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North Korea’s Latest Announcement May Have Just Prevented War in Asia

May 19, 2017

Written by Anti-Media Staff



(ANTIMEDIA) In a move that Washington, D.C. will hopefully view as the extension of an olive branch, North Korea’s deputy U.N. envoy said Friday that negotiations between North Korea and the United States can begin as soon as the U.S. eases its aggressive actions toward his country.

“The rolling back of the hostile policy toward DPRK is the prerequisite for solving all the problems in the Korean Peninsula,” Ambassador Kim In Ryong told reporters, not mentioning North Korea’s controversial weapons programs directly. “Therefore, the urgent issue to be settled on [the] Korean Peninsula is to put a definite end to the U.S. hostile policy, the root cause of all problems.”

Alluding to the fact that Donald Trump recently said he’d be “honored” to sit down with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un if certain conditions were met, the ambassador says that until the U.S. shows a little good faith, Trump’s words are merely talk:

“As everybody knows, the Americans have gestured (toward) dialogue. But what is important is not words, but actions.”

Kim In Ryong’s comments come a day after the Washington Post published an article titled “The North Korean nuclear threat is very real. Time to start treating it that way.” The article’s author, Stephen Rademaker, a former assistant secretary of state, says the U.S. should accept the fact that North Korea is a nuclear-armed country and begin to respond appropriately to that reality.

The response, says Rademaker, should be to beef up defensive systems such as THAAD in South Korea — though defense alone won’t be enough. Rademaker also suggests the U.S. should redeploy its own nuclear missiles to the Korean Peninsula and says allies Japan and South Korea should start to think about doing the same.

Because if the problem is nuclear weapons, the answer — to the Washington Post, apparently — is more nuclear weapons.

Despite the media’s anti-North Korean propaganda buildup, this announcement may signal an easing of tensions between the Trump administration and Kim Jong-un, leading to a de-escalation that will prevent war in the region.

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North Korea fires off 'unspecified missile' into Sea of Japan as South condemns "irresponsible and reckless behaviour"

May 21, 2017   Kara O'Neill

"North Korea has fired an 'unspecified missile' in a latest act of aggression, according to military sources.

A South Korean news agency are claiming that the projectile took off from a location near Pukchang

However, NHK News, a Japanese new agency, claims the missile 'fell into the Sea of Japan'.

South Korea's Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement that the projectile was launched on Sunday afternoon (local time).

The South Korean military added that the missile flew "about 500 kilometers (310 miles)" and was believed to have landed in waters off its east coast.

snip   video

Foreign ministry officials for the republic have condemned the north's behaviour, calling it "irresponsible and reckless".



North Korea missile passes re-entry test in breakthrough for nuclear programme

Julian Ryall  May 20, 2017

"The ballistic missile launched by North Korea on May 14 successfully re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, according to analysts, a significant breakthrough for Pyongyang's missile programme.

Defence officials in South Korea and the US have confirmed that the launch of the liquid- fuel Hwasong-12 was a success.

North Korea claimed that the weapon reached an altitude of 2,111.5 km (1,312 miles) and travelled a distance of 489 miles before breaching Japan's Air Defence Identification Zone and splashing down in the Sea of Japan."


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North Korea fires ‘multiple’ suspected anti-ship cruise missiles – Seoul

June 7, 2017

snip    video

"North Korea has launched several unidentified ground-based projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff announced.

"North Korea fired several unidentified projectiles, assumed to be surface-to-ship cruise missiles, this morning in the direction of the East Sea from the vicinity of Wonsan, Gangwon Province," the JCS statement said, according to the Yonhap news agency.

South Korea's military added that the missiles flew about 200 kilometers (124 miles). 

The missiles flew in a northeastward direction at a maximum altitude of about 2 km, Army Col. Roh Jae-cheon, a spokesman for the JCS, told reporters, according to Yonhap news.

The projectiles were detected at around 6:18 am local time and were tracked for several minutes. Jae-cheon added that the South Korean and US militaries are now trying to analyze the launch to determine what kind of missiles were used."



North Korea Fires More Missiles as Seoul Puts Off U.S. Defense System

Motoro Rich     June 7, 2017

snip   picture   AP

"TOKYO — North Korea fired several cruise missiles from its east coast on Thursday, the South Korean military said. It was the country’s fourth missile test in four weeks, and it occurred just a day after South Korea’s new president said his government was suspending the deployment of an American antimissile system.

According to a statement from South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, reported by the Yonhap news agency, the missiles appeared to be surface-to-ship missiles and flew toward the ocean.

It was the 10th time this year that North Korea tested missiles, and it came less than a week after the United Nations Security Council expanded sanctions against Pyongyang over previous missile tests.

Analysts said that it appeared North Korea had test-fired cruise missiles similar to Russia’s Kh-35, which was demonstrated during a military parade in Pyongyang in April and is designed to sink enemy ships."


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A quick note of North Korea+South Korea+Japan

OMG apparently (according to Japanese news scenes) 84% Sth K peeps hate Japan now!! (The survey was done by some Sth Korean news paper.) Which only means that Nth and Sth are absolutely going to shake hands.

It's Not Sth K to bring in Nth K. But in fact Nth K is going to engulf Sth K by the look of it.

The entire Korean Peninsula has morphed into Anti-Japan....

The news is that Nth K then may become a State of China!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, China to take the entire peninsula later.


