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  2. Putin seems unconvinced AI won’t ‘eat us’ Vladimir Putin may secretly be on the side of Elon Musk in their indirect debate over the threat posed by artificial intelligence (AI). As Arkady Volozh, the head of Yandex, pitched him on the technology’s potential, the Russian president inquired about when AI ‘will eat us’. The question seemed to baffle the head of Russia’s biggest tech firm, who was giving Putin a tour on the company’s Moscow HQ on Thursday. “I hope never”, he replied after taking a pause to gather his thoughts. “It’s not the first machine to be better than humans at something. An excavator digs better than we do with a shovel. But we don’t get eaten by excavators. A car moves faster than we do…” Read more Global race for AI will ‘most likely cause’ WWIII as computers launch 1st strike – Musk But Putin seemed unconvinced. “They don’t think,” he remarked. Volozh acknowledged that it was true and scrambled back to his speech on AI’s merits.
  3. North Korea may detonate nuclear bomb in Pacific, foreign minister tells reporters Sept. 21, 2017 Leslie Shaffer "North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong Ho said that his country may consider a test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, according to a report from South Korea's official news agency Yonhap North Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Ri Yong Ho said that his country may consider a test of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean, according to a report from South Korea's official news agency Yonhap. Ri said the potential test of "the most powerful detonation of an H-bomb" would be one possible "highest-level" action against the U.S., according to the report. He added that he didn't know what actions would be ordered by Kim Jong-un, Yonhap reported. Ri's threat is significant because such a detonation would move North Korea's nuclear weapons activities beyond its borders for the first time. Japan, for example, lies between North Korea and the Pacific Ocean. The communist dictatorship's previous nuclear tests have taken place in its isolated mountains. Hydrogen bombs are more powerful by an order of magnitude than the atomic bombs that North Korea tested in previous years. The country claims that an atomic test it carried out early this month was an H-bomb." snip South Korea approves $8 million aid for the North even as Kim and Trump trade threats Sept. 21, 2017 Nyshka Chandran "South Korea approved an $8 million aid package to Pyongyang on Thursday Coming amid international efforts to pressure the North, the move could be challenging for Washington and Tokyo, who advocate a tougher stance on Kim Jong Un's provocations South Korea on Thursday approved $8 million worth of humanitarian aid for Pyongyang in a move likely to muddle international efforts aimed at isolating the nuclear-armed state. The package will include $4.5 million in nutritional products for children and pregnant women through the World Food Program in addition to $3.5 million worth of vaccines and medicinal treatments via UNICEF. The timing of the delivery has yet to be confirmed." snip
  4. Hmmm... Mexico earthquake: Girl reportedly trapped under school rubble didn't exist
  6. Cold Arrives Early in the Northern Hemisphere | Mini Ice Age 2015-2035 (456)
  7. Powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Japan near Fukushima Sept. 20, 2017 Gareth Davies "A powerful 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Japan near Fukushima. Details of the extent of the damage have not yet emerged regarding the quake which hit 281km South East of Kamaishi. The depth of the earthquake, which struck at 2.37am local time, was measured at 10km. A similar earthquake back in 2011 killed 15,894 people and injured 10 more when a tsunami, landslides and fires broke out as a result. But experts are predicting today's quake should pass by without causing any harm. In June, five workers at a nuclear research facility in east Japan were exposed to radioactive material on Tuesday after a bag that contained it burst, the plant's state-run operator said. Japan's nuclear industry has been in tatters in the wake of the Fukushima disaster in 2011, with parts of the public deeply skeptical about the safety of atomic energy." snip
  8. Column: Obama's promises for presidential center may not be enough this time for African-Americans Dahleen Glanton Sept. 21, 2017 The design for the Obama Presidential Center in Jackson Park was unveiled May 3, 2017. "On the South Side of Chicago, people don't criticize Barack Obama — not in the open, at least. In this predominantly African-American part of the city, where Obama charted his path to the White House and where his wife, Michelle, was born and raised, residents tend to speak of him with adoration and pride, like loyal subjects praising their king. Now that Obama is about to build his presidential center in Woodlawn's Jackson Park, some residents are wary of his ability to transform neighborhoods without doing harm to longtime residents who could end up displaced by gentrification. A nasty fight over a community benefits agreement with the Obama Foundation has exposed an unexpected rift between the former president and some of the South Side residents who helped lift him to prominence. Not everyone on the South Side, it seems, thinks Obama did enough for black folks during his eight years as president. And as he prepares to build a presidential center that will pay tribute to his legacy, some South Siders are calling him out for what they consider broken promises. Obama consistently has asked residents to trust that he will do right by them. The presidential center, he insists, will provide a wealth of opportunities specifically designed to meet the needs of Chicagoans who have long been overlooked. But this time, according to one activist, there will be no "Amen, kiss the ring." snip
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  11. this is unreal
  12. interesting indeed. looks like the last time this occurred was way back in 1827.
