Oceanic Anomaly off New Zealand Coast

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8 hours ago, KMRIA said:

(Trick or treat?)

Has new ghost particle manifested at Large Hadron Collider?

I was stunned mullet faced when I found this link, written out on 31st Oct.

I came across to this anime on Netflix a short while ago.
"INGRESS: the animation" 
It starts with this phrase. 
"The world is at threat. Please Log In."
Short intro of 1:09:
↑Unfortunately the site doesn't offer much of goody bits on here.
This anime was created by NIANTIC, where created Pokemon Go, and "+ Ultra". Remember W. Disney, Einstein etc formed the group called Plus Ultra, currently having the room #33 in the DLs around the world for some reason? The original group gathered under Eiffel Tower to have a meeting. Pretty C oriented group it was.
It's 1st episode release date 18th Oct 2018 had something significant started.
I think someone has done massively directive mar<..// gee. ck on the day.
It was like starting a fresh cycle of something.
I got intrigued at the beginning of the 1st episode. The reason being the content of the key lines to pull people in the series.
It goes like this: 
In 2013, via CERN, a mysterious particle was found. 
It affects human consciousness/mind. It is called "Exotic Matter". ("XM") 
The one who controls the substance will grip the Humanity's consciousness thus takes control of Earth, and "Illuminated" and "Resistance" are fighting over it.
Got your attention? Well certainly did to me.
It's based on a game, which came out in 2015, but the anime is just started to be released. 
I highly suspect that rolling out this anime series was in the producer's head from the beginning, before they started creating the game....
Here's the address of the 1st episode in Japanese. May not stay there for long, and sorry, no subs.
The 2nd Episode had just come out.
Probably the paid customers of Netflix would have the subbed version available there.
I feel this series WAS made for a faction, paid by a faction to produce.
But in the complex world of faction fighting, things might look somewhat different to how we want to take, so let's see; for now, the heroin who is seeing the world very differently to anyone else, is running away from the faction which has a guy with vertical iris, and looking like Chinese origin. And the hero chooses to play on the C's side as "the game" asks him which side he wants to play on. In order to get out of the rats, quickly he chooses the C's side. (I think it was on the 2nd episode.)
The animation style and character design followed what was L Z...//ag/\ ami side's creation "KADO: the Right Answer", teaching people about Gnostic views. But you never know till the end....
In THIS timing of October, CERN releases the news about a new ghost particle "being found"?

I smell something pretty fishy here. Besides the release of CERN Tarot Hexen 2.0?

The word "PLANNED" is ringing in my head....

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thanks very much unity.

First comment is a Message was received : the signal is from another species of Alien/ET who are coming to help.

Blazar PKS B1424-418 

NASA's Fermi Telescope Helps Link Cosmic Neutrino to Blazar Blast

Nearly 10 billion years ago, the black hole at the center of a galaxy known as PKS B1424-418 produced a powerful outburst. Light from this blast began arriving at Earth in 2012. Now astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and other space- and ground-based observatories have shown that a record-breaking neutrino seen around the same time likely was born in the same event.

Second is ingress has a low profile here, at least online as far as I can tell ( and I haven't checked on it in ages) which possibly explains all the odd people one sees in back streets etc. Then again Cthulhuchurch is a town fill of lurkers,creepers, crawlers  skulkers and loonies so who could tell?

I've been very busy (defintey easing up now though) and keeping an on and off eys on electric storms.

Recent ones:





Properly belongs in the cryptozoology thread but

Oct 31 2018 posted to Cryptozoology

Thousands of Octopuses Are Gathering On The Deep-Sea Ground


Actually, the scientists were looking for deep-sea corals and sponges. What they found, however, was the single largest cluster of octopus found by anyone.


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A ‘dark matter hurricane’ is storming past Earth

And it could help scientist detect the strange substance.
By Chelsea Gohd  |  Published: Monday, November 12, 2018

Yesterday there was very intense lightning activity just north of  Giza.

Today shows activity at Barcelona.


 A few days earlier the Straits were active.

Is there a complex under the Rock of Gibraltar ( tip of a mountain) dating back to the Atlantean era associated with  Atlas/Atlantis ?

May research this a little more when I have the time

This is speculative: is the mountain that constitutes  Gibraltar one of the qaf or peg mountains, and possibly a sacred site thousands of years ago with underground complexes.and tunnels that ran to other locations, including Africa?

It the entries were by coastal caves they would have been covered by the sea to a depth of 120 metres at the end of the  Ice Age about 1 metre a century between approximately 19,000 and 6,000 years ago.



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Really odd weather here at the moment. Hot sunny summer day outside, but predicted to be several days of severe storminess

Anomaly at 120 E.


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