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Taiwan Air Force F-16 Fighter Crashes in Mountains During Drills - Reports

"The drills began on Monday with troops practicing thwarting a Chinese "invasion." The similar incident occurred in last November, when a Mirage jet with a pilot on board mysteriously disappeared.

Taiwan news media outlet reported, citing sources from the Ministry of National Defense, that some pieces of the crashed aircraft had been discovered in mountains of New Taipei city. However, the pilot remains missing."

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The US-Nth K Meeting: 9am on 12th June 2018 in Singapore

Japan: "Please NEVER believe in when Nth K says that the abductee issue with Japan has already been solved and there's nothing more to it."

POTUS: "OK. A-ha. Now we understand. We heard the clear reason for that."

It was the Head of Crisis Management of Japan asked POTUS to use Singapore and never to use the 38deg house.

That was Nth K plot by luring POTUS with Nobel Peace Prize and intended to brand the image of friggin KJU as a peace maker together with POTUS. No way.

So to make the situation more neutral, THOCM of Jpn suggested Singapore instead.

POTUS and his close associates learned the picture and decided to do it in Singapore.


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Rich People In China Bows Down Showing Their Loyalty To Communist Party

Image (c)


The respect paid by going to the utmost important place 延安 in the history of Chinese Communist Party...... 

Many rich Chinese company CEOs got together and all visited there to pay the respect in "style" you can see, in the classic Communist Clothing.

This action is actually roughing the feather of Chinese peeps inside China as well, as you can see from the article.

Another article from China on this visit:

It's expected but Hong Kong people are watching out for this, too:

Well, to avoid being culled by Xiu, they are showing the respect.

What I dunno is if they really mean the loyalty OR just posing it so they can get away from Xiu's harassment.

These CEOs run the deals with outside worlds, too. They know and have associated with the outside world's "free to trade" attitude, which was like another matrix for them......because all the companies in China are basically belonging to the gov, they got collars on to be pulled back ANY TIME if they do something against the Party.

Pity there's no true backing in what Chinese entrepreneurs to spread their wings freely and join us on this other human beings, I wish they were free.

But it's not the case.

It was very interesting to learn there are peeps within China questioned their LOOK, too. 

But the CEOs move is obvious....they are showing it to the public for....the Chinese Social Credit System.

Relevant news on it: jump to 6:10~


Published on Jun 5, 2018

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While China's got Xiu as their Pseudo Emperor....(´×ω×`)so powerful people in China are behaving as shown in the above post.


Mr. Putin for Russian Zari "Императоры России"?

If the general population of Russia decides to have vote and install Mr. Putin after his term into a brand new category of a "head of Russia" other than what exists already as their political system, I think it's quite possible that Mr. Putin to get the place without any problems.

If that helps Russian nation to feel SAFE and be PROTECTED by him, why not?

If that can help Russia mental stability as a country, well...Xiu's doing it in China I'd say that's also a choice Russian people have.

It's a history already finished before for Russians, so maybe people would create something freshly instead of calling the position the same as Zari, but whatever the people wish.

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Putin Is On To The Deep State, Calls Out Soros

And it's like the full fight of Godzilla vs Mecha-Godzilla....

(c) X22Report 2018

Published on Jun 6, 2018

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38 degree line will come down to Tsushima island, Japan.

Japan is not happy but basically just gripping tight over the exchange made between The USA & Nth K for it's not their place to wage in and mess it up.

China is basically became the overseer for Nth K (KJU accepted Chinese airplane to go to Singapore), so the picture of the regional geopolitical power is China-centric, THE INVADER is set to grub the Korean Peninsula.

America is trying to get the fruit out of the whole picture by ditching the name, while Nth K took the NAME to save their faces, and like how the US always had done before they ripped everything away from Qaddafi and other guys who were against the US moves, US will move in slowly, sinking in the teeth into the meat out of the deal.

Japan will buy lots defense related military gears from the US, so be happy.

With the peninsula to be de-nuked, Japan won't go get a nuke head.

BUT THEY ARE GOING FOR SOMETHING OTHER THAN NUKES.....besides all that, urgh!!, Japan MUST change the stupid Constitution so they can get their shit together to go and get the abductees back by themselves......

America needs to stick around with Japan very firmly since POTUS had let go of bases in Korean peninsula.

