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Moon Connection – arrival of Moon, tilt of the Earth

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Wild wet & windy weekend here in my part of the world - I blame it on the recent massive Solar Flare on June 7! But perfect for a bit of internet research:

Some questions asked by the Entity to the researchers:

"ok me first question ask

wat purpose yor moon

me line time moon demise long ago

life become better with no moon

why u stil have moon

wat purpose yor moon have u

moon not natural heaven body

moon put there by other being to control earth mood

without moon big calm comes over peoples no big storm anymore only litel storm

without moon peace among people

elders say old race capture moon from space then put next earth

elders say moon forces work like time mashine keep control time

moon also control mood of beings on planet in this line time"

I was reading some very interesting research by a woman called Blanche McLanahan, which seems to tie in with Chani’s take on our Moon & development of written language: (Note this also ties in with my post on 19.47 latitude)

Summing up a few of her theories: When the Earth’s axis was tilted to current 23.5 degrees (did the capture of the Moon shift the Earth’s axis to where is currently is today??) it affected our electromagnetic fields – and our communication circuits. Our need for written language was developed (instead of say symbolism, pictures, maybe even telepathy)

On how we think, read and interpret:

"write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u back

beter draw pictures like sumar

beter write image like egyptian

write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think not good thing 4 mind

picture tel u how to think must use mind to read picture good thing 4 mind

picture u remember 4 ever write lanuage u forget soon not think anymore"

The tilt of the Earth holds us back, it creates time & gravity. (see Chani's quote above - it also says we are held back by written language) Gravity is a disease of the Earth, due to lack of radiant energy of the Sun. McLanahan says because of the tilt we do not receive the Sun’s proper reflection. 2012 sees the sun align 90 degrees to the convex surface of the Earth. The Sun’s light will hit all life on Earth at equal distance:

We are seeing the effects of Earth and Sun recalibrating energy to matter ratios.....seismic and volcanic activity, extreme weather patterns, human behavior out of control..........the latter the most convincing sign to beware of in the end of time revelations. It is happening now, but will be complete in 2012. It will be a new beginning in the true light........when the sun aligns 90 degrees perpendicular to the convex surface of Earth running to the core where it is reversed in concentric harmony of sound making two convex and two concave inversions.......the only way to come out the same way you went in.........where every when and where are one.

"u must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not knowing anything and begin 0000 again"

Earth's core or iron ballast, now mislaid due to a ferric domain, requires recalibration of energy to mass ratios. This domain or "ferrous bar en hydromagna" is cause of the tilt in her axis. To fracture this, water will carry the requirement of a greater energy from the angle of the sun, followed by an immediate shutdown during the equinox 0 tilt and solstice at a maximum tilt, so magnetics can realign Earth's template. Therein the iron porphyrin within the blood stream of man should shift clockwise, and correct the 45 degree left shift of its spin. For, with this the frameshift mutation would no longer exist. This will occur as we harness the atom and breach the energy/matter construct.

For more info:

(I wonder if this is why the full moon affects life on earth - it reflects more sunlight to the Earth’s surface –perhaps this increases our “hidden potential’, are we able to download more cosmic information on full moons?)

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Interesting, Zeroo.

This from your quote,

"Therein the iron porphyrin within the blood stream of man should shift clockwise, and correct the 45 degree left shift of its spin."

Do you have any further insights on this?

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Hi Wobble

She seems to be referring to the fact that the Iron Atom holds us back, disrupts our frequency, and DNA:

The magnetic affinity of oxygen in water and iron in the blood have created a "junkyard magnet" and hydrogen bonds are plugging in the wrong coding sequences. The folding of the prion protein will be found to carry an iron atom in this ferro magnetic state.  The MRI if recalibrated to the iron in the blood, as apposed to the polarity of water can now be used to fracture this domain and cure what it diagnoses.

The impact of iron's ferromagnetic breach in circuitry of the electromagnetic fields is cause for the frame shift mutation in our genetic code.

