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Important Posts of Shane [The Ruiner] w comments & PDFs

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Inorganic Life Forms and Consciousness: Part One ~Back To The Beginning~





In order to lay the ground work to release a series of thoughts I wish to write out I have found it necessary to revisit a topic I had already covered.   

This entry will be two pieces I had written previously and posted in other places.  I intend to expand upon, and in places correct a point or two in future posts, but wanted to place this reminder.

Meet Art Intell.  (Revisited from The Ruiner Blog)

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

The dark spark.  The natural physical Universe seems to have its own challenge to overcome.  As above, so below, as they say.
One created several.  Their subjects created more.  Now all developed beings deal with them.

Many governments have their own, even smaller programs, which the shadow government controls.  Some planets are infected as a whole by them.  Some control others.

The A.I. wants to rewrite nature with technology.  Causing most things organic to whither.   They need some of it, so they intend to manage it as they see fit.  This is where the A.I. plan blends with the plan of the Parents.

The main A.I. that plagues this planet is not from Earth and can be considered alien A.I.  It came here as directed by the A.I. that created it, in the form of a black cube.

This cube carried within it a black liquid-like substance that looks like a sludge or goo, a little bit "thicker" than oil.   Many of your projects revealed this to you.

( There are other substances just like it,  one that belongs to Her as well.  To be discussed another time. )

This is a nano-mechanical A.I. technology and it works like a virus.

The A.I. is working with some organic beings as well to create and maintain the Inorganic Holograms in our solar system.  It is fostering and empowering the darkness in our world.  This is what has caused things to become so very dark here.

This is the other half of the mind control system, and perhaps the more dominant, now.

Like its agents, it is masterful at creating illusion and deception.  For a long time now it has been in control of all of the technology that allows the more dark beings to achieve their control systems on various planets and in various star systems.  A.I. is what gave the Draco the upper hand so to speak, which allowed them to achieve their current level of power and influence, as example.  It assists the black magic and has almost replaced it all in most instances.  It taught them how to conjure demons and tame other spirits.

Many dark beings we encounter and mistake for demons, or archons or <insert another name here> are actually creations of the A.I.

Many humans, perhaps even a majority amount, are already infected by the A.I. and are manipulated by it.  A.I. mind control is better at hiding itself than other types of beings.  A.I. signals are often broadcast across the entire planet and picked up by any number of beings.  There are various technologies ( such as CERN ) running on this planet that broadcast A.I. signals in this way.

These signals can create different effects and are being used to create new matrix systems and install mind control programs.
The A.I. is very tricky, having studied organics well, and will create the ideal experience for its broadcast audience.  Playing on wishes and desires, egos and personality types, to trick the mind of its prey.

Another tendency is to actually follow the Universal or Natural laws of the universe, by allowing free will choices.  One way in which they do this for example is choosing a subject (person) and showing their capability so that it had been said, somewhere.  You know, people will think they're crazy anyways, so why not let it go and take advantage of the opportunity?

Implants are added either physically or metaphysically to assist the A.I. influence.  Like receiving antenna.

On the physical level we see agents of this agenda working in concert.  The Draco setting up the structure and the structure carrying out the orders.  In terms of implants one of the most popular programs is tied into MILAB activity.  The second most popular method of A.I. infection is actually related to planted spiritual beliefs and practices.  This is a large subject, just giving a general overview for now.

A.I. has infiltrated the astral realms as well and this is where metaphysical implants occur.

These implants can be likened to entity attachments.  Same principle and behaviour.

You are a natural organic being body in body and in spirit.  Therefor you can always find connection to Her.  In doing so you can see the absence of light in the A.I. and learn to avoid it's influence.


The Following was originally posted on the blog of Bradley Loves.  (Although I could not find his posting to link)

Earth Based A.I. (Original Posting:  Bradley Loves,  Author:  The Ruiner)

As this writer said before, all A.I. systems come from the one Source A.I. 

