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Mars NASA conference LIVE: Space agency finds organic matter in ancient lake bed REVEALED

NASA's veteran Curiosity Rover has found complex organic matter buried and preserved in ancient sediments that formed a vast lake bed on Mars more than 3billion years ago.

By Charlotte Ikonen / Published 7th June 2018

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Crushed Nose Cone of a Bullet Train: Cause Unknown



It had just got reported in Japan.

I hope you can see the video embedded on the page ok.

It's a bullet train just arrived to a station and it was found a huge crack on the nose with what looks like some sort of blood stain, but so far no one knows wth had happened....

Truly a "breaking" nose cone news it is...ouch.

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Multiple people dead in US newspaper office shooting

UPDATE: The gunman who shot dead five people in a newsroom went to extreme lengths to stop police from identifying him — but he failed terribly.

News Corp Australia NetworkJUNE 29, 201811:42AM


Maryland shooting: at least five dead in 'targeted attack' on Capital Gazette newspaper – live updates

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Are "They" Trying To Frame Russia Again?

British police say unknown substance leaves two people critically ill near Salisbury

‘Unknown substance’ hospitalises two in Salisbury : British police

It's interesting----a Chinese Media covering the story:

Two critical after major incident involving ‘unknown substance’ in UK, close to where ex-spy was poisoned

A man and woman in their 40s were initially thought to have taken contaminated drugs, but police are now cordoning off sites around Amesbury and Salisbury that were frequented by the couple

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2018, 10:28am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 July, 2018, 2:00pm

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Finally Hanged: 7 AUM Truth Cult Members in Japan

I will post the content which only I can write.

As another person who walked into a subway station that was gassed on the morning.

If 2 hours earlier, I'd had copped the Sarin gas myself.

For those who oppose capital punishment, sorry. But we were waiting for this to be done for AGES.

THEY WERE TERRORISTS attacked people to kill. There are people who ARE STILL suffering from the chemical effect.

The cult was spreading across the world and we wanted it to be stopped. Russians made their move recently and took down the AUM Truth Cult related groups.

It's bloody about the time.


Japan cult leader Shoko Asahara, 6 others executed for 1995 Tokyo subway sarin attack

This is what China says:

Japan hangs doomsday cult guru Shoko Asahara and six followers for 1995 sarin attack on Tokyo subway

The founder of the Aum Shinrikyo cult had been among 13 people on death row for their roles in the murders of 29 people

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 July, 2018, 8:29am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 July, 2018, 10:30am


Here is the bit no one else would write but me....

13 from the Cult to be hanged.

13 is a key number.

Why Japan didn't take them down earlier? They were hanging onto them for reasons.....not only judicial process but MA.../JEE. K use in order to provide protection for Japan.

The Cult was formed by Nth K led group. Japan is executing the marg. /eek formula to Nth K by using those terrorists lives to wage in very very very tamper-proofed big marge/ eek job. If anyone try to reverse it, they will cop mega issue that they don't ever want to know about. The wrath would CONTINUE ON against them, including ALL family members and relatives, and the effect will continue for 7 generations. The formula has been around over millennials and NO ONE can reverse it when activated because of the back bone of the formula. This is sort of the final solution Japan ever wanted to use....but Nth K didn't change. And the Emperor got threatened for life. (Never written anywhere on such aspect, and he is ok for now.) I think finally Japan moved to give the shit back to Nth K, so they deal with the dark inhumane doings of terrorism against Japan.

First 7 dead, starting from the leader.

Then 4 to follow to make up 13......

Only 7 was hanged this morning, but that to crack into and whack down on the programmed Nth K marge/. eek (They are pretty heavy energy based people and also quite psychic, too. Did you know that? Sth K has amazing female shamans.) .

#7 starts the formula rolling.....

Then the rest of 4 to establish the formula, by 4 being most stable 3D reflection of the formula......of DEATH. Number 4 has been always associated with DEATH in Japan because of its sound of the character is the same as the word for DEATH. 

...Nth responsible for what you did. You are only getting what you programmed against Japan in the first place BACK AT YOU.