The scenario of War is really becoming big unfortunately...(´×ω×`)

Chinese tentacles using money that they don't really have or the technology that they don't really have being offered to the whole lot of Sth Estern Asian countries right now, and Chinese influence is becoming bigger and Japanese gov is rather worried over that recent shift of interest.

But the latest opinion data gathered by a think tank had shown that Sth Est Asians do want Japan to take the top position to govern everyone in the region, not China. 

So in other words, they want money and infrastructure but they don't trust China for being a Peace Keeper---they want Japan for that job.


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Thank you unity, I was wondering what the heck was really going on.  Appreciate your knowledge and input on the situation.

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Decoding Why China Behaves That Way:

All Based on the Book written by Sun Tzu 2500 years ago


"Study Sun Tzu's books, then you can see the pattern of the politics which Chinese gov has been employing." is basically what Japanese researchers are saying now.

Sorry the below↓ link is in Japanese.孫子_(書物)

"The Art Of War":

Also the bent crap they come up with now is unfortunately under the influence of Confucius ideologies. Originally those were really cool ideas in the time when they were created. But as the time passed and interpretations changed in the hardship of the life in China AND Korean peninsula (both regions are the only countries following Confucius ideologies---Japan did NOT accept it, rejected the Chinese system of attaining intellectuals for the government, which has become a problematic system failure they are facing in the society now---it affected their value a lot, apparently), the actions influenced by the ideology became rather bent in reality. People ARE suffering from it. Then it's about the time to ditch it and try to create a better ideology for their future generations, isn't it??  

Anyway, reading through the actual Sun Tzu's Art of War book, I'm disgusted how friggin LOW attitude it was teaching in some parts.

How low do you want to be just to win the fight?

I friggin hate the LOWness of the general politics of all countries, too.

WHY can't we think and behave from much higher level, being considerate, show kind and loving attitude!? Just to Win anything and boast yourself with, even if leaving hell a lot of people's lives ruined over that action?

F_ck that.┌∩┐(ಠ_ಠ)┌∩┐

Now we can decode what the Chinese politics would choose the next.

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A Blast Back: Antarctica+ Russian/US Preps for the War

Sorry this post is big.

I'm trying to tie in the whole bunch of different threads contents and the War we are talking about in this thread....not only on surface geopolitical War but also the War ABOVE and BELOW and into other dimensions.....

And this is what Putin said recently when he was in France. (Note where he said this also is a part of a message he's sending out. France is one of the worst Cabal hold.)

"The Russian president, who visited Paris to meet with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on Monday, expressed the belief that Moscow and Western capitals “all want security, peace, safety and cooperation.”

“Therefore, we should not build up tensions or invent fictional threats from Russia, some hybrid warfare etc.,” the Russian leader in the interview to be published in full on Wednesday."

Do you think anyone else asked him if he has the Hybrid warfare? Can you imagine someone asking him/Russian gov about that? The answer is....YES......

This is a surface intel intended message Putin had released in France. Of course he's negating them all, but (to me) it's obvious....which looks like he's smirking away about it (LOL), meaning that his troops are ready. (Despite the shocking attack Moscow copped the other day....(´×ω×`) but stating re:Hybrid troops now is also sending message that they are there, ready to fight back on the ground...) A political tactic, I guess.

This HYBRID means the Hybrid Human with integrated/accentuated Alien genes....the real extra-super soldiers who are equipped with more strength than usual Humans.

...He's got them all (extending it to the "etc" bit). I can imagine he's grinning...LOL

And the US does, too.


And remember this?

And we can't forget about this news back in 2015 re: a Hybrid guy died in a car.

...It was back in 2014 I recall...that Russian fighters came just near to the US fleet, disabled the whole lot making their electrical gears suddenly totally dysfunctional and useless, even took away communication capacity among the US fleet instantly, apparently, then the US discovered that as the Russian jets left, the stuff came back alive....(Sorry can't recall the actual article but I had posted a link in CHANI somewhere before...!)

So Russians already had shown the US they have got an upper hand stuff at that time....which turned out to be some alien technology in use.

Since then, the US worked hard to regain the level of ammo/facilitiy powers and then both countries started to work together. The Humans decided what they want in this situation, methinks. A VERY rare thing till now...we will change that!  

And all of above relating to everything what they are doing right now.

Antarctica as well.

Everything is somehow, and truly connected....totally baffling....(´・ω・`)


Well, I guess everyone's thinking Trump is warm with Russia.

Yeah.....that was a very important decision that our friends made to win the War.

Trump is with an alien faction. 

That alien faction was an ally of THE Worst enemy for the Humanity at the moment.

In order to win the Earthean rights (and other stuff....everyone has their own agenda), our allied alien factions talked to the faction Trump is with, and made them to change their mind somehow (honestly SOMEHOW......geez IDK how many died in the process of bridging a safe talk....I absolutely thank our friendly allies for doing the massive works behind the scenes. They all are risking themselves doing it, too) and managed to get that faction to ally with face against the biggest faction against the Humanity (and them). That's why Trump is happy with Russia. This had to be done in order to make the flow of War so we can win it.

But as you know, loads of obstacles are laid out in front of the future paths.

Trump is facing to be taken out of the job.

It means that 1) the destabilisation of allied force, 2) Trump gov may decide to start a big war thus all US peeps would focus on that instead of bringing him down, sooner than we ever expect......meaning Asia going into a big fight. Me no want to see dat. But...(´; ω ;`)(´×ω×`)(/ω\)


For ALL OF US to grasp a neutral grounded understanding of the whole puzzle, I found this if I don't need to speak up myself with my's all expressed in here, I found. (Warning: mind you, the words used in this vid turned out to be rather in-your-face kinda full on manner. Please discount on that sharp taste....)

