Oceanic Anomaly off New Zealand Coast

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Great post unity, as always. I had a look at that area a while ago.According to DS it's, roughly, where the Rus/ Etruscans first arrived in Europe,from the Middle East and thereabouts.Later I;ll do a lat /lonh examination, but  the area has a very deep history.

Very recent radar map of the South Island,



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This may make sense only to you, KMRIA, but anyway I document it here.

(And sorry it looks far away from the thread intention!!...Hoped it's sorta part of mapping issue so here I'm posting this here.)


I found out that Japanese Hapro D was originated from Middle East/Europe.

The Original Japanese peeps were NOT Asian.

They had more of European look.

Sure enough, if you look at older Ainu indigenous people's photos, you would notice they had European like feel. Tall, too.

About 60% of the Japanese nation still got this Jomon people's DNA structure, making it the highest concentration of Y gene Hapro D group, even beating Tibet (33%)....

This Hapro D group is of the oldest that was formed when first "yellow" coloured people emerged, apparently. So it means Japanese blood is very very ancient.

When even more precise info come out in future, their curious Hapro D pattern may be proven to predate Jewish YAP gene structure. That'd bring a riot in the related scientific

Then it make sense linguistically that for some reason, why Japanese language share some ancient Yiddish language.

...........But there was a study done about the world language recently. (Sorry can't figure out the link to it---saw the report in Japanese vid.)

Multiple countries like the US, Canada got involved in to do the language analysis to try to find an unified, singular language which was used all over the world back in ancient time.

They cross ran the check-ups matching words to words against 3700 languages in the world. (FARG....insanely huge database!)(´゚д゚`)

Those 3700 are chosen globally, from the populational usage.

What they discovered was that the Humanity must had a common language world wide at one stage. A big grin.

The study stated all the criteria how all the linguists and archaeologists agreed on how to analyse the study on the vid I watched.

I found out that not one of the criteria listed fit for the cases of Japanese language.....................( ̄д ̄)

The vid maker and comments also pointed out the same thing, so it wasn't only me discovered that pattern.

Weird point of it is that we also got international linguists done similarity-analysis on Yiddish and Japanese languages, and for that they literally discovered decent amount of data showing similarities. (Worlds apart, yet this result. Human culture is so interesting...!) 

I thought how peeps studied languages to find the unified world language, or to find the similarities in Yiddish and Japanese, would be the same. I studied linguistics myself, so I think I'm on the right truck here. Despite that, 2 studies, results are showing totally opposite behaving conclusions? (。´・ω・)?

Anyway, "The lost tribes men" perhaps, whole heap of immigrants from West moved to Japan; 140,00+ (or was that 144,000? Grin) of them, settled down in that land long time ago, deeply leaving cultural influence in the nation there. And these peeps were Christians. These were written down in old scripts in Japan, saved as historical scripts. 

But my next interest is get a definite answer to whether Hapro D of Japanese Y genes predates other Hapro Ds. 

Geophysically.....Japan being the major holder of Y gene Hapro D group, the rout of the blood line spread could have been Japan-->(to West)Tibet-->(then to South)Andaman Islands-->(on ships, went to further West because of ice sheets still protruding over much of Northern Europe around that time) Middle East/Europe can be imagined.

But imagination is an imagination lol and you know that DS peeps went off sorta opposite route to that. I also could imagine huge pile of peeps "shipped" out for safety for a survival strategy, and during the process of DS peeps moving around in Europe, in the middle of it, some might had been "beamed up and placed" there. LOL WTH 

Rant over...

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It does make sense to me unity, and probaly quite a few other people here on Chani. I lived with Japanese for a year and noticed two things-shape of nose with many (which looked quite European )and skin colour, which while it was a browny colour had a lemony white undertone, which I didn't see in other Asians.

Not much time but here's today's lightning storms. Odd locations



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In the What! category. Absolutely NO lightning storms in Europe at present, and only a mild one in Libya.


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A couple of hours or so after I took the above screen shot lithning  stormms resumed in Europe: ver mild storms in the Tryhennian Sea and south Italy area.

Still not much activity.


Google's latest:


A recent video by BPEarthwatch mentions Naples/ Vesuvius , reminding me of the original images that Blue ET and others examined a long time ago


And this odd (to me: predictive programming?) post from Science daily May 16

From where will the next big earthquake hit the city of Istanbul?

