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  2. What happened in Hawaii has me greatly concerned. The Hawaiian Islands are a critical energy node of the planet, and I believe, one of the points on the earth where the life sustaining energy currents of mother earth fountain up to the surface and spread across the globe. She's right at that 19.5 degrees that Richard C talks about all the time. Giza is another spot at 19.5. Having been to the islands many times and being a sensitive I can tell you the energy there is very different, and very strong. I always need a day or two to adapt (dizziness and spacey feeling) then I feel incredible afterwards. I am calm, peaceful, happy, and healthy. As soon as I leave I feel crappy and all my usual symptoms return along with this heavy feeling of constant anxiety that is only noticeable once you've been away from it for a while. If the parasites wanted to do some real harm to mother earth and her healing energies, Hawaii would be an obvious target. Not only is it of significant military importance due to it's strategic location, it is also very important to ground based space observation. For all the reasons, plus the historical anniversary Breezy mentioned, as well as the obvious connection to World War II, I think it is important that we pay close attention to this. If you can spare a moment and are so inclined, ground yourself for a moment and send some peaceful and healing thoughts to Mother Earth and the Hawaiian Islands.
  3. D has come back to life it seems lol here is another snippit from yesterday
  5. Peter Madsen charged with murder of Kim Wall on submarine Danish prosecutor says inventor cut Swedish journalist’s throat or strangled her on board vessel Urgh it just went over board and trotted down to the psychopath's world.....(´Д`)
  6. Great dot connections, Mulva! And I just caught a tail of the news. Right at the end of the article, it says...: "Didn't something similar happen in Japan this month? A false earthquake warning was sent to millions of Japanese people's phoneson 5 January, causing a brief panic and disrupting Tokyo's transport network. It turned out to be a false alarm triggered by an error in the earthquake warning system."
  7. I cant help but remember the EAS broadcast last year(?) on local channels - and it said "would you could you on a train".....and then the next day or so, there was the massive AMTRAK derailment outside philly...
  8. Japan Had The SAME MISTAKE Run of Missile Warning System as Hawaii Did The ANTI-Japan national broadcasting station (yeah we are friggin sick of them being so anti-Japan!! Being the national broadcasting station, you'd think they follow what the gov tells them to air....but that's not the case in Japan.......) aired a total mislead warning stating that Nth K missiles were dispatched "now", on their main homepage news section at 6:55pm TODAY, then retracted it at 7pm. The time where gathering loads of people getting ready to watch the biggest batch of news run of the day from 7pm, knowing that background, I can only think that they INTENTIONALLY DISPATCHED MISLEADING BROADCAST to see how people react, just like Hawaii did. Now, Japan doing this does not necessary mean it was the bad guys done the same in Hawaii. Japan's got hell a lot of enemies lurking inside Japan, so they might had watched what Hawaii went through, thought "we should do it to see the reaction and suss out how long they take to get shite together", trying to find any windows of opportunity to slip in more destructive crap in future, maximising the effect of devastation. I've been monitoring loads of odd incidents related around the trains, subways, ferries, and in big buildings in Japan. Some places got exposed electrical lines along side of the trains, and if a terrorist know the location, they can easily go and cut the wire off and stop trains. So STUPID that any preparation towards terrorism/war not getting done to fight against the shite crap that might happen SOON.