It's a critical time for us to grip this particular way to see the whole thing, in order for us, the Humans, to really start establishing the ground as who we are as a specie. 


<Contract Savaging Ritual>

And important thing that we can do to save ourselves a lot of hustle.

Please feel free to dismiss ANY UNWANTED CONTRACTS you created in the past with...anything, anyone, whatever.

It really doesn't matter whether you are aware of what contracts you made or not, but phrase it this way: "Any contracts that my spirit is not willing to hold or accept, I reject the contracts in totality, nullifying the ties with anyone unwanted in my life."

You don't need to use my wordings. You just gotta do it with GUSTO. Intent it with full mental power you possess. Make sure that you really mean it from the bottom of your heart.

Then you can break those ties.

Some may struggle to depart, but be persistent about letting them go! They will fall through. Their tentacles can't reach you when you consciously reject them.

Speak the words up. You can also write your dismissing phrases down on a paper then read them out loud. Resonance via the air vibrating also enforces the action you are making.

We can liberate ourselves by ourselves. INTENTION makes it work.

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South Korea: A Terrorism at a Uni? A Parcel Exploded

I really hope it's not the beginning of series of attacks in that country........

Japan is so but they are also totally infiltrated by North Korean spys.

Japan has been noticing how Sth K has been totally (honestly HOW!?? but that's how they seem to be) negating the plausibility of Nth K starting the War action against them. AS IF THERE'S NOTHING TO WORRY and just carrying on to live their daily life.

So separated from the reality, I felt maybe they are also all under a mass mind control/brain washing for this turn of history.

Explosion at Yonsei University; professor injured [PHOTOS]

""A delivery package suddenly exploded when it was opened," said a witness.

Other witnesses said they saw small screws flying out of the box when the package exploded."

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Jess made this post in the Shouts thread earlier on and I have been monitoring the situation.

"PHILIPPINE SEA - USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) was involved in a collision with a merchant vessel at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time, June 17, while operating about 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan."

It's not good. Not good at all.....

I mean, 7 peeps still missing over this incident, that's such a bad news in itself, but it isn't the nightmarish bit I'm talking about.

This incident has proven that in worst case, using a near by large ship belonging to non-military organisation can SINK an Aegis by doing the Kamikaze attack had been shown clearly to everyone around the world.

It only means that China would use that tactic in the up coming (friggin hope not but...) War.


Because they just don't have the matching power against the US fleet, they know that, and they would employ ANY tactics to win.

They wouldn't care to sink their own ships with the crews on board, if they think that's the way to win the War.

Their Communist gov truly has this incredibly inhumane attitude to their own population, and easily declare that they would use human walls to stand in front of firing, by saying they got such huge population that losing those peeps won't create any dent in Chinese political stance.(´×ω×`)


Apart from that point, I thought it was very noticeable that it was a Filipino ship which collided with the Aegis.

Philippine's President Dutterte is so pragmatic that he clearly says he will buy ammos from Russia and China.

He's aligned with China now.

He knows he can't afford to fight against China, considering his own people.

If Philippines decided to do nothing about Chinese invasion of Sth Est Asian sea, then it becomes only Japan and Taiwan to shake hands to fight against the crazy FIRE ANTS of China. (We ditched thinking about the US doing anything towards this situation in fact. And rightly so! Japan must build up the power to fight on its own, without depending on the US military. ......Mind you, quite possibly the US Fleet peeps would scream if that ever happen, because their Minits class big ships really need JFDS peeps to maintain them, meaning they need to use Yokosuka Port; besides the US military got E  s.//ch l-on working in Misawa Base in Northern Japan.....I'm sure the US doesn't want to lose the usage of it yet.) will accelerate the idea of having Nuke Bombs in Japan.(´Д`)

Not winning anything by having the crap IMHO...but what do you do against China then? Farg.......

I continuously pray for the Humanity to really regain our power back to us, for if even just one of us truly wakes up, I'm absolutely sure that the entire Earth WILL regain world peace in instance. We really have such incredible power of creation with us. 

So let's send our biggest love and hope to the future that we wake up NOW.  

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Look at the damage to the destroyer (ironic name now). And the cargo ship just had a dent, no damage other than that (no pics tho). 


Understandably, the cargo ship is 4 times larger, but it would seem a warship wouldn't find itself in this situation with a commercial ship. From reading some online comments, I understand that the cargo ship had the right of way. Makes you wonder why the warship wasn't being navigated correctly in commercial shipping lanes.

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12 hours ago, kandescent said:

Look at the damage to the destroyer (ironic name now). And the cargo ship just had a dent, no damage other than that (no pics tho). 


Understandably, the cargo ship is 4 times larger, but it would seem a warship wouldn't find itself in this situation with a commercial ship. From reading some online comments, I understand that the cargo ship had the right of way. Makes you wonder why the warship wasn't being navigated correctly in commercial shipping lanes.

Most cargo ships only have the 1 propeller, and 1 driving engine, plus a smallish rudder. A pot now have bow and stern thrusters for maneuvering in harbour, but these thrusters can't be used in open seas.  This means the cargo ships are slow to turn, and take a long distance to stop - they have to actually stop, and then re-start the engine to go astern (backwards) - the can't just put the engine into reverse.

