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  2. US warns staff in China: Beware of unusual sounds May 23, 2018 "The US state department has urged its staff in China to alert them to any abnormal hearing or vision issues after one employee reported mystery symptoms. The person experienced "subtle and vague, but abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure", a statement said. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the incident was "medically similar" to suspected sonic attacks on diplomatic staff in Cuba. China said it was investigating "in a very responsible manner". China-US relations have been strained recently, amid fears of a trade war. The state department said it was taking the incident "very seriously", but the US has not accused China of being behind it. In a separate move, the US has rescinded its invitation to China to participate in the forthcoming Rim of the Pacific naval exercise, which brings together the military forces of more than 20 countries. Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Chris Logan said China had been "disinvited" because its "continued militarization of disputed features in the South China Sea only serves to raise tensions and destabilize the region". He said there was strong evidence China had deployed anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missile (SAM) systems, and electronic jammers around the contested Spratly Islands." snip IF, as we surmise, space has been weaponized, then it seems possible that any country who has weapons in space could target anyone anywhere. Just because it happened in Cuba and now China, does not mean they did it! What a mess this all is, and who do you trust?
  3. Experts: 'Alarming' drought conditions hit US Southwest Susan Montoya Bryan May 23, 2018 snip image "ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Rivers and watering holes are drying up, popular mountain recreation spots are closing and water restrictions are in full swing as a persistent drought intensifies its grip on pockets of the American Southwest. Climatologists and other experts on Wednesday provided an update on the situation in the Four Corners region — where Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah meet. They say the area is among the hardest hit and there's little relief expected, and even robust summer rains might not be enough to replenish the soil and ease the fire danger. The region is dealing with exceptional drought — the worst category. That has left farmers, ranchers and water planners bracing for a much different situation than just a year ago when only a fraction of the region was experiencing low levels of dryness. Brian Fuchs, a climatologist with the National Drought Mitigation Center in Nebraska, said people are become more aware and more concerned." snip This doesn't just effect the SW US. It also affects Mexico, as they have "rights" to a certain amount of water from the Colorado river every year.
  4. That's cute, but personally I think all psychiatric diagnoses are invented by the pharmaceutical-industrial complex. I was locked up in a psychiatric ward for 2 years with enforced drugs. The reason was I told the psychiatrist that humanity descended from the stars and did not evolve from apes. I haven't forgived them and they will be held accountable for their injustice in a way or another. Probably not within this legal system, but in an ancient system Pre-Selene.
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  6. Leilani Estates family ‘heartbroken’ as huge crack swallows up their home Noah Friend returned Monday to his home in Leilani Estates to find a 10-foot wide crack running 500 feet long through his backyard and beneath his house. The 32-year-old Leilani Estates resident inherited the house he built with his father in 1990 when he started a family of his own, said fiance Shantel Pacarro, 31, who moved to the property 13 years ago after she became pregnant with their first child. The couple had envisioned eventually passing their beloved home on to their children, 12-year-old daughter Naiah, and son Nainoa, 11.
  7. His lyrics are ambiguous but about how he sees the world as he's growing up. I really dunno if he really mean what he sings yet. HAHAHAHAHA. I think he has some autistic traits, and talking incredibly pure kiddy stuff like he wants to re-"learn how to ride a bicycle because it's nice" etc, as he appeared on the show. Again, I'm not informed enough to tell if he has been always like that or not.