  9. My son went to the CES symposium in Las Vegas this past weekend, said China is so far advanced it's insane, yet they sent representatives that could not speak very good English, so if you tried to converse, there was a language barrier. Anyway, as I looked at the tweet I'd saved for CES, a picture popped up with this number US6506148 B2 and encouraged me to look it up on Google, which I promptly did. A very short video came up, I watched it, then found this one by Truthstream Media from last summer. Perhaps many of us are aware, but some may not be, so I will post it for the info. This Creepy Patent Proves They Can Remotely Hijack Your Nervous System
  10. leakers

    BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post," & Private "Sex Messages"
  11. HANG ON TO YOUR HATS............Co-incidences Jan. 17, 1893 Americans took the Throne from Hawaiian queen - 125 years ago this year Obama born in Hawaii??? Where is he? QAnon is warning of FF coming That tweet I posted above was deleted, but it speaks of that incident NOT being a drill, of being state caused even naming see eye aye as being responsible. Have read much since and all are saying the same thing. Deliberate and wording for alert had to have been altered because NO mention of missiles incoming would have been used. This would have required an ok from a higher official, passwords, etc, and requires several separate steps of approval. It seems the man in charge of sending alerts is Vern Miyagi <as in Karati Kid? He's head of HEMA. Hawaii Initiates A New Monthly Test of a Nuclear siren Dec. 2, 2017 snip "The state plans to continue testing its emergency sirens on 11:45 a.m. of the first business day of every month." <not on the 13th day of month. OK see KMRIA got to the info about Bill Clinton being in Hawaii during all this. Guess who else was in Hawaii, on Hawaii, like Bill? EXCLUSIVE: Huma Abedin flees her troubles for $1,000-a-night Hawaiian resort as NYC court hears she and jailed pervert husband Weiner have decided to divorce in private An exclusive photo obtained by DailyMailTV, shows Huma Abedin at the Four Seasons Hotel Hualalai in Kona, Big Island on Friday I know you all recognize the name of that hotel, right? FOUR SEASONS owned by Saudi royalty - Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, etc? Now I really wonder who the body on the runway in Honolulu was/is, and where is Hillary/Obama?? This is getting smellier by the second!!! Editing to add this link ?? copy/paste and go
  12. UBUNTU Movement: No More Political Movement, Instead of it, One Small Town Can Change Movement Has Began Good move'd be too much to be treated as an opposition against AFRICOM etc that you know they got hell of a power there...... Practically applying alternative ideas have been so hard. But I am so encouraged by Michael that he is still there (and alive), still leading the great movement! The society WITHOUT MONEY. Why not.(・ω<)☆It's leading our way to a society where we can DECLARE that We Are NOT SLAVES, finally. (c) Michael Tellinger 2018
  13. Warning shot over the Bows !Starting to get very smelly now!!
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  15. "Hawaii was a State operation... NOT a federal : there will be legal implications for this in the future (CIA?)" Implying it was done by a US State force? Former President Clinton Visits Big Island By Big Island Now January 14, 2018, 5:30 AM HST (Updated January 14, 2018, 10:32 AM) · 111 Comments
  16. Transpicuous Views: It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.... Nibiru?
  17. Military Fighter Jet Escorts to Gitmo @ 40,000 Feet (Video) Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail] Date: Sunday, 14-Jan-2018 02:06:59 Military Fighter Jet Escorts to Gitmo @ 40,000 Feet (Video) Published on Jan 1, 2018 Can you imagine what Guatanamo Bay looks like right now? Source
  18. Mezzanine floor collapses at Indonesia Stock Exchange building, dozens injured "At least 75 people were injured Monday after a mezzanine floor at Indonesia's stock exchange building collapsed into the lobby, police said, as victims were carried out of the debris-filled building on stretchers." Indonesia---The Central Daeish gathering place for now Missing "Gold" Tanker flop World Bank planned The fall looked horrible!!!!!!!!! Praying for the people who got affected in that can see the CCTV footages in the vid embedded into the linked page above.
  19. I have run across some more info on this Hawaii situation. This is just random info, meaning I can't prove/disprove it. Supposedly the sub was discovered the previous day. A lady stated that her husband was on a scuba diving boat off Maui, when they were alerted to the missiles launched, given the co-ordinates for them, and told to get back to port, by the Coast Guard. Her husband told her what had taken place on his return home. Yes, I'd like to know why it took so long for a pull of the alert. This story Worker who sent out Hawaii missile alert re-assigned Today they found a body on Honolulu airport runway Body found on Honolulu airport’s reef runway An interesting tweet...ok this tweet has been removed, but I snipped it, because of info contained about Hawaii and Zuma launch and something called "Sky Fortress". This is the tweet snip - copy and zoom below is where it was found = user
  20. I am beginning to understand the problems of changing matrix on you tube
  21. I got another one .Mission Impossible from 1996 .it was a action packed movie with a great sound tract ,back in 1997 i bought the movie music sound tract on cd, tonight i rewatched the VHS movie and there was no sound tract that i remembered,that is there was no famous artist music in tonights movie and the movie wasn't like i remembered it
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  23. Why globalists freaked out at Trump’s comment on ‘Sh** hole countries’ One thing I have learned after years of observing the globalists and their cadre of bought-and-paid-for politicians is that the issue being hammered in the media is never the real issue or goal of any given program or policy. Let me explain. President Trump got in hot water after it was leaked to the media that he allegedly used some crude language to describe the Third World countries like Haiti, El Salvador and Somalia that send us tens of thousands of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees every year. In typical Trumpian fashion, he reportedly asked “Why do we have to take so many people from shithole countries?”