Now, a warship like a destroyer has 2 engines and propellers, and a large rudder, specially so they can maneuver quickly at any speed (to avoid getting hit by bombs and other nastys).  They can also put one or both engines into reverse at quite high speed, so they can stop or spin around very quickly.


So the question is, what the 'f**k' was the destroyer doing so close to the cargo ship in the first place, and on looking at the damage, they can't have hit at high speed, else you would have 2 destroyers... So the cargo ship was most likely trying to stop, but the destroyer kept coming in - and should have been able to avoid contact.

So either deliberate or utter incompetence and carelessness..


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On 2017/6/17 at 7:07 PM, unity said:

Jess made this post in the Shouts thread earlier on and I have been monitoring the situation.

"PHILIPPINE SEA - USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) was involved in a collision with a merchant vessel at approximately 2:30 a.m. local time, June 17, while operating about 56 nautical miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan."

(´; ω ;`) All 7 people were confirmed dead in their cabins. They were sleeping when this happened, apparently.

I am sending my condolence to all those whom were affected by this incident.

BUT I can't let go of the CT aspect of the incident.

This may well be a MAGIK ritual oriented, though I feel sick in stomach stating such.

There is an effort made by the peeps who want to take down the Cabal crap, and despite the warning given, Prince paved his way to do it by producing the song "7". (The lyrics were not written by just him...that's also a give away info methinks.) This magic formula is friggin strong. I'm sure people would continue to listen to this tune year after year.

The Human psyche continues to cause the magic effect AGAINST THE CABAL, till the time comes to ditch all past music.....well, do you think that'd happen, while we still listen to Mozart happily even today?

...And do you believe in the Angels? YES I DO. (And I have my own reasons to believe so. We have a very strong ally.)

(Just found out that YT completely taken away all official "7" where to find apart from the covers.....below was the best bet close to it. Urgh!)

(↑BTW there was another poster made an upload of the same concert from a different angle, taking the complete 1 cycle of 7....but I think the bassist made a huge musical mistake towards the I decided to not to use that vid, even though this vid was cut short for the "7" blood boiled as a bassist and couldn't bare it... lol)

For the MAGIK practice process, to counter a formula, you employ basically the same ingredient to reverse the effect.

Meaning the Cabal would employ multiple magik works involving the number of 7.

Apparently in Japanese MSM, the news goes that this Aegis was hit from BEHIND approached towards the RIGHT by the Filipino tanker........ 

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AMERICAN THINKER: Something is fishy about USS Fitzgerald story we are getting from the media

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Sunday, 18-Jun-2017 19:34:59


Something is fishy about USS Fitzgerald story we are getting from the media
By Thomas Lifson | American Thinker
June 18, 2017
Click here


Under no circumstances should a US Navy vessel possibly be damaged by a container ship at sea. Multiple systems exist to prevent this. Even CNN is noticing how little we know about the catastrophe that took the lives of seven sailors and almost caused a powerful warship to founder.

The USS Fitzgerald, an anti-ballistic missile destroyer that was part of the USS Ronald Reagan carrier strike group, will no longer be ready to defend the carrier and other ships from missile attacks launched from North Korea, should push come to shove in the current confrontation with the rogue regime on the threshold of the capability to attack New York, Los Angeles, and our power grid with nuclear missiles. This is an incident that could affect the outcome of a nuclear confrontation of historic moment.

Brian Joondeph yesterday noted how the media have distorted what really happened, by reporting a “collision,” as if the ships randomly bumped each other in the fog or something. The truth is that the ACX Crystal, a ship with somewhat murky provenance, rammed into the Fitzgerald with calamitous results...

We received an email from a Navy Mother that raises serious questions. We will redact her name, while the rumors (and that’s how they must be categorized for now) reported by her son aboard the Fitzgerald are checked out. Here is what she wrote to us:

My son is assigned to the USS Fitzgerald. I am unable to share his rate with you.

The information is short and not so sweet. The implications are disturbing.

The ship is registered in the Philippines. We do not know who the owner is. The container ship neither had its running lights or transponder on. That is an action taken willfully. Furthermore, for the container ship to strike with such accuracy is troublesome. Given what some have done with cars in Europe, what a feather in the cap it would be to sink a U.S. Navy warship. Think on that.

My son missed being washed out to sea by the blink of an eye. He was on his way to one of the berthing areas that was rammed.

Yes, language is important. "Rammed" is the perfect word.


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Nice to see this being discussed.  What to believe?  At first reported to be a Philippine cargo ship, now it's Japanese owned, operated by a Philippino crew.  The "incident" happened at 1:30 am, but not reported until 50 minutes later  2:20 am.  yet US says 2:30 am.  Cargo ship made turn before "incident".  Or did it turn 30 minutes after the hit, when it returned to see if what they hit, had sunk?  Where was the rest of the carrier strike group at the time?  Fitz IS part of USS Reagan strike group.  Where was that cargo ship headed?  I was told those containers were empty, because if they had been full, the water line would have been above the red line on the hull.  The ACX Crystal  owned by Olympic Steamship Co. out of Panama a subsidiary of Japanese ship owner Sunford Shipping Ltd. , managed by Seaquest Shipping out of the Philippines and  sailing under Philippine flag.  Currently sitting in Yokohama still scheduled to sail to Thailand!

Fitz was recently in Subic Bay for repairs, upgrades.  ISIS in Philippines, same time?  Duterte has aligned with China, and that info is all over the web, plus he has stated he didn't ask for or want our help w/ISIS. When the Fitz was in Subic Bay, there were Philippine contractors working on it, and now it gets rammed by a Japanese owned cargo ship, manned by a Philippino crew?  Sorry, I don't believe in coincidences.  Convenient too how Japan got dragged into it, since we are allies.

