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Humans Are A.I.s: Created By Enki

Yes I know we, the Humans, decide everything by LIKE or DISLIKE when we use our head. That's basically a BINARY code and our intentions come out as 01 sequences, if you render them down.

BUT I believe our INTUITION and GUT FEELINGS derive from our SOULS. That's IRRELEVANT to what we LIKE or DISLIKE.

I'm sure we all went through situations to prove that even when our mind thinks "it's gonna be ok" yet your gut feeling says otherwise.

So what are we?

"A.I.s with Souls"?

If that's what we, the Humans, are, sure, we are biologically set up A.I.s but we got super special bit to go along with that---SOULS.

NOT just A.I.. The difference is huge IMHO.

Again, then what are we?

I think we are SUPER charged beings with utter possibilities that others envy with. 

We haven't gripped and understood all of what we can do yet.

Now it's true that WE ARE HERE. We exist, and we think and feel with souls within us.

Whether we are biological A.I.s (I think our body suits are, if we take up the idea that we got created by the aliens using their genes, and that's not only one source but got insane mix of the best of the best genes from all over the Universe), IT'S UP TO US TO DECIDE WHAT WE WANT TO BE FROM NOW ON.

Are you ready to grow up even further?

We all carry the dreams of our creators, whom believed in us that we can be so special, grow and bloom to something no one ever achieved before in our local Universe. 

Love you, Enki. We may surpass you soon, and able to lead you to where you had never seen before. Be comfy to feel our growth, and be ready to let go of us, cuz we will be leaving Daddy's protective hands, to chip in for the rest of the Universes and dimensions.

(c) Leak Project 2018 Published on May 11, 2018

BTW, (you don't have to believe in this story at all, if it doesn't ring with your gut feeling) apparently, the couple who created the Humans were under the direction from their big peeps above them. They had found out that there was a really nasty malicious plot laid out for the Humanity's future, they decided to insert the genes they were never allowed to introduce.....their own genes....and the reason was that they wanted Humans to stand up and be able to protect themselves of, in future. The scientists cared for us, so we can survive.

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Our Moon Up Close

OMG yeah up close alright. Awesome scenes.

A screenshot from the vid:


Happy object hunting!

(c)John Lenard Walson extreme astronomy 2018

Published on May 13, 2018

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Connecting Trump, Silicon Valley & The Web To Secret Societies, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy, UFOs, Spirit Channeling, US Nazis, Atlantis, Carroll Quiqley, David Icke & Beyond?

ura-soul Published 13-5-2018


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Rock Art Based Study re: Which Location Was The Source Of Original Culture That Spread Across The World?

Look, I just over heard about this and still haven't grasped the actual data yet.

So please go and hunt the info before you judge anything on what I write here.

There is a body called IFRAO.


The group is basically presenting the gathered info from the world re: petriglyphs.

The big news I'm trying to drop here is; apparently when Japanese group presented their images about few hundreds of petroglyphs gathered in Japan, people at the conference all went wth!!! and asking the Jpnse researcher that if the pics were taken in Europe.

No. All were taken in Japan.

The people who were researching about the petroglyphs around the world knew they were lacking the info from Japan and surrounding areas.

So while no info was coming out of Northern Asia, they thought it's Sumerians spread the culture by using the sea faring rout.

Then they had to stop and really look at what they were believing, because the age and amount of the oldest cuneiform traced via Japanese info were preceding that of Sumerian artifacts....

Meaning, they went "Is Japan being the first place to have the culture then it got introduced to Sumerian land?".......

The reason why Jpnse researchers could gather such amount of info and data was because most of those rocks with petroglyphs were that they were all hidden within the Shrine grounds, basically people are prevented to wreck the sites and the sacred objects. They were all preserved full on for thousands of years.

Jpnse 16 petal flower that points to Imperial family use were found in Khazaria BEFORE Ash keeen er zee population ever was created. In fact you can find them through Jee woo ./ish culture.

....Some are thinking it's Jee ..woo -/ish culture preexisting, but it's looking like it turned out to be the other way around...............which also adds (to me) who was the first to present YAP gene in the world....Japanese peeps or Jee.. .woo -/ish peeps.

I'm not having the "Jpn central" attitude here. I'm totally baffled to find out such info.

I never knew that the researchers actually made such impact, though I knew the group whom went to the conference myself.

So maybe the time has come to us all that we need to completely re-think who were the first here to spread the culture in the "first place".........IMHO it's Neolithic people's culture that preexisted to what we know of got the important secret, I feel. Thus the petroglyph to paleo art are important to suss out precisely.

But at the same time, we know that the Humanity went through massive "gene introductions" many times through out our history, and the major nasty change was made to us back 2 million years ago, the FEAR based crap was embedded into our gene. (Again, overheard from the words of Jpnse scientist....)

Since then, we, the Humans, started to behave with fear base actions----like competing to eat, competing to find the safe place, push away others for the self-gains.....


No is no. Don't even know how to control the effects afterwords. So just don't mess with nature that's been provided by the Galactic consciousness and beyond.... And don't push your own will against others, just because you can push. That's just a home wrecker attitude and we must stop behaving such manner that WILL create feud among all at later time.

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Are You Ready To Take A Part In Resistance?


