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Anyone interested in the topic of mind control?


This offering is passive/civilian in the context of everyday life, but still very much an eye opener. It's a very watchable 2 hour lecture by Joe Marshalla Ph.D., (now "plainclothes hippy":) who's had several near death experiences. On YouTube the video is called "Mind Control - The Mechanics of Mind Control - Tools for the Awakening". 


I think Joe's a bit of a verbal whiz, and he's just lovely, even if is a self confessed 'holotropic thinker'.  


http://www.drjoesvideo.com   (three parts, good quality), or at YouTube






Btw: you'll note the low level of donations at dr joe's site. Joe practically gives his book and DVD's away. I've just bought a set and made a donation so you can watch this guilt free :).


Hope you enjoy it - look forward to what others think.     



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Sounds great, but a two hour vid will chew up the remaining GB I have, so Ill just pop over to your place this arvie and watch it...lol

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You are most welcome to pop over Imelda! :)

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Thanks Allisone, I haven't had time yet to watch the vid as other enquires regarding my limited reality aspect have been controlling my given time, but I will.


A thought....what is the first form of mind control for a human physicality?


I would say that it is the given name. We are 'called' this name from birth and once we can vocalise, we reinforce it by our own repetition.


Ask someone 'who they are' and they will tell you this indoctrination (probably along with a slave occupation).

Then ask them if they believe in past or future lives.

If they do, watch their face when you ask them.... "Have you in all your lives always been called by the same name you have now?"


Its funny to find out that you are not a particular 'name'....... :wtf:

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The video is definitely worth watching.

Alternate perspectives and operating procedures for/of the mind abound, and Joe's different views and shared experiences are no exception.


Joe fact: except for the obvious margin, the average living person has app. 50.000 self-talks per day of which 2.500 are consciously experienced - 80% of these talks are negatively charged, or app. 2.000 - meaning: For every time you have a positive thought, four thoughts will show up to talk you down.






1:1 = Balanced

1:2 = Irritable

1:3 = Unstable

1:4 = PTSD

1:5 = Man/Dep

1:6 = BPD

1:7 = Psycho

1:8 = Psychotic


In this fashion modern science has by definition, and after thorough examination, test and peer-review, decided upon the fact that pretty much all of humanity is traumatised, and thinking/acting as would a severely un-treated traumatized person with PTSD: the human condition, if you like.


The origins of this trauma are many (rearing at home, in the family, school, work, and society in general - oh, and television, and of course the minds own self-talks - increasingly more negative ones for every positive one every single day)


So, if you are not in control of your own mind then who is?

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Derren Brown: The Experiments was announced on 4 October 2011 on his official blog. Brown said that each special was an "ambitious sociological experiment, in which the unwitting subject is a single person, a crowd, or even an entire town". Brown stated that 'Three of [the episodes] are relatively dark, looking into the darker side of human behaviour, and one of them is rather positive and jolly' on his blog.


The first episode, entitled "The Assassin", aired on 21 October at 9 pm and consisted of Brown successfully hypnotising an unwitting member of the public to 'assassinate' a celebrity revealed to be Stephen Fry. This technique was used as a comparison to theories regarding the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Sirhan Sirhan, who claims to have no memory of the event.



Great clip! Makes you wonder...


Also, if you're interested about the subject, i recommend watching Derren Brown's "The Heist" - can be found on youtube.

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MK Ultra supersoldier Max Spiers  

has undergone tremendous pain, abuse and torture, like many mind control victims. However, he is the process of mind control recovery, and is step by step regaining memories and fragments of his mind that were previously split off and isolated. In this enlightening in-depth interview, Max shares his struggles in regaining the totality of who he is, and reveals fascinating information about mind control, the New World Order (NWO), transhumanism, Satanism, black magic and the power of the heart over the head.




  The Way Forward #1: Integrating, not denying, the reptilian and dark parts of the Self

Whatever you deny, you invite to fester and grow in the shadows. Organized religion is based on denial, e.g. the Catholic Church suppression of the sexual desire. If we are to make our way forward individually and collectively, we need to embrace and integrate the darker, reptilian, shadow sides of ourselves. As the saying goes, own your shadow side, or it will own you.

