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  2. This popped up today on GLP..........Check this out! The OP from this 2008 thread might have predicted the Algeria plane crash:

    Thread: me tel u now so u belive me 15 may 

    Here is the original post link, most important pieces are bolded

    1. unity


      Howdy kdog! Hope you are doing great! Wooow, it's been a long time seeing so many of BHD posts. Well, basically I haven't been reading into Glooop threads for ages...  

    2. unity


      me post probabilitys ok
      me cee crash plane on deck of us war ship 55 dimise
      me cee us bomer crash sea
      me cee many dolfin and whale go suicide
      me cee 250 plus more demise acident and crash of plane europe people
      me cee this site go down 25 may for ss short time questions ask owners
      me cee very moving earth again people of same shape eye japan
      me cee sicknes go people of india and people of korea
      me cee very oil sickess people of america grow biger not aford buy oil anymores
      me cee america peopole very angry go damage monument there capitol ok
      me cee very big and final earth war this line time but u can stop stil
      me have more but me post later me stil lern ok 
      u ask me then post ok me stil need lern much more ok

       Quoting: Anonymous Coward 386035 

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  4. Hi folks. Hope this finds you all well. :)

    1. breezy


      Hope you are well also JammerAAP, nice to see you here.

  5. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. Peace, Love, and light to you all

    1. breezy


      Thank You Orion, and certainly the best to you and yours this Easter Sunday and every day.

    2. unity


      Hello Orion, thank you for the message! Sending you the seasonal greetings with hope for our future with gusto. With an air bear hug. :hug:

    3. deekin
  6. I saw flying cars in my dreams last night. Let's make it happen!! :)

    1. unity


      Howdy fet! Yeah that's in production process, and Toyota is intending to get theirs up and flying by 2025, making it possible for anyone to "drive/fly". Here's another prototype vid.... wooooow.....what our grandparents fore thinkers wished to get, say 50 years ago, is now becoming real for us to look forward to!

      Does this mean the car drivers don't need to share the road with pushbikers? That'll be awesome....(Till flying pushbikes comes out on the market....ROFL)

    2. unity


      Woops, sorry, forgot to add the YT vid addy: 


    3. feteru7


      Wow! Interesting Unity :) Didn't Toyota had such plans, but the flying cars I saw in my dreans didn't have wings. They looked like the drone with five seats, two in front and five in the back and they were floating without emitting any gases! Me thinks after disclosure/event free energy is released :)

  7. A reminder vid...


    1. breezy


      Interesting unity  

  8. Did Matrix Got Updated Today?

    I have been having this feeling that last 24 hrs was a very special day.

    Something had changed about our shared reality.

    It was as if to "upgrade" and it feels neater and better.

    Even to my visual cue, when the change of the structure was taking place right in front of me, the perspective of the space got changed, and immediately I felt the same space somehow bigger and wider with fresher feel to the whole place...wth...

    But then, I can't be sure if I'm having a very positive result from C60 and this is a part of it....

    Anyone else felt something very profound today??

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    2. breezy


      I see more people thinking alike, synchronicities, etc taking place. Maybe not exactly teleportation, but a bit more telepathy? Other than that, no,, but you are so positive unity, you might  just be more receptive than those of us with a bit of cynicism to deal with first.  :rolleyes:

    3. unity


      With the fact that Ben/S0 stating vividly lately re: imminent POLE REVERSAL and DISASTER to go with it to happen sometime SOON, we maybe all feeling overall change that Earth is going through....(it means as usual for us.)

      Interesting that loads of CT heads turned away from Pole Shift and the disaster story, while S0 and his crew came back with stern WARNING over it now. 

      Apart from that....LOL C60 has been doing something to meeeeeeeee I guess...!(≧▽≦)ノ

    4. breezy


      unity would you please cross post this video onto a thread ?   Thanks, very interesting. I hope you are correct and that C60 is making you feel better.