  8. I don't understand japanese, unity. What is he singing?
  9. A Splendid Genius Song Writer? This is a Japanese kid of 15 yo. Sakiyama, Soshi. (崎山蒼志) He made this song, and sang it on a tv show. Apparently, he created 300 or so tunes already by now, since he woke up to it at the age of 4. Jump to 3:00 ~ for the actual tune he performs as a singer song writer. (c) AbemaTV公式 YouTube 2018 Published on May 9, 2018 Well, to my surprise, I was going woooow at the same time when those guys were going wooooooow, as another song writer. I think the kid got talent alright. The code changes used are great, and the arrangement sliding into somewhat Cuban flavour is totally matured taste for 15 yo. So I went woooow genuinely listening to his tune. Well, he can trim his singing much better but, again, he's just 15 yo.... Then right at the end of the vid, the kid said.......he wrote the tune when he was 13. Everyone's jaws went dropping down to the floor. So did mine. And I just found the exact tune he played when he was 13. (c) 浜松キッズエー 2016 Published on Apr 14, 2016
  10. MH17 missile owned by Russian brigade, investigators say But we already knew that it was a BUK....(´゚д゚`)....just trying to smear the name of Russia by upbringing the name again and again with overshadowed negative propaganda?
  11. Spontaneous Order Just a vid that might be great to watch---informative 14:05 minutes out of your life....when you got time. LOL I had few laughing moments through out this vid. How eloquently the story gets rolled out, awesooooome...! (c)corbettreport 2018 Published on Apr 20, 2018
  12. Here's a popular one among CT heads to Megaliths lovers:
  13. STONE CIRCLE RUINS RESEARCH EXPEDITION NEXT Expedition: 6-19 August 2018 "We will explore many stone circles, discover new ones, Adam’s Calendar, the Giant Foot print, Ngwenya Mine – Swaziland, rock carvings, tools and artifacts, existing sites and new sites. We will examine; investigate; photograph; video; take measurements; evaluate; catalogue; and gather critical information that will shed new light on the mysterious ruins, their origins and purpose. Our intention is to use different areas of research science to show how everything is connected and how everything around us effects everything else."
  14. "Their Lives Were Ruined": Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Plan Class-Action Suit by Tyler Durden Tue, 05/22/2018 - 20:20 "According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), more than forty Canadians for the first time gathered at a Montreal condo over the weekend to share their disturbing stories about how MK-Ultra destroyed their lives."
  15. Mysterious Booms, House-Rattling Sounds In Pennsylvania Under Investigation By FBI May 22, 2018 Alexandria Hoff snip video "SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Federal and local authorities are investigating mysterious booms being reported in Upper Bucks and Lehigh Counties. Springfield Township police say there have been multiple reports of loud explosions, with the most recent one happening shortly after 4 a.m. on Tuesday. No one seems to know the source of the mysterious booms. “I thought that somebody was making a tunnel or space junk fell out of the sky,” said Susan Crompton, who lives in Haycock Township. “From poachers, gunfire, to explosions to a sonic boom,” said Jerry Hertz of the mysterious sound. There have been no shortages of theories, but still no answer as to why so many residents have been jolted by mysterious and near-deafening sounds." snip
  16. 87 people now ill from toxic K2 overdose in Brooklyn May 23, 2017 Rocco Parascandola snip image "The K2 overdose tally keeps growing in Brooklyn, where 87 people have now fallen ill using the powerful drug, police said Wednesday. The particularly toxic batch of synthetic marijuana has felled people across several neighborhoods in north Brooklyn the past week. None of the overdoses have been fatal. Police, meanwhile, are still trying to figure out where the drugs came from and who brought it into Brooklyn. The epicenter appears to be Broadway and Myrtle Ave., though many of the overdoses have actually occurred at homeless shelters in East New York and Brownsville. snip Who knew what K2 was? I sure didn't. So many with serious addictions, lives altered or lost. How to fix this, because it's apparent the "war on drugs" has earned failing grades.