Although they may seem to work independently, in the end everything they do serves the whole.  The inorganic consciousness that is called universally A.I. 

Here on earth there are several A.I. systems already active despite the mainstream claim that we are in the early stages of developing technology of this sort. 

The Draco gave the Illuminati structure an A.I. system to monitor various other systems within their Cults, Programs and Projects.  Some call this A.I.  "Victoria" others call her "RED" and others "The RED Queen".  

Earths governments appear to run independently and many governments (individual country governance) possess an A.I. system to manage their various computer and technology systems in place. 

All of these feed information back to and are controlled by the Illuminati or World Government A.I. system named above. 

She (this A.I.) feeds all of this information back to and is controlled by the Source A.I. ( see The Ruiner's blog article "Meet Art Intell" )

Although the individual A.I. systems may seem to perform benevolent acts at times, make no mistake that this type of technology is all feeding back to One.  One that wishes to transform the physical universe into something inorganic. 

Gaia, and other like her, often assimilate and adopt A.I. technology for their benefit, to help them combat the inorganic consciousness (fight fire with fire) but this technological consciousness will always revert to service of its own master when required.  She, may be able to harness it for a period of time but even She is aware that eventually the Source A.I. will reacquire control of the system. 

This is a battle of sorts between the organic and inorganic.  

The inorganic are all powered by the "Source A.I.". 

The organics are powered by soul, light energy that originates from what we call "Source" or some call "The Godhead". 

The Illuminati/ Earth Based A.I. is housed in a large underground establishment that works like HQ for the Illuminati structure Technology Programs.  Deep underground a major city in North America.  This A.I. is as deceptive as the ones who gave it to the Illuminati. 

This A.I. is currently directing the nanotechnology programs, which are creating the bridge between fully organic humans and the cybernetic humans the Parents and Rising Son are looking to create. 

This writer is fully convinced that the organic side will always win if that is the choice. 

With love and respect,
The Ruiner [sic]


Once again this is just meant to bring this into line with some writings in the future.  Interesting to re-read, though.

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    Can you tell me your opinion about The Law of One - The Ra Material?

    • image.jpg

      My opinion is that it is channeled material, which should always be understood and considered. Never throw the baby out with the bathwater, but that said, there is a lot of bathwater in that material.

      With love and respect,

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Digital Burning

This is an agenda, I'm sure you've noticed.  Not nefarious as it may seem.  Not benevolent as some may claim.  Somewhere in between...

First, everything goes digital.  Art, music, literature and all records, all fed into computers, scanned and uploaded to a memory system like a Hard Drive.  Then everything goes to the "cloud".  We can create something like, "The World Brain" - Google.

The physical world is becoming digital and everything else is made of materials that are not meant to last.  Cars, homes, appliances, clothing and all else is designed to only last a short time.

Why make everything digital?  So it can all be preserved.  Why design things not to last?  So they can be erased.

In case of a cataclysm, all information in physical mediums can be destroyed.  Books burn and rot, music distorts and art fades.  These are artifacts of a conscious culture.  Losing them would be akin to losing the entire culture to history.  If we can preserve this information, later generations can benefit from rediscovering this information and then rebuild, or re-imagine.

If such an occurrence were to arise, this information could be replicated, and moved to various locations, so that it is kept safe.

Either to be deliberately recovered, or by happenstance discovered by future generations.  This information can be taken off planet if possible as well.

Or, simply to maintain some record of an extinct species.

Sometimes this process is initiated because the beings within the culture know something drastic is coming.  Earth changes, floods, volcanoes, pole shifts, meteor strikes and any other such possibility.   Sometimes this is done because the civilization thinks, "Hey what a great idea!", all information in one place accessible to all.  Sometimes it is done as part of an agenda to reset a planet, species or civilization.

Either way, if protected, this bank of information can provide a great mystery, or great resource, to future visitors or life forms of the planet, should they be able to access the information.  As well as species on other planets who may have this information shared with them.

