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Hawaii worker who sent false missile-attack alert is fired; emergency management leader resigns

Katherine Lam and Elizabeth Zwirz               Jan. 30 2018

snip  video

"The head of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency has resigned and the employee who issued a ballistic missile alert to residents -- causing mass panic for nearly 40 minutes earlier this month -- has been terminated, officials said.

The announcement came during a news conference Tuesday by Gov. David Ige, state Adjunct General Maj. Gen. Joe Logan and investigating officer Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira.

One employee also resigned prior to disciplinary actions being taken and authorities are in the process of suspending another worker without pay, Logan said."



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Not sure if this would fit here but this happened the other day close to my place.


The Canadian Wildlife Service is investigating a "mortality event" in which dozens of birds literally fell from the sky on a road near Tsawwassen, B.C.

People were shocked to witness the birds, believed to be starlings, plunge to the ground near the BC Ferries terminal on Sept. 14.


It is unclear whether they were dead before hitting the ground.

Poor little bastards. Hope they can figure out what happened and that its not the beginning of something much worse

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