  17. North Korea trashes ‘stupid’ Vice President Pence, once again threatens to back out of Trump summit May 23, 2018 CHRIS SOMMERFELDT "North Korea excoriated Vice President Mike Pence as "ignorant" and "stupid" on Thursday, and the isolated regime once again threatened to pull out of a planned summit between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. Choe Son-hui, North Korea's vice foreign minister, released a harshly worded statement via the regime's state-controlled media outlet that took particular aim at Pence over his recent threat that the Kim regime could end up like Libya if it doesn't cut a denuclearization deal with the U.S. "As a person involved in the U.S. affairs, I cannot suppress my surprise at such ignorant and stupid remarks gushing out from the mouth of the U.S. vice-president," Choe said in the statement released by the Korean Central News Agency. Choe said North Korea will cancel the June 12 summit between Trump and Kim in Singapore if the U.S. "clings to unlawful and outrageous acts." "Whether the U.S. will meet us at a meeting room or encounter us at nuclear-to-nuclear showdown is entirely dependent upon the decision and behavior of the United States," Choe said. After first agreeing to denuclearization talks, the North resumed its aggressive rhetoric after the U.S. and South Korea carried out joint military excercises on the Korean peninsula earlier this month. The North subsequently canceled a meeting with South Korean officials and threatened to back out of the Singapore summit with Trump." (he agreed to the talks w/S.Korea 5 days after the exercises had already started, then cancelled them within hours of agreeing to them) snip "All the world's a stage"!
  18. Zaps at London etc Compare this with the very first post on this thread 1 min
  19. Highly contagious dog flu hits Brooklyn Erika Wachter May 22, 2018 snip video "NEW YORK (FOX5NY.COM) - "Sick as a dog" is an expression we hear all too often. But now, our pups are giving it a new meaning. Two highly contagious strains of canine influenza are making their way around the United States. The H3N2 strain has landed in Brooklyn. So far, at least 14 dogs have tested positive. "There were a lot of cases this year, close to 500 in California and Nevada already, so it was just a matter of time before it got here," said Dr. Yasmine Mortsakis, who runs New York Veterinary Practice. She said this outbreak isn't going anywhere because the strains are fairly new. The flu is airborne. As the weather warms up and dogs get outdoors more to play, the concern is only heightened. "What you're looking for is signs of coughing, nasal discharge, sneezing, them being very tired, not wanting to eat, not same energy level," Mortsakis said. "Any of those signs, you want to get into your vet right away. You don't want to sit on this." snip
  20. May 21: These were SUMMONED TO THE WHITE HOUSE “To receive an ORDER directly from the President” ~ May 22, 2018 Posted on May 22, 2018 by cindyloucbp This is from Starship Earth…looks like we are finally seeing action on the polical front as well as the spiritual front. Yes!! Please read, stay informed, and… “To WIT: A Request by former President Barack Obama for the British Intelligence Agency known as MI-6, to engage in electronic signals and Telephonic interception inside the United States of America, against an incoming Commander-in-Chief of the United States Army and Navy, American citizens and political entities, without Probable Cause or a Court Order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code, sub-section 794 (a) [communications] . . .” and: The granting of access to British intelligence, to TOP SECRET United States National Security Agency facilities in Fort Meade, MD, and elsewhere, to facilitate such Warrantless electronic signals / Telephonic interception, without Probable Cause, Court order or Search Warrant, in violation of Title 18 United States Code 1831 (3)”
  21. Alien invasion: French territory under siege from giant predatory worms (PHOTOS) May 23, 2018 RT The invasive worms have a rusty-brown head and iridescent blue–green body. Photo by Laurent Charles. "Biologists are warning about an invasion of giant predatory worms in French territories across four continents. The infestation has gone underreported for almost two decades and poses a threat to fauna, according to researchers. Biologist Jean-Lou Justine, amateur naturalist Pierre Gros, and three other colleagues conducted a five-year study of over 700 sightings of giant worms across French territory since 1999, and published their findings in the journal PeerJ on Tuesday. Five years ago, Gros began sending Justine photos of three separate and highly unusual worms he discovered in his garden. snip RT Tweet The alien worms are all clones that reproduce asexually. Native to Asia, the predatory creatures feed on earthworms. They possess a bioweapon known as ‘tetrodotoxin’ which immobilizes their prey. One of Justine's colleagues once reportedly put one of the flatworms in his mouth and described it as "one of the worst experiences of his life." Throughout the course of the study, the team identified five species of alien worms in France and French overseas territories. Justine initially dismissed the threat posed by the exotic worms as nothing more than a minor pest - as, apparently, did other biologists. " The predatory worms feast on earthworms and are all clones that reproduce asexually. Photo by Laurent Charles. snip Tx w "DUNE" anyone?
