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Time For Hungrexit: PM Orban Opposes Mass Immigration In Hungary, Attacks Soros In German Press

JANUARY 11, 2018

By Brandon Turbeville

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Viktor Orban has caused shockwaves amongst the EU and the European establishment in recent years and has subsequently drawn the wrath of that establishment, resulting in an attempted color revolution in Hungary. Orban survived that attempt, however, and is continuing to “trigger” the EU with his refusal to destroy his country and culture with mass immigration and his open condemnation of George Soros and the destabilization empire Soros has maintained in Eastern Europe for decades.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, head of the most oppressive Communo-Fascist country in Europe, has repeatedly promoted the policy of mass migration to Germany (as well as the policy to end free speech and dissent) and has stood in direct contrast to any leader that expresses concern over the influx of “refugees,” the overwhelming majority of whom are economic migrants. While Germany has essentially uprooted its own country and taken in millions of immigrants (with no real attempts at assimilation), Hungary has refused to take in any, even building an electric border fence to keep the mass of immigrants from passing through Hungary.

In an interview with Bild, a German news agency, Orban made his statements regarding mass migration. The exchange went as follows:

The EU, however, is not only based on laws, but also on solidarity. Why is Germany able to accept 2 million refugees and Hungary cannot even accept 2000? 

Orban: “The difference is you wanted the migrants, and we didn’t. We are doing our job by defending the Schengen external border with Serbia. This has cost us an additional one billion Euros since 2015, and Brussels is not paying a single cent. The solution of the problem is not to disperse people in the whole EU territory who are illegally staying in the EU. We think that one must help where the problem is located instead of bringing the migrants here.”

And why don’t the Hungarians want refugees? 

Orban: “We do not consider these people to be Muslim refugees. We consider them to be Muslim invaders. For instance, somebody who wants to come from Syria to Hungary must cross four countries that are not as rich as Germany, but stable. So they are not running for their lives there. They are economic migrants who are looking for a better life.”

Are they therefore less valuable as human beings? 

Orban: “When somebody would like to come to your house, first they knock on the door and then ask: can we come in, can we stay? But they didn’t do that; they crossed the border illegally. That was not a wave of refugees, but an invasion. Concerning the migration issue, I never understood how it is possible that in a country like Germany – which is the best example of discipline and the rule of law – the chaos, anarchy, and illegal crossing of borders could be celebrated as a good thing.”

Orban: “Politically, the refugee issue is a European problem, but sociologically, it’s a German problem. Since you mentioned the EU refugee quota: why could the Portuguese Prime Minister say: ‘Welcome! Come to us!’ Because no refugee would like to go to Portugal. They all want to go to Germany. The reason why they are in your country is not that they are refugees, but that they would like to have a German life.

I can only speak for the Hungarian people, and it doesn’t want migration. It’s impossible, in my understanding, that there is a will of the people on a very fundamental issue, and the leadership of the country rejects to follow the public will. We are talking about sovereignty and the cultural identity of the country here. We have to keep the right to decide who can stay in the territory of Hungary.”

Obviously, the Hungarian Prime Minister has many problems and the occasional accurate statement does not equal the necessity to pretend that Orban is the savior of Hungary. However, in this instance, he is acting in the best interests of his country.

Though many take issue with his labeling of migrants as “Muslim invaders” considering the fact that Western invaders have been terrorizing Africa and the Middle East for nearly a century, he does have a point. Hungarian culture and the culture of the migrants attempting to enter Hungary are very different and, when facing one another in large numbers, they do create “parallel societies” which benefit neither the host or migrant population. These massive numbers do not assimilate but merge together in their own neighborhoods and thus an internal “second nation” is formed. This second nation can be used for cheap labor and a battering ram against the first nation for political purposes by oligarchical forces and, without a doubt, it leads to the disintegration of national culture and the breakup of society.

Likewise, his statements regarding George Soros have attracted a lot of European attention. When asked about his previous actions to limit Soros’ influence, the exchange took place as follows:

The most wonderful thing in Europe is the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press. You, however, are running a nation-wide poster campaign against your arch enemy – the Hungarian Holocaust survivor and billionaire George Soros. Moreover, the organisation “Reporters without Borders” is concerned about the freedom of the press in your country. 

Orban: “Mr Soros is also running a campaign against the Hungarian government, and in that, he is not restricted by anything. This is an open discussion that proves the freedom of the press. Mr Soros – who has made his money with casino capitalism – considers himself as a statesman without a state. With his money, he supports 60 non-government organisations that support migrants and illegal immigration. This is not about the freedom expression, but national security. At this point, I have to become active. And concerning the media: I don’t think the German press has more freedom than the Hungarian press. I can’t imagine that.”

