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  2. Ever heard of Cocteau Twins and the Secret Sun?

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    2. LoneStarr Apophenius

      LoneStarr Apophenius

      I guess you could say that their music is the eerie soundscape backing the prophetic lyrics of a modern day oracle. Admittedly, I see patterns everywhere. But seek, and ye shall find.

    3. LoneStarr Apophenius

      LoneStarr Apophenius

      Well PANX, I guess the secret sun is no longer secret.

    4. unity


      Yeah I hear you LoneStarr. I was told that they are a faction backed people before, and I have my solid trust in the informer (he passed my fully-skeptic-eyes! LOL). To me, all artists who are very creative (including writers) are very good channellers and some are also abductees. Yes I agree that the lyrics are very prophetic! Juicy stuff... 

  3. Hawaii all ok now? 

    I wondered if the massive hurricane was a substitute lined up for the islands (like horrid satanic list of what to do...) to balance the list, but anyhow, it seems people are getting time to re-settle without worrying the island to be broken apart further.

    Emergence of a new island happened and anyone know how that one is going? (Can sink back into the water or to stay there, IDK.)


    1. breezy
    2. unity


      Fewwwww! Glad for that. And I guess the tourists are coming back to Hawaii now, too.:)

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  5. Sweden has capitulated to the transgender agenda completely. Now women can be men in the legal documents and vice versa. Future is not going to be easy for generations to come :(

    1. breezy


      No it's not PANX, trouble is, those responsible have a far bigger agenda in mind and it doesn't bode well for humanity as a whole. jmho fwiw

    2. PANX


      I completely agree with you breezy! It’s going to get tougher for us critical thinkers. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist in Europe anymore :(

  6. Not sure what my spirit animal is, but I am pretty sure it has rabies

  7. If whores, witches, ghosts and hobo's show up on my doorstep, I can only assume it's Halloween because our family reunion was in July....

  8. To the lady at Costco with her son on a leash. I'm sorry that I asked if he was a rescue.

    1. unity
    2. breezy


      If I had known that was you, Orion, I'd have bought you a coffee !

    3. breezy


      BTW, Orion nice to see you.

  9. So how long before GoFundMe is America's leading health care provider?

  10. Hi Bree, you were right, it just took a while for the internet to spark up again regarding 911. There has been a tonne of stuff discussed across many sites now, including some new perspectives from unlikely sources. Hope you are having a good day!

    1. breezy


      Yes, and there are other things in  play also from here and there, to bring more interest, as you said.  Thank you for your wishes for a good day. Returned to you as well.  

  11. Really amazed at the lack of 911 discussion and follow up across the net today. Has everyone given up? Still raw in my mind, and wrong, just so wrong - it reeks of it.

    1. breezy


      Trust me Jammer, no one has forgotten, and everyone knows what they were doing when they first heard.  I have to believe that the day of truth will come.

    2. JammerAAP


      I hope so too Bree. Just to see that raw nerve exposed, and those who perpetrated this out in the open will I am sure create a domino effect, and liberate this planet.

  12. Could be the Andromedians!

  13. You know you're getting old when bending over is a one-way trip.


  14. Wishing everyone a great Labor Day weekend!

  15. Happy Father's Day to all of our Australian members and guests.  Best wishes and have a great day one and all!

  16. I maybe wrong.

    But without having our hearts properly set with decent virtue, respect and love for others, I cannot imagine crypt-anarchism would work properly with us, I felt.

    E.g. just for the sake of spreading the 3D guns and chuck out the info about how to make it is not a safe way of crypt-anarchism being used, I feel... (Err, if crypt-anarchism is meant to trash our world, then that may well be fitting thing. Then why do we even use it? It's already in the use in Block Chain system, yeah?)

    I don't think we can really call the move as the "loving action"... 

    Yeah it's a great attitude to share the idea, and many of us would be interested in! 

    But what if that is backed with the negative intention or disregarding the care for others?

    I think all of us can imagine pretty savage situation might rise out of the release of such info.

    .....But to start with, "Virtue" is such a wishy washy stuff.(´×ω×`) 

    Who decides specifically about what are the worthwhile Virtue anyway, and who got the right to say "I'm correct, and you are not" over others, especially if the difference seem to rise from such as the cultural differences? (´Д`) I'm stewing over how to get the balance of respect given to someone's opinion to the negative effect derived from the bad decision making without love and care...

