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Tesseract in Front of SUN? Or Is That A Freak Lens Effect?

It's been quite a while since I watched WSO vid last time. And his style of trumpeting makes me to back off from viewing future vids, too. But the images↓ got me intrigued.

Screenshot from the vid:


The CUBE: It's positioned right in front of our Sun, FACING TO US.....

I imagined that it could produce the BLACK DOT on the centre of our Sun and the flashing sun effect seen in Africa recently (a 100th year commemoration of the same effect was shown to the Humanity).

The small locality of the view to have that dot appearing on the centre of the sun can be explained from having the curve around Earth (!! FlatEarther go blue? lol) causing the lens effect through the atmosphere density somehow?? IDK if that can explain the lot but the cube can be REPOSITIONED and TARGET the facing plane to face to certain point on Earth, I guess. And it's only a guess. What would you think??

So IF the Cube is really there, which really looks like that thing is there from the pic, I kinda think it's used to do something to us, the Humanity.

Wiki entry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tesseract

"In geometry, the tesseract is the four-dimensional analogue of the cube; the tesseract is to the cube as the cube is to the square. "

(c) WSO 2018

Published on Apr 11, 2018

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Thank you for this unity - been following up for the past 2 hours!  The idea surpasses the sun simulator I've been going with, especially when the sun seems to morph in and out.

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The internet's worst-case scenario finally happened in real life: An entire country was taken offline, and no one knows why

JIM EDWARDS    APR 10, 2018, 03.15 PM
  • Mauritania was taken offline for two straight days after a submarine internet cable was cut.
  • No one knows why, although Sierra Leone's government was interfering with its citizens' internet access around that time.
  • Undersea web cables are uniquely vulnerable to sabotage.
  • UK and US military officials have warned that Russia is capable of trying something like this.


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This looks like a new tack.  Lots of live sites have come up on the sidebar, fewer people watching TV?  Fox 24/7!

Screen shot 2018-04-17 at 8.35.33 AM.png

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Humans will be genetically modified for the first time in Europe as scientists get the go-ahead to use DNA-splicing therapy to treat blood disorder

  • A blood disorder known as beta thalassaemia could be cured using this therapy
  • The disorder reduces the production of haemoglobin which carries oxygen
  • Scientists plan to cut away the component which is repressing the production of haemoglobin  


PUBLISHED: 00:46 AEST, 16 April 2018 | UPDATED: 04:11 AEST, 16 April 2018


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About 18th April 2018

Haven't chased this rabbit hole yet?

This is a very quick cover about it. As we are facing 18th April.........

(c)vaultteam6 2018

Published on Apr 11, 2018


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So, Barbara Bush has passed away today 17 April. I do wish peace to those she's left behind. Idc who they are. It's still difficult losing someone. (I just lost my dad last November.)

Now, having said that, I'd like to recall the following entity quote.

"old bush will very sick be4 15 may cheney will dimise be4 15 june"

Let's just see what happens. 

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Former US First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92

April 17, 2017   

"Barbara Bush, the former US first lady and literacy campaigner, has died at the age of 92.

She was the matriarchal figure of a political dynasty that included two presidents - her husband George HW Bush and son George W Bush.

Mrs Bush, who was first lady from 1989 to 1993, had been in failing health for some time and had declined further medical treatment.

Tributes to her poured in from across the US political establishment.

Her husband, at 93, is the longest-lived US president. Their son, George, was elected in 2000 and served two terms as the nation's 43rd president."



Seems she had several illnesses to contend with, but I sure thought he would precede her. RIP

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MQ ULTRA? QAnon gets called out by Cicada 3301

Good question. Why said what they said, re: QAnon?
What's the point, Cicada?


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Interesting unity, very interesting.  Consider this then, what IF Cicada 3301 is, itself, part of the Deep State? IF they are, it's exactly what I'd expect them to do.  For those with their own agenda at risk, wouldn't they try anything to discount a threat to it? In any case,  I seriously wonder if anything is exactly the way it's presented 100%.  Discern for yourself, and keep asking questions. 

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As far as I know, breezy, QAnon is with POTUS and the faction he is in, and it's NOT THE SAME faction as Cicada.

The way how Cicada operated, to me, it feels like the work of "cleaner" Cabals (meaning NOT the highest ranking of dodgy peeps actually running it directly) but few ranks down, and were the recruiters of bright headed peeps, as we all know by now.