Again, Orban is correct. Germany does not have more freedom of the press than Hungary nor does it have more freedom than virtually anyone else besides, perhaps, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. He is also correct to point out that the captain of the Color Revolution Industrial Complex has been launching a war against Hungary and Orban himself for the past several years. Indeed, Orban and Hungary are not the only Soros targets either since Soros’ networks at operating all across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Of course, Orban isn’t expressing any deep understanding of what is happening across the world, how the West has destabilized and destroyed much of the Middle East and Africa, or how the European Union is totalitarian iron curtain, but the fact that his basic statements have generated such controversy in both Germany and the rest of Europe is a testament to just how far Europe has fallen. Even the basic logic that Hungarians have a right to have their own Hungarian culture and the right to control who comes in and out of their borders is considered heresy.

This, unfortunately is the extent to which Europeans themselves have become neutered. Even among the general population, particularly in Germany, there does not even seem to be the concept of self-preservation. Germans, for instance, while screaming “never again” in regards to their Nazi past, have descended into outright Communo-Fascism, with not even the basic rights of freedom of speech, expression, or thought remaining. Anyone who has the audacity to speak plainly or speak openly about what is happening to their country is labeled a thought/speech criminal and silenced immediately. The result of Orban’s heresy, if lived up to, will be the maintaining of a Hungarian Hungary while the rest of Europe falls apart.

But while Orban’s statements are largely correct, the Bild interviewer asked a pertinent question. If the EU is giving you so many problems, why don’t you leave? In fact, that question and sentiment was echoed by Guy Verhofstadt, member of the EU parliament, who said “The European Union was built to guarantee our citizens’ freedom, democracy and the rule of law. If the Hungarian and Polish governments want to build closed and illiberal societies, they must do it outside the EU.” Ignoring the erroneous first part of that statement, Verhofstadt’s suggestion is valid and so is Bild’s question.

The EU has imposed innumerable unnecessary regulations on its member states, Malthusian “climate change” provisions, clamped down on free speech, engaged in political bullying, is undemocratic, and has flooded Europe with so many immigrants some countries now seem to belong on another continent. So why stay? Britain left the EU. Hungary could do it, too.

In fact, Hungary would be much better off outside the European iron curtain, provided it would nationalize its central bank, end neo-liberal “free trade” policies, and begin investing in its own infrastructure. If Orban truly wants the best for Hungary, he should ironically take the queue from Verhofstadt and leave the EU. We’ve had Brexit. Now it’s time for Hungrexit.


This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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I'm sure you were all aware of this situation


Trump's Response was

Trump Plans to Send National Guard to the Mexican Border

and the immigrants are here

The caravan of migrants that’s alarmed President Trump stalls at a soccer field


SHOWDOWN=> Defiant Caravan of Illegal Aliens Unfazed by Trump’s Call to Guard Mexican Border With Military – Continue Marching to US

Where this ends who knows. Perhaps they will take those humanitarian Mexican vIsas.   Let's hope it ends well for all.  My question is, how this got started?  All of a sudden thousands of Hondurans head for the US, out of the blue and on foot?


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Woooow, you are right, breezy....why all of a sudden...??

What were they told/learned to do what they are doing, which we don't know of??

Did the Q group ever mention about this?? It IS strange.

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@unity....IF I ever get caught up, I do believe so.   Saying we're under attack, but I haven't studied all that's been said yet, so could be wrong in my interpretation. I'm working at it, lol


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The Central American Caravan That Angered Trump Has Reached The US Border

April 24, 2018              Adolfo Flores

The arrival of the group, made up primarily of Central Americans, sets up a confrontation over US asylum laws.

"A migrant caravan that began its journey through Mexico a month ago is nearing the US border, where its arrival will set up a confrontation between the Trump administration's anti-immigration policies and US laws that require the United States to grant asylum to people with valid persecution claims.

A group of about 130 women and children from the migrant caravan are expected to arrive in Mexicali, on the Mexican side of the US border, sometime Tuesday after an overnight bus trip from Hermosillo, in Mexico's Sonora state.

While media attention to the caravan has dropped in recent weeks, the Trump administration has been keeping a watchful eye on the caravan's progress. Kirstjen Nielsen, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said Monday that her agency was monitoring "the remnants" of the caravan.

“If members of the ‘caravan’ enter the country illegally, they will be referred for prosecution for illegal entry in accordance with existing law," Nielsen said in a statement. "For those seeking asylum, all individuals may be detained while their claims are adjudicated efficiently and expeditiously, and those found not to have a claim will be promptly removed from the United States."



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