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Duncan O’Finioan Shot 4 Times: He's OK&Talking

OMG Corey Goode was shot not long ago. Then Duncan...! (Me likes him.(´・ω・`)) I'm so glad to hear he's ok with no life threatening shot wounds. Far out...at the Healing Centre he was working!!(´×ω×`)


The pic of the wounded mobile phone allegedly belonging to Duncan: http://supersoldierforum.ubbforum.com/topic/ducan-o-finian-shot-6-times?reply=560742421316181453#560742421316181453


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Wow. I'm glad Duncan is ok. He and Randy Maugans are really good friends and Randy often has Duncan on his show. I wonder if Duncan will talk about this the next time he is on Randy's show. Or will this push him out of the public sphere at all.

Sending him wishes for a full and swift recovery.

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I wish him swift recovery, too.

I don't think he'd be quiet over this at all. He is a fighter, methinks.

I really like Duncan because I feel he is questioning everything he copped from ordinary human being's stance, just like me and others who copped abductions and left with wth experiences that can't be explained easily with what we got as our science and not really knowing what we are to do in our lives WITH the craps going on such as implants to general vaccine (alien essence laced)-reactions, and putting those questions on open table so that some answers could be gathered.

In short, he's blinded as much as we are, and trying to find out why and what's out there honestly, with a frail human body.

In a way, I'm the same with all health issues with NDEs.


<Going off side stories a bit...just because I got inspired to do so...LOL Sorry if it's not fitting here...:ph34r:>

I don't really care the fact that we were raised to this way, genetically modified.

Thank you Enki and Ninki, for caring about us after realising the Master Controllers above them were dishonouring us, trying to make us so we can stand up against them to go further in our evolution.

Do you realise that these "Master Controllers" of Anu and Enlil's faction were darn "wrong"? 

The Creators left them going bonkers because they thought there would be further spread of inspiring lives in the local Universes.

But unfortunately Anu faction's direction became self imploding in the end...NOT SUITABLE for the direction of the Creators' Experiment in THIS local Universes. 

(That's why WE have chance to rectify this crap. The Galactic Consciousness is backing the Humans firmly because the Controlling Powers had become problem of self consumption, basically going for future self-implosion to the local Universes, against the Galactic Consiousness' wish to exist in harmony....

They started to eat up the Universes thus to retain the Universes, they need to change or to be removed.

This is the fact that they need to have the Universes existing to exist themselves, yeah? So they are becoming the ultimate future problem of the Universes, not only locally but to the whole lot, for if we let them do as they wish, they would continue to expand their ability to alter and use up the resources, only barren to be left after their paths.

IDK if they are aware of that, because they had lost their hearing ears to the most critical messages sent to them from the Galactic Consciousness.

And the Humanity is requested by the Galactic Consciousness to do the deed of existing here, and take the active role to balance this entire mess out.

There are others trying to do so out there, too.

We need to form pact with those who are with the Galactic Natural Law, in near future BTW.)


I think the ARCHONS messed them up quietly long time ago, and like Simon Parkes mentioning that they lost in it.....Anu faction refuses to understand that they were compromised by a different dimension-origin program. Too boasting, not accepting their own weakness.

The experiment has become tainted that way already. (But Archons had their own experimental importance, which was also a part of an experiment that the Creators wanted to see then. It's NOT THEIR FAULT how they had become such nefarious programming.)

It's not our problem how we became who we are. The question is "do we want to become 'better' from here on".

Personally I want to go further. We, as Humans, can do some beautiful contributions to the Universes. We Are Here Consciously with our Spirits.

NO ONE can take that bit away.

We can continue to grow, even others stop growing by falling into the trap of deception, selfish satisfactions and pure BS.

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I haven't listened/watched yet, but here is Randy's discussion with Duncan O'Finioan, post-shooting.

Published on Jun 3, 2017

Duncan O'Finioan joins Randy Maugans for an exclusive talk about the recent shooting incident at Center Point Healing Center. We then go into some deep topics including the recent media wars, the developments in spiritual warfare fronts; why the supernatural is now plagued with inter-dimensionals; the workings of magic and dimensional rift riding...never a dull moment.

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The VICE vid on T.I.s

Well...I think most of the peeps near Miles are feeling "NOT the best but this fact about T.I.s gotta be noticed by the MSM accepting populations"....

Beware that some peeps appeared on the show got rather ( ・ὢ・ )?HUH? reactions from the T.I. community.


