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"What is Panama Papers 2.0?
A new leak at the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama exposes how it and its clients reacted to the 2016 release of the Panama Papers.

The new leak: Munich’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper was given the new files, which were shared with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

Its size: 1.2 million files, roughly 1/10th of the original 2.6 terabyte leak of 11.5 million files.

Media partners: More than 100 journalists across globe, including a McClatchy/Miami Herald team."   <<this info from following link


@phillipbbg   It seems we talked about a Secret Space Force on CHANI, years ago....that's what the bluecoat thread was about.  I wondered if this wasn't the way/intent to bring it out into the open.

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Well, I wondered wth Tylor's going on about.....then when I actually listened to this vid, yeah....I tend to agree with him. 

So VICE got BOUGHT OUT by our enemy?......Let's buckle up ourselves, for I think it is a sorta countering move against all of us, CT heads.

VICE used to punch out really interesting alternative contents. So SOMETHING HAPPENED to them just recently, I guess.

(c) secureteam10 2018

Published on Jun 22, 2018

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Was Julius Cesar a Gray/EBEN Hybrid!?

The image is causing a bit of roar in CT forums....LOL And I can understand it why people did so! 

The question for us is-----ok, maybe he was a hybrid, for what he achieved is certainly the usual pattern you see from the alien hybrids placed on the important positions to create the EVENTS that shape human history.

But lots of us can't tell the DIFFERENCES between EBEN and Gray. THEY DO LOOK SIMILAR.

(It's like people have hard time telling apart different Asians from near by regions...not exactly the same case, but it really is like that level of "unable to separate" is happening among us, the CT heads.)

Well, perhaps we generally can grasp the difference this way (for now):

Grays X


EBENs are actually helpful to the Humanity.

Grays tends to be nasty against the Humans for they have grudge against us. Remember they got told off by Anu for what they were doing to Humans? Well they are keeping the grudge. I don't care really if we hear a few cases of "Grays trying to do good for Humans". They don't possess souls like we do, if we trust what Simon Parks stated before. So that discards such claims from THIS time line......unless those positive scenarios arrived from a different time lines and waged into here a bit.


"The result is a remarkably lifelike depiction of Caesar, down to the unusual skull shape said to have been the result of his difficult birth.

“So he has a crazy bulge on his head,” Buijtendorp said of his skull, HLN reports. “A doctor said that such a thing occurs in a heavy delivery. You do not invent that as an artist.”"


(c) Reuters/rightful owner(s) 2018

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If Your DNA Information Is Being Sold, Shouldn’t You Make The Profit?

 June 20, 2018 By  Richard Enos



  • The Facts:

    Companies like 23andMe, Ancestry.com and others are collecting your DNA data and can sell the data to third party companies. Timicoin is a blockchain based ecosystem that allows you to monetize your health data.

  • Reflect On:

    Shouldn't you have the option to sell your own data? Is your DNA data safe with some of these companies? The blockchain is helping to create further security and consumer-based monetization of personal data."


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My warning bells went haywire over this DNA collecting business when it first started, and I haven't changed my mind.

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