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Sasquatch Forearm Sample

<Warning: Pretty Graphic>

This vid was posted in Dec 2017 so not too old. 

In this vid, he's waving at us a yellow envelope and talking about the result of DNA testing on the sample---what he said was "inconclusive" or as he said, "They don't know what it is".

And he's carrying on saying to us "You want me to show you the paperworks?" as if that's too much trouble.

YEAH WE WANT TO SEE THAT DOCUMENTS!!! What did he think....!??

Anyway, he must had copped very skeptic posts against him, while this is such a real story for him for he ended up with SEVERAL of the bodies.....including a Sasquatch child....

He was explaining that while his father and his friend were butchering the dead bodies, apparently the body REANIMATED and started to make some noise.

...Were they still alive when they got butchered? (Like prolonging their life by going into some sort of stable state to hold onto the possibility of regeneration of the body??

And I felt SO SO SO BAD when I heard that there's a body of a Susquatch child with him.......

What the child's family thought when the young was taken down?

I just feel they also love their children. It must had been a real disaster for the Sasquatch family went through the killing.

BUT not saying Mr. Cain and his friend shouldn't protect themselves of from Sasquatch attacking them. Absolutely not.

I just feel one day we all can share/understand Sasquatch values about their lives...


So far all the DNA testing came out as Sasquatch sample had been NEGATED. IDK about this guy's testing result yet. (Trying to find the papers if he had already uploaded about them before!)

But I also feel MAYBE someone is trying to hide the fact about Sasquatch from us, even now.

The real account of native American guy on his experience with Sasquatch family was talking about the FAMILY of Sasquatch appearing in front of him, while he tried to take photo of the big one, he got told "Don't Take The Photo" in his head so clearly.

While the guy left lots of apples on the ground for baiting them, what he saw was this much smaller one was advancing towards the apples, crawling on the ground a bit by bit.

There were about 4 big ones and that little one. It must had been a family or a sort.

The guy ran away safely and never want to go back to the area where he encountered to them.

If Sasquatch also share LOVE as the same concept as we do.........I kinda wish the safety on both sides, humans AND Sasquatches.

(c) Peter Caine Dog Training 2017

Published on Dec 24, 2017

And here is the vid on the child Sasquatch...and euthanized because it was shot into its back by the guys.

...Though I can understand it must had been a huge shock to face to such huge beings, but the guys shot down the large ones, 2 of them, then saw this small one as they were chopping up the body when the bodies were "regaining life".

......I feel horrible for what happened to the Sasquatch family. But again, I think I'd be freaking out if I face to one of the adult ones, too. If it was instinct the guys shooting full on into the beings, and they really felt they couldn't ran away fast enough, of course it's justifiable to use the ammo.....but I can't take off sad feeling over what had been happening with Sasquatch families. 

I just can't agree with poking around with any beings including other humans, or extraterrestrial/interdemensional beings. (Yeah some do poke us around, though....) I wish the entire Universes to rid the A ar...ch/ ons and reinstate our true spiritual and peaceful world we all can share.  


(c) Caine's Wetland Skunk Ape AkA Bigfoot and Sasquatch 2018

Published on Mar 3, 2018

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Sasquatch Vocalisations

A Friendly One

vid (c)ModernGalaxy 2017                           Audio(c) Mike Paterson

Published on Mar 16, 2017

YT doesn't let me embed below vid but you can conpare the vocalisations between the 1st vid and this one.

Acknowledged By Name (Rare Sasquatch Vocalizations)


LOL I was chuckling over the vocalisations that I also thought that it could had been a big Human guy doing that, too!

What would had made the difference to the account could be the decibel data of the vocalisation. If it was in distance and still friggin louder than what Humans could make, then probably make lots people to say oh yeah.....

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Great To Have Interest From A Scientifically Trained Person: Sasquatch Research

We actually have loads of scientists whom wanted to prove Sasquatch existence, world wide. But this vid is focusing a view from one person.

Easy to watch vid so I post it here.

And what beautiful eyes those sasquatches have....almost made me into tears for no reason....

One of the Humanity's known brain traits is that of "Want To Belong". And so many people are reaching out towards these big creatures, which obviously have intelligence, ability of telepathic communication, have love for their own family.

I'd say "why not?" to learn and try to interact with them.

But just to be careful, our past doings against them also caused some Sasquatches to go against Humans, too.

Vid(c)Sylvanic Bigfoot 2017 Some footage included in the vid (c) Todd Standing

Published on Apr 19, 2017

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