Researchers estimate that it will happen in the East of the metropole


May 16, 2017


GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Helmholtz Centre


Scientists reckon with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7 or greater in this region in the coming years. The extent of such seismic threat to this Turkish city of Istanbul actually depends on how strongly the tectonic plates are entangled and on the exact nucleation point of the earthquake. A team of researchers now presents a study indicating that the next major earthquake is more likely to originate in Istanbul's eastern Marmara Sea.

ADD Another one of these "bursts'

Courtesy of badhairday on Gloop...


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Increased activity in Spain /Portugal s well as minor storm near Bern.

CERN? Arona has been host to the Arch of Baal recently ( I missed this damnit)

With the G7 Culture Summit just around the corner, a copy of the Monumental Arch of Palmyra has been installed in piazza della Signoria from March 27 to April 27, 2017.


The installation coincides with the G7 Summit, held in Palazzo Vecchio on March 30 and 31, 2017, as a symbol of the rebirth and reconstruction of humanity’s cultural heritage, continually at risk from the dangers of humankind and nature.


Concurrently, the Palazzo Vecchio is hosting a three-way dialogue between the Chimera di Arezzo, an Etruscan bronze statue found in Arezzo in 1553, a sketch of the Chimera by Baccio Bandinelli and Bandinelli’s bust of Cosimo I.

Arona.......on the unmarked part of the red line..arona2.jpg.12fc34b5a28c14c408218d6849bba266.jpg






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Over about the five days or so there have been consistent lightning storms in Germany, running roughly south to north in the Hanover region near Luxembourg, which is mentioned in Robb's book as being part of the Celtic grid.
Ther are basically three area where storms happen: Europe, Australasia and, at the moment the central United States.

Australasia has been a little odd recently with storms off the southern coast and the south west central area.

NZ? Always an odd place ;) and checking this morning on Europe noticed that the exact antipodal area to Christchurch, at least by Lat and Long was covered by a storm.jjj.jpg.7016286a7bb39af5817ad4b91d241ede.jpg

And this  later in the day. More earthquakes? Oh well.

Differing accounts of magnitude from 5.5 to 4.2 (on globalincidentmap)

P.s Tabby's Star, which I thought  fitted in some way to the Mithraic Year map has apparently gone into "flickering"  phase .

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Surf's up: Monstrous 64-foot wave measured in Southern Ocean

Doyle Rice      May 22, 2017

"Surf's up in the Southern Ocean.

A massive, 64-foot high wave was measured by an automated buoy about 400 miles south of New Zealand in the Southern Ocean on Saturday, May 20. That's taller than a six-story building.

"This is one of the largest waves recorded in the Southern Hemisphere," said oceanographer Tom Durrant of MetOcean Solutions. a private weather firm in New Zealand. "This is the world's southernmost wave buoy moored in the open ocean, and we are excited to put it to the test in large seas," he wrote on the company's blog.

The buoy was installed only three months ago to "get valuable observations from this remote part of the ocean," the company said. The wild winds, seas and storms of the Southern Ocean create some of the biggest waves in the world."



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The 24th -referring to the Mithraic calendar.

Today is Feast of the Ascension and according to an "expert on the Mayan calendar" 24 may is more significant than 21st December, 2012.

Thst's on Gloop so it must be true.

Personally I think the Mayan calender does provide the basis for the overall schemata, but for the moment its beyond me.

May 24 is an Ascension of Mohammed day.


May 25 is also Ramadan and a supermoon, in fact 2017's closest and largest supermoon.


CERN and May 25


I've been tracking Europe and other areas recently too (back in a bit)



Quite intyense activity in the Tasman Sea lately..


May 24 (last night about 2 am) aaamay24.jpg.15377512687c60aa0b13a1cadde18f6b.jpg

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I posted this on Goggle Weirdness thread, but I just realised it may well be very fitting here....


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thansk unity, just downloaded that vid

Odd activity the last couple of days. The current map shows intense activitiy in a triangular shape with one corner centred antipodal Christchurch. Storms in the Tasman too..



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A kind of spectacular storm moving across the English Channel The first image was taken about an hour ago , but since then it's moved into southern England.


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I've been putting a few things together, tentatively. First Fae  and tecnhology.

(On a really weird personal note I've had quite a few indications that , while essentially an "Alien", I'm an incarnate Fae.

Given the bad or odd  reputation the Fae have that was quite a wrestling match for some time. Have I been taken over. No,never even really had that much interest in the occult, ouija borads, tarot et, all that New Agey stuff.

BUT very young children really like me-I had a 1 year old baby reach out and touch my back with a big smile while waiting in a queue  awhile ago,the mother looking quite disconcerted. Animals and I have always got on extrememely well,even big dogs like Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very friendly, "He nover does that with strangers!'.