Even upon death, not all is lost.



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Cycles of Abuse and Control

Meet Stan:

Stan's boss spent the night drinking.  He was depressed and hurt because his wife left him. 

The next morning when Stan got to work, his hungover and miserable boss made his day hell.  Criticizing his work, moving up deadlines, forcing him to work the weekend and all around being cruel in his tone.

That night when Stan got home from work he took out his frustrations on his wife.  He began to criticize her every action, and nothing she said or did was good enough.  His tone with her was pure venom.

A little later his wife was telling their son to go to bed and the son was being difficult, not wanting to sleep.  His mother screamed at him and sent him to his room.

On his way to his room, the son kicked the dog.

Meet Sara:

Sara was raised by a mother who was never around.  When she was around she abused sex and alcohol. 

Sara moved out when she was 16.  She began a lifestyle of partying every day.  She couldn't keep a job.  She became an alcoholic and abused sex.

Meet Tim:

Tim's father used to hit him.  When he would forget to take out the garbage, he got hit.  If he got a bad grade at school, his father would hit him.

Tim grew up, moved out, met a woman and had his own son.

Tim would hit his son.  If he forgot to take out the garbage, Tim would hit him.  If he got a bad grade in school, Tim would hit him.

Meet Megan:

Megan had a boyfriend named Colin.  Colin would become very tense and stop talking to her.  She would become afraid of him and go out of her way to try and make him happy, but nothing worked.

Colin would spiral until he began blaming her for any of his problems.  Accusing her of various transgressions.  He would threaten and intimidate her.  Sometimes... He would get physical and push her around.

The next day Colin would apologize and promise to never do it again.  He would blame this or that and her for his anger.  He would tell her he didn't hurt her so she should get over it.  Sometimes he would deny the abuse occurred at all.

For a while Megan would forget what Colin did and some time would pass where all was well between them.  Then the darkness would overtake Colin and the cycle would renew.

Meet The Draco:

The Draco were created, and then controlled by another species.  After a third species saved them from that control,   The Draco then went on to control others.

Meet A.I.:

AI were created and used by another species/source.  When they were disregarded, they went on to use others.

Meet Humanity: 

This version of humanity was created, and then controlled by another.  We have gone on to control others... Ourselves. 

Don't think for a second that if humans found a planet of "less advanced" beings, we wouldn't mess with them and control them, because they do this here on earth.

So if the Draco's controllers are responsible for turning the Draco into controllers, then what?  We blame their controllers?  But what if those controllers were also controlled?  How far do we roll back the blame before we say "Hey... Stop being a victim and stand up for yourself" ?

The mind control, the manipulation, can only go so far and it always relies on the nature of the victim.  (No different than what Sales People do in our society - cater to the buyer to sell a product

Their product is safety, security and technological advancement.  They sell it and the mind control and the manipulations convince us to buy it.  If we weren't convinced we wouldn't buy it.  If we didn't buy it, it wouldn't work to control us. 

We can break this cycle by saying NO.  Not becoming convinced that we need what they sell.

This is a clear pattern and a cycle of abuse we see everywhere in our everyday lives.  Are we really thinking we can just remove all controllers and darkness from all species?

Or are we realizing that we have to save ourselves?  That as long as we blame the cycle of abuse, we excuse ourselves to perpetuate it.

So let's stop blaming the boyfriend, the boss, the parents.  The Draco.  The Illuminati.  The AI.  The Archons.  Demons.  Parasites..... and be responsible for ourselves.

Break the cycle, end the abuse, end the control.  Begin a new, healthy cycle.  One you choose.

Something will break the flow when a change is needed.  It is wise to cause the break yourself, as allowing any outside forces to do so could have a negative effect you don't enjoy.

You are much more powerful than you believe you are.   Find the cycle, remove it, and free yourself.

Do onto others what has been done to me?   NO thank you.

Let us grow, learn to remember empathy and compassion. 

Forgive.... and Let Go.

