978, Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said."

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Tokyo University Ditches A Big Art As They Renovate Their Food Court

It's a bit complicated....

The news itself is basically stating that "Is Tokyo Uni Damb enough that Don't Know Ape Shit about Art Value?" and mocking the university.

But there are big reason why I'm posting the news here.

Because it's an obscure info seemingly unimportant to the world politics, no one is paying attention as far as I consider.


The report was made by the Anti-Japan MSM Asahi news corp.

And here's the art that's got ditched by the Tokyo Uni for the renovation.

The Uni told to the reporter that they couldn't manage to keep it anymore, so they discarded it.


The thing was...this art was created by an artist named Keiji Usami.

He is a big famous artist in Japan.

He got PAID BY R-FELLER FOUNDATION to go to the US and EU, and studied 1969-1972.

Meaning he's picked up by the faction. His profile from his own site is as below. JDRIII--> R-F Foundation based.


Today,, Asahi news corp went to the Uni again and digging in deeper. The Uni side has taken down the description on their own site stating the artwork got thrown away and stated instead that after they would do their investigation, would rewrite the sentence

Anyway, the original as well as today's article on this issue contains WHEN THE ARTWORK WAS ASKED TO BE MADE.

It was 1977


The Artwork got used as a part of ritual by using "77" associated with it.

Tokyo Uni is a Japanese National uni.

The artist got supported fully by R-Feller Foundation.

Now the artwork got taken down. More than "saved for the later use" but basically "chucked out".

To me, it's indicating a stern change of direction applied within the Tokyo Uni (where produces hell a lot of public servants), and the gov is backing it as well. Revolution for the Humanity continues.

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Very interesting unity, things seemingly unconnected still tell a story, don't they?

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