The Way Forward #2: Healing from the inside

A natural question for many listening to Max’s story is: does he still feel anger? Does he want revenge or to try to get these beings who are manipulating him? For him, the answer is no. He realizes everyone is being manipulated. The entire planet is under mass hypnosis or mind control to some degree; we’re all suffering from amnesia.

Spiers is focused on healing from the inside. The more he heals on the inside, the more answers he gets on the outside. He cannot control the external world. As he says, “They have control of the game too perfectly on an external level.” The way forward is to heal and integrate so that he will become less susceptible to mind control attacks.

The Way Forward #3: Living from the heart, not the head

Spiers was extremely empathic as a child, but learned it was safer to live in his head not his heart, which suited his reptilian handlers, who knew how to control the intellect. He found that he could only re-integrate the traumatic parts of his history through the heart, not the head. Living from the heart is the key to ending the global conspiracy. Out of all the 7 chakras, the elite cannot understand or control the heart; they have manipulated the other centers including the survival, sexual, power and intellectual centers, but they cannot control something they don’t resonate with. Transhumanism is the final push to destroy heart energy and create drones. Will it succeed? That remains to be seen.



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A view coming from an "Experiencer"

Tila Tequila's revelation. Cross posting this to the Targeted Individual thread.

Shared for Educational purpose only. (c) goes to the rightful owner.


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Part 1: About Svali – 17 Part Interview of Svali – Ex-Illuminati Programmer / Trainer





I wish that this was just “made up”. That it weren’t real. But it is. There is too much documentation of this occurring (I can send you an URL for documented convicted RA cases). My greatest regret is that I was used by this group, after a lifetime of teaching, to be a perpetrator of the worst kind. I used to torture and abuse others, believing that I was “helping” them.

Now, I realize that what I did was wrong, I have asked God’s forgiveness. And am committed to exposing this group through my writing. I am also a professional writer in the medical field, was a registered nurse for 18+ years, and currently work as an ESL teacher, health educator, and freelance author (on non abuse topics!). I hope this is enough background info, it is the truth before God and men. If you need any other, that won’t compromise my anonymity or my children’s protection, please let me know.

Sincerely, Svali

Part 2: Who and What is the Illuminati?


Q: Does it bother you to write about this?

A: It doesn’t upset me to write on the topic of the Illuminati, I was explaining why I write under a pen name, that is all. I received a letter recently in which it was alleged that I write under a pen name because I’m a phony, which is not true at all. I am a freelance writer on the side (I write for nursing magazines and publications on health topics that have NOTHING to do with abuse) and understand the need for fact checking, so no offense is taken at your wanting to know my background. In fact, it shows you are a responsible editor, which I admire. I have nothing to hide. My story is 100% true.

I have gained no money for disclosing; I do NOT go on talk shows, I am unknown and prefer it this way. I have absolutely no secondary gain from doing this, other than the medical bills for my children, which means I work three part-time jobs. This is to answer the skeptics who say that people disclose for: sympathy (I don’t want any and don’t need it. I made choices and mistakes in my life, and am now involved in restitution); money (I earn $20 a MONTH for my site on Suite 101. I earn $150 to $250 an article when I write on Women’s health. Guess which topic I write on more frequently? Yep. Women’s health, on    completely non-abuse issues. The editors of the Nursing magazines and women’s magazines don’t know about the other topic I write on, another reason I write under a pen name.) I don’t write for fame. Instead, if my co-workers knew about my past, I risk losing my job. I have everything to lose by disclosing, everything to gain by being silent.

But I also know that this kind of child abuse must be stopped. As a Christian, and as one who stands against child abuse, I have decided to speak out against cult abuse by writing articles that expose it. I also know that there are a number of people outspoken on this topic who have published, and they could possibly be back-up information for you. I don’t know any of them, since I have no contact with other survivors other than my own family, but it is a possibility.