    I hope at least the concept to have a happy world itself is something we can share and agree upon.

    But....well, Psychopaths sadists do exist, and they don't care such things. 

    And often they got the grip over the enslavement of us and stop us to achieve it by divide and conquer tactics, and preventing us to have peace/space in our mind to be able to discuss such important awareness among us---because for now, in order to survive, we are pushed to require "money" and stay in the enslavement. Urghhhh!!

    ....Again, to run the world better for ourselves, I suppose we need to be accepting the differences as long as others don't poke into our ribs with negative intention. But there's stuff you could label "suffocated by love in wrong way".

    I'm more stewing now. Who decides the precise line that "this much" is ok but "beyond that" is not ok? We got wide range of opinions....

    Ummmm my head hurts.( ̄д ̄)

    Let's learn to be kind and nurturing to all existences as much as we can, regardless....

    I'd love to see the day we all can be smiling and sharing the planet a-ok.

  17. It's been awhile. Breezy, hope you are doing well. All is good with me. I am watching this show on netflix called the innocents and they mentioned bezerkers and shape shifting and I thought of this place. Love you guys !


  18. Raise a beer to Aco. Cheers, jammer aap

    1. breezy



    2. JammerAAP


      I envy you Bree, having met him and spent time with he and the family in a place where he felt relaxed and safe. Do  you still have contact? I always wonder if they receive the odd note or object now and then, coming in from where ever!

    3. kdog2891


      Cheers !


  19. Just in: Kofi Annan dead. Did he suffer any health problems?

    1. unity


      Wasn't his family member tweeting that he had a short period of time being sick then he was gone...? At his age, that can happen, so I cannot say whether it was untimely death or not but he certainly left a huge impression on us, methinks.

    2. PANX


      My impression of him was that he was good, but if he worked for the Cabal that I don't know..

  20. Just wanna say thanks to Blu' for the PDFs. Amazing stuff my friend. You have led a very interesting life. Cheers, jammer aap

  21. There is a disturbance in the force, I know it's evil, it's vibration is very low and it travels quite fast in an unnatural orbit emitting a frequency sound. Not a car, not a motorcycle, it's something else that keeps us in this matrix!

  22. Yesterday, after the lunar eclipse, I seemed to have more 'Time' the whole day giving me a more relaxed feeling.

  23. ...Been gone a long time.  Just saw T's post - please tell me he is ok....

    1. PANX


      I'm wondering as well W2k..

    2. Reddwolf


      Hi Whose2know!  Nice to see you.  Hope you have been well.

    3. breezy


      Hi Whos2know:  I wish I could tell you more.  As far as I know,  he had a second surgery on August 6th, with a third in weeks.  He is on our minds and in our hearts.

  24. Do a search for THE FUSE YEAR (Part Three) Reference to "the young Kennedy wil return", by our entity, is in that part-posted May 2, 2013, by Acolyte.

  25. I saw a star wandering the morning sky and I forgot how to film it with my smart phone. Definitely an Andromedian ship! Better luck next time :)

  26. hell feteru, I hope my dream involvements are for the betterment of all, I've always had a nagging feeling I should be doing more than I am about many subjects. I know the written word is my best outlet to the world (don't like public speaking if I can avoid it) 

    I have a lot more to write about over the next year or two, will try and keep you guys and girls informed better than I have in the past.  

    1. PANX


      It was only positive feelings! I also prefer writing over speaking :) Now I look forward to reading your material for the coming years :D

    2. deekin


      Welcome back, Blue!  You've been in our thoughts since your absence.

    3. Blue ET

      Blue ET

      thanks deekin as said else where lots to share with you all in Chani, just give me time

  27. yep everything is very cool (the weather ) LoL. But thought I'd come on in out of the cold to say hi to you guy and girls


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    2. unity


      Awesome...! Looking forward to check out the link, thank you. I actually have one of those rock-maps I picked up from a nowhere towards Flinders range.

    3. unity


      This is the thread I set up with images, just in case you are interested in to take a look at...: 


    4. JammerAAP


      G'day Blu.

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