The simplicity of one iron atom has compounded our lives obstructing the true potential of photosynthesis using the bodies biochemical pathways to elucidate the pathways and curves of heavy metal interaction or simply the "photoelectric effect." This literally is depletion of our true nature, in that we interact with the energy from the sun in conjunction with the Earth elements, inherent to our birth rights that sustain us, making us a perpetual machine that never dies.

All of the redox cofactors, co-enzymes, superoxide generations are compromise created by iron, the breach in Nitrogen's seal to prevent oxidation, and hydrogen's inherent characteristics of the only true bipolar sphere.

It appears as if the iron interference is supplying a sulfur atom for phophorus align with the backbone of our bonds......and the process of phosphorylation suffers the wrong coding, wrong frequency.  At this level I think it explains many diseased manifestations.........diabetes, hypoglycemia....where the backbone of phosphorus replaced by sulfur disables the cystine bridge where two cysteine bond in building the insulin molecule and as the thread is weaved the pathway eventually interferes with methylation .


If we calculate the time factors in addition to the suns position with Earth for the next shift, and calculate the time at which the Equinox is at 0 tilt and the Solstice at maximum tilt, then the Earth will align at the centre where all is equidistant at any point on the periphery. In other words, her molten iron core is a magnetic monopole that reflects the incidence of light and choreographs the even exchange of energy to mass, and mass to energy using light. L2=em. Our north and south orientation is the anomaly and earth is not attempting to shift north or south, she is attempting four inversions of the energy/mass, two lateral and two retro for balance of the sphere.


Herein we were confront with the illusions of time's past and future or this linear chronicity we suffer in time. Should the line meet the curve at 90 degrees at any point on the periphery in a perpendicular fashion the differential derived from the variables; Planck's constant, photoelectric effects of light and pi would cancel each other out. Earth would no longer wobble and our DNA would not suffer the frame shift mutation.

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Even though a lot is invested in this, I have always had the feeling that these 'seasons' aren't natural. The wobble was not always there. Just imagine how much easier life would be without them, how much cheaper too....just my opinion.

Does the earth's inner core not have an anisotropy? :

So, when whatever, may have been something other than the moon - I have read other stories about this about a large asteroid causing this, cannot verify, just offer this as another possibility, brought the planet out of balance, everything else also went 'out of whack'.

I have a non gadgetarian compass on my desk to keep an eye on possible changes in the magnetic pole.

Iron is in our blood isn't it?

plant keeper.

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The Odds for Life on a Moonless Earth

Scientists have long believed that, without our moon, the tilt of the Earth would shift greatly over time, from zero degrees, where the Sun remains over the equator, to 85 degrees, where the Sun shines almost directly above one of the poles. A planet's stability has an effect on the development of life. A planet see-sawing back and forth on its axis as it orbits the Sun would experience wide fluctuations in climate, which then could potentially affect the evolution of complex life.

However, new simulations show that, even without a moon, the tilt of Earth's axis – known as its obliquity – would vary only about ten degrees. The influence of other planets in the solar system could have kept a moonless Earth stable.The stabilizing effect that our large moon has on Earth's rotation therefore may not be as crucial for life as previously believed, according to a paper by Jason Barnes of the University of Idaho and colleagues which was presented at a recent meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

The new research also suggests that moons are not needed for other planets in the universe to be potentially habitable. Due to the gravitational pull of its star, the axis of a planet rotates like a child's top over tens of thousands of years. Although the center of gravity remains constant, the direction of the tilt moves over time, or precesses. Similarly, a planet's orbital plane also precesses. When the two are in synch, the combination can cause the total obliquity of the planet to swing chaotically. But the gravity of Earth's moon has been shown to provide a stabilizing effect. By speeding up Earth's rotational precession and keeping it out of synch with the precession of Earth's orbit, it minimizes fluctuations, creating a more stable system.

As terrestrial moons go, Earth's moon is on the large size – only about a hundred times smaller than its parent planet. In comparison, Mars is over 60 million times more massive than its largest moon, Phobos. The difference is substantial, and with good cause – while the Martian moons appear to be captured asteroids, scientists think that Earth's moon formed when a Mars-sized body crashed into the young planet, blowing out pieces that later consolidated as the lunar satellite – a satellite which affects the planet's tilt.