A new set of Chaos is awaiting for our future.

If the number of US bases is shrunken in Sth K, then of course China will take them over. OF COURSE China got love for the nukes. Are you ready for that? China has the capability to shoot right into the US land. China has the Satellites with laser on board to shoot down onto the US grounds. (They haven't done so because it's not the time yet.....but they can.)

Whether you like the picture or not, POTUS just exchanged the guy who got nuke heads in the hands to someone even worse.

.....So that's why 38 degree line is basically breached and it got down to Tsushima.

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Once again, in the one video you posted unity, is my favorite, interesting and mysterious person in the world, Elon Musk!   Interesting too that I had  just yesterday watched a 2 and 1/2 hour video about that red car/starman/Musk and how that whole thing was/is fake. Made some really good points, as I never quite found it possible to swallow the whole thing to begin with.   Q, in the last couple days, warned us to be aware of FF via weather.

About China, seems our entity warned us about them being everywhere. 

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Act II – The Dance of The Dragon Continues….

June 10, 2018    Sundance

"China controls the DPRK, that’s the baseline reality.  The question debated over the past several years, has been to what extent?  Having witnessed the Singapore Summit, perhaps we now have additional understanding of the scale and scope.

Kim Jong-un “is” the Panda Mask.



If you accept the cunning nature of the Beijing Dragon, and the false geopolitical face of the Panda mask as historically presented by the control elements now represented by Chairman Xi Jinping, a striking probability looms.  Not only does China influence North Korea, but China actually controls every element of the North Korean government that surrounds Chairman Kim Jong-un.

The problem for Chairman Xi is what happens when all of the political forces align to place Chairman Kim Jong-un in a position of opening the door for the U.S. and President Trump and the West (writ large) to enter North Korea under the auspices of a CVID nuclear agreement.

In essence, President Trump may now enter into a land where the officials report exclusively to Chairman Xi, and no-one knew.  This presents a possibility the larger global community might soon discover the true nature of the Beijing/Pyongyang connection.

Consider that Chairman Kim was/is likely put into power not as a linear out-coming of his familial relationship, but more as a strategy of ongoing Chinese duplicity. Kim Jong-un was seen as easier to control.  Consider the possibility that all of the DPRK officials who carry out the objectives of the ruling North Korean government are factually operating according to the dictates of the hidden Chinese authority.

Within this dynamic Chairman Kim received the scorn of the international community; but was -in reality- merely a figurehead, a false panda face – hiding the true authority behind all of the DPRK policy, and a designed strategy constructed by China.

Consider that by confronting the economic interests of China, President Trump fractured the decades-long ruse, and is now positioned to expose the nature of the Chinese ruling authority within North Korea.   This becomes a stunning paradigm shift; a reality that few could possibly fathom, unless you consider the cunning of Beijing.

Under this scenario, it is adverse to the interest of China for a united, open and democratic Korean peninsula where the North and South are together again.  It would be particularly adverse to Xi’s interests if the U.S., Japan and a united Korea formed any substantive  international alliance.

The best play for China would be to control the outcomes of any unification and position China as the control agent for any united Korea.  This would be critically important if, as I am now increasingly confident, North Korea was/is actually a proxy province of China and has been for decades under the complete -albeit hidden- rule of the Chinese authority.

Under this scenario, Chairman Xi has to play a very careful game of geopolitical cunning; and if at any moment he sees Chairman Kim accepting the rescue of President Trump, Xi will likely move to eliminate Kim and defend his interests quickly."

snip    pretty interesting read

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This is the stance of the 7th Fleet against China. It's clearly punched out by the military people rather than POTUS..................

US Disinvites China from RIMPAC Exercises: Pentagon

Agence France Presse 23 May 2018

China no longer invited to US-led RIMPAC exercise 


And below link get you to arrive at an English based Chinese media outlet article about this US move.

ttp:// (Yeah I made that broken bit intentionally. please c&p to adjust it. I'd rather keep CHANI stealthy.)

Well, "nonconstructive" was the word came out of China. That's pretty weak IMHO.

They know they can't do anything about it. 2014&2016, they were allowed to be in, but not this year. 

And the 7th Fleet people are showing very kind support to Japan.

THANK YOU. It means hell a lot for the nation.

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