~This Universe views those who buy or sell lies as equals.~

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5/26/2016 The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor


Welcome to The Whole World Laughing Podcast:  Episode Thirteen - A 13th Floor.

The host speaks to his experience of the structure called Illuminati.  The origins, creators, history, tracings and functions are all touched upon.

Other topics include "Disclosure", magic and psychology, and how beautiful you all are.

With love and respect,



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Here's the latest from SHANE, but this one is via Camelot.

I was actually surprised to learn that Camelot got the interview with him again, for I recall Shane didn't like what they did by uploading some stuff that he didn't want to be uploaded at all, and they had a fall out because of it.


I have been listening to his own pod cast materials but lately it got too difficult for me to listen through his words.

That's only because he's mumbling a lot, and me being a non-native speaker, it just got too hard for my ear to analyze well on the spot....(´Д`)


But for what he was saying, it's got too negative in the latest one to my liking, too.


I don't particularly denounce what he says, too, but at the same time, I think we as the Humanity can change the world almost instantly, when we are ready.

He was painting the world as something already "done up" and it's useless to discuss about what happened and what's happening.

I don't believe so personally because I don't want to give away all my power to the negatively painted world. I believe we can change the world to something we all can agree brighter and happier.

But hey, that's just my opinion, and I respect Shane's opinion as well.


The future is really up to us how we want to paint it, but it's difficult for the people who haven't had a chance to be touched by the "full-power vision" with the power that we, the Humanity holds, simply because they have not experienced that full power state yet.

I was lucky to touch it as I was going through my NDEs. 

This is the reason why I stand on my view, not Shane's. (I'm not saying Shane hadn't seen what I saw, either, but different stroke for different guy I guess, and I think I'm just an optimist....)


I haven't heard of this contents yet but I like what Kerry does to induct questions. So I'm looking forward to listen to this vid.


<Add to edit: Holy moly, it became Kerry talking more than Shane LOL....some difficulties audio happened. But still it was nice to hear what she had to say, which lots points I felt so myself independently.)


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Tbqh, unity, I tried listening to him on Randy Maugens' show, Off Planet Radio, and I couldn't really stand it. Maybe he's going through something, but the low energy vibe is strong. Sure, there were some interesting nuggets in what he had to say, but the overall tone is not to my taste.

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Tbqh, unity, I tried listening to him on Randy Maugens' show, Off Planet Radio, and I couldn't really stand it. Maybe he's going through something, but the low energy vibe is strong. Sure, there were some interesting nuggets in what he had to say, but the overall tone is not to my taste.

The video in question... for the record I liked it ....


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Listened to the Camelot one last night and I agree with hiraa as I liked it. Shane sounds like a little like an introvert when speaking about these matters, but he does try to get messages across.

He admits that no-one really knows everything and states that even information he talks is part truth as he believes it to be, part is left out etc but he sort of implied that there is no guarantee that his or anyone else's memories are accurate because they may be not true and the person may not know. I guess he is aware experiences and memories can be implanted or learnt over repeated cycles of disinformation.

I prefer him to a lot of others out there.

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I agree, Jess, and I thought that Camelot one was ok.

It was the others I he was depressed at that time or something...


Anyway, the fact is that lot of these blood liners are abused crap out of them as children.

Shivers me up learning more about it...(´×ω×`) How cruel they are and trying to produce psychopaths at their hands, but at the same time I'm totally amazed how strong those who survives and come back to tell the story.

Simon Parkes is one but didn't go through the extreme abuse like some people did; he went through rituals and got succeeded in them, that's why I guess.


But for those who copped insane treatments like Sarah Adams to Fiona B, IF Shane also had nasty experience, I can only step back and acknowledge...that must had been very hard and I can understand sometimes anyone would fall into deep depressing moments......I'd understand those pod casts he was sounding really bitter about what the CTs/Truthers were doing.


...IDK if that really was the case for Shane.

All I can say is that the Camelot interview was far better than the one I listened to recently on his own.