"If you are selected for pre-Event entry into the Resistance, the entry protocols are as follows:

1. You will be physically contacted by a Resistance agent, very near to the place where you live. He or she will be wearing plain civilian clothes and will emanate very positive energy. He/she will introduce herself/himself to you and ask you if your are willing to enter the Resistance. It will be explained to you that after entering the Resistance, you will NOT be able to have any physical contact with the surface population."

"At this point the agent will ask you the last time if you are willing to enter the Resistance. If you refuse, you will be brought back to the surface and will never be contacted again before the Event. If you accept, the agent will leave you alone and you will enter through the high-tech door by yourself. You will be asked to take off all your clothes and leave the bag with your personal belongings in a special tray. Then you will be asked to enter the “shower cabin”, where you will be disinfected from all nanotechnology and from most viruses and bacteria."

Prepare For Change: Important Cobra Announcement


Well few peeps are really backing off from what's been offered by Cobra....

Divide and Conquer......(´; ω ;`)

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For some reasons I don't trust Cobra... I want to stay on ground enjoying the sun and stars!

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Same here, fet! Nothing wrong of what he says methinks, yet something doesn't fit well...hmmmm...

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Final donation for man whose blood helped save 2.4 million babies

Saving Genetic Choice For The Blood Liners: Rh(-) Mothers Being Enabled To Keep Babies


I am happy for all mothers with Rh (-) blood type managed to keep the babies alive!!! Before it was very cruel endings often happened to our sisters.

YES they are blood liners.

But they are also OUR SISTERS. Don't get it wrong, in case there are peeps who may prefer to push them away as someone not the same as them.

They do share human genes, and they are the same people do work hard, often with very helpful attitude to everyone else, and do well in the reality we share. NICE PEEPS, they are, I found. (Yes psychopaths exist, too, and I don't like them, too.) 

Knowing few really lovely people from the bunch of Rh(-) people make me wanting to UNITE than separating these people away as someone very different from us.

We can be very good friends, if we meet away from all stupid power play agendas coming from someone else on another plane, methinks.

And all the requirement for help in maturing baby safely and to welcome them to the reality, people like James need to exist.....if he was given NATURALLY to us on Earth.

...I can imagine "the blue blood people" instigating ways to supply better gene future for their future, not only trying to breed a batch that they can experiment to choose nice ones out from and to entertain themselves with.....for the crooked ones, I'm sure we all can imagine horrid and almighty twisted way they can and choose to be.

But please do not forget this....I'm so sure if you meet someone really nice and resonate well with you, probably you don't mind if they got Rh(-)  blood type or not.

When you fall in love, and finds out that you as a couple maybe unable to have children because you as a male got Rh (+) blood type, if left at nature's accord, then you gotta give up on the idea of having a kid. And I'm sure you are in love matters huge. Would anyone ditch whom you love because of the blood type? I doubt it. 

We fall in love with another person's being within. (Err, ok, if they look cool, that's a great bonus.) 

Not about the blood type.

(Ok ok, some "meetings" are "arranged", and "experimented" because of intricate learning paths that our souls prepared us for. Anyway it CAN involve attraction happening due to specific gene-set match maybe, but separately from that, we all intentionally work through relationship, yeah?)  

We can, and we will exceed the expectations of lower limits. We can all lead others to share a better reality. Love wins.

Well done for Mr. John Harrison. An awesome angel for many. 

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A British man who claimed to be the “real” Prince Harry and to have been forcibly replaced as a child by an impostor, was found dead this morning in his hotel room, in the seaside town of Dun Laoghaire, near the Irish Capital.


Welcome to another rabbit hole...........

But please be advised. The source site is a very well recognised place as a "dodgy one". YEAH they got pretty weird and darn right silly stuff, too.

So considering that, the article may fall into a dodgy place.....OR NOT.

The thing is....this site is also known to leak the stuff otherwise no other place would leak.....and coming from deep sources.

So credibility of the site is riddled and we shouldn't be fooled. But at the same time, we can't take down our radars to monitor the genuine cracks happening for us to receive important intel stuff, hidden in the "dodgy looking" article lists.

(´Д`)Sigh...never ending game of cat and mouse chasing around madly, deceits we need to dodge, but dodging them also could train us negative way, too, IMHO. It's been tough to navigate this sensitive and uneven state.

No ending for us to extending the fields to watch out for.....


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May 21: These were SUMMONED TO THE WHITE HOUSE “To receive an ORDER directly from the President” ~ May 22, 2018

Posted on May 22, 2018 by cindyloucbp

This is from Starship Earth…looks like we are finally seeing action on the polical front as well as the spiritual front. Yes!! Please read, stay informed, and…

“To WIT: A Request by former President Barack Obama for the British Intelligence Agency known as MI-6, to engage in electronic signals and Telephonic interception inside the United States of America, against an incoming Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy, American citizens and political entities, without Probable Cause or a Court Order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, sub-section 794 (a) [communications] . . .”


The granting of access to British intelligence, to TOP SECRET United States National Security Agency facilities in Fort Meade, MD, and elsewhere, to facilitate such Warrantless electronic signals / Telephonic interception, without Probable Cause, Court order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code 1831 (3)”





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