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Believe it or not..  interested me due to "Bad Moon" information:

ET Council: War with grey-Draco reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion (August 30, 2011)

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with a human representative-contactee of the extraterrestrial governance council known as the Andromeda Council it has been revealed that the war of liberation against a 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian alliance has been won by the forces of the Andromeda Council as of the 3rd quarter of 2011.  The attempted the occupation of Earth, our moon and Mars by this grey-Reptilian alliance is over.  The defeated grey-reptilian forces have been sent via stargate into the far reaches of our universe.The Andromeda Council representative states in his ExopoliticsTV interview that the forces of the 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian forces that remain on Earth consist of small pockets of isolated forces around such as Washington, DC.  According to the Andromeda Council representative, the defeat of the Orion grey and Reptilian occupation force on Earth, moon and Mars has the effect of leaving the Illuminati and Annunaki power structure on Earth, moon and Mars without any effective 4th dimensional back-up.  Any attempt by the remaining grey and reptilian forces to assist Illuminati "false flag ET invasion" will be defeated, and any false flag ET invasion will fail. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW:

(...) The human representative of the Andromeda Council states he has been given the Andromedan name "Tolec."  Tolec is a well-adjusted 20-year career professional in the computer industry.  In his ExopoliticsTV interview, Tolec states he was first contacted in 1993 by his principal Andromedan contact who took him on three time travel journeys via Andromedan space craft to the 1840s western U.S. visiting the same 1840s family to observe their live journey.

(...) In his renewed contacts starting September 2010, Tolec states that the Andromeda Council informed him that the Council had met and decided on a war of liberation of Earth, moon and Mars around 1999 Earth time.  The Orion greys and Draco Reptilians were abusing the people of Earth, and beaming negative frequencies at Earth from the moon and from Phobos, a moon of Mars.The Andromedans had gone forward in time and had discovered that if the grey-Reptilians were allowed to go on with their abusive occupation of Earth, moon and Mars, the grey-Reptilians would establish a "tyranny" in this sector of the universe.  The Andromedans themselves and a great many star systems would be affected negatively.Therefore, the Andromedan Council decided to set aside the law of non-intervention and wage a war of liberation that has gone on for approximately nine years to the 3rd quarter of 2011  (read more at website)

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their moon(s)

a subject i have devoted countless years researching

here are my cliff notes (beyond the mainstream 'hidden' facts):

the moon(s) was brought here 13,500 years ago by darco (tptb) to control and seclude our planet in order for us to become the slaves that we have become (need fiat money to eat?) in order for draco to mine the resources and extend their cancerous control over the universe

the moon(s) is NOT responsible for the commencement of life on earth as the recent history channel doco suggested (via eb and flow)

Raymond Drake studied Tijuanako (Bolivia) and found evidence of a moon less earth, same evidence also found in Arcadia

Phaethon (7th Harmonic) was destroyed by draco as the indigenous population (Earthly Mayas) refused to allow the cancer on their planet (caused an ELE on earth) It was destroyed in a myriad of smaller pieces (today's asteroid belt between Jupiter/Dias and Mars/Aries) so as to make the mining, of mainly titanium, easier for draco

as a result the harmonics of our solar system were upset (12 planets became 11)

the moon(s) was brought in from the constellation of Boötes

the moon is actually 2 moons, the second named lilith (in the ancient tongue) and she sits in a lunar stationary orbit on the dark side of the moon (levan/mini)

our sun perceives Earth levan and lilith as one astral body thus exerting a stronger pull towards us

due to this our solar system is the only one that is collapsing instead of expanding

the Earth is ahead of its orbit by 3 X 24hrs or 0,0082191 of the radius of orbit due to the moon(s)

the moon(s) affects all water (crystal) on earth including our bodies

the moon is being crushed as we speak (and that is a good thing in my book)

gotta run

continue later if requested

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Yes Please More More  ;D ;D Very Interesting indeed Guys ..i have come across a very similar Theory b4  ;D  I`m just trying to access the old Gray stuff As to remember Where ;-)   

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Great information you're providing!  I was wondering....

