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Hawaii worker who sent false missile-attack alert is fired; emergency management leader resigns

Katherine Lam and Elizabeth Zwirz               Jan. 30 2018

snip  video

"The head of Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency has resigned and the employee who issued a ballistic missile alert to residents -- causing mass panic for nearly 40 minutes earlier this month -- has been terminated, officials said.

The announcement came during a news conference Tuesday by Gov. David Ige, state Adjunct General Maj. Gen. Joe Logan and investigating officer Brig. Gen. Bruce Oliveira.

One employee also resigned prior to disciplinary actions being taken and authorities are in the process of suspending another worker without pay, Logan said."



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Not sure if this would fit here but this happened the other day close to my place.


The Canadian Wildlife Service is investigating a "mortality event" in which dozens of birds literally fell from the sky on a road near Tsawwassen, B.C.

People were shocked to witness the birds, believed to be starlings, plunge to the ground near the BC Ferries terminal on Sept. 14.


It is unclear whether they were dead before hitting the ground.

Poor little bastards. Hope they can figure out what happened and that its not the beginning of something much worse

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A Japanese self claimed "journalist" being released from hostage situation paid by Qatar, not by Japanese government

This is a strange story worth noting here IMHO.

It's about this self claimed "journalist" of a said Japanese guy who is now called "professional to be kidnapped" by media in Japan.

He just goes off to the places where Japanese gov told him DON'T GO in the first place, and gets kidnapped by terrorist groups, then the groups ask for $s to releasing him.

I think if my memory is correct, this was his friggin 4th time of doing the same---being kidnapped, said to be threatened for life, and asked to be saved. But Japanese gov refused to pay for the guy.

Now to my surprise, it's Qatar paid for the idiot.

Hefty $3M. (And I think J-gov would pay that back to Qatar, because Japanese culture would tend to choose to do so....that's where it gets interesting to me...WHAT ELSE is on the plate?)

Well, Qatar has a very happy tie with Japan and in fact Japan has ties with loads of Middle Eastern countries from intense political relationships.

And I suspect that because J-gov knew that the nation would cry out the loudest booing to pay for such selfish idiot who doesn't listen to the gov and keeps getting kidnapped by terrorists, they didn't want to pay. For a long time, the gov refused to do so.

Lami Abdorlafman (spelling unsure) from Syrian Humanitarian Watch Group (unsure of true name...sorry translating from below clip) said that according to a trustworthy line of informant, Qatar did so to show their decent move to the international communities, and Japanese gov refused to pay to the terrorist group.

IDK what was organised at the back, but plenty of weird political exchange must had happened.....

Saudi's crap situation which looking like someone who are opposing to the Prince's ultra revolutionizing attitude to change the culture of the country and giving all the power to himself and his family, not to anyone else, must had caused today's mess in the Embassy in Turkey.

And Qatar? Check out their position in the Middle Eastern regional politics against other rich countries, and their connections to the gets very interesting by giving off lights coming from a different angle, IMHO.


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Hanford nuclear plant employees told 'take cover' over incident - reports


Employees at the Hanford Vit Plant – one of the US largest nuclear waste processing facilities – have been told to “take cover.” The alert was issued in a form of a text message, the US media report.

The employees at the waste treatment plant were allegedly told to “go to the closest Take Cover facility” and avoid “eating or drinking until further notice,” according to the text message published by the people on social media. No official comments have been provided by the facility media department so far.

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This is really getting interesting!

The USPS does not deliver directly to those who have SS details, such as x-presidents.  Mail/packages go to SS to be checked.

Stamps used on packages I saw,  were 2016 issue "forever" stamps, (not 2018 issue)nor were they cancelled by USPS, which means they did NOT go through a USPS facility.  So HOW did he get the packages from Florida to NYC, NJ, DC, etc. ? Perhaps this has far more people involved than just this guy?  The strip club he worked at = same one Stormy Daniels worked at, so they say. Wonder who all might be hidden in the background?  >white van > worked Parkland HS >David Hogg Almamater?  found under an AKA(he gets around) identified - more info on him  >more information

Another image.



Just collected links, lots of info to sort through. A lot of times, people finding themselves i his position, end up deceased.  Considering where he's being held, and by whom, he might be sorry he's not a Dem, oh wait......seems there's a question in that regard.

i know that I feel to carry this off, this guy didn't go solo, but perhaps got paid a lot to be the patsy.  "All the world's a stage"!  Tx to all I swiped links from starting w/Reddwolf  >>scroll down a bit, one with advice to Obama in 2010, from Axelrod, I'm sure you'll get the gist.

MAGABOMBER? -- Liz Crokin



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