Anyway, to your questions:

Q: Svali, I think our readers are wondering ‘Is the Illuminati a religion, secret society, satanism or is it a combination of it, or something different all together, or more sinister?

A: The Illuminati is a group that practices a form of faith known as “enlightenment”. It is Luciferian, and they teach their followers that their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, and Celtic druidism. They have taken what they consider the “best” of each, the foundational practices, and joined them together into a strongly occult discipline. Many groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as “El”, “Baal”, and “Ashtarte”, as well as “Isis and Osiris” and “Set”.

This said, the leadership councils at times scoff at the more “primitive” practices of the anarchical, or lower levels. I remember when I was on council in San Diego, they called the high priests and priestesses the “slicers and dicers”, who kept the “lower levels happy”. This is not to offend anyone, it only shows that at the leadership levels,they often believe they are more    scientifically and cognitively driven. But they still practice the principles of enlightenment.

There are 12 steps to this, also known as “the 12 steps of discipline’ and they also teach traveling astral planes, time travel, and other metaphysical  phenomena. Do people really do this, or is it a drug induced hallucination ? I cannot judge. I saw things that I believe cannot be rationally explained when in this group, things that frightened me, but I can only say that it could be a combination of cult mind control, drug inductions, hypnosis, and some true demonic activity. How much of each, I cannot begin to guess. I do know that these people teach and practice evil.

At the higher levels, the group is no longer people in robes chanting in front of bonfires. Leadership councils have administrators who handle finances (and trust me, this group makes money. That alone would keep it going even if the rest were just religious hog wash). The leadership levels include businessmen, bankers, and local community leaders. They are intelligent, well educated, and active in their churches.Above local leadership councils are the regional councils, who give dictates to the groups below them, help form the policies and agendas for each region, and who interact with the local leadership councils.

At the national level, there are extremely wealthy people who finance these goals and interact with the leaders of other countries. The Illuminati are international. Secret? By all means. The first thing a child learns from “family, or the Order” as they are called, is “The first rule of the Order is secrecy”. This is why you don’t hear from more survivors who get out. The lengths that this group goes to, to terrify its members into not disclosing, is unbelievable. I have seen set ups (oh, yes, they set up fake deaths, etc. ) where a person was “burned alive” to teach the children not to tell. They are told that this is a traitor, who disclosed,and now he is being punished. (The person wasn’t really a traitor, and is in a flame proof vest, but the vision of a person on fire and screaming remains with 3 and 4 year old children for a lifetime). And, when they are adults, even if they DO leave, scenes such as this mean they won’t tell many people for fear of being traced and punished.

Because I helped create a lot of set ups as an adult trainer, I became somewhat cynical, and have chosen to disclose as a result. Although I do fight intense fear even now at times. Try being buried in a wooden box for a period of time (it may have been minutes, but to a four year old it is an eternity), and then when the lid is lifted, being told, “if you ever tell, we’ll put you back in forever”. The child will scream hysterically that they will NEVER EVER tell. I was that child, and now I am breaking that vow made under psychological duress. Because I don’t want any other children to go through what I did, or have seen done to others. Yes, the Illuminati are organized, secretive, and extremely wealthy at its upper levels. They are not stupid, or poor people running around dabbling with witchcraft. To see them as this is a huge misconception.

Q: How widespread would you say this group has infiltrated our society in terms of number of people? Are they present in every town or city throughout North America? Do they take or recruit outsiders? And how far does this group go to keep this knowledge secret?

A: I think I answered some of the secrecy above. The Illuminati are present in every major metropolitan center in the United States. They have divided the United States up into 7 major regions, and each has a regional council over it, with the heads of the local councils reporting to them. They meet once every two months, and on special occasions.

A metropolitan region may have as many as 10 to 30 groups within it, and rural areas will often have meetings with other local groups, and report to the metro leadership council. They almost NEVER recruit outsiders, although ocassionally they will buy children or a family from Asia, for example, and keep them under constant surveillance in return for saving their life from the local Mafia. They are threatened with being returned to this group if they ever disclose.