  24. All Seeing Eye Watcher makes a good case for a kinetic weapon platform with a changeable geosynchronous orbit now being up there. Invading North Korea would be worse than Vietnam or Afghanistan in conventional terms because of its terrain even leaving out their DUMBs. Nukes or other Air to Surface weapons , would deal with ground forces probably to little effect, but 'telephone poles from outer space' would enable really deep strikes with minimal risk to humans or the environment (except the North Koreans.) The Soviet Union had extensive under mountain bases connected by rail for their elite (as does everyone else come to think of it), so North Korea will too. Maybe the drill warning was an oblique way of letting humanity (and the N K government?) know what's out there? Addition: from a very recently terminated Youtube account ... ( )
  25. Thanks for posting about it, breezy! You beat me to it. (≧ω≦) It was a real drill, if the guy was on our side. So they can check on the nation how fast people can really react if such situation occurs. And it being Hawaii means a lot. They didn't use any other places to do this drill. Because the threat at Hawaii position is far higher than other US geography....against the real missile and OTHER physical attacks such as from Nth K. Hawaii is the US front line of defense. It's a very important thing to do so the people can get some idea honestly how to behave when such situation happens, NEXT TIME. It's exactly the same situation in Japan; there has been NO drills what so ever done in Tokyo. I'm sure everyone here can see how dodgy that is.... No drilling, no hope of coordinated fast response coming from the people's side, for no one is getting prepped and left on their own accord, though there are information out and about for help etc available, but no physical learning involved in acquiring the info. Bad move. So drilling should be done to save lives, seriously. But the guy who pushed the button could be paid by the oppositions against the Humanity. They are all watching what happened after the warning got dispatched. Even if the guy was not controlled by the opponents, still, they received the real data to see how people on Hawaii reacted by the dispatch of the official warning.
  26. That would have been a terrifying 13 minutes. Any Chanites here from Hawaii? Curious if everyone got these text messages or just certain carriers. The timing is curious. Maybe a telecommunications hack and not a missle threat?
  27. Hawaii Says No Missile Threat After Emergency Alert Mistakenly Sent Jan. 13, 2018 The emergency alert was sent at 8:07 a.m., and a follow-up alert to state that it was a false alarm wasn't sent until 8:46 a.m. "After an emergency alert of a ballistic missile threat left people "crying and screaming" in Hawaii on Saturday, emergency officials confirmed that the message was sent in error and that no missile was headed for the island state. However, the mistake drew outrage from local leaders and has prompted a federal investigation. The alert, which was sent to people's cell phones at 8:07 a.m., said in all caps, "Ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill." An alert also appeared on TVs. About 13 minutes after the alert was sent, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency tweeted: "NO missile threat to Hawaii." And Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted about the same time a screenshot of the alert on her phone with a clarification that it was a false alarm: "HAWAII - THIS IS A FALSE ALARM. THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE TO HAWAII. I HAVE CONFIRMED WITH OFFICIALS THERE IS NO INCOMING MISSILE." snip Some are saying there were missiles launched from a stealth/nuclear sub, missiles destroyed, sub sunk. That the false alert was a cover story. I don't know. Only 6 countries claim to have nuclear/stealth subs........US, UK, Russia, France, China, India. Another tweet, click on image of printed page on right side, in order to read it Could get interesting!
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