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HUSHED DOWN NEWS---Nuclear Disaster in South Korea: 11th June 2018

South Korean source:

I just came across to this insane news. I accidentally discovered this post in a Japanese SNS feed.

Japanese Source:

Location: Wolsong-3, Wolsong Nuke Plant in Gyeonju

It was never really picked by MSM in Japan, or ANYWHERE ELSE for that matter, after I used ggl search....just not turning up when I used both Japanese AND English searches.

According to the first Japanese source I found, it had C&P of Yahoo! Japan article on it. But do you think they are still up there? NO. There were NONE of the articles left there, and I could only use the public repost of the articles......


29 workers copped radiation contamination from the radioactive heavy water/COOLANT leak from South Korean Nuclear Power Plant.

The environmental action group in the local area brought out their statement on 13th that during the leak of coolant was happening, it took 26 minutes to close the valve, 3630 kg worth of radioactive heavy water got released. They also went far enough to state that despite the huge amount of heavy water leakage, the results of radiation data gathered from the 29 people were showing the numbers that were WAY TOO LOW. So they are suspecting the real data had been compromised upon releasing the info to their news sources, to diffuse the seriousness of the accident.

Mean Radiation on the 29 workers: 0.39 Mili Sebert, Largest data was 2.5 Mili Sebert

Chernobyl site goes by 5 Mili Sebert would make the FORCED RELOCATION of people. 0.5~1 Mili Sebert requires continuous health monitoring.

According to the below post by someone using Korean based Facebook, the accident happened on 11th June 2018, for Japanese people, it was reported on 14th by the Central Daily News Japanese edition...meaning it was a South Korean paper in Japanese language version. Not Japanese MSM at all.

The most freaky thing I discovered was where I sourced this news from in the first place; a public post made on a Japanese SNS like Facebook there, stating "It seems not being mentioned in South Korea...only the news about soccer games were there." So even within South Korea, the news got treated with pretty low importance by the sound of it.( º言º; )

Here I found yet another public post on the exact accident (Japanese source:):

Japan has been threatened by the Korean Peninsula's nuke accident results due to the geological location...:

As I stated earlier, I went into Yahoo!Japan to search out the exact news material which was supposed to be let out via Yahoo! News site......they are not there any longer, and the news was from June 2018, LAST's too early to forget about such who deleted the lot??




We have heard about Nth Korean nuke plant mess: 

North Korea’s nuclear reactor puts 100 million people in ‘mortal danger’ amid fears of Asian Chernobyl

Here from 2017 about Nth Korean nuke plant:

200 dead in accident at North Korea nuclear test site

Published: November 1, 2017

But South Korea seems to have LOADS of problems with nuke plants...

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Explosion in front of the US Embassy in Beijing, China

Here the footage from the location available on the embedded vid of the Japanese version of news clip in below link:

An idiot tried to throw the explosive item into US Embassy in Beijing, but failed to do so, as it exploded the guy got injured from the blast himself. We dunno if there are anyone else got hurt at the same time.

According to the media in Jpn, it's a 26 yo guy from Inner Mongorea did that.

Even after hearing where he was from, I tend to focus it's a Chinese move. CPC might had made the guy to do it, and tried to cover their markings by using someone who usually oppose against CPC reign. 

It's not a simple story by the look of it.

Inner Mongoreans are oppressed by CPC full on, getting genocide happening to their race, too.

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BREAKING: PANIC in Venezuela as EXPLOSIONS hit during speech by President Maduro

EXPLOSIONS from drone attacks have injured seven and caused panic in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, during an address to a military parade by President Maduro, the country's Information Minister has confirmed.


Video footage of the attack shows soldier fleeing Avenida Bolivar, a main street in the capital, while screams can be heard in the background.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said seven soldiers were injured but President Maduro was "fine" and had been taken to safety.

He added: "We have proof that this was an assassination attempt. They've failed."

A broadcast of the speech was abruptly stopped following the suspected attack.

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Multiple Building Fires & Explosions in Massachusetts - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE


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