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  2. is there any way to increase the amount of recipients for an outgoing mail message?

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  4. LOL the Bot is working hard and it's now hard to get to the posts made by us to leave my reactions. Never thought we end up such huge load of new threads generated daily! Sorry if I missed anyone's posts. I need time to get to you...! ROFL

    1. unity


      :-And just noticed we can't edit our personal bubbling if I write  a public message. Sorry for my stupid grammatical errors.

    2. breezy


      No problem unity. A hint for you. Up beside Browse, on the main forum page, if you click on Activity then click on either All Activity or Unread content, you won't miss anyone's posts, as they will all be listed for you.

    3. unity


      Excellent! Thanks for the tip, breezy!(・ω・)ノ

  5. It’s a bit tragic when you find out that children listen to extremely contaminated music today and they are supportive of it when I tell them I don’t like such music. It happened today when a child picked up her phone and I saw her songs that she listened to so I asked politely and were given permission to play a song so I started “Shinzo no Tobira” and she thought the cover was creepy! 

    1. unity


      I agree with her. It's creepy. LOL

  6. Microchipping is the first phase of planetary dictatorship under China. Microchips are produced in China and chipped to corporations offering their employees to chip. I have a feeling they are two moves away from conquering us on all levels. The countries where corporations are offering microchipping is Sweden, Canada, Australia, Germany, Norway, Finland. Finland alone offers biometric microchips from the government itself. There is no safe place :(

  7. Happy Veteran's Day to all our men and women of our military.  Thank you for your service to our country.

  8. Had a terrible nightmare :( They will exterminate all life on Earth just like how they are doing with California now :( I know that earth is a mining zone in the galaxy and the galactic criminal enterprise (Moon) has no respect for human life :( They will kill us all in order to get their resources :( That’s not what I saw in my dream but this will be the outcome. I know what they are up to at least!

  9. Hey folks,

     Greetings from Canada! I am a Gramma now!! My daughters firstborn came on Oct 31- his actual due date. His name is Hania. Baby is healthy and I am so excited!

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    2. breezy


      Congratulations, Suuzz!! Now the fun begins! 

    3. deekin


      Good news!  Congratulations to all!  :emoticon-cute-002:

    4. Suuzzaannee144


      Thanks so much you guys!- His name means spirit warrior- a chip off the old block eh? Lol...I hope so.

  10. Weed is now legal in Canada. In other news, Taco Bell announces 697 new stores in Canada.


    1. breezy


      So then everyone is happy?

    2. PANX


      I’ve seen old photographs, when you could get cannabis oil in small tubes from your pharmacist. I don’t see why people want to smoke it when oil was the common practice of medicine prior to the prohibition and hyper-industrial pills. 

  11. Japan just had this LIVE net streaming show with an ex JSDF high ranking officer speaking that he was adamant about the existence of "UFOs" and went on stating that loads of his crew saw them but just couldn't write such incident down because that's not a part of their job. The viewer #s for the show is usually like 50,000+/each.

    The comment section went crazy cheering the old guy. LOL Loved it.

    He's published a book from a very famous huge publisher on "UFOs", " from the point of view as an ex "Airforce" officer, accompanied by lots of accounts from JSDF crews. I gotta fish it out. LOL

    Time has changed, I do feel. 

    1. PANX


      Thank you for informing us, unity!

      I feel the times ahead of us will be critical for humanity. It's win or lose and the adversary is very strong!!

  12. Hello guys, been a while. Been very busy with other stuff then forums. Watching and analyzing a lot of Youtube videos about the American elections and the imminent collapse of the Financial market. Of-course the cryto-market also plays a big role in this. I hope you all prepared for this event which will make 1929 look like a Sunday picnic.

  13. Been having feelings of uneasiness today. The space criminals are up to something again!

    1. KMRIA


      I think now until the 31st of October is going to be pretty  fraught. Looking for an odd day on 23 October and then clearance in November. starting on (?) November and gpoing until the 22nd.the 65th anniversary of JFK's assassination.

    2. PANX


      I think they'll force a Korean dynasty over an African country and extract resources there. I think it will be Mali. I don't know how likely this is as it was foretold from my dreams. Pentagon is somehow involved too and obeys under the Korean oligarchs. 

  14. Ever heard of Cocteau Twins and the Secret Sun?

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    2. LoneStarr Apophenius

      LoneStarr Apophenius

      I guess you could say that their music is the eerie soundscape backing the prophetic lyrics of a modern day oracle. Admittedly, I see patterns everywhere. But seek, and ye shall find.

    3. LoneStarr Apophenius

      LoneStarr Apophenius

      Well PANX, I guess the secret sun is no longer secret.

    4. unity


      Yeah I hear you LoneStarr. I was told that they are a faction backed people before, and I have my solid trust in the informer (he passed my fully-skeptic-eyes! LOL). To me, all artists who are very creative (including writers) are very good channellers and some are also abductees. Yes I agree that the lyrics are very prophetic! Juicy stuff... 

  15. Hawaii all ok now? 

    I wondered if the massive hurricane was a substitute lined up for the islands (like horrid satanic list of what to do...) to balance the list, but anyhow, it seems people are getting time to re-settle without worrying the island to be broken apart further.

    Emergence of a new island happened and anyone know how that one is going? (Can sink back into the water or to stay there, IDK.)


    1. breezy
    2. unity


      Fewwwww! Glad for that. And I guess the tourists are coming back to Hawaii now, too.:)

  16. Sweden has capitulated to the transgender agenda completely. Now women can be men in the legal documents and vice versa. Future is not going to be easy for generations to come :(

    1. breezy


      No it's not PANX, trouble is, those responsible have a far bigger agenda in mind and it doesn't bode well for humanity as a whole. jmho fwiw

    2. PANX


      I completely agree with you breezy! It’s going to get tougher for us critical thinkers. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Europe anymore :(

  17. Not sure what my spirit animal is, but I am pretty sure it has rabies

  18. If whores, witches, ghosts and hobo's show up on my doorstep, I can only assume it's Halloween because our family reunion was in July....

  19. To the lady at Costco with her son on a leash. I'm sorry that I asked if he was a rescue.

    1. unity
    2. breezy


      If I had known that was you, Orion, I'd have bought you a coffee !

    3. breezy


      BTW, Orion nice to see you.

  20. So how long before GoFundMe is America's leading health care provider?

  21. Hi Bree, you were right, it just took a while for the internet to spark up again regarding 911. There has been a tonne of stuff discussed across many sites now, including some new perspectives from unlikely sources. Hope you are having a good day!

    1. breezy


      Yes, and there are other things in  play also from here and there, to bring more interest, as you said.  Thank you for your wishes for a good day. Returned to you as well.  

  22. Really amazed at the lack of 911 discussion and follow up across the net today. Has everyone given up? Still raw in my mind, and wrong, just so wrong - it reeks of it.

    1. breezy


      Trust me Jammer, no one has forgotten, and everyone knows what they were doing when they first heard.  I have to believe that the day of truth will come.

    2. JammerAAP


      I hope so too Bree. Just to see that raw nerve exposed, and those who perpetrated this out in the open will I am sure create a domino effect, and liberate this planet.

  23. Could be the Andromedians!

  24. You know you're getting old when bending over is a one-way trip.


  25. Wishing everyone a great Labor Day weekend!

  26. Happy Father's Day to all of our Australian members and guests.  Best wishes and have a great day one and all!

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