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Super Soldier Mario Apparently Skipped a Jail Cell for ICU.


After a long consideration, I finally decided to post this here in T.I. thread.

The story is surrounding about Supersoldiers' interactions.

I really don't want this article to make people back off from the fact that people categorised within the "Supersoldiers" do exist at the moment.

Some may apply the name to far wider range of people, including such peeps whom got acute power to do something wild to the target, while they are away from the target, etc. But usually we use the term for someone "said to have" got trained by military...sometimes in that pile of peeps' experiences, different aliens appear, too.

Anyway, the article really sounds like a day time tv script.(´Д`)

This is an unfortunate truth in our field of research---yeah, sometime people make up stories to get attention and fame, to make money, and even worse....do these stuff for disinfo and misinfo job, in order to divide and concur CT communities, when we all need to put our heads together to make it through to the other side safely.

So we all must get equipped to have acute eye sights to separate crap to the real deal Supersoldiers.


Unfortunately there are already seem to be some division happening in the CT community over this field.

To start with, number of these supersoldiers are suffering from targeting, which cause some to experience very tough time mentally and physically.....which makes some of us shitty and bitter. 

However, please remember all of us make mistakes. It's best to retain the position to sit on the fence rather than taking either side while we do our researches, then to come to our individual conclusions.

I wanted to share the article because I didn't want anyone to fall for a liar who claim to be a Supersoldier and in fact turned out to be a con artist.

And though it sounds friggin too much to continue to write this even though I already spit out my thoughts, I still would want all of us to have big hearts and not to tear apart people after discovering stories don't add up.


Because the horrible factions could affect the individual to become like a liar.

You and I and everyone could be subjected to such tactic and for now, we can't be sure if we can clearly say we won't fall for that. We all are still learning how to dodge craps.


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DR. ROGER LEIR, M.D. - Alien Implants and Physical Evidence



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Whether an Alien Abduction or a Military Abduction...


↑(c)Dr. Katherine Horton - Stop 007

From her poster's note:

"Posted on 2017/07/09

Dr. Katherine Horton demonstrates how one can use a normal bug detector (EUR 170.-) to detect illegal implants on the head. More on how to do the measurement and the device used can be found here:https://stop007.org/home/faq/#Aceco"

Below vid is showing how to use some cheap gears to achieve the same thing.....pretty incomplete vid as far as I consider, but thought at least you can get the gist of where it's going....

I tend to think if MilAb is concerned, the chips would be made from cheaper option otherwise would be something that need to be experimented with.

While some alien implants could be made from some unknown substance that of non-Earth origin.



To DIY testing, I thought you had to create a small area totally shutting out outside influence. 

See the doc's back ground is covered by the thin silver film? Basically you need to create a sealed small box you can stand and move from those materials (go buy them from outdoor gear shops etc...easily available) then do the DIY testing inside there. If someone else is to do it for you, you need to create a bigger space so 2 of you can stand and move about inside the film-made-walls.

Full on gear you can get is called ZAPPER and this electric multimetre has been used by the Bases conferences. The vid is showing somehow incomplete guide for us, I feel. But it's a cheaper way the guy was showing. There are a lot goes into learning how to go about it. 

Most importantly, if you can get MRI imaging done, usually you can detect it.

BUT don't just believe in what the docs write as diagnoses.....T.I.s reported back that the results are written "you don't have anything in there" but when the T.I.s themselves asked for the 2nd opinions and zoomed in the images themselves, walla......they are seeing the stuff embedded. 

To get MRIs done on you; you gotta be on the doc's side for the reason why you want it done.

You must present the reason reasonable enough to make them to get you the referral to do it.

E.g. telling the docs continuous untreatable pain in certain regions, no other docs found the reason for it, and you want further investigation.


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Side effects of the Implants in PEOPLE

In mean while, peeps who removed their implants reported that their health went into disarray AFTER the removal of them.

Having them in are...like what the woman in the vid is literally spitting out all sorts of horrible effects.

But removing them also affects them, and some peeps say it's rather better to leave them in and deal with them.......urgh!!! We really need to find safe way to remove them.....

Mind you, some implants are inserted in order to provide SAFETY to the person, too.

There are all sorts of implants, apparently, and if to provide protection of a sort from attack from the opponent factions to protect the individual.....ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm probably it would have meaning to leave them in there, hey....


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