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  2. Megalithic tomb uncovered in Ireland is the 'find of a lifetime': Detailed 5,500 year-old stone carvings discovered in the Boyne Valley are the 'most impressive in decades' Experts made the discovery on farmland near 18th Century Dowth Hall in Ireland It is situated in the Brú na Bóinne, or Boyne Valley Tombs, World Heritage Site Two chambers were discovered inside the western part of the main burial tomb A large stone cairn – 130 feet in diameter – was raised over the top of this tomb One kerbstone is heavily decorated with 'impressive' neolithic carvings By TIM COLLINS FOR MAILONLINE and PRESS ASSOCIATION PUBLISHED: 02:15 AEST, 17 July 2018 | UPDATED: 23:45 AEST, 17 July 2018
  3. Fabric softener is the #1 cause of indoor air pollution. Make your own with this DIY recipe Natural Homemade Fabric Softener Ingredients 1 gallon white vinegar 30 drops of essential oil (where to buy 100% pure essential oils) Mix ingredients together and pour into a storage container. To use: Dilute the vinegar mixture with water before being used in your laundry. For regular sizes loads, mix 1/4 cup of vinegar mixture with 3/4 cups of water. Pour the fabric softener into your washer during the final rinse cycle.
  4. New UFO Drama Series "Project Blue Book": First Look Trailer I HISTORY (c) HISTORY 2018 Published on Jul 18, 2018
  5. Bombshell Bourdain interview is published one month after his suicide: Celebrity chef unloads on 'rapey, gropey and disgusting Bill Clinton and hopes Weinstein is 'beaten to death in jail' Anthony Bourdain gave a lengthy, wide ranging interview to journalist Maria Bustillos for her recently launched magazine Popula In the interview, conducted in February and published Sunday, Bourdain slammed Bill Clinton's handling of his sexual misconduct allegations He also condemned Clinton's wife Hillary for her role in 'destroying' the women Bourdain, one of the most outspoken male supporters of the #MeToo movement, said he would have liked to see the producer 'beaten to death in his cell' He also touched on politics in the Trump-era saying he would compromise his principles for some 'f**king competency' Bourdain also bizarrely said Jared Kushner's eyebrows appeared 'manscaped' and said he 'was a born snitch' By EMILY CRANE FOR DAILYMAIL.COM PUBLISHED: 14:31 AEST, 16 July 2018 | UPDATED: 13:27 AEST, 17 July 2018
  6. I think Q may be done and that's that - someone pointed out this post on GLP and I have to agree it's compelling. I don't think there will be other agents, it was Q at this level and that was that anyone else coming along is not part of this run or channel. The channel may now be closed and we were told in the past the exact marks to know this point... of course I may be proved wrong but all things seem to be at a apex and now I see Putin is to visit US. Q for Quality !!! Neonrevolt has got much more on this -
  7. @breezy - Yea that is exactly the point I made too but I had not read your point or links previously. In fact it was the result of the conversation with someone else who is not really following Q or reading such forums but had noted the symmetry in both men's positions over time. I concurred and that it now looks so obvious to many who are not even watching like we do tells you a lot right. That's a real positive. Future proves past? Knowing what is going in under Trump in USA (or having at least some non-mom grasp) now clarifies the true nature of what was at played in the Former USSR post collapse and Putin rise to power - it really clarifies too the root of the demonisation of Putin, he's only having a break because it's all been directed at Trump now in spades, they've doubled, tripled, nay Quadrupled-down on Trump.
