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Pole Shift-start getting ready!

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thnx for the vid triton

yes the info is pointing at just that

600m a day is very fast in comparison to historical data

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2018, Pole Shift & Disasters To Go With It

Whoa...people probably left the field of Pole Shift sometime ago, having the idea left in the back of our heads, I take-----I feel we were kind of over-talked on the issue before.

So this field was rather quiet for possibly 2 years or so, maybe? it's back. Fully.


That's because S0 and his scientist friends are giving out STERN WARNING about the Imminent Pole Reversal.

Their group had basically come to the thought "it can happen soon......VERY SOON....Like WITHIN 3 YEARS".....

When you look at the diagram he produced on the vids, you'd realise how seriously close it's coming towards us.


Pole Reversal itself does not take long period of time to go a few days, that's all.

But Ben is warning of far wider impact we'd be copping from that change with scientific understanding, no fibs what so ever.

(I think Ben's group is like that of Block Chain system of wide range of scientific study. Unpaid they are, they are free from collars. Awesooome... Don't mess with the FREED warriors, I'd say.)

Considering how much we lose the protection around us against whole heap of radiation to arrive to Earth surface almost's absolutely not a laughing matter.


Whether we can use it as adverse or advance could be depending on what we decide as what we want, too....for we are taking part in it's creation as mini-creators.(´Д`) (Whether we really know about it or not....)

We are the ones creating the shared reality, so we also need to take responsibilities for what's ended up to be out there, too.

And by all means....we can change the due course.

If we all decide to do so, then immediately our reality will change to accommodate the idea.


But for now, wouldn't you think about using available UNDERGROUND facilities?

Who are controlling the subterranean network, apart from the Reptoids? Are they safe for us to use in time? What's the capacity and what's plausible management we can create for evacuation?

But maybe the urgent question we should really learn and share maybe; "How long should we take to prepare for the Shift?" 


Ben made more appropriate vid for the post 2~3 vids prior to this latest one he uploaded.

I can't find them yet so I post his latest one. I'll post other relevant vids in later posts, as I find them.

It got really interesting to me from 28:00~...the list of physiological damages we could cop.


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(c)suspicious0bservers Feb 2018


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Simon Parkes is saying a natural pole shift could be used as cover/false flag for an EMP detonation. 

I’m not sure if he means that when a natural pole shift happens that a man made EMP will be set off at the same time to cause further destruction 


A man made EMP will be detonated and the ensuing destruction will be blamed on a natural pole shift that has not actually taken place. 

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