  13. The Real Threat Remains: Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs Posted By: Swami [Send E-Mail] Date: Thursday, 21-Sep-2017 01:15:50 The Real Threat Remains - Brandon Smith Warns "Do Not Be Fooled By The Fed's Magic Show" | Zero Hedge Authored by Brandon Smith via, I remember back in mid-2013 when the Federal Reserve fielded the notion of a "taper" of quantitative easing measures. More specifically, I remember the response of mainstream economic analysts as well as the alternative economic community. I argued fervently in multiple articles that the Fed would indeed follow through with the taper, and that it made perfect sense for them to do so given that the mission of the central bank is not to protect the U.S. financial system, but to sabotage it carefully and deliberately. The general consensus was that a taper of QE was impossible and that the Fed would "never dare." Not long after, the Fed launched its taper program. Two years later, in 2015, I argued once again that the Fed would begin raising interest rates even though multiple mainstream and alternative sources believed that this was also impossible. Without low interest rates, stock buybacks would slowly but surely die out, and the last pillar holding together equities and the general economy (besides blind faith) would be removed. The idea that the Fed would knowingly take such an action seemed to be against their "best self interest;" and yet, not long after, they initiated the beginning of the end for artificially low interest rates. The process that the Federal Reserve has undertaken has been a long and arduous one cloaked in disinformation. It is a process of dismantlement. Through unprecedented stimulus measures, the central bank has conjured perhaps the largest stock and bond bubbles in history, not to mention a bubble to end all bubbles in the U.S. dollar. Stocks in particular are irrelevant in the grand scheme of our economy, but this does not stop the populace from using them as a reference point for the health of our system. This creates an environment rife with delusion, just as the open flood of cheap credit created considerable delusion before the crash of 2008. Today, we find our economic fundamentals in complete disarray, but the overwhelming fantasy within stocks still remains. Why? Because yet again, for some reason, no one is ready to accept the reality that the Fed is pulling the plug on America's fiscal life support. Nary a handful of economists in the world think that the Fed will raise interest rates one more time this year if ever again, and the threat of a balance sheet reduction is the furthest thing from everyone's mind. Daytrading investors are utterly convinced they have the Fed by the short hairs. I say, the situation is actually in reverse. The minutes from the Fed's July Open Market Committee Meeting indicate that while the central bank has been the savior of stock investors for several years, the party is about to end. Comments on the risks a bull market might pose to "financial stability" have been more frequent the past couple of months Only a few weeks ago, former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan commented that bond markets could collapse and bring stocks down with them do to overvaluations and increasing interest rates. Recent spikes in markets despite a steady stream of natural disasters, threats of war with North Korea, as well as "increased inflation" (according to Fed models) due to the damage wrought by Hurricane Harvey suggest that the Fed will indeed continue hiking rates into our ongoing financial collapse. The next FOMC meeting will conclude on the 20th of this month, and the question is, will the Fed surprise with a rate hike and/or balance sheet reduction program? I believe the odds are much higher than many people seem to think. [ZH: we now know that The Fed did announce the start of the balance sheet reduction program as Brandon forecast] First, let's be clear, historically the Fed's predictable behavior has been to skip major policy actions in September and then startle markets with renewed and aggressive actions in December. People placing bets on a Fed rate hike in September would look at this pattern and say "no way." However, the narrative I see building in Fed rhetoric and in the mainstream media is that stock markets have become "unruly children" and that the Fed must become a "stern parent," reigning them in before they are crushed under the weight of their own naive enthusiasm. In my view, the Fed will continue to do what it says it is going to do — raise interest rates and reduce and remove stimulus, and that the mainstream narrative will soon be adjusted to suggest that this is "necessary;" that stock markets need a bit of tough love. More at RMN and Source
  14. Scientists say recent quake swarm at Rainier is not unusual Sept. 20, 2017 Sandi Doughton "More than 20 small quakes have struck under the volcano in the past week, a rate that’s higher than usual but not unprecedented. Nearly two dozen small earthquakes have rattled Mount Rainier over the past week, but seismologists say there’s no cause for worry. “In the past, these swarms last a couple of days to a week or so and then die out,” said Paul Bodin, of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network at the University of Washington. The first of the 23 quakes struck on Sept. 11 near the volcano’s summit. The largest of the quakes registered magnitude 1.6. The top map shows the location of historical earthquakes at Mount Rainier, with the recent quakes in red. Seismic stations are marked by arrows. The cross-section below shows the depth of the quakes. (Source: USGS) snip
  15. M 6.4 - 85km NNW of Isangel, Vanuatu 2017-09-20 20:09:49 UTC 18.798°S 169.095°E 200.2 km depth
  16. Last week
  17. Yep---you are not the only ones----------------although its smoothing out a bit now--lets see what this planetary alignment does-
  18. Same here Kandy. My symptoms have been brutal these past few weeks. Intense ringing in ears, feeling as if my insides are on fire while my skin is cold to the touch, nausea, headaches, losing balance as if the room gets suddenly tilted to one side...etc etc. Being an empath I'm also having a particularly difficult time being around people right now. I normally feel other's emotional states but right now it is VERY intense. The one or two times I had to go into the city recently it was terrible. When I got home I just wanted to sleep for the rest of the day I'm trying to listen more to what my body is telling me and I get the distinct impression that right now is a time for me to withdraw from people, be in nature, ground, recharge, and cleanse. The energy people are giving off right now is not pleasant for a sensitive like myself.