  8. I was under the attack from AIs, And it was CREEPY AS..... It happened about 4 hours ago. I'm posting this so no matter what happens later, you people know wth had happened to prep the way publicly. I got a bloody AI/bot waging into the phone line. I tried to call my mother. She mentioned to me that she'd suffered a heat stroke 3 days ago. So I wanted to check on her. No answer. Though it was at around 2pm in Japan then, thinking maybe she went out to get something. I tried to call her again, to see if any response comes back. 1st ring out happened, then suddenly from the 2nd ring out, the ringing sound changed, so I went HUH? straight away. Then I heard she picked up the call with weak tone of voice. Well, for about 10 minutes, I tried to make a conversation with "her". But she was repeating the EXACT PHRASES AGAIN AND AGAIN. That's including not responding to what I said, basically not even waiting the tern to speak, but continuously saying the exact same thing. After hearing that for about 5 times, I told her what was going on. I started to think about Alexa and other weird AI speech recorded by others....started to wonder if it's a bloody BOT I'm trying to talk with. After told her how strange she's keep on repeating herself exactly for so many times, her voice was still keep on repeating exactly the same phrases....... I told her "you are keep on repeating yourself now for the 7th time. I'm going to cut you off now and gonna call back." then shut down on the line. Then called back immediately after. It was my father who picked the phone this time, and he told me my mother was saying that the phone got cut off while she was talking with me..... I started to talk with her, this time, all conversation went no worries, she was herself as usual, though still suffering ill health from the heat stroke. In my years of looking after elders and people with Alzheimer's disease etc, I had NEVER seen anyone who can repeat themselves absolutely the same for that many times with exactly the same speech manner. (I should have recorded that shit.....thought of it but was in emotional shock and after all didn't actually record the conversation at all.) ...So I came to the conclusion that I was talking with an AI trying to test me how long I'd take to realise what was going on. The next time they may try the same thing would be more complicated, smoother talk, I take........... It was incredibly freaky as it happened to me, I could notice the oddness, and I also wondered if my mother was also talking to a bot with my voice cut and pasted during that 10 minutes, not realising it wasn't me in human body............. If they thought I'd just get down and roll over, WROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may not have reached to my full potential yet and they may think I won't be able to do anything to fight back. Well, I have upper hands that they won't be able to do anything towards it. We will eradicate them off Earth and beyond. The HELP is already on their way for all of us, the Humanity.
  9. Thank you for your supportive words, breezy!(・∀・) Alex Collier He has been around for a long time with us. Although he went through really tough time personally and publicly, he is still here with us. He paved a huge way for us to crack in, understand how the Humanity and Earth has been around with aliens. (c) AgentStarskY 2012 Published on Dec 6, 2012
  10. #DEWATTACK: TRUMP Survives, SS Agent Hero Dies, G-TV #EYESWIDESHUT It seems my thoughts were right on the money. I wondered about that para-glider and from what she says, this SS Agent's death happened as soon as Pres. Trump was rushed to safety inside the building, as the para-glider flew over. When the lights dimmed at his Tuesday press conference, he raised his arms up to protect his chest area. The videos are both on you tube.
  11. @PE, you asked have Putin/Pres.Trump teamed up? I would rather put it this way. Putin and Pres.Trump understand one another perfectly! Putin is against the NWO, so is Trump. If you read those two links I posted from twitter about Putin, and what he had to do to straighten out Russia, after Yeltsen, then does it not seem Pres.Trump is having to do the same thing here? Both men love their country and their people, and both men understand the other is attempting to put their country first. Both men recognize the same things about the other, and that breeds a mutual respect. I would say Putin is relieved to speak with a man, who doesn't speak out of both sides of his mouth. I imagine it is like a breath of fresh air to him. I am aware of Baba Vanga. I had best not voice my opinion of certain other's who came before. The passing of that ball had me going as soon as I watched it. I figured there it is, right in your face, and in front of the whole world. I felt the ball somehow contained the info Pres.Trump needed. I had no clue how, then found out that particular ball, contains a chip. No wonder ole Chuckie Schumer was squealing like a stuck pig, about how it may have a spy device in it. The DS did NOT want those two to meet, gee, wonder why? Funny though how it would be our Q Branch that would examine it, if necessary. LOL Those sly devils, at RT mentioning that fact, in my link on previous page. I will repost your AbleDanger link. I had it last night, but decided I would post it today, then you got there before me, which is AOK. I haven't managed to get to the Blacklist Anon yet. 8chan is not my forte, but will post a link. Will say there's an AC dropping hints/info on glp thread also. Adding more links to info Imperator Rex servers and their importance A couple videos - I like the way this person thinks SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Trump’s brilliant chess combination in Helsinki SerialBrain2 decodes Q: Mr President we see you want to continue our B2 conversation That's it for now.