  9. Happy Valentine's Day

    CHANI members and Guests

    WISHING ALL OF YOU - LOVE!! - Today and Everyday

    1. unity


      Thinking about the gender-less society. How the hell is the commercialised (Females to buy chocs to guys they love-idea.) St.Valentines day going to deal with that side of issue, IDK. Maybe the choc companies would just jump up and say "this is for all, female or male or whatever, everyone buy buy buy the chocs"....(´Д`) But let's enjoy the REAL chocs while we can. We might be left only with GMO chocs within a decade.....

    2. breezy


      geeze unity I was telling myself to forget reality yesterday. hmmm, I guess if we don't  know any longer who should be buying the chocs, they may want to rethink this whole gender confusion. After all, money, profits, are all that count, right? SMH  Would be interesting to know if it affected Valentine sales this year.

  10. we are heading towards our dreams! it is written in our DNA, now part of our memory. dreams are short-lived but eternally imbeded in our life. some day in the future i hope dreams will be our reality! the greatest fun i've ever had has been in dreams. maybe i'm missing out in this world. :P

    1. breezy


      feteru7 I have heard others say the same about dreams, having fun, being real, and I have had my own that were real. So I will add my hopes to yours, and may all of our good dreams come true.  

    2. feteru7


      cool breezy! 

  11. Hi Kdog..

    Jeez its been a while. I remember chatting with you the first day I was ever on Chani..that was you right- stationed at the HAARP facility?

    I heard it got moved from near Anchorage, I believe. Not sure to where. Do you know? And how are you anyhow?

    1. kdog2891


      I am good. HAARP?? Um. no I'm in Kentucky.

    2. Suuzzaannee144


      K thanks. It was someone with a similar handle then.

  12. Hi ! How are you? 



    1. breezy


      Hi Kdog. i'm fine, Thank you for asking, and how are you?  It's nice to hear from you, see you've been on CHANI.


  13. Happy Australia Day to all of our Australian members and guests!

    1. unity


      Thank you breezy! It's a "Bloody White Australia Day" from the Aboriginal people's point of view, I feel........but for many kids in Oz, they remember this day as another happy day. From there, I hope a new bud of trust and unity can start to grow among ALL kids in Oz, regardless of race or identity. Love for All.:-*

    2. breezy


      HEAR HEAR unity!  I hope so too.:hug:

  14. You guys all recall the sentient goo thread...I have been watching a TV show called Helix which seems to be dealing with it , the story line is similar to some things that were reported. It puts perspective onto why these things are happening...and potential solutions...


    1. breezy


      I haven't heard of it.  On a major channel?  Tx for telling us about it.

  15. Super moon here in Scotland first time in 150 years

    1. unity


      Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh helllloooooo Chewy!! Long time no see!! Sending an air bear hug to your way. ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔσ”

    2. Chewy1314


      Hey Unity :) how are you? Been far to long, but hope you are well and that life has been kind to you!! Much love my friend x

  16. We have been being attacked for a long time. The truth is -that is their modus attack and steal our light so it can be manipulated to control others and us- it is called divude and conquer. Alone and separated from our family of light, we are easier to control. The real problem is fear. We need to act and be together in order to overcome these attacks. Working alone is VERY HARD to make any real progress. Its like two steps forward and one back all the way along and people are too scared to help us because they get attacked when they do. But this is the very reason why we need to work together. It is of great importance for us now to gather our courage and skills together so we can push them back with truth , love, Light and awareness. As one of my sons says: Teamwork makes the dream work...shall we get past this protectionism of the single family unit and see that only by opening up to our greater family of light will be able to overcome the dark.

  17. 2018 IS the year of humanity

    2023 IS the year we reach the stars

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    2. Bryan


      This is the year of “I Told You So!”  

      Get ready to wake the eff up dum dums. 

    3. Suuzzaannee144


      It seems we have finally passed the curtain of fog and a light can be seen at the end of the tunnel.