But they didn't teach a certain important aspect as they dispatched the tests to see if/how we decipher their stuff, and I know they can be working for a very dodgy faction. By all means, because Cicada is from not the same faction than QAnon, it's interesting that Cicada has given thumbs down to Q. Why Cicada did open up like that? That'd only blow their cover and we start to see through the organisational structures etc....like I'm doing it here now. To me, it feels rather childish approach as a handler group in the situation emerging among us in the Humanity.

(If I used my head pretending to be a faction handler, I'd choose to do even more damaging stuff against Q, if I was meant to do nasty against Q group.

It'd be far more damaging to release confusing disinfo using QAnon name, for instance.

But if Cicada wanted to say "g'day" friendly to QAnon, they could have chosen better way to do that, too, with direct communication between themselves.

It's just that Cicada's approach that is supposed to kinda smear Q is such a wishy washy tactic that I'm unsure wth they really wanted to do..........or maybe they are thinking of swapping sides, as the force structure on Earth started to change.)


Since people started to talk about the Deep State stuff, surge of these handlers' channels happened and lots appeared/discovered on YT.

(I'm really baffled over people behaving as if worshiping CB on his latest LIVE shows....LIVE.....ummmmm.)

While all those are pretty much set to BE CRYPTIC in very dark manner, Q posts differ clearly from that style.

And it's obvious that QAnon group did a revolution in the intel works.

By teaching how to read into the intel stuff in current communication style world wide and start using the huge population to monitor any intel movements has never been done. (It was done within a country-level, but never to be globally.) We WILL HUNT DOWN ALL intel exchanges world wide, and sheer number of us watching everything on the net WILL AFFECT the intel exchanges. We debunk, we see through, and we learned how to do all that by what Q has been feeding to the general population using English.

No one has done such outgoing open manner re: teaching/training everyone who can follow up what has been posted since WW2 ended.

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Indian Scientist Finds Way to See Wormholes in Space-Time

16:05 19.04.2018  Sputnik News

A wormhole is a theoretical passage that cuts through space-time, which could create shortcuts for long journeys across the universe.

Indian physicist Rajibul Shaikh from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research has determined that a certain class of rotating wormholes, which may be used for space-time travel, cast a specific “shadow.”

The shadow is a dark area, which surrounds the wormhole and could be accessible to direct observation, Dr. Shaikh wrote in an article whose pre-print has been published in the arXiv repository.


Wormholes distort space-time, creating a tunnel which could allow future starships to zip across the galaxy faster than the speed of light.


Such tunnels are called “impassable,” as they are fraught with sudden collapses, high radiation and dangerous contact with exotic matter.

The colossal gravitational pull of wormholes, black holes and other super-massive objects also creates the effect of gravitational lensing, where the trajectory of light rays passing through them is changed.

The background area visible to the eye must feature a dark spot where the gravitational effect is so strong that that nothing — not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light — can escape from inside it.

Hypothetically, this dark area can be observed with ground- and space-based telescopes.

Rajibul Shaikh believes that the existence of rotating wormholes can be proven by spotting a shadow with characteristics all its own.

Calculating the shadow’s precise shape, the scientist determined if the outside source of light is located at one side of the wormhole, the light is partly dispersed and party enters the tunnel.

READ MORE: Astronomers Discover Dark-Matter Deficient Galaxy for 1st Time — NASA

As a result, an observer on a planet close to the wormhole sees light and dark spots laid out in a specific pattern in the sky.

If the wormhole is rotating relatively slowly, its shadow will resemble that of a Kerr black hole. With increasing rates of the spin, the shapes of the wormhole shadows start to deviate considerably from that of the a black hole.

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Simon Parkes New Radio Shows

Well, since the shocking drop of Simon done by JP, others got rushed to be on Simon's side.

There are now few vids people have uploaded commenting how awesome help and support Simon had given to them.

The number is climbing, and beating what MK gathered as a counter group against Simon.

MK won't stand a chance to bring Simon down for the sheer number of supporters are way beyond of her influence, whether she has "the connections" to big peeps in the law sector. Think about this; Simon was a London Councilor. Did the job cleanly, and elected the second time even after his coming out talking about Mantids and his family dealings with intels and secret society. 

I don't think Simon would go down the drain even if MK really tries hard to.