They also have excellent lawyers who are well paid to help cover their tracks. There are also people in the media paid to help keep stories from coming out. I know of three people in San Diego who worked for the Union Tribune who were faithful Illuminists, and who also wrote frequent articles attacking local therapists who worked with RA (Ritual Abuse) [or SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse] survivors. I remember leadership boasting they had “run so-and-so out of town” because of a media blitz, and being quite happy about it.

The Illuminati believe in controlling an area through its:

1. Banks and financial institutions (guess how many sit on banking boards? You’d be surprised) 2. Local government: guess how many get elected to local city councils? 3. Law: children are encouraged to go to law school and medical school. 4. Media thers are encouraged to go to journalism school, and members help fund local papers .

Q: Is this the same Illuminati that was created by Adam Weishaupt in Germany?

A: Weishaupt did not create the Illuminati, they chose him as a figurehead and told him what to write about. The financiers, dating back to the bankers during the times of the Templar Knights who financed the early kings in Europe, created the Illuminati. Weishaupt was their “go fer”, who did their bidding.

Q: Do you have anymore info about the political goals, if any, of the Illuminati?

A: This article I wrote for Suite101.com addresses it: “Are the Illuminati taking over the world?” You can reprint it, or part of it, as long as you give credit to Suite 101 and/or a link back to the site.

Q: How do Illuminati members recognise each other?

A: Since it is generational, its easy. It isn’t hard to recognize one’s father, mother, siblings, and neighbors and friends one has grown up with. The Illuminati use telephone trees to contact members when a meeting is to occur. A month or two ahead of time, leadership council plans dates and places for meetings for different groups under their umbrella. They then call local leaders a week ahead of time (the high priest or priestess). Two days ahead, these people call their head members, who then call the people under them. A person knows their status in the group by how far ahead of time they know a meeting date. The lower in the group, the less they are trusted with information, and the less “lag time” before meetings.

Sometimes, certain pieces of jewelry, such as a ruby ring or an oval emerald, might be worn if meeting someone in a public place at a prearranged assignation. But most accessing and contact is done through family members or close friends.

When I lived in San Diego, my entire family of origin and my four closest friends were all members of the group. It wasn’t hard to reach me, to say the least. My spouse was also a member. The Illuminati believe in arranged members, and do NOT allow their members to marry a nonmember. If someone says their spouse isn’t in it, they aren’t Illuminati, or they are in denial. This was an unbreakable policy. My marriage was arranged by the local leadership council to another ranking member. I didn’t want to marry him, because I didn’t love him, and I will never forget what I was told by Athena, my mentor at the time (she held the second position on the council): “That’s for the best, then, because he can never hurt you or control you.” Or, my mother’s timeless advice given when I was 12 years old: “Never fu– someone lower than you. They will drag you down.  Always choose someone higher than yourself.”

She was an ambitious woman, to say the least, determined that I would do well in this very political group. I took her advice, and Athena was my lover and protected me from some of the SOBs on leadership in San Diego especially Jonathan, the head trainer. She taught me his weaknesses and how to get around him, and stood up to him for me. I wouldn’t have survived otherwise.

These are NOT nice people and they use and manipulate others viciously.They cut their eye teeth on status, power, and money. I have given all of that up to leave, and am glad to be away from it now, although I do miss some of my friends, and at times I miss the respect of being a leader. But I am learning to live a whole new life without the constant background of “family” monitoring and telling me what to do.

Know what the hardest part of getting out was? The freedom. Not having anyone telling me what to do. I literally went through a period of adjustment, felt wobbly, trying to figure out what I wanted to do. It was hard, since I was  used to reflexively checking my decisions with leadership and Jonathan and my husband. Freedom can be difficult, believe it or not, and took quite a period of time to adjust to. I believe that the inability to deal with it often draws people back in.  I hope this information is useful to you.


Svali - Ex-Illuminati Programmer-Trainer T08.pdf

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Illuminati Leak: Current Membership Of ‘Committee Of 300’

Dec. 17, 2016      Baxter Dmitry

"An ex-Illuminati member who is vowing to tell the world everything about the secret society has posted a list of the elite members of the Illuminati and the Committee Of 300 leadership.