    4. Chewy1314


      Happy new year everyone, this is good news!! 

      2018 is shaping up to be an interesting :)


    This is my book regarding The Cathars, Knights Templar and our family lineages... for those who wished to understand the origins of the Family of Light and their journey.

  19. Happy new year, y'all. 

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    2. deekin


      Let's make it so.

    3. breezy


      Happy New Year All!

    4. KMRIA


      yes happy new year all!

  20. Season's Greetings folks - Jammer aap

    1. deekin
    2. breezy


      Nice to see you Jammer  Seasons Greetings to you and yours!

  21. Hey folks, Just a big Hello! Miss you guys. I am just about completed my short novel pertaining to the Mandala effect and some theories and actual events that happened to me when I was on my trip to UK and Malta last spring. I want to send it out to folks for proof reading if you are up to it. Ya Triton one of the Characters is Trithon whose name I slightly changed and it has info about the Atlanteans. How bout send me an email to: to proof the next three chapters...please and's the first:


    1. Suuzzaannee144


      yes the entire first book is finished and uploaded at the same site page...has the truth of some things that happened to me, and some great visionary stuff and some speculation on future events...Time Mandala is my third  book - actually a novella. I am already well into my fourth which is more of a true historical and then speculative work on the Knights Templar and Cathars...7 chapters in , will let you all know when it's done..A tidbit from The Knights :


      Excerpt from Knights doc



      Louis The X1V


      It appears as though the Kings of Old had some reason to think their blood made them of divine right- whether it was some Odinic or Cathar ( catholic) lineage is of some debate-yet clearly it is acted upon and Loius the X1V gave himself the right to be seen as a sun god. This is very similar to the adorations which were given to Monarchs in ancient Maya , Inca, Aztek, Chinese, Hindu, Japanese and many other cultures world wide- why?...because they knew they had powers to convene with the higher beings- or at least that was what they were told. In some cases , this was true. In others it was not, however hubris gave them the effort to push forward. I always say the proof is in the pudding, but let’s move on shall we?


      ...We begin with the early Rosicrucian’s which according to H. Spencer Lewis F.R.C., First Imperiator of the Rosicrucian Order ( in the U.S.) . The book shows documents of the European Order bestowing their affiliation with the U.S. group among other relic photos.

      The story comes down as such that on the night a successor would be picked, young Thutmose 111 was attending the feast . It was expected that his elder brother would be the chosen successor, however after the high priest looked deeply with the eyes of all the candidates, the High Priest laid the image of Amen at the feet of Thutmose, meaning he had been chosen to lead. It is said that he rose up ,however he spoke to those around as though he had been “elevated or carried” to his feet, as though his feet hardly touched the ground and tells of how he ascended into Heaven and was duly appointed by God to serve his people- divinely ordained.


      Egyptian hieroglyphs among other religious symbols


      Here placing the scrolls within the Sphinx-




      So let it be written, so let it be done.

      The book states very clearly that they call themselves “ I, of the Illuminati” in most correspondences and they claim to have “rare knowledge”, which obviously means documents. It is well known that certain emerald tablets were found beneath the Sphinx an Giza, which is known as “ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth”. These have been translated and I read them aloud in one of my Blogtalk Radio shows ( see archives for link)

      This being said, Thutmose became the first Pharaoh to break down the existing religious sects and follow the religion of a single solar God they call Atum, whom is symbolized by the sun. His cartouche signet is said to be a part of the Rosicrucian’s’ relics. Thus an order was established which got passed down from father to son, however it was Amenhotep 1V, Thutmoses’ great grandson- whose mother Tia was an Aryan ( !?), who upon being crowned in 1367 B.C. strove to uphold his forefathers’ principals of the One God , He wrote hymns such as :

      “How Manifold are Thy works!

      They are hidden before men

      O Sole God, beside whom there is no other.

      Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart.”