It's Miles Johnston getting hit badly, rather than Simon. I feel for you, Miles.....and due to his own short comings, he has been ruffed up his feather by MK. Loss of his sister recent time has hit him hard, too. 

As far as I can see, ALL of us copped crap from the Oppressors. We don't deserve to be wrecked from within us.

I really hope MK would be healed. But I also wonder if there has been a plot to cause this mess, by using mind control.

Here's what breezy posted on another post at CHANI: https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2018/apr/18/fusion-center-em/

You know we can be used and even speak up what we don't intend to, but somehow programmed and in instance, you are made to speak what you didn't intend to say........Typical "Divide & Conquer" technique. 


From Ted Mahr facebook page <Thank you, Ted! & unity emphasized the top line.>:

Hello Friends! Starting this Friday, April 20th, 2018 from 2 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time, Famous ET Contactee Simon Parkes will be coming on Out of this World Radio on a regular basis on the first and third Friday of every month! See: www.simonparkes.org and www.outofthisworld1150.com 
For May, Simon will be coming on OTW Radio on Friday, May 4th 2018 from 2 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time, and on Friday, May 18th from 10 pm to 11 pm PDT.
For June, Simon will be coming on OTW Radio on Friday, June 1st 2018 fom 2 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time, and on Friday, June 15th from 10 pm to 11 pm PDT.
For July, Simon will be coming on OTW Radio on Friday, July 6th 2018 from 2 pm to 3 pm Pacific Time, and on Friday, July 20th from 10 pm to 11 pm PDT, etc.
Simon is a world famous ET contactee – his messages will be Out of this World! Please feel free to email questions for Simon to: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com And Simon will also answer all questions on air during the show. During the show, please also feel free to email questions, or call (425) 373-5527 in Seattle, USA during the radio show.
I hope you can all listen to his incredible, Out of this World interview!
To listen during the show, tune into 1150 Am in Seattle/Vancouver, Canada, or listen online at: www.1150kknw.com (and click “listen live”). After the show, please listen at: www.outofthisworld1150.com
For a world that's happy and bright,
and full of love and light!
Host, Out of this World Radio and Television
Fridays, 2 pm to 4 pm PDT
Bellevue/Seattle USA
Email: outofthisworld1150@gmail.com
(509) 750-9793 or 1-888-879-8339 (toll free US/Canada)Fre

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Kerry Gets "1 Strike" From YT:

YT Banned Kerry Cassidy From Doing LIVE Broadcasts On Her Channel &

Channel Itself Is Still Available

(c) Project Camelot 2018

Published on Apr 19, 2018


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US government accidentally sends a strange conspiracy theory file describing 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking'

  • The find was made by a reporter investigating far-left and right militant groups 
  • Washington State Fusion Center included the files in its response to his inquiry 
  • A compressed file detailed research into bizarre 'psycho-electronic' weaponry
  • They claim to use electromagnetic forces to induce a number of strange effects 
  • That includes inducing intense feelings of pain as well as 'remote brain mapping'




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Mr. Putin clearly expressed before re: HYBRID, didn't he?

He said he's well and truly ready.

And why?

That's because there are hell of V hybrids out there doing insane stuff, and had to build up power that can fight against them.

Enhanced state of WANTING TO EAT HUMANS are known apart from the strength they have. There's a pile of paperwork exposed on the net before, and the material was teaching the hybrid soldiers what to do during the fights....it stated to teach them that they KILL humans and eat those human bodies as military meals.

You might go "no way" for I can't even provide the direct link to the published material, or the fact that we can't tell legitimacy on the publication. 

Well, then......Remember the bath salt guys who go naked and chew off human face?

That's Humans turning into Hybrids going gaga. (Info sourced from an "alien" contact.)

Too much of alteration and they couldn't handle the change. 

Experiments were carried out to see how our bodies react was once before....basically in recent years, they were aiming at MASS hybridization, which hell a lot of other forces went against and tried best to stop it happening.

There were loads of warnings dispatched not to go to cinemas and other public places where people gather....because those places were to be used for this "opportunity for the nasty faction" to create more ground troops to fight by spraying us with the nasty black goo type of invading materials.

The flow of the WAR 2017-2022 was not stopping, and we are used as their pawns.

Humans, do you like it like this? What does our spirituality tells?

(c)Leak Project 2018

Published on Apr 20, 2018

Ambassador Tells UN - Hybrid Soldiers Being Used in Combat


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