  12. Obama: ‘I’m Actually Surprised by How Much Money I Got’ <<speech in So. Africa Obama slams populist 'right-wing billionaires,' touts liberal push for 'universal income' <<a trap, people and one more Barack Obama: ‘Men Have Been Getting on My Nerves Lately’ Joshua Caplan July 18, 2018 "Former President Barack Obama on Wednesday told young African leaders in Johannesburg, South Africa, that he would like to see more women enter the political fray because he is growing increasingly frustrated with men. In a speech before 200 students at the African Leadership Academy, former President Obama lamented the frequency of which he sees reports of men behaving in a “violent” and “bullying” manner. “Women in particular, by the way, I want you to get more involved,” Obama told attendees. “Because men have been getting on my nerves lately. Every day I read the newspaper, and I just think, brothers, what’s wrong with you guys? What’s wrong with us? I mean, we’re violent, we’re bullying. You know, just not handling our business.” snip
  13. I'm sure you all heard about this? Mandalay Bay Owner Sues Las Vegas Shooting Victims Ron Dicker July 17, 2018 "An attorney representing some of the victims of the Oct. 1 shooting massacre in Las Vegas slammed Mandalay Bay’s owner for suing them. MGM Resorts International, the parent company of Mandalay Bay, is suing more than 1,000 victims to pre-empt liability claims, The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Monday. MGM Resorts International said in federal lawsuits filed Thursday and Friday that it cannot be held liable for casualties from the attack, which left 58 people dead and hundreds of others injured when Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd-floor Mandalay Bay suite on the crowd at a Route 91 Harvest concert across the street last year. “Mandalay Bay’s negligence permitted the Route 91 gunman the space he needed to set up his weapons and prepare his attack on festivalgoers below,” the victims’ lawyer, Robert Eglet, told HuffPost on Tuesday. According to the Review-Journal, MGM Resorts International insisted that claims against the property “must be dismissed” because Mandalay Bay adhered to a 2002 federal act extending liability protection to venues that employ anti-terrorism services. A security company hired by MGM was certified by the Department of Homeland Security for “protecting against and responding to acts of mass injury and destruction,” MGM Resorts said in the suit, so it should also be protected, the newspaper reported." snip Las Vegas Shooting Rooftop Security Video With Audio (WARNING GRAPHIC) <<<New Footage It is said shooting from 15th floor MB, and also live shooter inside Fair Grounds, then later it was said shooter - gate 7 - Fair Grounds
  14. No need to believe in what I write here. Please do make sure to do your own research before believing what's written down here as is. From my own source of info vines, I got told these things. Ukrainians, NOT Russians, now belong to a really violent alien race as their hybrid. Russians are fighting against these nasty bunch historically, but they get relocated to wherever the geopolitics had to be played that way, so as for Crimea, it was always a VERY important base location for Russian based aliens. So Russia needs Crimea back. That's why they were fighting back to regain Crimea after the Cabals engineered to take over the location. Note the hybrids there are NOT of the Cs....someone else's, who are also very cruel and have no consideration for humanity what so ever. Mr. Putin is NOT aligned with USSR which was installed by the Cs to create split among humanity. When he took over the country, he made sure to look after Russians, and that's proven if you look at how far Russian economy picked up since he started to work as the top of Russia. In mean while, Mr. Trump is NOT from the Cs. He's with someone else, also NOT to do with the horrid Ukrainian hybrids. For the current geopolitical stance in order to get rid of the Cs first of all, POTUS and Russia are shaking hands. So where do we stand as the Humans? We need to CHOOSE to be ourselves. As the Humanity, we should be united to have OUR OWN VOICE, without being pushed around by ANY OTHER FACTIONS. Just waking up to the situation is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Are you ready to pick your own weight