  19. Puerto Rico Faces Hurricane Maria After Irma’s $1 Billion Damage Sept. 19, 2019 Michelle Kaske Alexander Lopez Governor warns flood-zone residents their lives are in danger Island orders rationing of already scarce basic necessities "Two weeks ago, Puerto Rico was spared a devastating hit when Hurricane Irma ripped up the Caribbean. This time, it may not be so lucky. The bankrupt island, already contending with the aftermath of a storm that left as much as $1 billion of damage and hundreds of thousands still without power, faces even more upheaval with Hurricane Maria set to hit as soon as Tuesday night. The government ordered rationing of basic necessities, including water and batteries, although those items were already gone from some San Juan store shelves as residents prepared for what could be the worst storm for the U.S. territory in decades." Hurricane Maria heading west on Sept. 19.Source: NOAA “If you are in a flood zone or in a wood house, your life is in danger,” Governor Ricardo Rossello said during a press conference Monday in San Juan. “There has never been an event like this in our history in the last 100 years. Our call is for all citizens to move to a safe place.” snip I have been watching this hurricane all day via this site,28.00,338/loc=-65.244,18.111 At NO point today has it shown to be a Cat 5. Right now, at it's most intense (red) point, it is saying it's at 139 kmh, at 1000 ft which is 86.3706 mph which in turn is just a tad over a Cat 1, which requires at least 74 mph winds, and at the surface it's 114 kmh or 70.8363 mph or not even a Cat 1 . It's not even showing anywhere as big in size as Jose, so what the heck is going on? In any case, I wish everyone in either case, safety.
  20. WARNING: Italian SUPERVOLCANO is becoming 'more dangerous' as magma builds beneath surface Sean Martin Sept. 19, 2017 A SUPERVOLCANO in Italy is becoming “more dangerous”, scientists have warned as fears grow it could lead to a devastating eruption. snip video "Phlegraean Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei, near Naples, Italy, is showing signs of erupting, volcanologists have warned. Campi Flegrei had been dormant since the 1980s, but it awoke from the decades long slumber last year, and experts are now beginning to understand its full potential. While the volcano did show signs of activity in the 80s, it did not erupt but seismologists fear a magma flow could trigger an eruption. Seismologists have been monitoring the situation and found magma has been flooding into the chambers of Campi Flegrei – prompting fears it could be about to erupt near the holiday hotspot of Naples. snip pics Image: Getty Campi Flegrei is becoming 'more dangerous' A recent study from the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano, the RISSC lab of the University of Naples, and the University of Texas at Austin shows a two-kilometre deep rock formation blocked the magma’s path to the surface. But experts now say the magma has migrated to a different location beneath the surface – closer to the city of Naples which is home to almost three million people. Dr Luca De Siena, a researcher at the University of Aberdeen, said: "During the last 30 years the behaviour of the volcano has changed, with everything becoming hotter due to fluids permeating the entire caldera. "Whatever produced the activity under Pozzuoli in the 1980s has migrated somewhere else, so the danger doesn't just lie in the same spot, it could now be much nearer to Naples which is more densely populated." snip
  21. LOL ok agreed, no Malibu ! I must say though, I prefer (old fashioned) roller coasters to this tilt a whirl any day LOL. Seriously though, it almost goes without saying, that anyone experiencing this, including you, needs to take care. A couple other members have mentioned the dizzies to me also, that's why I found jessica's post, and possible symptoms, then yours, interesting. We may feel we are the only one/s, but obviously that's not so. BTW no Malibu for you either, no stubbed faces needed.