      One important precept here is the concept not only of monotheism but also the idea that the True God was in everything but not within something they could touch or of the earth itself- the solar sun was therefore not only an object of worship but as a sole ruling deity.

      So even though the young man died early, he had taken the name of Akhnaton ,Meaning “ Ammon is satisfied, or Glory to Aton”, built a Temple in the form of a cross at El Amarna, at which many Fraters of the Order lived ( some 296 of which swore never to leave the confines of the Temple), the tops of their heads shaved bald in a circle (!) Akhnaton dies at 1350 B.C. leaving a legacy of the order which migrated to other places thereafter and Egypt went back to the old Gods under Seti1 and Ramses 11-for some time after that.

      The tomb of Akhnaton has just been uncovered for the first time this year 2017 and his treasure now has been added to the museums of artifacts .

      “Benedictus Figulus ,a Brother f the Order who made a very exhaustive study of the growth of the Order wrote:’ About the year1680 A.M.*, the Greeks went to Chaldea and Egypt to learn this philosophy, but after learning a little they became so puffed up and proud depending more than was meet on their own understanding…”

      Ok so let’s recap …a young son of Egypt becomes the Pharaoh and starts a religion based on either visons or a direct trip to some heaven where he is instructed to “Serve the People”, which he does and engages his children and grandchildren, in this order ,which worships the light in both heart and warmth and sustenance giving being.

      Now that sounds very much like the God of Isreal Yod He Vau He, The God of Muslims

      Allah, the God of Christians Jevovah or Christ the First Luminary, The Annointed One of the First Order of the Light

      * ( Pg.62 ;footnote of note- A.M. The year of the world- supposedly beginning at 4004 B.C….!Rosicrucian Questions and Answers- The Complete History of the Rosicrucian Order- First Edition 1929- Kingsport Press Inc.,Tennessee U.S.A.)

      ( excerpt from Knights Doc- Suzzannee144)




  22. Hello, to all. Luck, to all.

    1. Reddwolf


      Thanks rab....nice to see you.  Hope your well.   

      Happy Holidays


    2. breezy


      Hello Rab, Thank you, so nice to see you.

      Have a great Holiday Season!

  23. omg what is up with this teamspeak!!!!

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    2. breezy


      no it isn't    use the address  and jingles is the password should get you in w/o a problem

    3. breezy


      ok on the homepage in the teamspeak block, lower right of page, where it says join this server, click on that, it brings you a second page that gives you a join server option, click on that and you will get a dropdown that says open ts url, click that, then under connections type in          and where it says password  type in  jingles, and all should be fine.    

    4. breezy


      dang   (soz misspelled voice)

  24. Hello Chani family, I hope you are all well. As some of you have already noticed, big changes are ramping up in the world. To quote one of my favorite movies "I feel a disturbance in the force". I know I am not the one here that feels this sense of darkness coming. Stay safe all, be careful and keep your eyes open. Its always darkest before the dawn right?

    1. Foopengerkle


      Feel it too, so I'm sending out positive vibes, thoughts, love, and hope and pray that disturbs the dark!  love to all.

    2. triton


      Good to hear from you--hope everything is ok-- yep--have been feeling it for quite a while now.

    3. breezy


      Yes Orion, big big changes take care, be safe!

  25. North Korea news: 200 people have died following an accident at a nuclear testing facility

    North Korea’s Punggye-ri facility has suffered a devastating collapse, leaving around 200 people dead.

    Around 100 people were killed when when an unfinished tunnel collapsed at Kim Jong-un's main nuclear testing site.

    Another 100 people subsequently died while attempting to rescue the first group of entombed workers.

    Foreign experts had warned a collapse was likely, highlighting the danger of a cloud of radioactive fallout escaping from the site and spreading across "an entire hemisphere".

    1. NewWorld


      Was away when you posted this Rose but did see it on FB feed.  Interesting times for sure.

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