up and start walking? We have been like a crawling baby, but finally we can stand up---the time has come. And though "weakly" maybe, still finally walking on its own. (Let's collectively do that! There are loads of great people watching us blooming open finally as us, the Humans, whom retain incredible assets within ourselves.) That's what we need to do, if to secure our sovereignty status on Earth. And we DO have right to do that. P.S. I got flabbergasted when I listened to the audio record of the latest Alex Collier show. You know he charges his webinars and due to that, I didn't hear his stuff for ages, didn't even realised that he had another one we could listen to, being released back in March this year....well, all is meant to be anyway, hey.... What I went (´゚д゚`) was that he was saying the same thing/conclusion as I came to, after got told all the info by my alien source. It was like a confirmation of my own conclusion, and the confirmation of what I heard from my own sources as the direct info. Look, lots of the alien factions have their own agendas, if they are from low 4D frequency. So beyond of that, like from the frequency of 5D and above, they would leave all decisions up to us, the Humanity. Not interfering with what we choose. Alex's answer about how the Humanity should be was the same conclusion as I arrived.....take control of our own stance, unite as the Humanity, never let another faction to take over the position only to start oppressing us again in the same manner. No is No. No more raping of the Humanity. I was glad to hear the concept from Alex. You might have heard his very difficult turn of his human life.....and that may lead you to discount of what he says. While for some reason, I always had something warm towards Alex. And glad to learn he's on the same page as myself. (c) studio9jam Published on Jul 15, 2018
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  16. So it kind of looks like Trump is doing what Putin had to do when he took over in the 90's form Yeltsin. Cast back the onslaught of the demon assets grabbers and stripers who feast on a nations weekend or already dead carcass - it's a case of history repeating itself but somewhere else. The question is, have they teamed up? Symbolically the giving of a football to Trump was a gesture of "playing ball" in my estimation and maybe as many have speculated, contained the encryption keys to unlock the 160TB of data as per previous story but to the world looked like a coincidental good-will gesture in the context of Russia being host to the recent World cup. What if all seemingly hostile move under Trump being tough on Russia are actually mutually beneficial and keeps everyone guessing. This thought struck me on reading this thread here -
  17. @breezyNote on GLP Q Anon thread, mention a new poster being dubbed "black list anon" (link not working) but reference direct here -
  18. O seems awfully unrelaxed - the tone of his voice and delivery sounds somewhat "desperate". It's verging on Don Quixote and attacking windmills. His "Facts" speech seems to be lining up what may be coming as a king of pre-emptive-projection-buffer, to bias people into believing the potential future truth (new facts) is all but a lie. Poisoning their critical thinking if you will. Muddying the waters. If something like this turns out to be true, even 10% of it... ... because it's incredible - but really what people have assumed from following Q but is this how Russia save the west per Baba Vanga (link here but I don't see that in this link purely for reference if you've never heard of Baba Vanga. Something else to note, a quality article about projection - Something I noted myself early on, all the early and on going accusations seemed merely deflections of their own potential guilt in the form of full on projection. I think we all covered it here at some point along the way. The current wave of public attacks on people in the admin, to me echoes this technique, if you think about how often Q has stated words to such effect "They won't be able to walk down the street", well right now the left/dem side are trying to make it so that Trump's closest circles from family, admin staff and outwards are not able to eat out/walk down the street and feel safe in the USA. It's like they are pre-acknowledge Q's warning with full on pre-emptive-projection.