And cats!? They follow me around.

So my thoughts; all species have the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Except for some of those effing Reptiles I think.)

First Ra Castaldo and Fae Technology.This resonates with me.

Precis: the Fae are a race who fled an attempt to exterminate them by the Dracs.The technology allows instant passage between ponts, centred on a "white tree" a wlanut tree near Lake Nema, in Itlay and then spread to other areas where trees are used as portals or portal locations. The Fae are surrouned by a blue flame, which apppears as "wings" when in movement.

Alba longa

Lake Nemi is only 19 Miles from the Vatican

" The name Nemi derives from the Latin nemus Aricinum (grove of Ariccia), Ariccia being an important nearby town associated with the worship of Diana and the god Virbius.[note 1] Located at Nemi are the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to Diana, "

This image was screen shotted a couple of nights ago after I had the urge to have a look.


Thesec are today's


Further communiques from down south, from the person interacting with "the moon man."


Forgot to mention sometime during last night I looked out of a window in my room and saw a row of long bright lights in the nearby field.
No idea how long each one was.
IIIII pattern, like fluorescent tubes, maybe each a yard wide and 7 yards long.
Perfect grid. Glowing uniformly off-white, not very bright.
We now have near-stationary ripples in the Harbour nearby which almost exactly replicate the thumbprint patterns in the clouds....

The lights in the field were within a few metres of our house.

The fact I wasn't worried or felt the need to be worried strongly suggests friend rather than foe.
 Was on the slope of the steep ridge opposite, north of the house.
Near trees but not very close to them. No incident or reflected light, no moon, no house lights.
No greenhouse, nothing in the field at any other time which could generate such an image or view or whatever it was
Nothing visible. But it is significant that in the last 2 months the little brook running down the steep valley has been continuous there, when no water has fallen on the hill above for days, nor any applied
My theory is that my moonman was looking at this inexplicable phenomenon.
I am unaware of any natural springs in the area and significant flow down the brook should not be happening without rain further up for several days.
This continous water running has never happened in a year and a half.
It quickly ceased to flow after a rain event.



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Been busy lately-it's full moon here and I'm running low on silver ammo.At $24 an ounce too!

However I have been following and there's been some very interesting patterns lately.

Today's Europe






And recent communiques  from the "moon man":(not to me)


Had an incredibly vivid dream in which segmented miniature people from another world flew in with little spaceships.
They understood cat language but switched to fluent human communication.
The little people who flew in on their little ships were very interesting.

Precisely. My dreams in the last 2 nights have been spectacularly surreal
Hmm do tell........

Lots of falling and not being injured, swirling lights and clouds, etc. It's obviously my intersection with the parallel world or timeline.

Righto. My main man arrived and told me a lot of planes never get seen on FR24 because they're kept off the system, including civil flights.
Currently tens of thousands of people are being moved worldwide against their will, and Antarctica is apparently the nerve centre of the whole operation.
Great conflict between good and bad ET factions. Believe it or not US & Russia are the good guys at the moment. UK/Europe/NZ/Aust/China the baddies.
There are several ET bases from Collingwood area down to far southern Fiordland and have been for hundreds of years. Extrapolating from what my man tells me, I understand a mighty quake on the Alpine Fault is planned to destroy the bad boy bases.
Murchison 1929 quake was an attempt to blast a bad ET base. Inangahua 1968 was another. Kaikoura 2016 took out some of the bad boys.

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9 hours ago, KMRIA said:

Great conflict between good and bad ET factions. Believe it or not US & Russia are the good guys at the moment. UK/Europe/NZ/Aust/China the baddies.

I would agree with this comment.

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Now that was a very brief post as I got caught by an Event in London attempting to put it into context.

First though the patterns over the last few days.

Briefly: very intense activity in the Athens region, segueing into activity over a day or so in Portugal, centred on the antipodal Christchurch point.

The last week starting Friday






Saturn in opposition June 15.


When I read about this in this morning's local paper the building was 24 storeys. Now it's 27.

12 people known have died, very probably more as there is a long list of 'missing.'

London fire: Twelve confirmed dead but police expect further fatalities after tower block blaze – latest updates

ADDED. The local paper used the phraseology "Tower blaze 'a matter of time'."

and Yahoo7  has

'It's a matter of time': Fears London blaze tower is about to collapse

Matter. Time.

Comparing the (possible) star map of London and this event.

Grenfell Tower would be located in the area of Rigel:

Beta (β) Orion, Rigel, is a double star, the 7th brightest star in the sky, 0.3 and 8, both bluish white in the left foot of the Hunter (west foot).