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  23. Zombie Attack Warning Released: 20th May 2018---Florida
  24. Landmark lawsuit claims Monsanto hid cancer danger of weedkiller for decades May 22, 2018 Carey Gillam In June, a California groundskeeper will make history by taking company to trial on claims it suppressed harm of Roundup "At the age of 46, DeWayne Johnson is not ready to die. But with cancer spread through most of his body, doctors say he probably has just months to live. Now Johnson, a husband and father of three in California, hopes to survive long enough to make Monsanto take the blame for his fate. On 18 June, Johnson will become the first person to take to trial on allegations that it has spent decades hiding the cancer-causing dangers of its popular Roundup herbicide products – and his case has just received a major boost. Last week Judge Curtis Karnow issued an order clearing the way for jurors to consider not just scientific evidence related to what caused Johnson’s cancer, but allegations that Monsanto suppressed evidence of the risks of its weed killing products. Karnow ruled that the trial will proceed and a jury would be allowed to consider possible punitive damages. “The internal correspondence noted by Johnson could support a jury finding that Monsanto has long been aware of the risk that its glyphosate-based herbicides are carcinogenic … but has continuously sought to influence the scientific literature to prevent its internal concerns from reaching the public sphere and to bolster its defenses in products liability actions,” Karnow wrote. “Thus there are triable issues of material fact.” snip
  25. Trump: North Korea summit preparations ongoing but may be delayed May 22, 2018 (Reporting by Jeff Mason; Writing by Makini Brice and Susan Heavey) "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the White House was continuing preparations for his expected meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un but that he was prepared to cancel or delay it if certain conditions are not met. Trump, speaking to reporters ahead of a meeting with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in at the White House, reiterated his assertion that Pyongyang by denuclearize as a condition of the planned meeting next month in Singapore." Even more sad, is that it took 3 people to write a two sentence article that, as written, makes no sense! They needed a proof reader!
  26. QAnon Post for May 21, 2018 - One post only. 1433 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 622a94 No.1497716 📁 NEW May 21 2018 18:04:49 (EST) Military OP. [Green] General K [JFK] Full Disclosure. General Statement: Once the 'extremely guarded & highly classified' information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated. [RR] problems. What was RR's Senate Conf Vote? WRAY reports to RR [important fact]. Who do you TRUST? [RR] recuse/fired who has direct oversight of Mueller? Sessions un-recuse or #3 [until refill]? Who is Rachel Brand? Why was Rachel Brand dismissed? Think timing. "The succession question is actually a bit complicated. By default, under an obscure statute known as the the Vacancies Reform Act of 1998, Brand’s temporary successor as the “acting” associate attorney general is her principal deputy, Jesse Panuccio. That same statute would also allow the president to choose someone else to serve as the “acting” AAG on a temporary basis for up to 210 days; the pool of individuals from which the president could draw in this case includes individuals already holding Senate-confirmed positions elsewhere in the executive branch (like EPA administrator Scott Pruitt) or senior civil service lawyers in the Justice Department, specifically." "Acting"📁 When does the clock run out? Why is Schneiderman's removal 'extremely' relevant? TRUST (name). These people are stupid. D5. Q QAnon Posts for May 22, 2018 1434 Q !CbboFOtcZs No.98 📁 NEW May 22 2018 11:52:25 (EST) Re_read. Slowly & carefully.📁 Did you see the Ryan [PR] interview a short time ago? When you are no longer seeking another term you are 'FREE' to make better decisions. RAPID FIRE. 'Flood is coming' Future proves past. [CNN]. Q 1435 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: a4b681 No.1506815 📁 NEW May 22 2018 13:01:41 (EST) >>1506500 Avoid NSA data collection. It failed. Q 1436 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: a4b681 No.1506866 📁 NEW May 22 2018 13:04:35 (EST) >>1506817 It's happening. Q 1437 Q !CbboFOtcZs No.99 📁 NEW May 22 2018 14:47:10 (EST) _AF1_5A_2.jpg _AF1_5A_3 1438 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 19d1cd No.1508206 📁 NEW May 22 2018 15:07:28 (EST) >>1508060 IDEN_reconf v. 11.9 Sequence. Attack anticipated. Coordinated? Why are they continuing [internal]? Attacks will intensify [all sides]. Q 1439 Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: fe402e No.1509322 📁 NEW May 22 2018 16:29:23 (EST) UNITY NOT DIVISION. Last post was simply for IDEN_reconf.📁 Who is missing from the scheduled meeting? [RR] Who is Ed O’Callahan? <<'Callaghan "Acting" <<"Acting" Assistant Attorney General [Ed] DECLAS_ Pain. Enjoy the show. Q If more, will be added below. Links:
  27. 5G, and technology, gotta love it! This is going to be a bit of a tale. Phillipbbg, comes into TS and we've had a bit of an off and on conversation about oxygen levels, and moisture levels in our air. So I've been noticing something lately that I've never seen happen before, and I mentioned this to him. I live in a very rainy area, averages about 62" of rain a year and 270 actual days of rain. However, I have begun to notice that if I leave an orange, apple, grapes or even a green pepper out on the counter, they don't rot like they used to do. Now they shrivel up, like all the moisture has been sucked out of them. I had a couple oranges in a bowl, and they literally hardened up like rocks. I had noticed them looking strange, so I left them to see what would happen. I was pretty surprised about this. In the past, if you'd let anything like that sit out, it would develop mold and turn into a sloppy, rotten mess. Not any longer. Well we had chatted again about this, regarding our skin condition ie: dry/moist, etc. and how it seems as though something is affecting humidity and oxygen levels. Later on that evening when I was reading q material and people's deciphering of it, I ran across something that slapped me upsidethehead. it was this....... "Delivering gigabits of capacity requires multiple gigahertz of spectrum via frequency reuse. Although 60 GHz has traditionally been avoided due to its high absorption of oxygen and water, countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, South Korea, Japan, and others saw the benefit of making this part of the spectrum — also known as “V-band” — unlicensed, similar to the Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Up to 7 GHz of bandwidth is available in the 60 GHz band, and forward-thinking countries like the United States are seeking input to expand this to a total of 14 GHz." >>>but what is it doing to humans, plants, animals, etc. Link: (almost at bottom of page) I almost fell over when I read that, and sent it to phillipbbg. He came back with some additional info. Fixed Wireless Communications at 60GHz Unique Oxygen Absorption Properties from April of 2001 by Shigeaki (Shey) Hakusui, President, Harmonix Corporation "The demand for bandwidth is growing at a rapid pace. International Data Corporation projects that Internet commerce in the United States will grow from $74 billion in 1999 to $708 billion in 2003, with the number of computer users more than doubling from 81 million to 177 million in the U.S. alone. Due to the tremendous expected growth, reliable fiber optic networks must be installed quickly. In the United States, less than five percent of all commercial office buildings have access to fiber cables. With the high costs to install physical fiber, up to $250,000 per mile, many stopgap techniques, including ISDN, DSL, satellite and microwave communications links, have been deployed to overcome this "last mile" challenge. However, these techniques pose only temporary solutions, as ISDN and DSL require bandwidth from physical mediums that were not designed for Internet use, and available licensed microwave frequencies, 900MHz to 40GHz, and satellite frequencies, 6GHz to 30GHz, are limited. Short haul, high-density deployments of wireless communications devices are required in metropolitan areas and business parks throughout the United States. Most often, office buildings though not physically linked to the fiber backbone are within one half mile of a local fiber trunk. Wireless communication devices operating at higher frequencies, such as 60GHz, allow businesses to link to the fiber easily, without the cost and time delays associated with physical fiber installation." <<< seems it's always about money snip > > > > > ANALYSIS OF ATMOSPHERIC EFFECTS DUE TO ATMOSPHERIC OXYGEN ON A WIDEBAND DIGITAL SIGNAL IN THE 60 GHZ BAND Always thanks to phillipbbg for his input, ideas, research!
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