  22. OK, grabbing on here! And be careful. We don't need you hurt. And no Malibu for you!!!
  23. Netanyahu on Trump UN Speech: In More than 30 Years at UN, Have Not Heard a Speech so Bold and Courageous Sept. 19, 2017 Jim Hoft "President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday for the first time. The US president delivered a fearless speech to the international body. President Trump slammed the terrorists of Hezbollah, the dangers of socialism, the murderous Iranian regime, Obama’s embarrassing Iranian nuclear deal, and North Korean ‘rocket man’ Kim Jong Un." snip tweets etc. The National for September 19th: Trump's UN speech, Hurricane Maria, Canada's economy soars
  24. We are all aware of Trump/Russia probe, Mueller, etc., this is where it's led too. Anyone's hair on neck standing up yet? Robert Mueller's Russia probe has a 'red-hot' focus on Facebook and other social media Andrew Buncombe Sept. 14, 2017 "Special prosecutor Robert Mueller reportedly has a “red-hot” focus on the way Russia sought to influence the 2016 US election by the anonymous spreading of propaganda - much of which was in support of Donald Trump - via social media. As Mr Mueller’s team continues to probe possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow’s alleged attempt to interfere in the election, he is said to be focussing on how Russia was able to influence voters thought Facebook and other social media platforms. <<<iow, WE are so stupid we can't think for ourselves! Bloomberg News said the special prosecutor, appointed after Mr Trump fired James Comey in May, is seeking information from companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Last week, Facebook revealed it had sold $100,000 of adverts to fake Russian Facebook accounts, bought by a mysterious company linked to the Kremlin, which posted divisive advertisements about race, gay rights and gun control. Mr Trump has always been loathe to admit that Russia may have influenced the election, in which he lost the popular vote. Yet Hillary Clinton, the woman he beat by means of the Electoral College despite her amassing three million more votes than him, has seized on the issue. <<<3 million illegal votes “The latest disclosure by Facebook about the targeting of attack ads, negative stories, dovetails with my concern that there had to be some information provided to the Russians by someone as to how best to weaponise the information that they stole, first from the Democratic Committee, then from John Podesta,” Ms Clinton told the New Yorker. <<<Seth Rich/Wiki "[This tactics were] right out of the playbook of Putin and one of the generals whom he listens to, who talked about the kind of war planning and preparation that Russia needed to be engaged in." She added: “It was no longer just large, conventional forces and nuclear warheads - it was also cyberwar, covert and semi-covert, even overt, as we saw in Ukraine." <<<YES, and it was the dems/obama involved in that, so she should know, right??? snip Could someone please tell me, wth, am I reading here? It makes me wonder if Hillary is directing Mueller's investigation from behind the scenes?? And WHY is the extent it's gone too, considered legal????? SHE LOST, get over it! Close down this over reaching scam of an investigation down, now!! Or do the American people have to continue paying millions, in ransom money, to these Democrat investigators, to justify Hillary's failure? Look Mueller, "We came, we saw, he died, ha ha ha" (Gaddafi) watched live, and coming right out of Hillary's mouth, lost her my vote! She alone was 100% responsible! Now unless that was a real dummy, with a Russian ventriloquist pulling her jaw strings, they had nothing to do with her losing my vote. Tx reddwolf
  25. Volcano ERUPTS after 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits Mexico City Sept. 19, 2017 Henry Holloway A VOLCANO has burst into life following a 7.1 magnitude earthquake striking Mexico City, according to reports. MEXICO CITY: Pictures posted on Twitter show a plume of smoke emerging from Popocatepetl image: twitter "Witnesses and local media have reported a large plume of smoke erupting from the volcano close to the capital. At least 119 people have been killed during the earthquake, and it appears to have sparked activity at the volcano Popocatepetl." snip Tx Reddwolf
  26. 6.1 Earthquake Off New Zealand Follows 7.1 Quake near Mexico City — 119 Dead Jim Hoft Sept. 19/20, 2017 A 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off of New Zealand on Tuesday night (Wednesday morning local time). This was the second quake today on the “Ring of Fire” zone in the Pacific Ocean. snip further info on both quakes, video, tweets Tx Reddwolf
  27. Dizzy you ask?? Dizzy? omg, yes, in fact I've taken two falls in the last week, feeling exhausted, and serious ringing in the ears. Refusing to drive right now, and all this without one drink, LOL I tell you what, kande, you hang on tight on your side of the US, and I'll hang on tight on my side, and together maybe we can get it to stop spinning!
  28. Anybody else been dizzy the past couple of days? Also, ringing in one ear or the other that I haven't had for a while. I thought it was because I've been pushing my schedule a bit hard, but now am wondering if it's related to earth's big movements of late.
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