There has been many strong words to come out of China, warning us to walk softly in the So. China Sea, and to stay away from those islands they are creating.  We also have a very tedious situation with N. Korea at this time, and is the reason we have a presence there.  If it came to push and shove, who would China back?  The US or No. Korea?  I think we all know that answer!  

Right here I'm going to mention something else.   MH 370!  Had on board 20 Chinese nationals who were working in Texas, on US Defense systems.  I think at some point stealth technology was mentioned.  So then, that plane disappeared, never to be seen again, vanished, poof, gone.  Never to be found.  What if, it actually made it to Bejing, and the technology was turned over to the Chinese? Oh yes, uh huh they found parts here and there, yes well there's always replacement parts made, for every plane, and they could very well have been planted. Speaking of the cabal, you couldn't get any closer than the Rothchilds, who owned the company those Chinese nationals worked for.  If you do a search for Chinese hacking, you will find that there are many instances of hacking into our defense systems, a long history, in fact.  What if they have new stealth or cloaking technology that we don't know about? via MH 370?  The mother said no lights, no transponders. The Fitz obviously never saw Crystal, how would that be possible? Stealth or cloaking would work. Hacking of satellite systems at same time to give false positions or times could also be a factor.  

Now think about this for a second.  We have read how big shipping companies are going broke, right? Ports, worldwide are choked up with cargo ships going nowhere, how about we make a deal, insurance will cover any damage, etc. So then, with current technology available, who needs missiles, bombs, planes, to take out a Navy?   IF "they" have figured out a way to do so, no ship is safe on the seas.  I am convinced this was a test, and it was a success.  We will never know the truth, but those in the military certainly do, and it must scare them to death. Who was involved?  I know what I think. Plotted, planned, multiples cooperated to see if it were possible, and now they know.  (but then, I'm a true CT, and I see this as a true conspiracy lol so what would you expect?)  btw, I sure as heck hope I'm wrong!    I feel others here on Chani are thinking the same things I am.

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Something Just Happened in Japan: Tide Is Turning

Hear hear! Excellent dot connections, breezy!!

We will never just gulp down what forced fed (info and chemicals) into our mouth anymore....we collectively got wiser, methinks.

They won't be able to handle the speed we progress from now on and they actually won't be able to catch up to us, the ones who started to speed up to go our own ways.


Today, in fact just about 2 hours ago, Japan had a real change over of something pretty important btw. least that's how I felt.(ω<)Ψ(

An anti-Japan lobbyist group decided to do the demonstration against the alternative tv program provider that's making a hell of change by revealing truths and waking up Japanese nation to take the grip of the country over to themselves, regaining their consciousness from the GHQ's War Guilt Information Programming, got surprising helping hands.

The alternative channel asked people to stay away for the safety concern for the occasion. The opponents were very well known to be very violent and cunning. (They usually let peeps to hang out while the tv programs are filmed inside the building via huge glass windows facing the street.)

The tv show dedicated to monitor this Anti-Japan lobbying action LIVE, and had 2 famous presenters on board there, who are so hated by the Anti-Japan lobbyists there for their power to speak up the opinion against them.

Despite the pledge from the alternative tv channel side to not to come, about 40 peeps turned up to watch the show from the street looking into the glass windows of the production company, trying to protect the building and the people inside, with full on bright expressions on their faces, ready to fight back for the crazy accusation made against the alternative channel. 

I didn't know what I'd end up seeing.....whether physical fights starting or not.(•)

But when the marching Anti-Japan lobbyists arrived to the building location, saw the peeps already gathering up gazing at them with the looks to kill, they decided to move over to the other side of the street to avoid the collision.  The friggin peeps marching were hiding their faces with sunnies and masks, but we could tell they were in the age group of about 60-70 yo....meaning many of them were the COMMUNIST LOBBYISTS that used to do the same action back in the 60s.....

Their crappy anti-Japan lobbying are starting to shrink down in its power (finally!!!) because people don't want to hear from them anymore. 30,000+ of us were watching it LIVE via the channel program while all was happening.

There seem to be collective mind of Japanese peeps finally started to stand up to be "Japanese", not the "WW2 losers" anymore.


I suspect the possibility of those Lobbyists and intel agents from Korean peninsula and China have the connection to the incident of the cargo ship to crush against The US Aegis. But you also can't forget about the Cabal grip still present in Japan. 

The BREAK AWAY peeps (from the Cabal) are helping important political moves of Japan, too. But also real Japanese peeps who want to do the best for the country are starting to shine through, making a huge impression that the Cabals, China and both Koreas can't mess us further. 

The opponent's action is becoming less and less potent, because genuine peeps are standing up and revealing the truths in places such as in the UN, where friggin hell of Chinese and Korean power is infiltrated and does not function properly anymore, and the misinformed and disinformed UN officials' jaws were dropping to the floor as they realised how far they got fooled by those Anti-Japan peeps (which includes the bastards of Japanese lawyers keep on hanging at the UN, spreading total BS fake history there, such as about so called f_cking "sex slaves"...there were NONE existed....they were all bloody well <=paid like 3 X normal wage paid of high ranking officer's rate FFS> prostitutes under contracts to start with), saying "We never knew what really was going on in Japan" after seeing pretty violent protest scene from Okinawa.