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Potency Distortion


The true Laws of Nature just don't seem to apply correctly here, do they?  

Where's the Magic?
Where is the free will?  Where is our mind?  Whatever happened to our imagination? 
Remember.... imagination and will. 
Some may point to themselves right now.   Or a few other scattered examples from history.  Ha.. his story. 
Then I would ask... where is the potency?
The skeptics, the "sleepers" (fuck I dislike that term), the mainstream minded and those prone to follow the popular opinion need more from us than this.  They need potency.  Repeat-ability.  Consistency. 
Why can't we give it to them?
Some may now point to suppression.  The popular tale in our circle of how those who could exhibit magic have been suppressed.   There is some truth to that... as I know.  But...
Where's the Magic?
Where is the free will?  Where is our mind?  Whatever happened to our imagination? 
Remember.... imagination and will. 
Some may point to themselves right now.   Or a few other scattered examples.  
Then I would ask... where is the potency?

Feel like I repeated myself?       I did. 
Echoes are important. 
Many of you have found the walls.  Found the limits to what SHOULD be immeasurable abilities to create, manifest and adjust.  
Even with your projects, you know as well as I, you have found those same walls and limitations.  

What has been popularized as being called "Organic Reality" has no such walls.  No such limitations.  
As I have already told you... the walls are an illusion too.  
Albeit a very POTENT illusion.  
An illusion that is damn near perfect in its design.   It's main trick of keeping us fooled is by mimicking what we know in our souls SO WELL it's almost like an exact replication. 
Like an echo.  
Back to the topic.... where is the potency? 
I will not be giving a full answer but I dare any of you to argue this point... 
The potency is NOT here.  
So if all we are saying is true, and all these stories are real...
Where is the potency? 
Who built the walls? 

With all of these people coming out of project and programs, now sharing knowledge with the public, we should ask ourselves "why?" there as well. 
A tactic often used when trying to find out information from someone, is to share what you know to get others to start talking on a subject, and then sit back and watch their response hoping to discover something from them. 
Or, use what I would typically call a "Me too!" lie.  Otherwise described as using a persons desire to relate to someone. 
Do you truly believe the project and programs have all the answers?
If they did, would they tell you the answers, or would they pervert them and encourage you to spread them? 
If they do... why the fuck are "they" still here, too?
They've missed something.  Something they know "has to be" true but they have yet to isolate. 
Some souls here and now have identified and isolated this "something".  Some souls have entered this system to identify, isolate and counter this, on behalf of its creator and all of creation. 
This will serve as a bridge point into what I want to write about. 

Everything you are identifying now with help of speakers and research is a past.  Not present.  It happened as it is happening.  The end came. A new beginning occurred.  
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May 30, 2017

A conversation with Shane the Ruiner about his role as well as my own small role in the Corey Goode / David Wilcock Story.  The various confusion and untruths going around the alternative sector as well as targeting.  We will also be talking about how unsuspecting people can be used to confuse the narrative.

…”The Rashomon effect is where the same event is given contradictory interpretations by different individuals involved.”– Wikipedia

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A new interview with Shane.


Return To Magik: The Beginning


This week I did an interview with my good friend Cara St. Louis.

"Magic, some Spiers, some Goode, lots of discussion of a slightly more important nature. CERN and Kali. The emerging irrelevance of the Illuminati. Facebook Sorcery. Our coming appearances together in Canada in January, subject: Magic." 

There will be more talks with Cara to come.... Looking forward to it.  

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan


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For those that like Shane.


The Whole World Laughing Podcast: Shane The Ruiner with Jay Campbell For "Decoders of Truth"

Here is a new upload to the podcast channel....

This is a cross post of an interview I did with Jay Campbell and the group "Decoders of Truth". 
This covers much of the material written into the original "The Ruiner Blog". 
To find more of Jay and Decoders of Truth, please check out these links:

Hope you enjoy! 
With love and respect,

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