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Alternative info & questions...

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What I share below is here in hopes that it may be helpful for anyone in need; and also in the desire for any additional info which anyone here may have about 2 specific things mentioned in it which I have been unsuccessful in tracking down. (The message shared below is publicly viewable.)

It was posted at a yahoo group called 'bakingsodacancercure'.

(I honestly can not recommend joining this group as it's moderator is VERY heavy handed...)

Posted By: patchouliworld Sat Mar 30, 2013 9:28 am

I'd like to add what has worked for us on melanoma, which we treated topically with baking soda msm iodine and hydrogen peroxide poultice, and internally with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in colloidal silver with aloe vera for stomach protection, 25 drops of h202 in an ounce of colloidal with aloe 2 times daily am and evening on empty stomach, plus changed diet to remove all sugar, all yeast, all possible fungus carriers, basically lentils veggies, heavy collard kale chard and others trying to keep it interesting.. 2 eggs only in am, no meat, rare chicken in soups, plus boosting immunity support and nutrient support with supplements proven to have related defense with cancer, and reduction in oxidative stress, increase glutathione action. I gathered this information via research over the years and in checking out life extension foundation, medline, pubmed, and my own study.

We raised his PH to alkaline by removing acids, going all veggie, boosted immunity, stopped sugars which cancer feeds on,and added oxygen which cancer cant live in, then we went for systemic microbial neutralization with the Beck micro current technology. We also dealt with fear and anxiety using tapping therapy, which to my surprise worked when he was in shock of realization, to greatly reduce fear and moved forward doing all possible to make it all part of normal life, and it became so.

We did the above for 3 months during which time the large postage stamp sized melanoma shrunk back to pink skin, no scarring or pain.

Once the external disappeared we decided to be sure of getting to microbes systemically with Bob Beck's technology. is a very valuable site of tried and proven therapies, complete with specific info for those who've already been thru chemo or are going thru it which severely affects the immune system. The Beck blood purifier is micro-current frequency that was discovered by two at Einstein University years ago and is validated by many cured of cancer, aids, hep c , lung issues, and works on the blood over a period of at least 8 weeks non invasive application of 2 hour stints.

Beck purposely did not patent the technology to prevent suppression and doctors who wanted to make it cost more or shut it down so as not to impinge on their profit stream via the medical complex, and gave us the schematics to build yourself for those who cant pay the 200 price-tag at for the silver pulser, which also makes colloidal silver. I found Beck's info at cancertutor and then searched further and found numerous sites presenting this therapy. Sota was the authorized manufacturer of the devices by Beck to keep the cost

reasonable but others also offer variations that are homemade to specs around the web. There is a second device called the magnetic pulser which you place over locations like lymph where the action of the frequency forces hidden microbes from lymph out into the blood stream where they can be neutralized by the blood purifier/electrifier. There is no discomfort to these treatments by the way and the device comes with an arm band where the device slips on and is connected to the wrist, with two electrodes in a cotton sleeve you wet and place over the pulse points on the wrist, radial and ulnar, so you're able to move about during treatment.

Listen to his presentation there's a lot more to

see too.

We got the 35% hydrogen peroxide online but were also able to find a product that made it simpler called stabilized oxygen in health food stores. Its about 11 for a large bottle in choice of flavors. Its a quiet little product that is purchased by those who understand the contents and their use.. colloidal silver aloe vera and 35%h202 ..the latter being watched carefully by fda, the good folks that dont want you learning how to cure yourselves, police force for the cancer revenue machine.

I hate to say this but I've seen sellers of hulda clarks zapper slander Beck to sell their wares, because there is no financially motivated promoter of Beck to fight them back, and the price of the Beck device is not inflated, Beck never made a dime off this, and the cost at Sota is due to the consumer friendly packaging of the technology. Doctors aren't taught about electromagnetic therapy in medical school, they're taught chemical therapy as provided by their industry providers who subsidize medical schools. They have no financial incentive to investigate or use these therapies unless they can charge outrageous prices for treatment.

I'm convinced that cancer has been curable forever but we've been kept in the dark, and doctors taught only what suits the profit of the industry megalith rockefeller.

My queries:

If anyone knows more concise info about the above mentioned 'baking soda msm iodine and hydrogen peroxide poultice' I would greatly appreciate any info or pointers, please.

Also, any info pointing directly to any specific product closely resembling the one he called 'stabilized oxygen' would be hugely appreciated.

Here in rural Vermont 35% hydrogen peroxide is impossible to get - online sources are hugely pricey even before the massive shipping charges, and searching for specific info about those things mentioned in my queries only brought back advertisements for other things and unrelated junk by the thousands.

Any/all help in pinning down better info will be hugely appreciated.


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A friend sent me this link regarding the spine's connection to the bodies organ functions - interesting and well presented.