.........The Aegis crash incident unfortunately blatantly revealed how thinly the body of Aegis was built (it was a fact that they all got built thinly, even thinner than the cowlings that of F1 racing cars in the % comparison re:thickness of panels---------BECAUSE THOSE AEGIS GOTTA MOVE FAST TO REACH THE ENEMY!!!), making friggin China to easily attack the US 7th Fleet in Sth Est Asian sea.

The plotter of the incident could be some anti-Japanese agents from Korean Peninsula, or it could be Chinese, or possibly BOTH groups shaking hands and done that. And the Cabal also could be behind by pushing money around, using those foreign agents as theirs in disguise, trying to cause headache to President Trump.......the darkness deepens.


Either way, pretty annoying how far and deep these peeps got waged into the society in Japan, and it's almost impossible to get rid of their presence at the moment because we don't possess anti-spying law. (´Д) (Obviously it was convenient for the Cabal to be so. FFS...) 

If you can imagine 1 in 4 peeps in Japan could may well be working for CIA (the data is pretty old, though---I heard this more than 10 years's just the situation didn't change much for that duration...awkward to admit it so but that's the truth), without the knowledge of it, then you cam imagine the place has been a Cabal Heaven! Sure it has been so especially since Meiji Era started. (But alien interventions were present since the ancient time. Very very ancient time.....)

You can tell how Japan was just a colony/ATM for the Cabal crap since the end of WW2.(´×ω×`) 

The thing is that the law trying to clean out these Cabal and Anti-Japanese intel agents had got finally approved in the Japanese gov just several days ago, so the battle starts.

But the new law is still pretty lame. It's at the beginning of trying to make it better.

There's no subs but JFYI, the actual alternative tv program made as LIVE:


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Just in from Sorcha Faal (reportedly US Navy Intelligence), it was the North Koreans who took over the container ship's auto-pilot and caused the collision..


"A grim Ministry of Defense (MoD) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Federation has received notice from the US Pacific Command (PACOM) that “hostilities are likely to soon occur” throughout the entire Sea of Japan region—and that the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) states is “directly related” to North Korea hacking the autopilot controls of a massive container ship, then crashing it into a US Navy destroyer killing, at least, 7 American sailors.


Critical to note about the ACX Crystal’s radical departure from its course, this bulletin notes, is that two days before its ramming the USS Fitzgerald, on 15 June, the same type of “incident” occurred when a Federation registered yacht named the Katalexa, that was sailing from Taiwan to the Russian city of Vladivostok, was hijacked by North Korea with its frantic crew desperately radioing that they had lost “all control” over their vessel.

MoD and SVR “assests”, this bulletin continues, quickly secured the release of the Katalexa from North Korea—with the SVR reporting that an examination of its onboard electronic systems showed that its autopilot had been hacked and  was the cause of it’s being “steered” into North Korean waters in the Sea of Japan.

Important to note, SVR analysts in this bulletin state, is that the Katalexa was equipped with a NAVIPILOT 4000 Marine Autopilot system that receives its orders from the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine ECDIS, and that ACX Crystal was equipped with a more sophisticated version of called the Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT Integrated Bridge System (IBS), both being manufactured by the British based company Sperry Marine Northrop Grumman.

The most striking similarity to the hijacking of both the Katalexa and ACX Crystal, this bulletin notes, is that they both occurred during the night hours “when everyone was asleep”.

Though some American sources are claiming that the Chinese hijacked the autopilot of the ACX Crystal in order to ram it into the USS Fitzgerald, this bulletin continues, SVR and MoD analysts, instead, attribute this “act of war” to Unit 180 of North Korea’s Reconnaissance General Bureau (RGB)—who just this past month, terrified the world with its WannaCry “ransomware” cyber attack that infected more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, and is linked to last year's $81 million cyber heist at the Bangladesh central bank and the 2014 attack on Sony's Hollywood studio too.


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According to Benjiman Fulford ( ), there are many high-level links between power factons that we are not normally aware of. Some of these factions are actually in power in their countries.

He links North Korea to the Kazarian Illuminati, specially Israel, from whom they got the technology to make nuclear weapons. These links then go on to a power block on mainland China and to the present and partly incapacitated Abe government in Japan.  And of course, we have the normal names, Kissenger, Rothschild, etc.


It is just like in Australia, the government there was corrupted and partially taken over during the war by General McArthur, and finally became a full puppet of the US with the Whitlam government dismissal. This is the main reason Australia is America's 'lap-dog', doing everything asked of it being in America's favour, but with Australia paying. (Oh, and not to mention giving to the US many inventions, and then having to buy them back at inflated prices to use).


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@EW  this one I can agree with.

"According to Benjiman Fulford ( ), there are many high-level links between power factons that we are not normally aware of. Some of these factions are actually in power in their countries.

He links North Korea to the Kazarian Illuminati, specially Israel, from whom they got the technology to make nuclear weapons. These links then go on to a power block on mainland China and to the present and partly incapacitated Abe government in Japan.  And of course, we have the normal names, Kissenger, Rothschild, etc."

The Rothschild's actually could have been testing that technology they developed and own.  Heck only 7 sailors sacrificed, 2400 or more at Pearl Harbor to get us into WW11. The cabal wants their war, and almost all of them have started over an incident with a ship at sea.  SOS, different year. I do not think Kim was the only one involved, by any stretch of the imagination, and what you quoted, reads and feels like truth to me.  The cabal is also unhappy with Pres. Trump.  Plus it's no secret that everyone is flat broke, no better reason.  

Obviously something pretty strange was going on with the ACX Crystal as shown in video below. 