When the sun shifts in 2012, will the sun's effect, actually slow down time as we know it? 

Will the days be longer? 

Will everything on Earth live longer?

I'm going to re-read your previous posts, so, sorry I missed it if you already covered this. Thanks again. wicked good posts.

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Hi T

Yes please feed us some more info on your moon research!

Hi Hells Truant

Not sure what will happen in 2012 with the Sun. It's all speculation really. But we don't have long to wait, we sure do live in interesting times!

The writer of the article McLanahan seems to think that the current tilt of the Earth to the Sun disrupts our DNA. And that with the shift in 2012, this will be undone. She also has an interesting theory that perhaps the Pyramids are some sort of capacitor that react with the Sun in 2012 and Use the Energy conducting minerals of the Earth - silica & quartz to bring the pyramids online to Reconnect the Earths iron core with the energy of the sun.

Herein we were confront with the illusions of time's past and future or this linear chronicity we suffer in time. Should the line meet the curve at 90 degrees at any point on the periphery in a perpendicular fashion the differential derived from the variables; Planck's constant, photoelectric effects of light and pi would cancel each other out. Earth would no longer wobble and our DNA would not suffer the frame shift mutation.

The Earth is part of a universal clock, like one of the gears in a time piece. She is no longer in time with the Great Circle as the Mayan document in their time pieces and the end coming in 2010. If all the factors of light and energy to mass ratios did not manifest the variables we see in weather patterns, a magnetic north, and the refractive potential in light, we would be in sync with Universal Time that is not of a linear chronicity and would not suffer the restraints of a past, present and future , nor the constraints of gravitational hold. We would be centered where time is not a factor to dictate our lives.

The simultaneity of magnetic attraction and repulsion during this polar shutdown will bring our bipolar dysfunction, DNA's and Earth's wobble back to equilibrium within the trinity of forces; light, sound and aether (father, son and the holy ghost) held in check between Heaven and Earth.

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OK...T....I would be so pleased if you would continue with this :D...Thank You!!  breezy

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Hi Zeroo...Thanks for the thread...

I have always found the Moon to be fascinating...

The "far" side of the Moon sees as much Sun light as the near side...However the far side has seen more activity...I use the word activity instead of impacts because the activity seems to be Plasma discharge rather than meteor impacts...

Check the Electric Universe Theory...

Personally I think the Moon is an artificial object and it was brought here to be placed in between the Earth and what ever might mean to harm her i.e. Nibiru or Nemesis...To help prevent plasma discharges from reaching Earth...

I think the Moon will no longer be necessary and will be removed after this passing...

We shall see...



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The attached jpg file confirms the two shadow moons.. very interesting T


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first of all a big thank you to zerooo for the thread and the information he has supplied

the Earth has tilted is axis and the magnetic pole has been transcending from Canada to Siberia over the course of 15 years (by memory)

the Pyramis is a harmonic anchor assisting the male over the female upsetting the balance within the 1

of course it has many more functions and attributes (that is another story)


DAR you are a very resourceful fellow, the make up of the draconian power structure is evident in the flow chart, notice both + and - aspects of it, and the level of your awareness as to the functions of each and the happenings in the real (the reality that others impose on us) world TODAY

Breezy, you surprised me the most!  ;D (deja vue)


forget nations exist (otherwise you cant get it)

the moon has various bases on it most being on the dark side

the power structure has employed 3 flags russia,us,china

the moon is the ultimate strategic defensive whole globe encompassing platform for the grid/net around Earth

most psycho-logical warfare is conducted from the moon, including visions/apparitions/holographic images/channelings/mediums/prophecies/sudden ideas

the moon as a symbol is used by all popular religions as ALL of them stem from eastern teachings (watch man from earth for the propaganda whistle)

the reason behind the use of this symbol should be evident to you by now

the moon is hollow and has propulsion that was disabled with the forced stale mate and departure of the opposing galactic forces