  19. You did a lot of work here unity. Thank You!
  20. I know what I think, and I don't like it one bit! How about technology? He IS a human being. He CANNOT be completely protected at all times=24/7/365 days a year. He just flew all over. Some have been trying to get him impeached since before he took office. O has been very quiet for how long, to the point that I was seeing some asking "where is Obama", and yet all of a sudden he's all over the news, giving speeches, condemning right politicians, acting like he's god, and pushing the NWO agenda, etc. I find it truly strange, that he surfaced just at this time, and one site I visited recently, even had a poll "Would you vote for a third term for Obama"? 94.6% said NO. Even though I hope I'm wrong, about what I'm seeing, the DS is trapped, and there is nothing more dangerous than a trapped animal. Think outside the box, maybe. These same animals killed JFK, but now they don't need snipers hiding in buildings. A SS agent protecting Pres. Trump in Scotland died on this trip, of a "stroke". I wonder how close he was to the president when that happened? Maybe it's time to pray for his safety? How many of our diplomats have been injured recently due to some sort of weapon, and iirc, most suffered brain damage. Whenever he is standing out in the open he's especially vulnerable. I'm not intending to intimate that any one person is responsible for anything, or that anything untoward has happened to him, just making note of the particular "coincidences" and that I find them strange. However let's not discount any possibilities, as I personally feel he's in grave danger. That, my friends, is what I think! Let's pray I'm wrong!
  21. That would be globalist zio nwo agenda
  22. Now what would we call this? Apple/Google have pulled Q posts app Twitter has deleted 70 million accounts PayPal has shut down 23 Alternative news sites, from using their payment system, including GLP and Red Ice
  23. The really sad thing about all of this corruption, is that it's world wide, and in every government, not just ours. Perhaps IF we show it can be corrected here, then other countries WILL follow suit, and toss their resident bums out too. First:>> Apple/Google have pulled Q posts app Twitter has deleted 70 million accounts PayPal has shut down 23 Alternative news sites, from using their payment system, including GLP and Red Ice LINKS: NATIONAL SECURITY EXPOSED: Peter Strzok Grew Up In Iran, Worked As Obama and Brennan’s Envoy To Iranian Regime Gee, and O's top adviser Jarrett from Iran also - imagine that A sheep-dipped Peter Strzok works for both the FBI and CIA, documents reveal Dem Panic: Page May Seek Immunity Deal To Come Clean on Strzok, McCabe, Even Comey Let's talk about that "no bias" shall we? StealthJeff on Trump/Putin summit So did NewZealand, Australia, Canada, and who knows who else? Q=Keep your eye on the ball - Putin=The ball is in your court, as he passes Pres. Trump that ball at the press conference=confirmation? I could not help but think, was this a warning to Pres. Trump. Was it possible he got caught between two cell phone towers? Is it strange Pamela Anderson was in Russia also? J.Assange connection. These next two links contain info about Russia and William Browder Magnitsky Act (cross posting on Putin, the Man thread) On to Obama: (cross posting on Obama thread) Obama: ‘I’m Actually Surprised by How Much Money I Got’ <<speech in So. Africa Obama slams populist 'right-wing billionaires,' touts liberal push for 'universal income' <<a trap, people Does having to be one in order to know one, apply here?
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  25. Why graphene hasn’t taken over the world...yet A couple observations I've made C60 is found at the edges of volcanoes, while the molten lava, itself, is silicate. (which creates green beads/gemstones + strands of hair like glass) Now I stumbled upon this video tonight, and about 3:20 or so in, it's being said that for graphene (carbon)to replace silicon in electronics, it has to prove it's better. I can't help but think back to bezerk, at the same time wonder IF there is a very basic and earthy struggle going on between silicon and carbon. We are carbon based life forms, is/has there been some sort of chemical revolution trying to change that? Or was it changed at some point long ago? disclaimer: random thoughts
  26. 2018: Muncombe Hill, Nr Kingweston, Somerset. Reported 14th July (c) Matthew Williams 2018 Published on Jul 15, 2018
  27. Decenternet - The Most Ambitious & Disruptive Blockchain Replacement For the Internet - Backed By The Web's Original Inventors? (And Sent To Us By Extra Terrestrials?) ura-soul It was an intriguing read. But please note this is from Steemit site.
  28. A pilot project for a new libertarian floating city will have 300 homes, its own government, and its own cryptocurrency Leanna Garfield Jul. 5, 2018, 1:43 PM
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