Movements of Container Ship ACX CRYSTAL involved in a Collision with USS Fitzgerald


PROOF the Ramming of USS Fitzgerald Was a Terrorist Attack


This guy has some interesting videos about all of it.   This one is interesting.



Some Other Links


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The Treaty of Westphalia: The Peace Treaty of Westphalia (1648)

"The Peace of Westphalia is regarded as a milestone in the development toward tolerance and secularization."

Err....the good bits out of the treaty still make sense deeply for the Humanity; develop awareness and behaviour NOT TO PROVOKE OTHER COUNTRIES.

Obviously it could back fire to the Humanity when some nasty peeps use it against others, too, so again, we all gotta share "hey, we don't like violence and to be poked around or bullied in fact. Let's stop such negative actions, yeah?" kinda attitude.

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Something is very fishy about this.

How is it possible that a ship almost 5 times the size of the destroyer can ram on purpose a relatively agile, fully crewed boat, equipped with state of the art radar, laser range finders and all that? (40'000 tons vs. 8'500 tons, and yes, dear landlubbers, it's displacement that counts, not length which is 220m vs. 150m).

Imagine a jumbo jet trying to ram an aerobatic plane...

While a commercial skipper on a shorthanded cargo vessel could have had the nerve to have nobody on watch ("automated bridge") even in such crowded waters, I doubt that a skipper of a military vessel would risk his career and more with such a decision.

Everyone on the bridge of the destroyer is trained to assess speed and heading of traffic nearby even without the help of sophisticated instruments, of which there is an abundance on board a vessel like the Fitzgerald. 

The sailor's mother's statements just made me laugh. A steel vessel with 40'000 tons displacement, 220m of length and high superstructures is a big, fat spot on a radar screen; the transponder is only needed for identification, NOT for visibility - we are not talking about a carbon fibre racing yacht with carbon fibre rigging here. 

This collision could only happen due to incompetence and neglect or purpose of the personnel on the DESTROYER and that regardless of what was going on on the ACX Crystal (unmanned bridge or purposeful attempt to ram). (copies)/COLREG-1972.pdf

Rule 2


(a). Nothing in these Rules shall exonerate any vessel, or the owner, master or crew thereof, from the consequences of any neglect to comply with these Rules or of the neglect of any precaution which may be required by the ordinary practice of seamen, or by the special circumstances of the case.

(b). In construing and complying with these Rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances, including the limitations of the vessels involved, which may make a departure from these Rules necessary to avoid immediate danger. 

2b) means that if you're in a swift boat on a collision course with a supertanker, you have to give way, even with right of way, to avoid a collision, taking into account that the latter is not manoeuvrable enough to avoid a collision.

The evil Kim did that to provoke the US story just doesn't fly!


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@Mark Datter I agree with your view!

And this is for a laugh but I had to insert this unfitting news in this thread.

The Japanese Fixer, Ben Fulford, and Mr. X: Re: the US, Khazarian circle, White House etc 

Here you go, the latest from Ben Fulford, together with the Japanese fixer he loves to mingle with, as well as his friend (? probably so) who knows a lot of "behind the scenes" having the background lurking in Washington DC for a long time....he's calling himself "Mr. X" for this occasion. 

I think the info gone into this vid still hasn't been released from Ben's his own channel/site to the public yet. Maybe via his private forum release, yes.

Anyway, they concluded that In Between the fights of Khazarian mafia vs Military peeps, Trump is sandwiched and getting nasty wedging right up his butts. Trump does not know the acute situations, and dancing around abruptly as some problem rises, but he is not the decision maker of the War, and doesn't know wth Khazarian mafias would do, but Military is providing the protection for Trump.

There are hell of name the named stuff went into this vid session.....

Here's the funny bits.

I friggin couldn't understand wth was spoken well at all, because ALL OF THEM WERE TALKING IN JAPANESE.

Audio issue was one, but....BUT.....buuuuuuuuuuuttttttt!!!!! ROFL sorry for the guys but it took out hell of my energy trying to decipher wth was said because of the pace Mr. X was taking to speak up what he wanted to say with the accent and the voice bender changing his voice mechanically, and it was like watching a snail delivering emails...He's still translating Eng in his head to say it in Jpn and farg I don't possess the patience to decipher his comments. While he's talking one sentence, my autistic brain lost focus from it, and the info went down the drain. Again and Again. (≧▽≦)

Ben's speaking pretty well in Jpnse, but he also has the lapse in Jpnse because time to time he's still translating Eng into Jpnse words.

The Jpnse fixer has difficulty in clarifying his words lately, and I suspect he might got Parkinson's Disease or something, unable to finish his words with clear cut pronunciation etc.....

FARG it was a sort of torture for my poor autistic brain, trying to understand all of them. ((((≧▽≦))))HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

...Err so much so, I don't have energy left to re-listen to them again to understand what exactly were said in the vid. I can only laugh. Those were my exact problems until I learned to speak at the same speed as English speakers do.

Machine gun talks with broken English seems to be far better than hearing correct sentences being said with the snail pace from my life experience. Well, that's just me. ʅ(´-ω-`)ʃ 

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9 hours ago, Mark Datter said:

The evil Kim did that to provoke the US story just doesn't fly!

I could not agree with this statement more.  Kim is the tail on this dog, who with his constant, I'm going to nuke the US rhetoric, has put himself out there as a patsy for the war mongers to use to further their efforts to get this war going. The Otto Warmbier situation makes an already bad situation even worse, and has had Trump saying "we can handle it", in response.  Encouragement for some that they didn't need to be given.  In fact I've read that Kim is purportedly being very careful, and moving around only at night, due to fear of Navy Seals assassination squads. 