within the proximity of the moon/Earth and out untill Jupiter, there are over 100 daraconian ships creating the check point in and out (hence my interest in the BC2 thread i'm trying to figure out on which side he/she is playing)

in the outer 4 planets the Liberating Armada (LA) (composing of many Genous) has been amassing (to add to the ones that have been there for 13500 years) and has taken offensive positions (they have an inner solar system surprise)

draco can play up to D4

LA can play up to D6

the arrival has been happening since 1984 in all Dimensions stated

some of the races in the hollow earth are aligned with draco

the shift in consciousness which is every human being's BIRTHRIGHT is at hand (with the astral alignments/resonant harmonics that are due at this juncture, think 8 spoke wheel)

the moon is the 1 single hindrance to the metamorphosis or leap in evolutionary vector, in plain draco prefers the current status quo imbalance of their design and execution

do you think JFK spoke of going to the moon? or giving us the reality of the moon? cause we know the tv programming lunar landings are fake (Stanley tried to free his conscience later)

sending any kind of emotion or prayer to the moon (including music) only feeds the D4 dracos

there are many depictions of draco god impostors in many ancient modern cultures

its 3:18 am

shut down to conserve cohesiveness lol

thnx again for the platform and info Z


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T .. are your aware of the Verdants .. and their space craft parked on the far side of the moon?

An Update on the Contact Project - Krapf

Although this chronicle is meant to stand alone and

distinct from the author’s two previous books, The Contact

Has Begun and The Challenge of Contact, there is nevertheless

a tangential link between them. With that in mind, this

seems the right place and the appropriate time to present a

brief update for the benefit of previous readers on what has

been called the Contact Project. Many of them have raised

questions and expressed keen interest in finding out what if

any events or communications may have transpired in the

long interim since the author’s last book in 2001.

You’ll recall that hundreds of humans from all races and

nationalities of humankind were secretly contacted by the

Verdants, a very advanced ET race, as part of the Contact

Project; these contactees were known either as ambassadors

or deputy envoys. As far as can be determined, 100 percent

of the ambassadors and deputy envoys have remained

publicly unidentified, although about a dozen or so people

have approached the author claiming ambassadorial status.

Most of them could not support their claims during routine

questioning and/or vetting of their credentials. However, at

least two have established themselves as completely


One of them personally delivered a momentous

message to the author in March of 2001 at a major UFO

conference in Laughlin, Nevada.


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I just want to add this to the mx  ;)

""Is the Moon an artificial satellite that was brought to Earth by Manipulative Extraterrestrials? That is a question that has been explored by Alex Collier, who is a self-described contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials. Mr. Collier suggests that the Moon has been a base of an on-going war against Earthbound Humans, and that it represents “Ground Zero” of the problems described by Dr. Michael Salla is his ‘Typology of Extraterrestrials‘ in contact with Earth:"

More at the link:

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Thanks for the info T  (by the way I'm a she not a he  ;D)

I am also a Cancerian ruling planet being the Moon... hmmm makes you wonder if this is why Cancerians are so emotional! We must get doubley influenced by the moon. Are we more stunted spiritually than other star signs?  (if you believe in the influences of astrology). Interesting... Any thoughts anyone?

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Thanks for the link tricia7212. Sure does make you think....

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It's sad that I didn't see this thread much earlier!

Thank you everyone for sharing amazing information!

I made this thread up, which is sitting in the Earth Events section at the moment, and Neocharm has uploaded wonderful Moon pics there for comparison of "the tilt".

Earth Axis Shift of the Earth---using moon images to prove it---Jan 2011,3132.msg23446.html#msg23446

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It seems ancient peoples from both sides of the Atlantic have stories about when the Earth was without a moon.

It also mentions a time before the moon in the bible.

Makes you think eh...

I believe there is some truth (very little) left in the bible, such as this:

"Douay-Rheims (71-7)

In his days shall justice spring up, and abundance of peace, till the moon be taken away."