RigelAlgebar and Elgebar are seen in poetry for this star, but it universally is known as Rigel, from Rijl Jauzah al Yusra, the Left Leg of the Jauzah (Jauzah was the Arabic title for Orion),

I note Olympia nearby.






And in the WTF! category: Donald Trump's birthday: 14 June 1946 (age 71)

Possibly related: a 5.9 earthquake near NZ -I take 177 Lat as being in some way more accurate than 180, as the opposite toLondon at 0.

M 5.9 - 129km NE of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand

2017-06-15 00:26:16 UTC 30.562°S   177.997°W 23.6 km depth
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Not sure where this should go... so


Today's Europe


ADDED later in the day. Seems to be.





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Just noticed that Jessica put up a post about the recent London event.

My intuition said a while ago that June would be a particularly fraught time, especially in London.

I note the event took place at...... Seven Sisters Road. (lot of 7's going around at the moment: seven sailors on USS Fitzgerald

("The bodies of some of the seven US navy sailors missing after their destroyer collided with a container ship off the east coast of Japan have been found.US and Japanese ships and aircraft launched a huge air and sea search for the crew but “a number of bodies” were found on Sunday in the flooded quarters of the damaged destroyer USS Fitzgerald, the US 7th fleet said in a statement)

"Officers were called to the scene on Seven Sisters Road just after 12.20am BST. "



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And the 7's continue!!

Tourist streams mass shootout on Facebook Live: Man captures horrifying gunfight that left seven injured from his hotel balcony in Myrtle Beach

  • The incident occurred in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, at 12:30am on Sunday
  • Officers were called to the scene after a crowd was blocking traffic
  • A fight broke out among three members of the crowd
  • A man in a white T-shirt pulled out a gun and fired more than a dozen shots
  • Seven were injured but treated for non-life threatening injuries
  • The suspect tried to flee via carjacking but was apprehended by police
  • Tourist Bubba Hinson captured the entire event was captured on Facebook Live
  • So far, the video has more than 1.9million views and more than 51,000 shares

By Mary Kekatos For

Published: 10:52 +10:00, 19 June 2017 | Updated: 12:07 +10:00, 19 June 2017

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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Just to tie the threads together, here's my post re: WHY "7"

Also to add, this numbers-play over 7 has been going on for a long time and the above use and its counter use of magic with 7 are recent ones....but an almighty strong work employed by Prince.

As you hear "lucky 7", 7 and 13 used in Mayan calendar system, AGAINST 6 digiters and 12 bundling peeps. The crappy war plans....and these changed the targets over different peeps as the factions change sides by their political agenda throughout the history of their power play.

Though we know these games of magic are used liberally around us, we got our creativity that can surpass such programming patterns (programming the Universe by such formula) when we make ourselves to think from different angles, and break away from that. It was our 3D Physical bodies stopped us doing so, but now we are becoming collectively LIMITLESS.

Can we break the ties and release the Universes?

I want to believe that we can.

Our LOVE can create such change and merge 3D into 4D properly while retaining our consciousness to start with.

That's not the only effect either. We are mini-creators with full on powers within. 

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I wasn't going to post tonight,but saw what I've been looking for fora while now  on lightninhmaps:

But first: the initial report (in th local paper) had 7 dead, 64 injured and "about 300" missing.

I also associate Britain with 777... and tomorrow here is the 21st June start of summer. The vibes are bad and black at present here (more so than usual)..Moon and Venus are close, as marked on that diagram.

I've sort of being expecting an Even or more in New York, and wondered why nothing has happened,

Possibly: the new administration is stopping them, and also that if anyone has an intimate knowledge of New York and can act, it's the police and emergency services, who remember and know of the 911 coverup..

So London would be probably the major  place to watch/ focus Intent on.


A move of storms eastwards.


Half an hour later...



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 A few hours apart.

The Scottish locale in the first image fits very well with the point on the Canepa map,That lines extends east to somewhere in the Russia area.


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Festival of Lights (sic)  here last night (I stayed home)..and tonight is Bonfire night across NZ. Also be staying home for that.


Sunset clouds last night, down south.The banded ray at the bottom is the sun's rays (???)


ADD: I have odd Coincidences in my life. One is that I meet and get to know folk from the locations on The Grid. The only Italian woman I know comes from Turin. This is from a very talented Lithuanian woman I met locally.





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I think... an Event.

24 June, "bonfire day".

72 firefighters. Combustible cladding found in 27 buildings.

And Turin Street?

Map comparing location compared with Ripper murders ,Turin St right at the top, sort of triangle in red.



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