Due to the fact that the Fitz was in Subic Bay, Philippines, in April of 2017 for "minor repairs",  my first thought or so, was how convenient the ACX Crystal was manned by a crew from the Philippines. Early June 2017 ISIS attack in Philippines.  Duterte/China were my thoughts,  along with whomever else wants a war, and Kim, along with the MSM, has made himself available to carry the blame.

I think we can all agree that nothing about this incident is, or was, "normal".  From the differing times the incident was reported, to the actions of the cargo ship prior to or afterwards, to the Fitz not even seeing something that big, that close.  None of it makes sense, which has to make us scratch our heads and consider everything, in or out of the box called "normal".  Technology may be the answer, whether through hacking, stealth, cloaking, or new military advances, weapons and abilities that we know nothing about. Possibly through a combination of different technologies.  Was The Philadelphia Experiment really a "hoax"?   74 years ago is eons considering the speed of current technology advancements. No, I don't know what really happened, but I'm not willing to disregard anything that could explain it, because nothing we know does explain it, however we do know stealth/cloaking technology is very real. Due to stealth technology, the SAS Manthatisi defeated all NATO forces, sunk all the ships in an exercise off the African coast in 2007.  A thread by Acolyte written in January 2009.  Title of thread is "US,Chinese Researchers Engineer INVISIBLE CLOAK(WTH)"  Sadly the thread didn't garner much interest, but the info is pretty interesting. US, Ch 

I daresay the truth will never be told.  Was the Crystal actually searching those waters for the Fitz in particular?  Why all the crazy maneuvering, if not? Was the Fitz dead in the water, or simply invisible? How could it have not seen or heard the Crystal bearing down on it, unless it reappeared in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Why the report time differences? A deliberate attempt to sink a US Naval vessel on the open sea?  Or was it all something entirely different?  Seems to me the MH 370 techies were known to have been working on cloaking technology.   Yes, I sure as heck could be completely wrong.  I would prefer to think of this as a test of technology gone wrong, rather than an act of war, and perhaps it was exactly that, but not as it's being presented, nor would I like to entertain the idea that anyone would be willing to sacrifice the Fitzgerald and it's entire crew in order to start a war, but then it would not be the first time it's been done.  

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I do like the narrative that one guy spins in his video about the electronic device rendering the destroyer dead in the water. But it still doesn't really make sense the travel pattern of the Crystal. Why not ram it on the first pass? Something else went down that we are not seeing between the first pass, the about face, and the last pass, at which point I do think the ramming occurred. The only thing about rendering it dead in the water on the first pass is I would think the destroyer would radio that in as well. So, either they didn't because it didn't happen, or they did and they aren't telling us. Even if the electronic device took out every single comm device on the destroyer, I find it difficult to believe that a state of the art vessel like that does not have some kind of back-up comm in a faraday-like cage for just this sort of thing. 

One thing for sure is that the story we are being told is not the actual story and it has the Spidey senses of even non-CT people up.

I don't buy that the transponder of the Crystal was off. How would we be able to track it's travel path if it was off?  So, I'm thinking that the mother's statement is a "Company" statement. It doesn't make sense to me for mothers of military personnel in an active incident to be making reports like that.

I do think that there is an electronic war going on. Electronic skirmishes, at a minimum. It seems to be affecting a lot of US military craft increasingly lately. Then we have the recent airport electronic failures, the seismograph anomaly, etc and so forth. And let's remember that things are really heating up in Syria again as well. So, there are a lot of places to keep our eyes on. We are living in truly interesting times.

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Yes, all good points kande.  Several crashes/mishaps in the last few days regarding F-16's.  I had totally forgotten the airport problems, also cell phone/tv outages nationwide.   Definitely interesting times


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Re Otto Warmbier, Lynn's reading on him:


A.  When I first tune into this, and focus on Otto, I see that he and his spirit is at peace, but he doesn't like the news and how his death is being handled because of what it is doing to his loved ones.  He wants his life to celebrated, and not tied to this negative media event.  I also get that his passing is very difficult (understandably) for his mother (or a close female mother figure in his life), and he wants the happy times remembered, but they are being overshadowed by all this North Korea stuff.  

I do get that when Otto was on his trip a few years ago, he really did remove the poster.  He wasn't singled out by NK, but once he was on their radar, NK was extra harsh on him to send a message to both the US and also because of his father's connections (??).  I hear the "punishment did not fit the crime."  

While in custody I hear he got an infection.  I hear the infection evolved into "encephalitis" (I am not a doctor, so this may just be pointing me in the right direction), which untreated led to a neurological shutdown.  I hear that in general, prisoners are neglected, and by the time the seriousness of this was realized, it was too late.  His death was due to an infection in his brain, and not due to physical harm.  

I get his family knew this, and that is why an autopsy was not done.  (I also get that he was cremated, so there was nobody in the "pine box."???)  I hear his dad was furious (along with many other emotions) and used his connections to make his son's death public.  Politics and the media went wild with it.  Part of the "show" to get the people more emotionally involved was to televise the service (which is why the pine box was needed?).  I get that the facts were manipulated to create an even further distaste (and fear) of North Korea.

This young man really did pass, and much love and light should be sent to his family.   There is a lot of emotion and hurt that still needs to process, and they need all the positive thoughts they can get. 

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