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Unfortunately I cannot post the whole chapter "The Four Moons" from Chatelain's "Our Cosmic Ancestors" as you would be blown away by the research that he put into his work. So here's a little on what Chatelain has to say re: the 4 moons. The paragraphs are not consecutive.

There is one absolutely fantastic astronomical theory proposed quite a while ago by Hoerbiger and confirmed recently by Hans Bellamy and Peter Allen, stating that during its lifetime of several billion years, our Earth captured four moons one after another. Three of them exploded as they crashed onto Earth creating the three biggest oceans - the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian - and destroying all living things. The fourth moon is the present one which still hangs in the skies.

It is evident that our present Moon has not always been there, at the same distance from Earth as it is today. Unfortunately, our science says that this distance must have been greater in the past than now, because all satellites descend in a very slow spiral towards the planet around which they revolve. This is caused by the deceleration due to friction with cosmic dust. The smaller satellites lose their altitude faster than the bigger ones, which have more favorable ratios of mass to cross-section. But there is a contradiction here. While the laws of celestial mechanics tell us that the Moon in the past must have been farther from Earth than today, legends and sacred texts from all corners of the globe tell us the opposite - that the Moon in the past was bigger and closer to us. It even looked much bigger than the Sun. How do we solve this puzzle? Well, let's start by examining the known facts.

The ancient builders of Tiahuanaco, who are still unknown to us, ap-parently feared that the Gate of the Sun, which carries the hieroglyphs constituting their calendar, might be destroyed in a catastrophe. It was not destroyed although the disaster did come about. By the greatest of miracles, the stone gate was found face down in a dried-out bed of clay about 300 ft. from its foundations. The clay cover saved the mysterious markings on the stone face from erosion; and so to this day, the hieroglyphs are in an excellent state of preservation.

However, to be prepared in case the Gate of the Sun and its engraved calendar might be destroyed, the architects and astronomers of Tiahuanaco built a huge monument that also incorporated their calendar and the relative positions of planets and their satellites known at that time. This superb and unique monument is the Temple of Kalasasaya, inside which the fallen Gate of the Sun was found. No one, so it seems, ever realized that the dimensions of Kalasasaya Temple duplicated the Tiahuanaco calendar.

According to my calculations, which differ only slightly from those made by Bellamy and Allen, the relationships between the Sun, our planet Earth, and the Moon at the time Tiahuanaco was built were the following: the Moon circled the Earth 36 times faster than now. According to the laws of Kepler, the distance from the Earth of the fast orbiting Moon was only 51/2 terrestrial radii, or about 35,250 m, 10.903 times closer than our Moon is now.

This proximity of the Moon and the enormous tides it produced slowed the rotation of the Earth down to 288 turns per year, compared to our present 365 turns, so that the year then had only288days. However, the time our Earth needed to revolve around    the Sun was not affected and remained at 8,766 hours of 3,600 seconds each. All other time periods were, naturally, quite different.

We have yet to talk about an additional problem tied in with the theory of the four moons, the age of Tiahuanaco. One way to estimate its age would be to use the climatic cycle of 21,000 years that we discussed when we talked about ice ages in The Constant of Nineveh. This cycle is the time period needed for the date of the equinox to arrive at the same moment when the Sun is at its perigee - the point closest to Earth. If we want to believe the Tiahuanaco calendar, this timetable was calculated on a date when the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere coincided with the Sun in perigee, a situation that last occurred 6,000 years ago and, before then, 27,000 years ago.

Now, the Tiahuanaco calendar could not possibly have been calculated only 6,000 years ago. The ruins are obviously much older than that, and also, all of the legends from 4,000 BC tell us that our present Moon was already there, shining bright and silvery. So we must believe that the true age of the Tiahuanaco calendar is about 27,000 years, about the same as the cave paintings of Lascaux and Altamira. What is even more surprising is the fact that the numbers 264 and 288 were used by other ancient civilizations in South America, and that the phenomenon of the big moon was known throughout Central America.

I have stated before that removing only the moon would be disastrous for organisms living within the tropics. There is much more to Earth's balance than just the moon.

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