In his first post the insider revealed the process you have to go through in order to become a member, as well as in-depth information about the ‘Space flights’ program, and shocking revelations about who Obama really is – he is much more evil than anyone realizes apparently.   http://yournewswire.com/i-was-in-the-illuminati-im-going-to-tell-you-everything-shocking-expose/

Now, in his highly anticipated second post the ex-Illuminati member continues to lift the lid on the secret society by revealing the names of the senior leadership.


CURRENT MONARCH AND SUPREME LEADER OF THE NWO: Queen Elizabeth II   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_II
Abdullah II of Jordan  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdullah_II_of_Jordan
Kerry, John Forbes   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kerry
Abramovich, Roman Arkadyevich  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Abramovich
King, Mervyn  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mervyn_King,_Baron_King_of_Lothbury
Ackermann, Josef https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josef_Ackermann 
Kinnock, Glenys   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenys_Kinnock,_Baroness_Kinnock_of_Holyhead
Adeane, Edward   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Adeane   (I may have the wrong person. List is supposed to be current, as of Sept. 2016, yet he is deceased in 2015?)
Kissinger, Henry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Kissinger 
Agius, Marcus Ambrose Paul  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marcus_Agius
Knight, Malcolm  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Knight
Ahtisaari, Martti Oiva Kalevi  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martti_Ahtisaari 
Koon, William H. II   http://www.knightstemplar.org/pgeo/mepgm/Koon.pdf    <<this guy is interesting
Akerson, Daniel  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Akerson
Krugman, Paul  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Krugman
Albert II of Belgium  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_II_of_Belgium
Kufuor, John  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Kufuor     
Alexander – Crown Prince of Yugoslavia  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexander,_Crown_Prince_of_Yugoslavia 
Lajolo, Giovanni  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Lajolo 
Alexandra (Princess) – The Honourable Lady Ogilvy  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Princess_Alexandra,_The_Honourable_Lady_Ogilvy 



That's the first 20, and supposedly the most important.  All 300 are listed, and I personally found some of the names surprising. Some, like Kissinger, not so much.  You will note that John Kerry is second only in importance to Queen Elizabeth, that one surprised me.   I have to say just wow, the first 20 blew my socks off.  Do check out the list, you will all recognize names on it. It definitely gives you a clearer perspective/understanding, as to the power they hold and why. 

Tx Phillipbbg

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You even grow a 5oclock shadow whilst waiting for the clean up crew..... MIND control, monkey see monkey do...



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Julian Assange's Tweet on MK stuff:

Well, this is what I got on my screen when I jumped to the 2nd link he listed....

IDK if it happened because I directly jumped to the page.


Here's his final link:


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<Trigger Warning>How Mind Control Works: Stewart Swerdlow Explains Mind Control

(c) the Bases Project

Thanking Miles as usual for all he gives for us.

A very sobering vid to watch for anyone who wants to study what has been done through mind control and what are the techniques they use etc...


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2014 vid 


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We Saw It Happened to Britney---So as Katy Perry: The Break Down of Monarch Mind Control

This is another example of it happening....

We have heard that the mind control inserted into someone starts to degrade and breaks down, starting from around 30-40 yo in many cases.....

I feel so sorry for these people. (´; ω ;`)

The thing is that you don't really FEEL you are under the mind control while you are dipping in that frame of mind, and when the patterns start to crack and the true self starting to question about oneself, the pain of re-born emerges, by the look of it. 

They are used, abused, and only ending up to be like a broken doll...... 

I hope we have big hearts enough to support them so they can regain their consciousness as "real" human beings. 

★ Katy Perry - The Therapist on Viceland (Witness World Wide): www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBj0qJ6bcIg

★ Katy Perry Collapses, Nashville, I Kissed A Girl (in HD): www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Md3opKXzaE

And this had been going around in May '17....(´×ω×`):

I probably shall cross post about this in Satanic Ritual Abuse thread........


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