A must see!  This is really amazing! When you open this click your mouse on every spine bone and read what it tells you
Our spines are direct extensions of our brain, which it uses to control the various functions and movements of our body. The brain sends electric impulses, much like a computer gives instructions to a printer or a screen, only billions of time more complex
Take a moment to explore this virtual and interactive spine by moving your mouse over the different vertebrae and receive an explanation of which part of the spine affects different parts of the body. Certain symptoms that you have may also be connected to a spine problems, and its worth checking out

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Thanks Jessica!  The spinal connections open another window of information and understanding for me re seemingly unrelated medical 'conditions'.

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Also, any info pointing directly to any specific product closely resembling the one he called 'stabilized oxygen' would be hugely appreciated.


Aussie seller: 




Stabilized Liquid Oxygen is the best formulation of liquid "electrolytes" available. Stabilized liquid oxygen was first discovered by Dr. Moises de Guevarra in 1929. Liquid oxygen is the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the liquid "electrolytes of oxygen" on the market (electrolytes are substances which dissolve in water and conduct electricity). Our liquid is a concentrate of electrolytes of oxygen that is made available to the body in a molecular form. The oxygen is released upon contact with stomach acid. By providing your bloodstream with molecular oxygen, it is possible to kill anaerobic bacteria and parasites on contact without harming your tissues or friendly aerobic bacteria. Also commonly known as an all natural remedy to prevent cold sores and genital herpes outbreaks caused by HSV 1 and 2.

Stabilized liquid oxygen is an oxidant similar in effect to hydrogen peroxide, but is more stable, because instead of releasing gas in the stomach, they react with the stomach acid, and release "molecular" oxygen. Even though stabilized oxygen is many times more effective than hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant, there doesn't seem to be any nauseous feelings or unpleasant taste from the stabilized oxygen.

The reason it is believed that liquid oxygen works so well is the specific "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Chemically speaking, the chlorite ion is a molecule of chlorine and oxygen (ClO4-) with a strong negative charge. The same molecule with a neutral charge is chlorine dioxide, an even more potent oxidizer and a super effective killer of microbes.

The belief is that if an individual could maintain a robust cellular oxidation, meaning that virtually every cell in your body is functioning well, disease conditions don't have a chance. When cellular oxidation is diminished in the body due to stress, pollution, junk foods and other free radicals, we are susceptible to degeneration, fatigue and sickness. Stabilized oxygen provides your body with a remarkable stable form of chlorite, which is chlorine and oxygen. (This is not the unhealthy form of chlorine found in swimming pools; this is a stabilized form of pure chlorine and oxygen.) Extra oxygen is released into your blood stream. Though it is minimal when compared to the amount of oxygen you breathe into your lungs, the dissolved oxygen is very beneficial to your metabolism. The chlorite ion is then used by the body as a substrate for a number of important enzyme functions that improve cellular oxidation. That is an important value in dietary supplementation.

Most people are unaware that the most abundant element found in healthy human blood is chlorine, followed by sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Obviously, your blood needs a quality source of chlorine. The four-ounce dropper bottle of stabilized oxygen provides a 120-day supply when used at the suggested 8drops twice daily. The stabilized oxygen liquid in the bottle is highly alkaline, yet it remains stable even once in contact with the low pH of stomach acid.

When stabilized oxygen is diluted in water, the high alkalinity is rapidly lowered from pH 12-13 to near pH 8.6. This lowering of pH causes separation of chlorite ions (ClO4-) and stabilized oxygen molecules (O2) from the sodium atoms. Tiny amounts of chlorine dioxide are also released. This reaction destroys microbes in the water, which makes stabilized oxygen a good thing to have on hand when visiting foreign countries. When stabilized oxygen is ingested, stabilized oxygen mixes with stomach acid at pH 3-4. Because of the strength of this reaction is even stronger in the stomach, more molecular oxygen, chlorite ion, and chlorine dioxide are created.

Not only will you have a wealth of energetic dissolved oxygen immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, the specific oxidizer of chlorite and chlorine dioxide that destroys viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Liquid oxygen has been proven effective in killing Salmonella, cholera, E. coli, Streptococcus, Pseudomonas and Staphylococcus aureus. Be sure you don't leave home without it when traveling. One 4 oz. bottle yields (2) 8-drop dosages for 120 days. So, if you want the best cell oxygenation boost available in easy to take droplet form, the smart choice is Stabilized Liquid Oxygen from Nature'

FOR WATER STORAGE: Stabilized oxygen is a superior water preservation additive for water storage. Add 8 drops per gallon. One 2oz. bottle with provide water storage treatment for two 55-gallon containers.

Suggested usage: For dietary supplementation only

- 8 drops in 4 to 8 ounces of water twice daily.

Liquid Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Concentration: 32,000ppm

Supplement Facts for Stabilized Liquid Oxygen Serving Size: 8 Drops

Servings per container: 112

Amount per serving Amount %DV Calories 0   Total Fat 0 g 0% Sodium 21 mg 2% †Daily value not established    


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Jessica that was an awesome link thank you for posting, very informative.

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