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Getting Boobs job? You Are Chipped

Holy moly....


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Why too many sinister happenings forced UFO hunter to give up

A former UFO hunter reveals why too many sinister happenings forced him to give up

By Mike Lockley 05:30, 18 FEB 2018


"A former UFO tracker claims Government phone-tappers forced the closure of his own organisation, the Unidentified Flying Object Information Bureau."

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Hidden In The Name Of  "Games"

Major factions use hollywood movies to the gaming industry for the propaganda work and planting works.

(c) StrangerThanFiction 2018

Published on Mar 4, 2018

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VERY Dodgy State of New Zealand Family Court System Revealed

Thanks KMRIA.

I think we all need to learn about this.....

While I'm guessing the same sort of situations are happening in the USA and other countries, NZ cases do sound very DARK...

We talk about the physical wars but this sorta thing is also psychologically able to call as a war, methinks. It is scarring and hurting kids.。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

(c) Vinny Eastwood : his channel is consisted with heck a lot of more stories...

Posted on 2018/02/25.

Please join me to send positive energy to NZ for I don't believe any Humans especially children to go through such horrid crap....(we need to do this liberally to ALL countries, for sure...)


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Russian woman, 27, dies in agony after she was ’embalmed alive’ instead of being put on saline drip in hospital blunder

Ekaterina Fedyaeva, 27, was injected with formalin, used to stop corpses from decomposing in a horrific medical mishap

By Will Stewart
8th April 2018, 11:00 am
Updated: 9th April 2018, 8:18 p


I got a bad feeling over this case...

Has she been receiving a long term psychiatric doc's care?

Did he ask her how she wanted to die in a session?

Did she reply to him that she wished to retain her youth and beauty...??

If so, killed by formalin injected into her body make sense....because that's clearly the sort of SICK JOKE the Cs and Vs love to play around with.


If you can remember we were talking about the Dam breakage in the US, a woman who was in charge of controlling the dam as a high up worker, who had a UK cop as her latest partner when she got killed, and he went on looking into who and what killed her.....and faced to the almighty disgusting faction-doings around her death. It's gone into a court case, and I sincerely hope there would be some answers to be given out for the sake of the partner and her family....(and I friggin cannot recall where I posted info on it!! (´Д`) )

Well, before she was killed by a gun shot right onto her head, the story goes like this:

She was seeing her psychiatric doc whom she was seeing long term.

She felt she was increasingly threatened for her own life. She started to record the session with the psychiatrist.

Her boyfriend received the recordings.

Within the recording, the psychiatrist was DIRECTING HER to tell him HOW SHE WANTED TO DIE.

Then she answered like " a nice quick shot into head" as its answer.

And she got that wish came true.

Got a shot in her head and got killed.

The psychiatric doc she was seeing was a handler from the nasty faction loving to use Satanic rituals.


OK, finally got to the point.

I think this Russian girl might had gone through the same thing.

Her handler might asked her how to be dead, and that wish got granted.

It can be a part of SRA, but also can be a part of T.I. as theme, so I post it here anyway, but please be aware of what other aspects are involved in.

Backtracking my "intuition", if that's correct, this Russian woman might had been a Sex Kitten trained under Monarch programming, and might had done some important jobs in the past by mingling with "elites".

....It's only my speculation, but the word "Russian" certainly pinged on my radar straight away, with what's happening with global geopolitics, especially with Skripal Bogus Assassination Try---smearing propaganda against Russia---is causing total headache to Russia.

Currently Russians are in mortal fight against the last nasty strangle of the Vs with Cs adding fuel to it. 

So my suspicion with this case.....

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I'm not sure if this article fits in here....but rather than getting it lost among other info, I will toss this one in here.

Famed gay rights lawyer sets himself on fire at Prospect Park in protest suicide against fossil fuels


Did he really do it to himself...? Or.....................

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On Going Wrath to Corey Feldman

Sorry I didn't post this when it came out. For some reason, I was aiming it then forgot to do so!(´×ω×`)

Corey Feldman stabbed by knife-wielding thug in frenzied attempted murder attack

The Lost Boys and Goonies star alleged somebody attacked him while he was in his car - and believes the motive was revenge


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Encounter of 4th and 5th kinds: Weird Encounters Alistair Had....

Thank you Miles for uploading this vid of Alistair's accounts.

Geez he went through lots of weird experiences...very vivid and weird stuff going on....if you believe in what he says.

The thing is, his accounts got MilAb flavour than "alien" abduction case. The pattern of torture is shared in MilAb cases as far as I know. 

Alistair's YT channel is there but no vids.

(c)The Bases Projeect 2018


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